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Maybe I don't need a sister!

By Triox404
Sweetie Bell from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I think this is my very first Sweetie Bell vector. In fact, I think it's my first Cutie Mark Crusader one also.


Season 2: Episode 5 "Sisterhooves Social"

Reference Image: [link]

Some colors taken from :iconkefkafloyd:'s color guide found here: [link]
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I need to go back and watch that episode again. All I can think about anymore when I see this is the Friendship Is Witchcraft version.

"I have ... so much ... strength inside of me that you don't even KNOW what I could do! IF THE WORLD WILL NOT LOVE ME I'LL TEACH IT TO FEAR ME INSTEAD!"
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Insta fave. :)
I love Sweetie Belle, and this pose justifys that!