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Hi All!  This isn't really going to be much of a journal entry . . . I just wanted to say "I'm baaaaack!"  :D Long story short, I've been missing from DA and MLPArena for nearly a year.  Nothing too bad was keeping me away, just job changes, moving, a bit of stress, and a general lack of inspiration. I had to move again last month, which meant that I had to pack up, move, and re-organize all my custom making supplies, and I realized how much I desperately miss it, and you all. Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to, and I hope to start posing new ponies soon! Clara / Trillion
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Gorgeous wings! I haven't seen sculpted pony wings like that since Woosie!
Hi there :)
these ponies are amazing!!! do you by any chance make them on comission?
Your artwork is JAW-DROP. Absolutely fantastic. If my Mum could see your artwork, she couldn't then turn round and tell me that My Little Ponies are only for little girls, lol. Had some when I was little, never wanted to give them up but was forced to sort my room out and throw out old stuff, as Mum called it. Your artwork could become collectables you know? Keep it up!
Wow!! Those are amazing ponies!! I showed my little sisters, and they wanted me to ask about how you make them... I was also wondering, how long does it take to make them?? They're very amazing, and they look like great quality work.
Sorry Sam and Frodo off of lord of the rings if you didn't know!
I love your art! Would you be willing to make a Sam and Frodo my little pony for my best friend? If you did make them how much would they be? You can email me at