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Everything wrong with Foodfight!
I know I do Goosebumps Sins, but for fun, I went and sinned a movie. An infamous one, to boot! Will I do more movies? Perhaps, but you can really expect sins for...a certain show's episode someday.
But for now, enjoy the longest sins post ever!
In however this is or less
1. “Nothing happens here after dark” Setting up the movie's premise in a forced line  of dialogue cliché.
2. One whole ***ing minute of lights turning off
3. “Shitty pop song in animated movie” cliché
4. A sky appears in the  store by magic
5. Offensive Asian dragon dude
6. How exactly can a city full of living food mascots exist inside the store without anyone noticing?
7. First actual joke is a frog farting.
8. Almost everyone in this living town is a food mascot, except for Mr Clean. Do they think Mr Clean is food?
9. Also, Mr Clean isn't cleaning anything in this scene
10. Charlie sheen isn't acting insane in this scen
:iconspongey444:Spongey444 15 17
Darkstalker Dee Custom Sprites Sample by DarkVampireDee Darkstalker Dee Custom Sprites Sample :icondarkvampiredee:DarkVampireDee 6 5 Wrestling Jessica vs Morrigan -2 by Jose-Ramiro
Mature content
Wrestling Jessica vs Morrigan -2 :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 95 13
Fan Art:  Funko Pops! (Shadow of the Beast set). by Hercu-Liz Fan Art: Funko Pops! (Shadow of the Beast set). :iconhercu-liz:Hercu-Liz 5 2 Teddy Rubskin-Boston Bruins by DamionS Teddy Rubskin-Boston Bruins :icondamions:DamionS 4 3 Mai Shiranui - The KOF by Felipe-Rodrigues Mai Shiranui - The KOF :iconfelipe-rodrigues:Felipe-Rodrigues 13 3 Gumball Watterson by PewdieSkySonic Gumball Watterson :iconpewdieskysonic:PewdieSkySonic 5 2


Koopa Queen Bowsette
y`all wanted it; y`all got it: my take on the latest Internet Darling Bowsette!
now... can I get back to making what I like, please?

on the topic of making her canon= if The Big N does that, then Sega would have no choice but to canonize ".EXE" (which I'd personally love if they did since, as I've stated long ago: the story may be crud but tha character itself can be compelling as far as mega-villains go), or worse yet... the aberration known the world over as "Sonichu"! so in short: keep her out or just make her into an alternate/DLC suit for Princess Peach in Smash Ultimate.
just sayin`!
Tribute to= SithVampireMaster27+MST3k
as I stated on my journal a few days ago, on my spare time from real-life duties, I'm working on a series of tributes to my fave fellow Deviant Artists! now I render such to a cool dude, a veteran here on this site who I owe much respect to due to his sense of humor and outspoken nature: SithVampireMaster27! 

one of his coolest (in my personal opinion, of course) skits is his take on a kinda-sorta resurrection of a true classic of TV comedy: Mystery-Science-Theater 3000, wherein he utilizes famous cartoon characters as the unwilling test-subjects of the malevolent heads of Gizmonic Institute, The Forresters and their hench-critters, who in turn send the worst of the worst in contemporary cinema! this time however, I decided to spin things up a bit= for the first time in their history, the pawn in question this time, Fifi LaFume, will watch a video-game longplay.. but not just any game, mind you; the absolute WORSE game of the last 10 years= "Ride To Hell: Retribution" (with a special visit from Marvel's own Ghost-Rider) hope y'all enjoy this one, kiddies!
Tribute to= SqurrelyJack
as I stated on my journal a few days ago, on my spare time from real-life duties, I'm working on a series of tributes to my fave fellow Deviant Artists! now I render such to a lady whose fight for her right to choice of lifestyle is only surpassed by her talent for art and storytelling= the one & only SquirrelyJack! (SqrlyJack here on D.A.) I, personally, am aware that her main project happens to be "Blax & Jack" (which I also recommend highly), but this damsel right here's who attracted me to SJ's wonderful worlds! of note is that she started as just another Bubsy parody, but one that ended up so well fleshed out and developed (is the pun intended? I'll leave it up to y`all...) that even Bubsy's original character creator Mike Berlyn gave her his blessing... that is, until the ownership jump-around of the Accolade brand, forcing SJ to rework her from the ground up to avoid legal issues; thus giving way to "The Internet's Fave Bobcat Babe!" and her tale's just fascinating=

Spanky Bobcat had it all: the admiration of 90's gamers everywhere, being #3 only to The Hyper Pesto Brethren and Mr. Neechou The NeedleRat; money, respect... but something was missing! so with the money earned, he decided to finally make a dream come true: release a true identity as a female! however, a combo of misfortunes struck: the intolerance of society back then, her latest game "Spanky 62 & 3/4" tanking hard in sales and a major accident during the making of said game that left her comatose for well over 6 months had drained her of almost all financial resources! now, she lives in the slums, stripping for a living, with only 2 things preventing her from collapsing: her nephew Sunny, who lives up to his name, and the hope of someday returning to the top in world of gaming!

go check out her stuff on SquirrelyJack's page, and tell her Triplestar100 sent y`all!
Tribute to= Anolelightdragon
as I stated on my journal a few days ago, on my spare time from real-life duties, I'm working on a series of tributes to my fave fellow Deviant Artists! now I render such to a lady whose fight for her right to choice of lifestyle is as admirable as her writing skills and prowess to tell a story= Anolelightdragon!

this here's the main protagonist of her current DA Original Webseries "Living-Dead Hog"= the tale of a victim of miscarried justice whose unjust execution transforms into fate's instrument of righteous retribution!

Kawaii Sonichu was a joyful, carefree Faery-Type whose greatest passion was to spread his joy through hairstyling and otherwise beautifying his fellow denizens of CWCVille... a city plagued by the tyrannical whims of its psychologically warped mayor and those he'd appointed "heroes of his city", who in turn are perhaps viler, more morally putrid than their "father"! upon discovering Kawaii's LGBTQ leanings and due to The Mayor's homophobic, xenophobic and overall prejudiced views, he was immediately doomed to death on the gallows... but the death of Kawaii saw the "birth" of KOWAI; a specter brought upon this realm to bring the end of those who wronged him and countless others along with raizing that wretched hive to the very depts of Hell!

please go to her DA page when you can, check out her webcomic, and enjoy! (tell her Triplestar100 sent y`all!)
Tribute to= Jose Ramiro #1
as I stated on my journal a few days ago, on my spare time from real-life duties, I'm working on a series of tributes to my fave fellow Deviant Artists! and whom better to start them off than one to the guy who inspired me to become a deviant: Jose-Ramiro! 

this here's from an idea/suggestion I gave him a while ago; featuring one of his staples, Dr. Arnold; wherein the main star of the toon series "Hey Arnold" grows up, marries Helga (ooops, spoiler alert!) and opens a psychotherapy practice for fellow fictional characters to help them adjust to the "loonacy" (get it) that is their lives!

in this one Dr. Shortman attends a certain famous video-game legend whose rollercoaster-like career has done serious psychological damage, despite always giving his fans his patented sly smile. will a solution to the trauma be found?
now WHY didn't I think of this before?
being that DeviantArt doesn't have the capacity- or I just don't know how- to allow videos 1 hour or larger, and because I REALLY want all my fellow Deviants to see what is this T.A.W. I'm always referring to, here's the link to my YouTube page featuring the whole roster in it's 2018 iteration. hope y'all enjoy!


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