Beyond All That Is

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I'm heading into an art direction, that puzzles even me. Have you ever lived as someone else for several minutes, as if you've lived as that person all along - with all their memories and life, only to get sucked into a sort of dimensional fatigue vortex and arrive in yet another life in the same manner?

If so, I'm curious: How was the ride, man?
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I think everyone has some kind of existential compass that guides them along a path... at some point I think it's completely natural to realize that you've grown all you can from focusing on a certain area, and even while there are always many more things to achieve, it no longer serves your own purposes.

One day I woke up and I wasn't a kid any more... and another day I woke up and put all my hopes and dreams away and pretended to be someone else for a few months. It's a great tool for understanding yourself outside of the box we always put ourselves in.... the problem is the changes don't always stick.
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Perhaps I've understated the aforementioned "Living as Someone Else" - I meant Literally. Ask me about it sometime, in person.