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Devil's Food Break by Trinity-Fate Devil's Food Break by Trinity-Fate
****The following story was written by :iconbuttercupfarms:****
Fingers clean, and belly on the way to fullness, Angela lightly tapped the vastness of her stomach, listening to the drumming the taut filled to bust expanse created.

What now? She was out of food completely. And it was far too late for delivery now... even an angel had her limits on Earth.
Did she need to sleep? Not particularly. Did she need to visit the ladies room? Angels didn't produce waste, everything was converted into either energy or stores to fuel her holy magics. But time... she had no control over time.
Not only time, but her funds provided for her test were starting to run low... and she hadn't even done anything to prove herself yet. In fact, her wings had shrunk even more since being booted out of the Pearly Gates.

Well... she did have one option. With great difficulty, Angela swung herself off her bed, an act that became a tad more grunt filled every day.

Taking a deep breath, Angela began the long waddle from her bed all the way to her dresser, bulging belly swinging, full, plump and unrestrained down over her thighs. With nothing holding it up, at the rate she was growing, it would cover her knees soon. Angela bit her lip at the thought, conflicted. Maybe she had gone to far with this compulsive need to feel her belly filled to burst, was she really willing to risk her angelic position and figure for pleasure? On the other hand, the idea of eating until her belly grew big enough to cover her legs, stacked high with blubber and filled with creamy goodness... it kinda excited her. Without thinking, her hands gradually moved towards her backside and began to squeeze her swollen bottom. This was without a doubt her favorite part of her new weight. So large and soft, always plush unlike her constantly stuffed belly and it was so much larger than her breasts. Heck, it was larger than any part of her body. Perfect for lazing around on a personal cushion.

Lost in her self fondling, she didn't realize when she had reached her dresser until her belly pressed against the hard wood. Angela snapped out of her fantasies and looked down at the one possession (other than the clothes on her back...) she'd been allowed to bring from Heaven. A small silver card, thick and glittering in the lamplight of her room. Written in gold, it clearly read:
“Good for 1 Free Small Miracle (offer does not stack with other deals. Only redeemable before Rapture. One per visit)”

Plucking it with plump fingers, Angela stared at the card.

She was given this to help along with her test. It was only a small miracle. Enchanting an item with holy power... creating a building from sand.... curing a sick man... all possible options.
But, there was no limit on what the miracle could be. She was free to choose her path... even if it was the 'wrong' one.

While her belly was far from grumbling, she certainly felt like it should be, as her need to fill it up grew.
She could still turn this trip around though... she could go back home. She just needed to shape up.

This card held her future. Would she use it to further spiral down the path of unashamed gluttony? Or would she return on white wings, free of vice?


Angela shoved another chunk of cake into her mouth, ignoring the slice she was already chewing. If it could fit, she shoved it in her fat cheeks. While they used to be puffed up purely on food, her cheeks were now permanently plumped and pudgy, her face finally starting to fatten up with the rest of her swollen body. Crumbs and frosting surrounded her lips constantly... not that she left them. After every treat she went to work making sure to gobble up every last morsel. Still, her frantic scarfing left her having to repeat this grooming process regularly. She was glad her lavender hair was so short enough to avoid getting dirty, it saved her the time of having to clean it.

As far as she was concerned, there were no regrets on her use of the Miracle. Since using it, she hadn't had to get up even once, sitting down and getting comfy on the cushion her own butt provided. Everything she needed was in front of her at all times. Enchanting her fridge to always stock itself full of sweets- genius. Of course, it would only work for her, but that restriction was a plus in her mind. Not like she planned on giving any of her bounty to another soul. No, every cake, pie, pudding, and cookie was hers and hers alone, and they would all find their way into her ever growing supple belly.
And with how things were going, there was no way she could change her position anymore anyway.

Angela's past few weeks were full of constant stuffing and relaxation. A constant cycle of eating until her belly was red and about to pop, and laying back in ecstasy, near the point of drooling in pleasure until she processed enough to fill herself up again. And there was no doubt that she had packed on the pounds. Her fantasy from a few weeks back and been met and surpassed. Her rolling gut flowed between her luscious lard packed pillars of legs, and over past her knees. Filled with food every waking moment, it retained a full round shape, even in it's immense size which was inching towards her jiggly cankles at an alarming rate. Her breasts acted like the cherry on top of her vanilla sundae of a gut. They had to be the least affected part of her binging, but there was no doubt they still grew, forcing her old dress to act as sort of a 'half bra' barely keeping her decency in her home... not that she cared if it came off. But at the moment, it was keeping her a bit warm while sitting in front of the fridge, so there was no point in taking it off. Besides, if anything missed her mouth, it would fall between her quivering boobs, and as long as her dress could catch it, she could reach in and pop it back where it belonged.

But the hero of her body was most definitely her bottom. While it was always the largest part of her body, it had absolutely blossomed into its full quaking glory. Each of her cheeks exceeding the size of a large exercise ball, calling her bottom a shelf was an understatement. Honestly calling her ass a 'couch' was much more accurate than a shelf. Three full grown men could sit on her delightful cushions and not feel crowded. Of course, she wasn't going to share. This was her's. She'd worked hard to make her delicious bottom so luscious, and she planned to take advantage of it in its full glory as often as possible- when she was full at least. Not that that was easy to accomplish. But she relished the opportunity to lay back into her own bottom and massage it. Though her growing arms proved to make that more difficult as their own size made reaching back, or at any other than straight out for that matter, almost painful. So, obviously, she had to make her own butt bigger and bigger so that she could reach it with less effort. A viscous cycle indeed, but it was going to happen eventually anyway.
Her striped underwear had proven to be much more resilient than she had given them credit for, as they were still stretching to accommodate her gigantic fertile globes. It was one of her many goals to have them pop off on their own. With the way they were digging into her fluffy buttocks, an inch deep crease at least, it was only a matter of time until she had to set a new one.

And so, her favorite body part was decided. While her belly provided the pleasure, her ass and hips were becoming a perfect resting place for her arms after an hour of stuffing her face. The softness of hundreds of pounds of plush cottony fat mixed with her own, smooth perfect alabaster skin make for a wonderful sensation combination. And with her arms beginning to become harder and harder to move as they plumped up and rounded out (her forearms had already hidden her wrist in a fold of fat), she found herself having to take a break in her stuffing more often than she would have liked.

Grabbing plush handfuls of her juicy bottom, succulent breasts, or fluffy belly and fondling them, spanking them, and generally just feeling herself jiggle and bounce was almost causing her as much happiness as eating did. Even with no way to reach her more tender of areas anymore, she still found herself able to relieve herself through the mixture of stuffing and fondling. And she took every chance she had to experience it. Not like there was much else to do.

Although, being able to sit back into her own fat and sink down to relax was nice at times, there was so much more fun she could have. A moment where her hands were free and not tired was a moment were that delicious Boston Creme Pie could be sliding down her gullet into a needy tummy. The chocolate crème puffs were already being scarfed down though, one in each hand. Taking a large chunk out of a fresh one, the rich sweet pudding spurted out messily. Some of the sugary goodness leaked out of her overstuffed mouth, and trickled down the corner over her face, over her plump ever shrinking neck, and drew to a halt at the crease of her heaving breasts.

Now she was back into the rabid feeding part of her cycle once more. A pre-sliced caked became her next target, easy for her crumb covered hands to grab between their bloated fingers. For a while it seemed like she was going to even lose the ability to grab the food in front of her face, as her arms began to lose more and more of their mobility. But her fears were quelled... somehow. It seemed she was just able to grab the treats she desired when she desired it. Almost like magic. Certainly nothing to complain about. Though she couldn't reach the full expanse of her belly, leaving the remainder of the cake and grabbing a bowl of Turtle Pudding and shoveling it into her greedy maw was easy as could be. Then the thick vanilla malt with the wide straw. Then the perfectly molded strawberry Jell-o.
Almost nothing could stop Angela's stuffing spree (save for the Jell-O, which she admitted to gleefully starting and and shaking for a while, reminded of her own plump rump.), her belly stretched out and calling for even more than last time.

A small prod into the her fatty back, caused Angela to stop halfway through another slice of the cake. Was someone there? Who dare interrupt her Angela time?
Turning, she gazed back towards her own soft ass and searched for her poker... but no one was in the room. Instead, from the base of her back sprouting up from the top of her jiggling cheek spheres, a plump curly tail wiggled around happily, in the rhythm of Angela's chewing.

'Strange' Angela thought turning back to more important matters. 'I don't remember having a tail.' She was slightly disappointed actually. Part of her was hoping it was her own bottom touching her back. Well, that meant going back to work. Now she had another goal to work for.

Looking into the fridge, she eyed out her next victim as she shoved the rest of the slice in her mouth. 'But I do remember this peanut butter fudge. Yummy.'

Another story to accompany another commission for :iconbuttercupfarms:
This one was actually done for a while, but "circumstances" kept me from uploading it immediately.

It was done as a follow-up to this pic: A Delicate Angel by Trinity-Fate62
In which, Angela gives up being an angel in favor of staying on earth and eating ALL THE SWEETS. But little did she know she would cross straight over humanity into devilhood for her gluttony. Such is the life of a fallen angel.
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I have always loved this piece and its accompanying story. I am a bit disappointed that the prequel picture and its story do not seem to be on here anymore, but I suppose that is life.
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