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  • Commercial use cost is now negotiable and there is no set price for things such as book covers, cds, magazines, calendars, and art prints outside of deviantart. Send me a message if interested I answer pretty quickly! Art prints inside Deviantart are FREE and you do not need permission to sell the prints inside the site.  You must notify me if an image is going to be used for commercial use. I do not need to be credited on book covers I understand that is usually not possible. where credit is possible it is required, but if not it is still okay to use my stocks and in that case a link to the finished work would be the requirement. I love to see the brilliant works used with my stocks :D
  • Even in non commercial use, a link to your artwork created with my stock is required. I like to see how my stock is being used :heart:
  • I am the Model and Photographer unless otherwise stated
  • I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 for photoretouching, edits, and photomanips
  • All adult stock is now free, child stock is a small points fee. The purchased child stock has permission to use commercially, just send me a link.
                                                                                           Please Credit Properly by taruto
  • Please keep it clean- no profanity, hate,  sexually explicit, or fetish type stuff. Horror, Macabre is fine. If you are unsure if something would be allowed don't be afraid to ask- Blocked users are not allowed to use my stocks. Thanks :) (Smile)
  • There may be times when I can't respond to all the messages and notes I receive as quick as I'd like.  I have begun to be swamped by them so please be patient with me. Important inquiries will get priority and will be answered as promptly as possible :) Love you and appreciate you all! :)
  • I provide a Deviant Art model release with all of my stock photos but if you are in need of a specific model release for book covers, etc don't be afraid to ask. I can usually get you one within a few days and sometimes same day. Just let me know your deadline and specifically what kind of form you need filled out.
  • Paypal Stamp by artist4com   Go to and click the 'Send Money' option. 
  •                             My email is:
  • You also have the choice to send your payment by equivalent Deviant Art points. Whichever you find easier :)    (paypal preferred)
If there are things here you still have questions about or something I haven't addressed let me know and I will add it to this journal. Thank you guys! 
                                                                                          Thankful Stamp by JunkbyJen

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What is your policy on your stock being used as inspirations for drawings? do you still require credit and payment?
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Just send me a link but no payment thanks
Puppet-Eclipse's avatar
ok, thank you!
I just don't want to upset anyone by using their work in a way they don't like!
Tris-Marie's avatar
Not a problem at all. Never hurts to ask :)
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
okay Tris, so kind of you..woow..Thank you very much:love:
WakefieldDesigns's avatar
:la: I love iZombie!!!! :la:
Tris-Marie's avatar
LOL I know awesome right! me and my kids love it :D
WakefieldDesigns's avatar
:nod: Yes! :la: I'm a huge fan of the walking dead, but iZombie is so 
much more family oriented. :nod:
Tris-Marie's avatar
yup..except I didn't let them watch tonights episode...kinda awkward she ate someones brain who was a sex expert or something like that I changed the channel to agents of shield
WakefieldDesigns's avatar
Oh I hear you! The kids weren't interested in this episode,
so we watched it after they went to sleep. There wasn't a whole
lot to see, but the inuendos were there, and too much. :nod:
Tris-Marie's avatar
yea... I had it on at first and you know the very first scene lol my son was just confused thank God lol and then he's like it's Izombie why are you changing it? and I just nonchalantly changed the channel hmm lets see what else is on lol... I don't even know she was probably just dreaming lol I don't know I haven't watched that episode yet after that :) I'll watch next weeks if she is over that "brain" lol
WakefieldDesigns's avatar
Hahahaha! She's over that brain, and she was getting a foot
massage! :giggle: But yeah, I agree. I didn't let my kids watch either, lol.
Something you should know however, before next weeks episode:
Major purchased an arsenal of weapons, and is ALL ALONE in his search
for the candyman. :(
Tris-Marie's avatar
it is so funny how we're talking about this... I can just imagine people that don't watch seeing our messages and bein' like "what??!!" LOL!
Thanks for the heads up lol ;)
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bluejaybooksdesign's avatar
You have some great work here!

I have a question. I often use comp photos (low res, watermarked preview images used in the stock world) to make small mock-up pieces for clients. Once they choose what they like and pay, I buy the images and make the final product. 

Would it be all right if in the future, if I find one of your photos that a client might like, I screen-cap one of your photos to use as a comp photo while doing mock-ups, or do you already have comp versions I could request? And what file resolution/dpi are the $10 files? 

(As a note, when I do mock-ups I add my own watermark, so the client wouldn't be able to steal your image.) Please let me know, and thanks!
Tris-Marie's avatar
I sent you a message :)
Thanks for your question~
LindArtz's avatar
All good, and more than fair. :)!
Tris-Marie's avatar
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