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Men's Futball

Thank you for taking the time to have a look and a listen...I'm sincerely grateful for your support Give Peace A Chance

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Nikkor 400mm F/2.8
ISO: 640
Shutter Speed: 1/3200
Aperture: F/2.8
Metering: Matrix
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Focus Mode: Continuous
Focal Length: 400mm

For copyright protection all photographs in my gallery are screenshots of my original files.
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Indeed the essence of soccer!
Great capture.
Em, futball?
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Thank you for seeing it that way, Mai...I'm much obliged Footy by indigojelly
I think in most Latin country's they call it futball or football.
Miarath's avatar
My pleasure. :huggle:
Yes, I know about football. It just sounded funny cause the German word for this is Fußball (Fuß means foot) but in German slang some also pronounce it Futball or maybe Futtball.
Trippy4U's avatar
Yes and it's not to be confused with American entirely different game.
Miarath's avatar
Indceed. :giglge:
I suppose the only things they have in common is two teams, a ball and two goals with each of them trying to get the ball into or behind the other teams goal. ;)
Trippy4U's avatar
Yes...and "foots" for running :lol:
Miarath's avatar
Yes, indeed, but in American Football you're allowed to use your hands for throwing I believe.
Trippy4U's avatar
Yes and catching :)
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Great Shot Richard...timing is impeccable..
Trippy4U's avatar
Thank you very much, Mark...most appreciated  Footy by indigojelly
morningstarskid's avatar
Very welcome Richard..You the Best Example on DA for Shooters....
miirex's avatar
Good shot :santa: 
Trippy4U's avatar
Thank you very much, Mirek Footy by indigojelly
miirex's avatar
My pleasure ! :santa: 
mj-magic's avatar
Great action captured! :heart:
Trippy4U's avatar
Thank you so very much, MJ Footy by indigojelly
mj-magic's avatar
You're very welcome Richard! :heart:
Manlarr's avatar
Perfect timing :)
Trippy4U's avatar
I appreciate your liking it, James...thank you very much Footy by indigojelly
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Wonderful capture!   Excellent by SCPhotoArt  
Trippy4U's avatar
Thank you very much, Steve Footy by indigojelly
oneofacard's avatar
Super cool! No way to get this one on a cell :D
Trippy4U's avatar
:laughing: That's true...the only way would be to suit up, attach a GoPro and get into the game. That's too much work :lol:
Thank you very much, Mike  Footy by indigojelly
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