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Published: February 16, 2019

    Given that many players and fans (including me) have probably completed Kingdom Hearts III’s story by now, I’ve noticed that some have taken to the forums (like on and to give their thoughts and ideas on the game and its potential DLC. Based on those forum topics, I figure I’d give some of my own ideas in this journal about what I would like for the game’s updates and DLC to have.


Base Game Content Adjustments:

  1. Adjusting the Story:
    • Edit the pacing of certain story elements in the base game by possibly moving some cutscenes to earlier parts of the game so it won’t feel like an overload in the final worlds.
    • Re-write certain cutscenes to properly explain certain story elements, namely the Power of Waking and the Replica Project, primarily before you head off to the Destiny Islands.
    • On the subject of Riku Replica, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé: explain how the Replica bodies work and how certain characters arrive to the final battle.

Character Playability Expansions:

  1. Tutorial Alteration:
    • Instead of starting immediately with Sora, let Kairi be playable to introduce the basic elements of Gameplay: movement, combat basics, magic basics, and situation commands. Once you complete the tutorial there, you will be allowed to go to Sora’s Dive to the Heart starting point like in the base game to pick your choices and properly show your mastery of combat with Heartless in the Final World. You can then use either Sora or Kairi for additional practice in the tutorial menu (Sora’s tutorials are in the Final World and Kairi’s area is the Secret Forest).
  2. Kairi Playability Again:
    • Then in the Keyblade Graveyard, against Saix, let Kairi be the playable character throughout the battle and tell Sora to go forward after Roxas appears. Maybe, let her have a small battle against Master Xehanort before Sora’s battle against Xemnas, Young Xehanort, and Ansem.
  3. Riku Expansion:
  • Add in exploring the Realm of Darkness using a mix of elements from both this game and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 to reach the Dark Margin, showing off more of Riku’s skills.

  • After the first Demon Tide battle, and sometime after Yen Sid sends the group off, let us see when and how Riku acquires his Braveheart Keyblade and have a test run with Kairi and Lea and also introduce the basics of upgrading the Keyblade.

  • On the next visit to the Realm of Darkness, let Riku and Mickey fully use their new and/or upgraded Keyblades to navigate a different route to the Dark Margin and then handle a two part battle with the Demon Tide (part one is which leads to Anti-Aqua’s appearance, and part two is the conclusion). Let Riku take on Anti-Aqua after Sora comes to help, then let Sora take over the battle.

  1. Aqua Expansion:
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 might be the start of the Kingdom Hearts III story, but let us control Aqua a bit more than the boss battle with Vanitas in this game. Namely, have her as the playable character in the Vanitas and Terra-Xehanort boss battle with Ventus and the Lingering Will as your party members and explain what happened to the Lingering Will before Sora arrives as the Will’s replacement.   

World Playability Expansions:

    Please, no new mini games! Put more focus on the worlds instead, and the worlds I’m talking about are worlds shown in-game: the Mysterious Tower, Destiny Islands, the Realm of Darkness, Land of Departure, and Twilight Town.

  • The Mysterious Tower can be brought back as a playable world that can be visited after Twilight Town or Arendelle to talk to (and by that, I mean just probably annoy) Yen Sid about past events, the objective, and the progress of the others.

  • I am going to capitalize this one world in particular because it’s probably maddening to many fans here: PLEASE MAKE DESTINY ISLANDS A PLAYABLE WORLD! It already has an in-game presence in cutscenes: build off that into making the Islands explorable to players like in the original Kingdom Hearts game and coded. Maybe add in the main island to give us an idea of what to it is like for Sora, Riku and Kairi growing up.

  • Twilight Town can be expanded to the inside of the manor which can give some means of being able to replay boss battles.

  • After dealing with the story content of the Realm of Darkness and perhaps as postgame content, you can return there with Mickey’s help. The locations that can be explored are where Riku and Mickey went off to and maybe the ability to replay the Anti-Aqua boss battle with either Riku or Mickey as your partner.

  • The Land of Departure can be visited again to talk to Aqua, Ventus, and/or Terra as postgame content.

  • Maybe add in more playable moments in the Final World with Sora before the Keyblade Graveyard to give some foreshadowing to what the place is about.

  • Also, postgame content to explore Scala ad Caelum and learn its history before going back and fighting the three part Xehanort boss battle.

    Story Expansions

  1. Character Expansions
  • Give some more time with the characters of Riku, Kairi, Lea, and others in new scenes or gameplay segments.

  • Better explain Vexen’s storyline, showing some of the moments mentioned in the Secret Reports on the Replicas and letting us have foreshadowing on if Vexen has some hidden goals.

  • Also, if the writing team needs help with certain characters (prime suspect: Kairi): bring back some of the old writers from the first few games, and bring in the Kingdom Hearts manga author Shiro Amano, and perhaps some new writers who write certain characters quite well (again, with Kairi). Also maybe follow some of the ideas from the Kingdom Hearts novelist Tomoco Kanemaki.

  • Following up on the Namine cutscene in the Final World, include the World Orchestra segment involving Namine and the Lingering Will after Sora leaves.

  • Explain what actually happened to Demyx after his last scene in the game.

  • Finally, provide clearer story tie-ins to Union Cross: like further explanation to why the first Organization XIII included members IX to XII than what we received and what happened to certain characters like Ephemer (why did he show up before Sora during the Demon Tide battle).

  1. Gummi Phone expansions:
  • Allow us to use the Gummi Phone to communicate with other characters outside of cutscenes, like calling them and/or texting to build on characters and relationships. Also this can give you the ability to contact friends to get clues to where certain items can be found.

  1. Secret Reports
  • Give us some additional reports on the story events with additional characters writing, like Kairi’s letters and the origins of Marluxia and the others (IX to XII).

  1. Subject X expansion
  • Give us more context to who the mysterious girl, Subject X, with not only the secret reports but also audio flashbacks.

  1. The Power of Waking
  • Like I mention in the “Adjusting the Story” section: we really need more details to what the Power of Waking is before Ventus and Xehanort provide them to Sora. Just some clues throughout the story apart from the Organization interactions and intervals. Maybe in the form of communications outside cutscenes with the Gummi Phone and practice sections before the Realm of Darkness.

  1. Expansions on the Epilogue and Secret Ending
  • Your average Final Mix expansions: make longer scenes that continue on what the Epilogue was about: like Xigbar’s story as clean cut explanation and the contents within that Black Box. As for the Secret Ending’s Final Mix expansion, give us more clues to what it was all about; perhaps do what Birth by Sleep Final Mix did as a portion of the second secret ending.

    In-game additions or fixes

  1. Character Models
  • Add in character models used in the game, like Kairi’s Kingdom Hearts II model, Roxas’ casual looks, and the new outfits for Lea, Xion, and Isa.

  • Fix or add in a fixed version of Sora’s Kingdom Hearts I model’s hair to looking more like its original design. Maybe keep the current KH3 version as a separate model because it resembles an old hair design of Sora’s in the first game’s character concept art.

  1. Additional bosses:
  • A boss or two tying into Union Cross and the Epilogue - just not heartless or nobodies, rather genuine human characters like Ephemer, the Virus, or a version of the Player to fight.

  • Facing Pete and Maleficent at least once in the game to give them relevance as threats in the game.

  • The Lingering Will – bring it back as an optional boss battle. Perhaps talking to Terra will allow you the option to fight the boss.

  • One on one bosses with Organization XIII’s members

  • A battle involving the characters presented in the Secret Ending of the game: probably Yozora. That way we get an idea of what his character is outside what we got from the Toy Box “Verum Rex” scene. 

  1. Odd moments:
  • Aeleus moment when Ienzo is introduced: is it really Roxas that Aeleus holds something against or Riku? This is from my memories of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, that Roxas wasn’t much of a pest to Lexeaus in what interactions they had in the game.

  1. Additional post-game rewards:
  • You can switch Sora’s hairstyles after completing the Xehanort boss in Scala ad Caelum. The clothing stays the same since the models are the same height.

  • New Game – Final Mix, this will allow you to play the game again with new options like disabling certain abilities such as Attractions to make the game more challenging. Also get the Final Mix content that requires you to play through the game again.

  • Keyblades: You can use more original Keyblades, like copies of the Gazing Eye, Braveheart, and the Master’s Defender, older Keyblades like Oathkeeper and newer original Keyblades.

  • The chance to interact with other Keyblade wielding characters (like Riku, Kairi, and Terra), while non-canon, on certain worlds to gain access to other worlds or take on powerful optional bosses (Mickey gets you access to the Realm of Darkness and Terra can fight you as the Lingering Will).

    These ideas are what I currently have for now. What constructive thoughts or ideas do you guys have on potential Kingdom Hearts III content post-launch? Let me and other deviants who visit this journal know in the comments section.

    Until then, thanks for reading!



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