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Lord Blumiere and Lady Timpani

By Triple-Q
A long time ago I was going to draw a picture of Count Bleck and Tippi in their true forms, but then I put it off. Forever. But then I decided to break forever by painting this.
Super Paper Mario had one of the sappiest love stories ever and I ate it up and almost cried over it. Almost.

So, this is my thanks for Sonic Generations - I have spent countless fucking hours in that game and it's turned me back into a Sonicfag again holy shit.


Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Drawing music:
Memory - Super Paper Mario
Planet Wisp (Modern) - SANIC GANERASHONS
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That ending still MeLtS mY vErY sOuL ;-; I died inside ;-;
I still die inside, and to not really be told of what happened to them makes it better, but it's obvious what happened, guess you just gotta see lol :)
This is, um, very beautiful btw <3 It's making me cry XD
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
The ending is so beautiful. Take me back memories. ^^
Rainbowdoodler209's avatar
PrincessCrystal7's avatar
Them feels though. Great job!
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My brother just finished the game today and...omg...the story behind these two is just so beautiful and emotional I saw how me and my bro had a moment to just see that these two are finally happy and love each other. I'm probably going to draw them together ^-^ amazing job it makes me feel like I'm seeing the end credits all over again!
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OMG astounding OOOO:
SilentFoxSpirit's avatar
Every time I think of these two I cry!
DragoonVulpi's avatar
Seeing this picture really made me feel a lot of bittersweet feelings.  The story of Count Bleck and Tippi is probably the sappiest love story I've seen as well, and it's one of the few that's actually tugged at my heartstrings so powerfully.  I think this picture best represents their relationship and their overall story the best way possible.  I just love how you even made the two of them look slightly vague just like in the credits.  It adds more to their happy moment, even if they both had to die in order to be together.  
Oni-mask's avatar
That game was my childhood. So much nice memories...

You've just made my day! Thank you!
ash1rose's avatar
They deserved their happiness so much.  I cried at the end of that game.  So many feels.  Just looking at this again makes me tear up ;_;
DimaFaraj's avatar
Harpesian's avatar
Simply astounding.
Dinahmite64's avatar
Oh, my Goooooooooosh! The feeeeels!!!! D'x
Howling-Heart's avatar
The ending scene was so emotional Sad 
The love story is one of my favorites that I encountered in a video game. It made me happy that Blumiere and Timpani were able to get back together.
BashfulSoul's avatar
How much I cried at this scene??
fouleafclover17's avatar
LAdolphingirl's avatar
I died at a point in the game that looked very much like this. (I'm sure that was intended.)
Narutotoro's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! :love:
Roxa-Bandita's avatar
With this one picture, you have made my life :iconiloveitplz:
DebbyGattaTheBeast's avatar
Wonderful. It... is... AWESOMEEEE!!! I LOVE IT!!! 
Kertae's avatar
So, so sad... I mean, I love it but... so sad...
laurytheotter's avatar
Oh my God. Why does this picture make me want to cry more? The emotions are so strong here for me to handle! :crying:
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