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Senpai Gone Love It

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Senpai~ Why haven't you noticed me yet?

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You came into the wrong neighbourhood, onii-chan
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This was one of my most favorite images and mashup songs; it all just seemed perfect and it really puts me in a good mood when I'm down. Also, it's just really hilarious to the max!
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This pic be ballin' as possible
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most awsome pic i have seen nigga
Idk why but to me this has a strong Saints Row vibe
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...Best Gang on the block

PS: Franklin damn sure hit's that all night.
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Also, waiting for someone to do a fanfic about this... Might have to do it myself
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so u make the art and music?
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This. This is beautiful
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Fucking amazing. The mashup is pretty baller aswell. ;)
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dat conflicting artstyle. it be like gmod or sfm lol.
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This and the song are both amazing! :D Love it!
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Black guys and Anime girls, can it work out well?
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I mean, let's look at Black Dynamite, Afro Samurai, and to a lesser extent.... Mister Popo.
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