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AnglerFish: Mermay 2019 by TripleTartArt3 AnglerFish: Mermay 2019 :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 26 2 Mermay doodles: 2019 by TripleTartArt3 Mermay doodles: 2019 :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 10 2 Wave: Mermay 2019 by TripleTartArt3 Wave: Mermay 2019 :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 20 3 Rushed painting of a giant tree by TripleTartArt3 Rushed painting of a giant tree :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 5 0 Redraw: Henry And Ira by TripleTartArt3 Redraw: Henry And Ira :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 6 2 Merlin by TripleTartArt3 Merlin :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 9 0 Click all y'all!... by TripleTartArt3 Click all y'all!... :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 6 0 Filling up that empty space by TripleTartArt3 Filling up that empty space :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 6 0 Hamburger by TripleTartArt3 Hamburger :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 6 0 On The Hunt! by TripleTartArt3 On The Hunt! :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 6 0 Meet the artist (2019) by TripleTartArt3 Meet the artist (2019) :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 7 11 Little Ghosty Witch! Day 7# by TripleTartArt3 Little Ghosty Witch! Day 7# :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 17 4 Waves And Stars. Day 6# by TripleTartArt3 Waves And Stars. Day 6# :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 8 2 A Murder. Day 5# by TripleTartArt3 A Murder. Day 5# :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 11 0 Grumpy Cactus Witch. Day 4# by TripleTartArt3 Grumpy Cactus Witch. Day 4# :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 8 5 Ted The Little Ferret Friend. Day 3# by TripleTartArt3 Ted The Little Ferret Friend. Day 3# :icontripletartart3:TripleTartArt3 10 5

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
hoi! everyone! welcome to my DA!
You can call me TripleTart! Or just Crazy!

(here are some things about myself)

I'm a self-taught artist that loves doing what I do! I've been drawing for four to five years now, and decided to make a DA account to help encourage me to do more art! And also to improve my art skills! Hopefully, someday I would love to make my own story's as well as a graphic novel!

also, I'm an awkward little jellybean, so sorry if I don't respond to every person who favorites my art! I'm also really Bad at posting art on DA so I hope you'll bear with me
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

(Traditional art mediums I like to use are)
colored pencils,
and of course! lots of sketchbooks!

(the sketchbook I have been drawing in at the moment is a red hardcover sketchbook
so you will see that one a lot) 乁( ˙ ω˙乁)
I defiantly want to try more mediums like Gouache, oil paints, and acrylics in the future!

(for digital art)
I use an iPad Pro, and an Apple Pencil,
that I and my two sisters share!
and the app we use for art is Procreate!

(so I think that's all about silly me!)

also, before you go! you can check out my two sister's DA and Instagrams right here! their art is awesome!╭( ・ㅂ・)و…:iconfallen-starling:……:iconplaguedalchemist:…

and another thing! I finally made an Instagram account! so if you want to check it out and see some of the art that I might not post on DA then feel free to! it kinda makes it a little more special! ☆⌒(≧▽​° ) hee hee…

my sisters and I share one as well! we just post random doodles that we probably won't post anywhere else (╯°▽°)╯ ┻━┻…

but, anyway, I hope y'all have a wonderful day!♡~ ( ᐛ )/


AnglerFish: Mermay 2019
yet another Mermay drawing!  this will probably be my last drawing for Mermay this year, but! hopefully, next year will be better! fish emoji
I thought it would be pretty fun to try and draw an anglerfish but they're kinda tricky to draw, so this anglerfish is a little silly looking also this drawing was kinda hard to color and to get a glowing look! but maybe I'll redraw this next year and see how I improve at coloring!  

Stars hope you all have a wonderful day/night! Stars  
Mermay doodles: 2019
Just some simple doodles for today! la-mer 
the top mermaid is a redraw I did two years ago and the bottom mermaid is based off my sister's Instagram drawing, but I drew it in my silly style! Fish  Shooting Star (Right)…    Shooting Star 
              Here's her Instagram if ya want to check it out!
Wave: Mermay 2019
eyy! I'm sooo late ahhhh! ;;w;; Day22 - Pufferfish  
life stuff got in the way of Mermay, so I'm gonna probably do only a few mermaid drawings this year sadly.   
hopefully next year I can do it fully!  betta fish emoji 
also, this drawing was just a silly little idea I had, I've been really wanting to draw waves, so I thought of making the merman's hair all wavy like!...and he's waving as well hehe fish emoji 

Also, I made an Instagram account! check it out! (if you want to that is! hehe :,D )
        Shooting Star (Right)…   Shooting Star  

but, anyway! hope y'all are having a nice weekend and a happy Mermay! Fish 
Rushed painting of a giant tree
this was a really rushed painted style landscape! and it's not exactly what i had in mind for the giant trees in our story  
but it was pretty fun and relaxing to do something different! 
hopefully i'll get better at landscaping so i can show more detailed drawing of places in our story!Bear Emoji-11 (Doze off) [V1] 

but anyway! I hope everyone is having a good day/night! blowing kisses bear emoji 
Redraw: Henry And Ira
lately, I have been wanting to do a lot of redraws of my art from years ago,
so I decided that this old artwork from 2017 ---> was a good one to start with! Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] 
also here's both artworks side by side --->
I probably will do more redraws soon and some concept art in the future! bunny booty emoji 
Tagged by the one and only KaoriTheExorcist 


1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do what ever the creator tells you 
10. Be creative with the title. No, " I got tagged" stuff

okay some facts about me:
 I like all of the Studio Ghibli movies, but my favorite ones are
Howl's Moving Castle,Spirited Away and Tales of Earthsea!

and sadly I don't watch a lot of anime, but i want to watch quite a few!

my favorite animals are red pandas,pandas,foxes and ferrets!
i have two ferrets and they are so cute!

I always wanted to play the violin!

I also play a lot of video games,but mostly play League of Legends my Favorite champions are ahri,hecarim,and maokai! okay this are really random things but that's all i can think of heh..I'm SOO creative!! Meow :3 

1. What is your biggest fear?
 ummm, does heights count? 

2. Where are you originally from?
 Upstate New York

3. Can you swim?
yesh! >v>

4. Favorite type of art?
  i like both! digital art and traditional, it don't matter! Meow :3 

5. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  
Philly Cheese steak sandwiches! so healthy I know! Meow :3 

6. ONE fictional universe you'd like to live in?
Tales of Earthsea!

7. The most important question so far - do you like Kanda Yuu?
 i don't really know who that is. Sweating a little... 

8. Favorite ice cream flavor?
 Cotton candy or raspberry! 

9. What do you normally do in summer?
Draw and listen to music, and have cook outs with the family!

10. Favorite type of shoes?
  chucks shoes!

11. Points or paypal?
Points! sadly i'm not old enough to have a paypal

12. Do you drive?
not yet,but soon! hehe... >v>

13. Will you ever give me up? Will you ever let me down? Will you ever run around and desert me? Will you ever make me cry? Will you ever say goodbye? Will you ever tell a lie and hurt me? *congrats, you've been Rick-rolled.*

I tag! these lovely people!


1.What's your favorite color?
2.where would you like to travel if you could travel anywhere?
3.if you wanted to be in a movie what movie would it be? many languages can you speak?
5.what is your favorite video game?
6.what kind of music do you like?
7.are you very shy or very outgoing? you play pokemon go? >v>
9.what do you do in your free time? you sing or play any instruments?
11.if you were to change anything in the world what would you change?
12.vanilla,chocolate or strawberry?
13.and finally what is your favorite art style?

have fun! Meow :3 

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