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"lol, ichiruki is a pedo ship!~ rukia is older, so she's a pedo!"
yet, these same morons ship ichigo with every Shinigami/arrancar women in bleach. 

even better: forget masaki x isshin is a thing, so I guess isshin is a pedo then and the kurosaki siblings shouldn't exist. :)

oh, or they ship inuyasha x kagome, which would also be considered a "pedo" ship.
JFC, I hate drawing profiles of my oc, but I hate using bases to draw profiles too, ugh!
would you guys like if I made some adopts?
is it mary sue for a handsome guy to fall for a disfigured/scarred girl?
like, I think it's pretty fucking stupid to call a pretty girl "mary-sue" then if you have an ugly or scarred girl it's still "mary sue" or if the guy falls for either girl types it's still "mary sue".
just, wtf? sigh.
ok, I need a little help!~

at 1:41 can someone tell me what song is that, after the first song plays? the maker didn't put any song title for the 2nd song and I know it's short, but I really would like the song name! thank you!


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United States
I couple notes:

Q: "why do you fave SS/NH fan kids if you hate the ships themselves?"

A: because I like the designs the fandom comes up with, it doesn't mean I like the ships or have to like the ships themselves. I can still like the oc kids but still dislike SS/NH.

Q: "gentle criticism only? lol you're an over sensitive pussy!"

AN: lol, it's fine to give me harsh criticism, just don't be overly harsh saying "this art is shit! wtf!? go to art class! your character sucks! lmfao and you're a bitch!!", that's not criticism, that's being a straight up asshole. be gentle but firm, like saying: " oh the coloring is nice, but the arm/leg/eyes look wonky, it could use some work, I advice looking up anatomy study for getting the hang of drawing certain anatomy and the lighting is too bright, try less lighting, ect" that is proper criticism.

remember: being an asshole is not criticism and free speech doesn't give you any right to be an asshole either.

Lace Stamp Gentle Criticism by StampMakerLKJ

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RokuShi Playin' Around Stamp by MrsZeldaLink (gift)Crossover Ship Stamp by BloodyCorona NoctisxStella Stamp by MrsHighwind

most liked characters:
Stamp-para-neferpito-ichigo by KisshuHeroStyles STAMP-Rukia by llLuisHellscythell Kagome Stamp by ttinatina5252
Xion [STAMP] by Claire-Frye [Stamp] FF XV - Noctis Lucis Caelum by Akuma-no-Hoshi:thumb582116080:
Cloud Strife Stamp by depp

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Request: This never happen by Kick-Smile-Plz

disliked characters:
Overrated Hinata by Shukaku-andbijusFC They are both cunts Stamp by SGStamps Anti-Inoue Orihime by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me
Anti Uzumaki Naruto stamp by xDeicidex


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