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Published: February 3, 2016
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Yugioh-TomHobbyist General Artist
shit i fucked up
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AsymptoteGHobbyist General Artist
It will always be Gif... It's not peanut butter...
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yes, the creator of the word gif said "jif" but the first letter of the word stands for graphical (a hard G) so i pronounce it with a hard G. also, how many words begin with a G are pronounced with a J do you know?
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Trinity-FateHobbyist Digital Artist
Giraffe, gesture, generation, genus, gym, gypsy...
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it was--it was a parody on people who rant about the pronunciation of such words. i don't really give a shit, just like scone, i say sc'o'ne but i don't really care if you don't :D

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gif because giffany
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When you have to spell another one differently, it's wrong.
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jacob110110Hobbyist Writer
Yo if the creator says it's pronounced with the "j" sound then it's pronounced with the "j" sound
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I'm fine with either. Does it really matter how it's pronounced anyway? The English dictionary says both pronunciations are correct, so why do people still fight over an insignificant anagram?
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Blue-Skinned-DevilHobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone who pronounces it as "jif" should be thrown down a flight of stairs.
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C3TubberinosHobbyist Digital Artist
G in Gif stands for Graphics
Do you pronounce it Jraphics?
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I usually go with "jif" just to distinguish it from the word "gift". But I don't care much either way as long as I understand it when others say it. lol
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Cosmo-nautHobbyist Digital Artist
pretty sure the creator of gifs called it gif, not jif peabnut bubber
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Beat me to that, LOL.
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Toh-may-toh, toh-mah-toh. Car-mal, care-ah-mel.

I say gif, despite it being "wrong", but I don't think it should matter really.
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Tynorg-SixHobbyist General Artist
Graphic Interchange Format.
Although one has to wonder if we'll make a format for the exchanging of giraffes. =w=
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This brings up the whole ordeal of more than just GIFs, where as people are now locked into an eternal war for pronunciations of things. Like UPlay being pronounced with an Unlauted U. Who cares how its pronounced? Ubisoft is French Canadian, there's no pronouncing it right ever!
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It's JIF, doesn't matter what the letters mean in it (just because Graphic is said with G, doesn't mean you say Gif). It's basic English pronunciations, you don't say GIRAFFE, you say JIRAFFE, and any other word where there's a G and after that there's an I, it makes it J. :^)
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