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Redhood and the Outlaws - Flats

Feel free to use these flats for color practice.

As always, please make sure credit is given to the people below that made this possible -

Lines by :iconpopmhan: Pop Mhan
RedHood and the Outlaws! by popmhan

Flats by :icontrinitymathews: Me!
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Dropped some colors on this-loved your flats. Check it out here!…
RobertoAGM's avatar
hey dude, thankyou for the flats, saved up some time!
TrinityMathews's avatar
My pleasure. Feel free to drop by again sometime
gpatrickteran's avatar
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this BTW TrinityMatthews! Very much appreciated.
gpatrickteran's avatar
I'm just getting into Coloring.  I do appreciate but why start off with your Flats TrinityMathews?
TrinityMathews's avatar
The flats are just a tool to save you some time. You don't have to use them. You can work from the line work directly
geonig's avatar
gracias por las plastas
Jasen-Smith's avatar
Love how you broke up the flats in this one. Thank you for providing them!…
TrinityMathews's avatar
Yeah I figured it would make it easier to light the scene
V3dd3rMan's avatar
Great flats man!!
TrinityMathews's avatar
Thanks. Have at em!
intheswamp's avatar
cool, found my next project :)
TrinityMathews's avatar
Feel free to join this week's #Battle-Artist color challenge. It's always good fun
intheswamp's avatar
erm ok... scary!
TrinityMathews's avatar
Not scary. Fun. ;)

You get to see a lot of other people work on the same piece, and generally it works to inspire you to try new techniques. I jumped up in ability by participating all of last year.
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Great job with the flats man!
TrinityMathews's avatar
popmhan's avatar

Awesome!  Thanks!  I'll throw some colors on there myself when I get the chance. 


You > Awesome!  :)

TrinityMathews's avatar
adriannauk's avatar
nice as always! I wish I had more patience with flatting. I can do it, but get bored too quickly, and then take even longer because I am bored lol. XD 
TrinityMathews's avatar
I look at flats like they're a puzzle, and let that part of my brain have at it.

Though the only thing I don't like about flatting is cleaning up the line work. Smudges, pencil lines, and faint ink lines are my nemisis. I've learned a lot of tricks to get rid of them, but some times you just have to jump in with the eraser tool.
spidermanfan2099's avatar
You should just leave the linework as is mate... colourist will always do something to them anyway really! Save yourself the time and effort unless your colouring it (i'm a big believer in only doing what you're job calls/pays for!)
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