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Insanity (Prompto x Reader)
Prompto x Female Reader
"Oh gods, what am I going to do!?" Prompto yelled frantically, pacing back and forth in front of the campfire. "____ is so different from all the other girls I've ever met. She's just so... regal." Prompto sighed dreamily in his signature love-struck manner.
"Are you saying that just because she's a noble?" Noctis could understand if Prompto was gushing over Cindy or Aranea... but their traveling companion, ____? She wasn't for the faint of heart, namely Prompto. Seriously, Noct felt the need to snap him out of his infatuation with her... and fast.
While Ignis was making dinner, Gladio was on a short hike, and ____ herself was cleaning off the grime of the last unfortunate creature to cross her path, Prompto took the opportunity to praise the unpredictable woman traveling alongside them. She may have been small, but it worked to her advantage quite well. Most wouldn't think that a sweet-looking (if not, darkly dressed) girl would be capable of the strong, comman
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What Are The Odds? (FFXV Android AU Pt.3)
Slight Female Reader x Android Prompto
After a while of more or less hiding her Argentum unit from the prying eyes of her nosy friends from work, today was the day ____ was going to introduce Prompto to her fellow employees. With any luck, Prompto would be allowed to loiter in the store during her work hours so she wouldn't have to leave him behind at home.
"Okay, Prompto, are you ready to go?" ____ asked the blond taking up residence in her friend's old room. He was excessively excited. "I was built ready!" Prompto yelled, throwing his arms up as he ran out of the room. "WOOHOO!!!"
"Calm down, I don't know how the others are going to treat you. Here's hoping they'll as least let you stay in the store." Prompto snapped out of his enthused state to see the anxiousness painted on his admin's features. "I think i'll be okay. The worst they can do is send me back home, right?" Prompto's smile wavered at the frown his human companion wore. There were other things they could do, but hopefull
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Halcyon Heart (Android Prompto x Reader Pt.2)
Female Reader x Android Prompto
"H-hey, ____. You doing anything for Valentine's Day?" 'What is with my co-workers? Asking me out for Valentine's Day? What trickery is this?!' 
It was perplexing to ____ how people seemed to have some sort of vested interest in her plans all of a sudden. Only because Valentine's Day was rearing it's head once again? But it was time to deliver the same sentence she gave all the others...
"Just like I told the other guys, I'm spending it with my new android. I don't even like Valentine's Day." All she could do in response to her fellow employee's crestfallen face was roll her eyes. 'Don't give me that look.' 
"Oh, lay off it already. You wouldn't even notice my existence if you weren't desperate for a date on Valentine's Day! We hardly even talk as is.... *sigh* Look, go out, and have a good time. You don't need me for that to happen, right?" She tried mustering up a sweet smile, a small smile... something to convince them to leave
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First Impressions (FFXV Android Prompto x Reader)
First off, massive shout out to chocobro-hijinks on Tumblr for the brilliant premise of Chocobro Androids. After playing, and watching others play Episode Prompto,(STOP MAKING HIM CAUTERIZE HIMSELF!!! D:<) I thought I'd make some stories for him using this AU. (It's honestly my favorite...) And since this is my favorite AU, more of my FFXV stories might end up being in the same vein. So here we go! 
Female Reader x Android Prompto
It was finally the end of a long, dreary, winter's day. Most folks would be indoors at this time in the evening, snuggled up with a mug of something warm and inviting to chase away the coldness from the outside world. ____ was going to do just that, as soon as she got home at least. '7:00... Finally.' Work dragged on in a drowsy fashion, far from the chaos that she'd seen two weeks ago on Christmas Eve. People getting squashed for the perfect gift for their loved ones. An
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On Contract Pt.2 (Charon x Reader)
Female Lone Wanderer x Charon
It was two months since Charon's contract was exchanged for a measly sum of caps that never really left ____'s possession. With Ahzrukhal dead, and ____ seeming to be a nice person with a decent moral compass, Charon was fairly content with the arrangement he found himself in. Most of his employers have been shifty people, with sinister endeavors, this particular one however... was different.
She had a strange desire to help others, not really caring about the reward. Selflessness was a truly bizzarre trait to have in a world like this... bizzarre and a bit disconcerting. It raised a lot of questions in Charon's mind. What has her life been like here in the wastes? What kind of upbringing did she have? Most people would take every advantage they have to take from those who seek help, but not her? It was all very confusing.
"You're the strangest employer I've ever had. Not once have you attempted to shake anyone down, demand more pay for a job, or shoot som
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The Beauty of Being Numb (Izaya)
(Izaya chosen)
Her blank leer didn't falter, not even for a second. "Whatever happens, i'll always be there for Izaya. Even if he doesn't want me around anymore." Her tone was firm, and unyieldingly certain. "I won't abandon him, i'll burn myself out before that ever happens! Do you know what unconditional devotion takes, how much it'll suck out of you, how much I give?! I'm not even a complete human when I have no purpose! He gives me that, a sense that I belong somewhere again! There will NEVER be no purpose when i'm with him!"
Her speech made Shizuo realize something he had suspected about ____. "You're insane, but you've made your choice. He'll chew you up, and spit you out, so when he does... DON'T COME CRYING TO ME!!! The next time we see each other, you're DEAD, JUST LIKE YOUR LEASH HOLDER!!!" Shizuo roared viciously as the female drifted from the conversation.
"That's just fine... Shizu-chan." ____'s voice may have b
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The Beauty of Being Numb (Shizuo)
(Shizuo chosen)
"I'm sorry, ____... but please, think about this. Is this the existence you want? Being used, and then thrown away?" He carried a cautious stare, hoping she would change her mind.
She was processing it, taking in the thought. Her eyes widened thinking about the pain she felt when Shizuo hurt her feelings, and how Izaya would be 10 times worse! ____ was trying her hardest to stop the flooding of tears gathering behind her eyes, trying frantically to keep her composure.
But she failed, and she fell to her knees in front of Shizuo... wailing in immense emotional pain. This shocked him badly, but he helped her back up, and held her close. Letting her get it all out of her system, as he lightly caressed the back of her head.
"It'll be okay. I promise to appreciate everything you do for me, and I swear that flea will get what's coming to him for willingly taking advantage of your kindness." Her response was a gentle nuzzle to his chest, and a tearful smile.
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The Beauty of Being Numb (Drrr!! ??? x Reader)
Female Reader x ? 
"And then, Shizuo told me to get lost." Izaya was busy listening to one of his 'friends', weeping about how her assistance was flat out rejected by the monster of Ikebukuro... yet again.
"Typical, isn't it? It's like he doesn't think about your helpfulness to him at all. Everything you've ever done for him, it means nothing... doesn't it?" ____ was a nice person, but extremely giving, and very self sacrificing. Izaya could never get enough of ____'s sweet, nurturing nature, and the misery that ended up surrounding her as a result. She gives it her all to be a good person for the sake of doing so, but it's just never enough. He wants to see it, her breaking point. Everyone has one, so just how long, and what would it take to make her reach hers?
He fed off her depression like his nickname implies, like a flea, using her as fodder in his fights with the monster. An example of just how inhumane Shizuo was. How could he mistreat someone who only e
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Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Garry x Reader)
Female Reader x Garry
'She's beautiful. More so than any of Guertena's works. I bet he couldn't paint a masterpiece like her.' 
Garry was smitten, and the problem was he had only seen this girl for a few short seconds. Her hair, her legs, but especially her eyes, entranced him. Garry didn't even know her name, but he knew he had to learn it, before he left this gallery.
She had only just stepped through the doors, so approaching her right now would seem a little desperate. No, he decided to wait until she was elsewhere in the gallery.
Garry may not have liked the experiences that happened here, but he wasn't going to let fear rule over him. He had to face his fears, even if that meant combating the peril of coming back to this wretched place. He had to show that this place wasn't going to get the better of him, not ever again.
Seeing her calmly walk up the stairs, he wanted to follow her. But as soon as he worked up the courage, she came bounding down, once more... a f
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Wrong Way (Shizuo x Reader x Izaya)
Shizuo x Female Reader x Izaya
Erotomania: A delusional disorder where the subject thinks someone is in love with them.
It was a disaster in the making, and all of Ikebukuro could feel it.
A rumor got out involving a psychotic woman, who claimed a certain Info Broker in Shinjuku was desperately in love with her. "Why else would he watch me like he does?! He's in love with me! It's obvious!!!" The woman, a young lady named ____, claimed Mr. 'I love all humans~' Izaya Orihara, had a deep emotional fixation to her.
But any sane person who knew the intrusive manipulator themselves, would tell you his attempts to pry into this girl's affairs... were being horribly misconstrued by said girl.
Izaya couldn't love any one person. He loved all the pawns on his board equally. And he'd be the first to tell anyone who asked. But while this one pawn was getting more, and more frustrating by the day, he wondered to himself... 'What to do about this n
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Mezzanotte Galleria d'Arte (Ib: Garry x Reader)
Female Reader x Garry (Pixel Indie Horror: Ib)
This place was an Automatonophobe's nightmare. All sorts of things were wrong! Moving mannequin heads, paintings, sculptures... and those dolls! Walls being put up, stairs being set down! It didn't make a lick of sense at all. It was slowly tearing the sanity away from ____. All she wanted was art. Displayed in a gallery, not walking about, attacking things that just wanted to stare.
It was bad enough she had a fear of even mildly humanoid objects, the fact that they were sentient, threw her over the edge. It was dark in the room they were currently in, and she kept checking her watch. "Still stuck at Midnight... like it's been for the past several hours!"
"____, calm down. Everything's fine at the moment, and you need sleep rather badly." Along with a small, red-eyed, brunette, nine year old girl who didn't say much, ____ teamed up with an interesting fellow. Her newest friend that she made in the gallery, was an unusual sort.
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Undeterred (Durarara!! Shizuo x Reader)
Female Reader x Shizuo Heiwajima
'To anyone traversing the streets of Ikebukuro at night, a warning...' 
On the main chat bulletin on the Dollars' site, a message was added, at 9:57 pm. Celty was online. She had just got on to see if there was anything new. Much to her surprise, there was, but much to her dismay, it was the sign of a busy night for some of her friends.
'Shizuo Heiwajima is helping his girlfriend catch pokemon tonight!'
If Celty would've been drinking something, it would have been spit out in shock. But instead, the nosy doctor behind her had noticed her body's language, and had only this to say... "Oh no, I know where this will lead."
____ was a Pokemon Trainer. Ever since the beta testing for Pokemon GO in Ikebukuro started, the streets of the area have been on high alert for Ikebukuro's strongest, and more importantly, his girlfriend, ____. It started out innocently enough, she registered to become one of Ikebukuro's first beta testers.
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Survival and Supremacy Chp. 1
[Chapter One: Fast Changes]
<Quarantine's point of view>
"What the hell is WRONG with those people?!?! What was it they were trying to do with me, anyway? I thought the hard times were over." Quarantine pondered this while running though a thick white haze, unsure of where to go, or what to do.
"There must be somewhere I could go... anywhere! I got to find something." Quarantine's goal was clear now, find a settlement, town, or city.
'This fog is seriously thick! I can't see where the hell i'm going.' Stumbling across the dense undertow of wilted foliage, he struggled to find his way out of the obstructing fog. 'Goddammit! How far does this shit go?!' "OW!!!" Quarantine found his way face first into the side of a stationary truck.
"*sigh*It's bad enough I can't see two feet in front of my face, but I get blind-sighted by an old world relic while i'm at it. It's times like this i'm glad no one's around."
*shuffle* <i>
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Unforgettable (Fallout 4 Deacon x Reader)
Female Sole Survivor x Deacon
Under the cover of night, ____ and Deacon sneaked across the Natick Banks of the Commonwealth, a short ways north of the Glowing Sea. 
"Super Mutants, Raiders, and Deathclaws... oh my!" Deacon's tone was laced with a thick sarcasm, only he was ever capable of. "If you want to die hanging around here, why not go over to the graveyard, so we can be disposed of nicely." He joked as the grave site came into view. "Oh, and ferals.... This place reeks of wasteland danger, doesn't it? Coming here was quite fun at first, but i'm having second thoughts, ____." Losing his patience, he confronted ____. "We should just leave."
"If you want to leave, go ahead! I won't stop you! If I end up dead, don't bother making anything up. Dying from Deathclaws, Ferals, Raiders, and Super Mutants all in one place, already sounds crazy enough to be one of your lies." ____ yelled, tears in the back of her eyes.
Another fight about her exploration style. Too danger
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On Contract Pt. 1 (Fallout 3 Charon x Reader)
Female Lone Wanderer x Charon
It was no secret to the professional traveler that D.C. was a good place to get yourself killed. Those who make the trip usually have back up, or use the caravan system. But like ____, some don't have the luxury. And what's worse is the fact that many people depend on her to get important (and meager) tasks done. She has the caps to hire some help of her own, but no such opportunity has presented itself to her yet.
Let's face it, who'd want to risk life and limb out there, by ____'s side?
Making the trip to Underworld alone, was a miracle in and of itself. It wasn't really in plain sight. And to find a town of ghouls, was incredible. ____ always had a fascination of ghouls, ever since she met Gob, and treated them with the respect any species deserved for adapting in the harsh environment of the wastes.
Roaming around, ____'s smile never faltered. She was mesmerized by the works of art left behind from before the war. Into the bar known as the Ninth Circle
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Midnight Trip (Fallout 4 Hancock x Reader)
Female Reader x Hancock
Author's note: You run with Piper in the first most part of the story.
The sun falls behind the western horizon in Diamond City, as the Sole Survivor got ready for her trip to Goodneighbor. "Are you sure it's a good idea to travel alone at this time of night? It's not a wise choice..." Piper pursed her eyebrows up in question. "I promised i'd go hang out with Hancock tonight. I'm not going to turn up a no-show for the big event at the Third Rail. He'd be heartbroken if I stood him up." ____ relayed to the nosiest person she's aware of.
Piper had an almost overbearing tendency to get involved in anything she wasn't already apart of, including her friend's love life. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, there's an event at the Third Rail? Why am I just hearing about this now?!" Piper chirped, obviously interested in the prospect of experiencing the party. "Because, you live in Diamond City, the most uninviting lot in the Commonwealth to ghouls. Also, because you'll be the awkward t
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Busy, busy, busy! It's like that's all I am as of late until just recently. Not able to focus and concentrate on the things I want to do. Writer's block is a bitch now that I have free time, and I don't even know what to do with it! I need a drink... badly. I feel discombobulated.

How does anyone else get anything done, cause I sure wish I knew how to. XD


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I've started to notice an overwhelming amount of my crushes are blond good guys, that to my misfortune, don't exist. So I've set my standards sky high to 'Final Fantasy' level. (CURSE YOU, SQUARE ENIX!!! noactuallythankyoutheseguysarebeautiful)


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