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Wolf Tutorial -New version-

MY NEW AND MAYBE BETTER VERSION OF MY "WOLF/DOG HEAD TUTORIAL"! XDDD ^^; i´m to hyper right now ..:giggle: (My first tutorial [link])anyways lets take these steps one by one ..description of the steps ----->

Step 1. First of all the guidelines.. -draw a usual circle for the wolf´s head and then cut the circle in half with two help lines, one for the eyes and the other for the snout.
(the line length for the snout depends on you.. if you want a long or short snout.)

Step 2. Draw two sort lines, one over its forehead and the other will mark the end of his/her snout. A tips don´t draw the snout line to short, it will make the wolf look like a rat or something.. unless you want the snout pointy.

Step 3. Now keep drawing the forehead line making it slop- (or whaterver its called >_>; ) -down to the snout line then you make a half square line that will be its cheek/Cheek bone.

Step 4. Okay now its time to draw the wolf´s neck and lower jaw and once again youre the one who decides how thick/long its neck will be, even if you feel you draw the neck to thick at first it won´t feel like it later on.. I mean you will probably add some floof to that neck ;) *ahem* anyways that step will come soon enough.

Step 5. woohoo!” we´re at step five! XP now lets give the wolf some more body parts like ears, one eye (because it’s a profile wolfey) ,a nose and mouth…

*Jaw: here can you fix the lower jaw by making it abit shorter
than the upper jaw.

*Mouth: here you can draw your wolf´s mouth however you like, will it be happy,confused,angry,sad or maybe just neutral. (for expressions I suggests you to search in DA theres a plenty of great expression sheet/ref´s/tutorials. )

*Ears: You can form the ears how ever you like but I decided to draw mine like medium triangles..where one of the corners starts at its cheek/cheek bone and end almost at the top line.

*Eye: you see the gap that was made by the absolute first guidelines now I want you to draw a eye in that gap…where? Hmmnn somewhere in the middle I guess. Like the ears I drew the eye in triangle form. /you don´t have to wait to step 6 with drawing the pupil because I felt like waiting with it./

*Nose: just draw a nose XD that shouldn´t be that hard to i made my wolf´s nose kinda mushroom looking hahaha

Step 6. more small details you might add is the pupil for the eye, a line for the mouth corner /only if you like/, and lines for the ears to deepen so you can see its inner ear and maybe a lil wrinkle above its eye which is great if you want to bring out a better expression, like you see the wrinkle are like the wolfs eyebrow.

Step 7. Now is it the time to erase all guidelines and other lines that might be in the way like the neckline that crosses the ear..rub it out! XP and tadah! Here you have a wolf head.. ermm nn .. a bald wolf o.o;; (don´t mind the shading I made at the last three)

Wolf: *sweatdrops* ^^; err.. b-bald

Step 8. Finally the last Step “the FUR”! the final detail explotion!!! (Fur,whiskers, other special details) And this is all up to you how you want your wolfs fur. I gave mah wolfeh floofey coat and bangs! And see he looks much happier with fur doesn´t he? XDDD

Wolf: much better ^w^
This Tutorial belongs to ME, TripletNr2 i have made this one
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used this here. thank you 
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Eriiiiiiiii ~~~

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I did? And how did you even run into my tutorials to begin with? xP

Also make those tutorials >D
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Thank you so much for making this! This is really simple and helps a lot!
Just letting my friend see this :iconlalyst:
TripletNr2's avatar
youre welcome! ^^ i hope it will be helpful
Shieanna's avatar
I loved your Tut! I looked as SO many and just could not figure it out! They were beyond complicated for what I wanted to draw. So. Thank you!
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thanks! i´m glad to help :)
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this will be super usefull when i staart making my dogo argentino! thank you!
TripletNr2's avatar
most welcome ^^ good luck
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i used your tutorial! c:
this was the result :…
finished picture :…
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This helped me a lot, I didn't even knew how to start drawing a wolf head that didn't looked like a piece of shit. I'll give you credit when I upload my first wolf drawing, thank you very much! ^^
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will give a try someday
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'wolf' wolves don't have bangs
Zel-Da-Hedgie's avatar
woah, nice style of making a tutorial, guess u have made me an idea, Im gonna give it a try, i ll send it 2 u and i ll credit u (:
TripletNr2's avatar
thank you ^_^ i hope it helps you
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Thanks for the tut! I made that .. um .. wolf XD:
TripletNr2's avatar
thanks for using my tutorial and for giving me credit
TeacupDreams's avatar
you mind if i use this tutorial to make an o.c wolf? ill make sure to give you credit
TripletNr2's avatar
i dont mind! this tutorial is to help you so of course you can use it making any character you want ^_^

credit would be nice , thank you ;)
TeacupDreams's avatar
ok ill post a link to color! account and credit you on both deviantart and my other account
TripletNr2's avatar
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