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I watched you fall apart and chased you till the end.
I’m left with emptiness that words cannot defend.
You’ll never know what I became because of you.
Ten thousand promises.
Ten thousand ways to lose.


“It’s done, Minerva...” Desmond spoke softly, looking at the two holographic figures from those who came before. They had each proposed a way to save the world, one by death of thousands and the other by the death of one. “The decision’s made...” It wasn’t a decision that was made lightly, but if he could save the world by sacrificing himself, I knew Desmond was going to do everything in his power to save all of us. After all, Desmond had a heart big enough to give even the worst man on Earth a second chance at life. He turned then, looking at us, his golden eyes filled with not only determination and strong will, but fear and a hint of regret. “You need to go, all of you. Now. Get as far away from here as you can.”

“Come with us!” William grabbed Desmond’s shoulders, pain in his gaze. It seemed as though William wasn’t ready to give up his son, whom he had just reconciled with. The two had finally grown a bond worthy enough to be called a Father-Son relationship.  “We’ll find another way!”

“There isn’t time!”

“...Son...” The pain in William’s voice killed me inside.

“You know it’s true... It’s already started; I need to do this now. So go... Go!” Desmond shooed us away, turning his back on us to face the ancients once more. William turned away then, pain and anger on his face as he made his way back towards the entrance of the temple. Rebecca wasn’t far behind him, staying quiet the entire time. I knew what was going through her head. She was a woman who couldn’t say goodbye so she would just stay quiet in the background. As for me... I stood there. I couldn’t leave. After everything we had gone through not only as a team but as us... I wanted to stand there, I wanted to watch Desmond go and say goodbye. But Rebecca tugged on my sleeve, forcing me to go with them.

My mind was blank. Just four months ago, Lucy had rescued Desmond from Abstergo, taking him to the hideout in Rome. I had picked on the man, calling him fat and a stupid prat. But we had our moments... Des... There were nights where he would lay in bed screaming from nightmares. No matter how many times I shook him and slapped him, he would never wake up until the dream was over. He’d always break down in my arms, sobbing, saying something about how he wasn’t fast enough, how he let everyone die. Was he talking about this? Was he dreaming about this day? After we had fled Rome and made a hideout in Monteriggioni, we found the vault in Rome... We lost Lucy then. We almost lost Desmond then too.

The next thing I knew, we were outside, Rebecca close to tears and William prepping the truck. So this was it? We were just going to leave Desmond to die? I stood my ground, shaking my head as my heart started to ache. I wasn’t going to let Desmond die... “I can’t leave him.”

“What?” William paused and looked at me? The man looked crushed, but he was doing something he had done all of his life; Pick the Assassins over his son. “What do you mean? Desmond told us to leave.”

“I’m not going to leave him.” I could feel a weight on my shoulders. “We left Lucy and we lost her! We left Clay and we lost him! I refuse to leave Desmond, there’s still a way!”

“Shaun...” Rebecca murmured, reaching for my arm. I slapped her hand away.

“No! We’ve already lost too many to this god-forsaken war! I’m not going to-“ But I didn’t have a chance to finish my words. I heard the scream. Desmond’s scream. Filled with pain and agony... Juno had lied to us. It wasn’t painless! I heard Rebecca and William yell at me as my feet started running, going back to where Desmond was.

The temple was dark, a low rumbling being heard. It sounded like the place was going to fall any moment now. I had to find him! “Desmond!” I yelled into the darkness, making my way back to the room where we left him. And there he was... On the ground, smoke leaving his body, his arm blackened and burnt. I felt tears in my eyes, my steps stumbling as I ran over to him. No no no, this couldn’t be! Desmond truly couldn’t have made the decision! I dropped to my knees next to him, pulling his head onto my lap as tears ran down my face. “Des... Desmond... Speak to me... Say something... Tell me you’re still here-“

“I t... told you to-to run...” Desmond’s voice was pained and weak. I was losing him quickly. I looked down to see that golden gaze looking back up at me, eyes watering, tears falling down his face. But a smile graced his lips. “You l-limey... b... bastard...”

“You’re a jerk, Desmond.” I choked out, my hand moving on its own as my fingers ran through what hair the man had. He was going to die, but I couldn’t leave him to die alone. I felt so powerless. “I can’t believe that you actually went through it you bloody prat. You told me that you weren’t going to be like Lucy and Clay.”

“I lied...” Desmond laughed an airy laugh, pain crossing his face. What could I do other than sit here and comfort him? The temple started to fall around us, pieces of stone crushing our equipment. “Shaun...” I dropped my gaze to look down at Desmond, not even trying to hide my tears at this point. “I... have to tell you...”

“What is it, Desmond?”

“I n-never... never told you...” The smile on Desmond’s face grew, as if this was the happiest moment of his life. “I love you.”

At that moment, my tears were so bad I couldn’t even see the man correctly. I choked on a sob, my fingers gripping Desmond’s hoodie tightly. I should have known, really. Desmond was never one to hide who he was. I had always tried to pass off that I was straight with Kat, but Rebecca always saw through the lies. I moved then to hold Desmond’s face between my hands, kissing the man softly the best I could. My kisses weren’t always the greatest, but I bloody tried. “Des...” I wanted to say something, but my voice didn’t want to work with me. I wanted to blurt out all of my emotions, tell the man how much I, too, loved him and how I wanted him to survive so that we could save the world together, but all I managed to do was choke on another sob. I felt Desmond lift a hand and cup my face, I watched as the smile never left his face, I watched as his eyes slowly slipped closed and his body went lax...

He was gone. Desmond, MY Desmond... He was gone... And I couldn’t even tell him...

“I love you...”

I choked out my words as I held Desmond’s body close to me, an agonizing scream leaving my throat. I couldn’t tell him. I was so fucking happy that the man had finally told me and I couldn’t bloody tell him! The temple around me was quickly falling apart, large pieces of stone landing not too far away from us. This place... This temple of the ancients would be our tomb. I decided then that if I was going to die, I was going to die holding Desmond’s hand.

I made myself comfortable then, Desmond’s head resting on my lap, the hand of his tattooed arm in my own. My tears never stopped as I kissed his lips once more, whispering into his ear. “I love you Desmond, now and forever. Wait for me, please... I’m not too far behind you... I love you...”


And you held it all.
But you were careless to let it fall.
And you held it all.
And I was by your side...
For a contest for one of my Des x Shaun groups. CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE END OF ASSASSIN'S CREED III!!! Read only if you want to cry your heart out.

Assassin's Creed copyrighted Ubisoft Montreal
"Powerless" lyrics copyrighted Linkin Park
© 2013 - 2024 trinityrenee
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Amazing combo between THE  greatest rock band in the world and Assassins Creed !!  :headbang: