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Cosmic Matter

By triptychaos
Chaotica & ChaosHelper
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Fabulous fractal
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This is exactly what i was searching for! Thank you!
I have some troubles following your instructions though.

So to recapitulate:

In total, there should be 5 transforms+final.

If so, i have first transform with julia(not julia 3d)
from 2 to 4 transforms, there is linear 3d and the 5th is noise.
Final is Foci.

It looks promising until i add the noise. Then it gets overly inhabited with stars

Please advice
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Hi snupi988 !

Please, see this one... I's practically the same!



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Can you PLEASE save it as a .flame?
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No because l don't use Apo... Please, open in Chaotica, see what I do and create yours in Fractorium, Apo or other.
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Ok, THANK YOU so much!
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this is great!!
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superb curves and light
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Wonderful piece of space artwork :)  I really enjoy how it looks!
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sometimes I don't know how it happens! ;) (Wink) 
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I agree with the comment below...this is a very powerful image! I love it.
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;) (Wink) have a nice day! 
a very powerful and awe inspiring picture of space.
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Are you serious right now?! :wow: I am totaly mindblown by this! I know, I am Apo&Chaotica newbie, but can I get few tips how to achieve similar results to this? :)
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Hi dude! Sorry for the delay. First, use a linear tutorial as base (with four linears, for example), change the first linear by julia. Final fx as foci... you may use mirror in one linear to get a small symmetry. Add an iterator with noise 0.1 to create the stars. You may apply a little gaussian to it. Then you must play rotating the iterators to obtain something interesting. ;) (Wink) 
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