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I am a hard worker and will do art for commissions! If you put in a NOTE to me, telling me how to communicate with you and what you'd like, I'll draw it for you! :) Then, you can PAY thru points. Also, please don't hesitate to DONATE. Thanks so much!!

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I just thought it was time to get these out here! :D Below is a list and text ad for the forum-based RPGs that I play on! My username is the same on all of them. I go by "Trin" and I would totally love it if you could PM (Private Message) the Admins or Mods if you choose to join and simply give them a heads up that I referred ya. That would be awesome& I'd love you forrevvvverrr! Lol. ;)

Here they are!

1. The Changelings - Non-Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG - Please PM me for the link.

"The Changelings is a completely alternate universe, non-canon DRoP RPG that some of my friends and I are currently working on. It is basically an elemental, island-themed Weyr that boasts all new ranks and ways to fight thread. We are going to be completely interactive and we are working on many features to implement that none of us had ever seen or even heard of in a DRoP RP before, so we hope you like it! We do not have an official advertisement yet, as we are still in the planning stage, but we could really use some help and would love for you to be a part of the foundation team! If you are interested in helping us create our world, let me know via e-mail at (or) via Note here on dA. Thanks! :D"

2. Monachikos Weyr - Non-Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG -…

"Monachikos Weyr. The youngest Weyr on Pern, built on the cliffs on an island in the western archipelago. Built on such dreams and hopes.

But something went wrong. Strange dragons started to hatch, bizarre colors, unusual mutations. Dragons that were deformed. Dragons that were mad. The young Weyr was shunned, left to die out at the edge of the world. Forgotten.
Until now.

A new Pass has begun, and the Weyr at the edge of the world fights on. Decades of breeding have introduced some of the strangest dragons Pern has ever seen, but they do live. Shades, veins, spectres, fires. The wings of Monachikos come in a brilliant array of colors, and they turn now to face the storm.
Will you stand with them or fly alone?


Monachikos is a non-canon Dragonriders of Pern roleplay site, open to new members that would like to play dragonriders, wherhandlers, candidates, or any number of interesting new people. Plenty of opportunities to get involved in plots major and minor, a mellow and welcoming atmosphere for creative writing.

Mutations and exotic dragon colors are available for creation.
Numerous adoptable dragons and whers are available.
Hatchings are always on the horizon, some closer than others.
Opportunities to aid in plots or site enrichment are available.
Ranking IC positions are still available for creation.

Looking for a Weyr? Join us."

3. Atricis: Resurrection - Non-Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG -

"At the beginning of the 9th Pass, news of a Weyr with two Queen dragons quickly spread across Pern. One Weyr having two Queens was simply unheard of, not even Benden Weyr had two clutching Queen dragons. However, it was the truth. A little, forgotten Weyr, tucked away amongst mountains and rivers, did have two clutching Queens, one in her older years, nearing the age of no longer being able to Fly, and another one, young enough to still have not gone for her Maiden Flight. Either way, this forgotten Weyr indeed had two Queens, both of opposite ages, yet still both healthy and thriving.

Curious eyes flocked to Atricis, wishing to see these two Queen living in one Weyr. No one believed it, so they had to go prove it wrong, prove that this forgotten Weyr only had one Queen, or perhaps none at all. Many believed that it was news started by the Weyr itself in an attempt to bring interest to itself in its dying turns. So, when the groups of curious eyes arrived, and saw that the rumors were true, it was hard not to be surprised. Atricis Weyr, at this time, indeed had two Queens.

Believing that this meant that Atricis Weyr would thrive even better than Benden Weyr, dragonriders and various others transferred to this Weyr in her mountainous terrain. The many empty weyrs began to fill with dragons and their riders, and this once quiet Weyr was once again alive with noise and people going about their lives. And soon, the young Queen, Riseyth, Rose to the skies for her Maiden Flight, attracted the attention of the browns and bronzes alike to her golden beauty. Amongst it all, it had almost gone unnoticed that the older Queen and Weyrwoman, had left the Weyr and hadn't returned. Only Athira, the rider of Riseyth, had known of this, and knew this now made her the new Weyrwoman of Atricis Weyr.

After Riseyth's Rising, Atricis Weyr began to flourish. The young Queen laid a nice sized clutch, a Queen egg included in that as well! These were good signs for the Weyr, and it gained them more attention. Life was good and merry. People joined the Weyr, filling it with much needed life, and candidates were in abundance each time a clutch was laid on the sands. Even after sickness took lives at the Weyr, including that of Athira, the Weyrwoman, the Weyr flourished and continued to thrive under the eye of the new Weyrwoman, Myrna.

Good things, however, are never to last. In the Weyr's 5th Turn, things started to grow worse, with the Senior Queen, Shyamath, producing poor clutches. By the 6th Turn, Shyamath's clutches grew small and fragile, with only a few eggs hatching out of entire clutches. Rumors that she and the Weyrwoman were both unfit to lead the Weyr spread quickly. Tragedies began to hit, taking lives, and clutches from the once great Shyamath continued to dwindle and it was believed the Queen was growing infertile.

A turn later, dragonriders and residence began to transfer elsewhere, believing that Atricis was headed straight for death once more. Myrna, came up with an idea that quickly spread, to send willing dragonriders, wherhandlers, and other residence nine turns into the future. She quickly grabbed those willing and taught them very carefully, including the young Queen Ayrath, to ensure their survival through this dangerous jump between.
The groups that had left have now arrived in the 16th Turn of the 9th Pass of Pern. Atricis has been changed slightly, and with the help of Queens from other Weyrs, new dragons are seen in the Weyr, even if they are few in number due to many transferring out. Now that they have arrived, what is it that Myrna has planned for her Weyr to ensure its survival?


Atricis is a non-canon Weyr set in the 9th Pass of Pern. We are accepting applications for candidates, mature dragonriders, crafters, and weyrfolk. We have various site included plots planned and interesting twists around each corner. Right now, our dragon colors include the five canon colors, plus two uncanon colors. We also have lots of fun for Whers and wherhandlers, so if you are a lover of these photophobic little creatures, feel free to check it out."

4. Libertas Renatus - Non-Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG -…

"Amaris Weyr- A small Weyr populated by little more than one hundred dragonriders and a handful of holders and crafters sent from the north to begin to make Southern habitable once again. The task proved to be even more difficult than they expected, and many died in the first few months. Southern's felines were large and aggressive, and the Northern-born humans had little defense against the diseases of this abandoned continent. Only a few months after their arrival, few of the settlers remained, and the dragons' hope rested in their remaining Queen, who laid a clutch of twenty-one eggs, including a much needed Queen egg. All eligible teenagers and young adults were gathered for the clutch, and the settlers waited with cautious hope that all would be well.

Again, things did not go as expected. From this clutch hatched two dragons that were unlike any before. The first hatched a male the size of a Bronze with a shimmering silver hide with only a hint of bronze left. The other was a female, looking black at first, then revealing hints of indigo as she stepped into the light. Despite whispers and cries against them, the mutated dragons grew up along with their "normal" brothers and sister, both eventually reaching the size of Bronzes. The Platinum and Obsidian, as they came to be known, were the first of the unusual colors born at Amaris, Rubies, Blacks and Reds following in the clutches of the first Obsidian and her Gold sister, the second sired by the first Platinum.

At this, the cries against them began again, and it was decided that the "freaks" would be driven out before they could corrupt the rest of the Weyr. The new colors refused to leave, having nowhere else to go, and tensions escalated until one day the rider of Obsidian Reverath's Gold daughter was killed by a fanatic. Reverath's rider knew after the Gold killed the murderer that they had to leave. The new colors and those who sympathized with them took what they needed to survive and left to find a place where they could live. They settled on the warm Southern coast, far from the fanatics at Amaris, with mountains at their backs to guard them. They named their new home Libertas, built on what they had longed for. The Weyr grew fast, and soon a small hold was established not far away. Life was nearly ideal for two hundred turns, until whispers of Amaris began to reach them from beyond the mountains, and strange, unpleasant things began to happen around the Weyr.

Two hundred turns later began another chapter, a chapter born of ichor and blood when Gold Harth died on the sands after laying her clutch, her rider dead of mysterious yet seeming natural causes. Valkryth, the one gold of the weyr at the time, took over watching the clutch, only to be poisoned just before the clutch was to hatch, a shadowy figure ghosting through and stealing the largest of Harth's eggs. The poison given to Valkryth made her Rise early, and caused mutations in the clutch that resulted, but more horrifying was what happened to three young riders that escaped from Amaris - a platinumrider, a redrider, and the rider of the ruby that hatched from Harth's stolen egg. For the former pairs had been tortured and experimented on, and the red was pregnant. She laid her clutch with Valkryth's, more mutations springing from Amaris' tampering.

But today the world is a different place. Only two turns have passed since the end of the last chapter and the beginning of the new one we find ourselves in now. Where once was warm skies and beautiful weather comes freezing rains and the snow, wreaking havoc on the local wildlife and causing even Thread to act unnaturally, becoming more dangerous a foe than any at Libertas ever thought possible. Smaller clutch sizes are becoming a concern, though no one can see a reason why the numbers are dwindling, a mystery to even the dragons. The tentative truce between Amaris and Libertas is stagnating, the age old rivalry rearing its ugly head from time to time as candidates grow scarce for both Weyrs, and raiding parties from cotholds beholden to either begin. Even the thriving Azure Hold has become secretive and dark, keeping their children from being Searched, striving to fend off wild wher and feline attacks on their own, and dark rumors are heard coming from those most beholden to Libertas herself. 

Of course trouble does not only lie close to the heart of the struggling Weyr, for cold winds sweep down from the forgotten North, bringing with it things only time will be able to tell.

So, brave adventurer, or foolish traveler, having made your way here, what path will you choose? Will you stand for Libertas as she attempts to survive the aforementioned troubles, or will you stand against her, with her many enemies, and fight to bring her down?

Whichever way you choose, welcome to the next chapter of Libertas... Welcome to Libertas Renatus."

5. Badlands Weyr - Non-Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG -…

"The attempts to eradicate thread have proven successful, and the dragonriders of the past have gone down in the histories as forever ridding Pern of it's mightiest foe. However, they're also the reason for something much worse. While the planet had been saved from Thread, the change made t the red star's orbit has drastically affected the world in a terrifying way. Pern sunk into an ice age, of sorts, and all of that can be beautifully blamed on those brave women and men who destroyed Thread.

The world is cold. Dragons had shrunk to adapt to the change over the turns, the behemoths of the old days are no more. Colors sprang up eventually, new colors that were far more adaptable to this barren, freezing planet. Technology is scarce, the information provided by AIVAS lost throughout the turns as Holds, Halls and Weyrs had to close their doors, abandon their buildings and band together in Weyrholds. A clever disease wrecked through the dragonriders, and those that were sent out into the cold didn't always get the satisfaction of dying right away.

Outside of the Weyrholds are the Outlanders, bands of once disease ridden individuals who managed to survive and thrive out in the harsh landscape of Pern. The Outlanders are a dangerous threat, they're unpredictable and move surprisingly fluid amongst themselves. They strike periodically at the Weyrholds for supplies, raiding whatever they can. 

At Badlands, arguably the most well-off Weyrhold of this new Pern, the Senior Queen is egg heavy with a new clutch, but more interestingly is the batch of riders that are claiming they're from the future. They're saying that their future is even worse, facing even more hardships, and it's dependent on whatever work they do here, in the present, to fix it. Have the riders simply lost their wits to the cold, or is there some shard of truth buried in all of this? And, if there is, what exactly are their intentions?


Badlands Weyr is a Semi-Canon Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay! We're centered in an AU setting Post-AIVAS.  Impression is not sexuality based (like at all), plots are open ended and decided by player interaction and hey!  We froze Pern! We've just had our first on-screen leadership Flight, where a young gold has chosen a young bronze.  In the wake of the recent attacks, is this really a safe bet?  It seems the Head Guard is gearing up, drawing all his people away from the Weyrleadership and hoarding all firestone and weaponry.  After the attack on the hatching, there was a mysterious cave-in at one of the firestone mines.  No one was caught, but dragons reported seeing strangers leave with sacks of firestone!  Who has it?  Are the Outlanders gearing up?  The Weyrhold is finally being preemptive, and striking out on an expedition after hearing rumors of strange dragon activity in the wilderness.

Outlander raids are increasing!  While they didn't manage to kill any of the baby dragons; in fact, they seemed bent on taken them.  Firestone has been taken from the mines.  What could the Outlanders do next?"

6. Final Haven Weyr - Non-Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG -…

"Change. Who would have thought that such a simple word could cause such catastrophic events? Such disdain for the new and different that even the dragons themselves resisted the possibility that something could be unusual and still be acceptable? Prejudice like this existed even before humans left the blue Earth for the untamed world of Pern. It existed while they established themselves on this backwater planet and lost their histories to the Sands and their Draconic inhabitants. And after that strange, half gold, half green dragon hatched upon Fort Weyr's sands, matured, rose, and even clutched before her untimely death…

Any form of acceptance seemed to die with her.

The single egg she laid hatched into the largest dragon on Pern… the first of her kind, but not the last. The massive, deep violet dragonet impressed in the most peculiar way… through song. Hers sang upon his approach, his voice rising in tandem with all the dragonets on the sands and the dragons in the Weyr. The false queen had come. 

And with her, she brought change. 

Ten turns of her life were spent on the ground, never rising, never doing more than helping Hers find his way in life. But then, when she finally took to the skies, her voice and the voice of her Bonded rising as she scaled the thermals above… to be captured by the current Weyrleader's Bronze. The Golden Queen rose soon after, and when that bronze refused to take to the air in pursuit… things went terribly awry. Riots broke out against the Siren, beginning with the Senior Gold attacking the singing beast, and ending with their flight. The pair fled, taking with them twenty riders of various shades, sympathetic to their plight…

And Final Haven was born.

300 turns later, the Siren and her brood are living and surviving in the valley they now call their home, bordered by red stone mountains and vicious desert terrain... but are they forgotten? Something is making the Whers antsy… has the age old fear of change, of prejudice and old rivalries begun to rear its ugly head once more?

Will you be one to show new acceptance? Or will you show the prejudice of ages?"

7. Hearts Of Valor - Original Dragon/Gryphon-Human Bonding RPG -

"For as long as King Sulun has reigned over the kingdom of Ceres, there has been peace between them and the kingdom of Kian. Side by side the neighboring kingdoms have always been shaky, even in their history it has been shown that Kian has declared war over Ceres, while the smaller kingdom has always been able to hold their own. Now with King Sulun's passing along with his dragon, Winter Sea Keltia. The crown has been passed on to his only child, the Princess Niena of Ebony Sunset Hansa. 

Ascending to the throne, Queen Niena begins her reign over Ceres. The fragile "truce" between Ceres and Kian first began to break once the Queen was officially known as the kingdom's Monarch. The Emperor of Kian, Hinoryū, will not acknowledge a woman as a ruler, closing off trade between the two kingdoms that have been at ease since Sulun's reign. What was once concerns for the people of Ceres have become reality, the Kian Emperor has declared war on them. Skyguards and Soliders alike from both Ceres and Kian have met in battle. Many have been lost, and Ceres is finding that their numbers may not be enough.

War has begun...the kingdom of Ceres need you! Do you have the courage and what it takes to be a Rider? One bonded to a mighty Gryphon or Dragon? Or will you join Kian's Skyguard in their attempts to conquer their neighboring Kingdom in the name of the Emperor?


Hearts of Valor is an original Fantasy RP. Celebrating over a year worth of Rping and planning on more to follow! We are a "Semi to Advanced/Literate" forum, with many positions open for immediate creation. What we also have to offer:

* Optional Alliance & Racial Diversity: Ceres and Kian are both open for play. As well as the other surrounding territories. Who will you choose to stand with? The Skyguard of Ceres or that of Kian? Diversity is a big thing on our forum. We not only offer humans of different race. On our forum we even have humanoids such as Sphynxes (feline humanoids) and Fae (animal shape-shifting like humans) open for creation! More races will be added in the near future.

* Loose Limitation: Every RP forum has rules, be they for the site itself, on character creation, race, etc. But do not let that intimidate you. HoV is rated "M" for Mature, we understand that some characters are down right nasty, or insanely sweet. Some characters are murders while others have a hero complex. Bring them to HoV! Anything goes, and we mean it.

* Friendly & Helpful Staff: The Staff of HoV is open to all questions, thoughts, or suggestions you may have. We encourage our Members to help us run the forum as smoothly with whatever they may need. Have a question, even if you've asked it before? Ask again! Have an idea but aren't quite sure? Come to us, we'll help! We the Staff are here for our Members.

* Frequent Site-wide & Mini Plots: HoV allows for a variety of play, with so many possibility and choices. Whether it's the main plot of the war between Ceres and Kian, or even the on goings of the Territories around. There is always something to do, and we encourage creativity and freedom for all our Members.

Come, won't you join us?"


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