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Welcome to the Trinkitts Group!

Trinkitts: Species Guide by NoxxPlush

Trinkitts are a closed species by NoxxPlush and Mourgebeast!

Join us to learn more about these silly creatures and to be informed about upcoming adopts and MYOs!


Brief About Trinkitts:

:bulletblue:Trinkitts are somewhere in between rodents and birds, with the mischievous nature of both put together. They live in large colonies high in the trees, anywhere that you can find trees, really! There can be a colony of trinkitts snatching your goods from the city park, or out in the woods near camping grounds. :bulletblue:

:bulletblue:Trinkitts craft bird masks that they wear on their trinket-collecting missions, at social gatherings, and sometimes to impress other trinkitts! The designs may vary from realistic (being based off a real bird species) to fantascical and barely resembling a bird.:bulletblue:

:bulletblue:Trinkitts collect baubles and bits from the human communities around them. These trinkets can be used to build the colony, craft accessories, or create a hoard that will impress another trinkitt. Trinkitts collect things that are valuable, non-valuable, varied, or specific, depending on the individual.:bulletblue:

On Trading/Selling Trinkitts:

Trinkitts may be traded, gifted, or sold for an amount equal to what they were purchased for, as long as NoxxPlush is updated on who they are going to (for purposes of the master list). MYO slots can be traded, gifted, and sold, again for an amount equal to purchase, as long as notice is sent.







I have subspecies info in-progress, so look forward to hearing about why your trinkitt might have some of the interesting traits that they do!

I also am eager to share more about trinkitt culture (including diety and villain like figures) and their general attitude. They are quite serious about the ridiculous things they think are important; to us, a pile of junk may be silly, but having an impressive hoard can be life-or death for a Trinkitt!

I also plan for some prompt-like activities for when more info is available. Prompts will be pretty casual, optional, and hopefully not require too much time so that even busy people can join in a bit! Of course, there need to be more trinkitts circulating for this to happen, so I hope to make more time for adopts soon.

I apologize for the lack of activity here over the past year, but now that I'm steady and working I hope to make more time for Trinkitts. <3
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InsainCat1111 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I want one... but i dont haz ze money... BUT I WANT ONE!!
heliodorh Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014   Writer
Quick question. How conceptual are these guys? I thought about my Trinkett collecting objects with a theme, for example, "fairy tale objects," the sort of stuff you see in stories, like "the magic mirror" etc. (so he might collect things that "look" magical or are mentioned in stories like "the golden thread" and so on). But I feel like he'd have to know about fairy tales (so he'd have to have read them or heard them??) to associate objects with that theme. Is something like that possible? Can these guys read at all? Or are they more practical?
NoxxPlush Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Copying my answer here for anyone reading:
Definitely possible! I see them as an intelligent species with their own stories, tales, and records, and of course, they can pick up fairy tales from our world through their stealthy missions and such. c: Great question, thank you!
heliodorh Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014   Writer
Thanks! I just uploaded my first ref sheet. I've never submitted to a group before so I hope it was done correctly! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  Also please let me know if anything needs to be changed!
Cuddlepug Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
I dub this ship, Planet Express ship.
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