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Retro Circles - Custom Shapes

10 Custom Shapes made in Photoshop CS2.

- These resources are for personal use only, not commercial. If you want to use them in a print, please note me.
- If you use them on a website or in a Deviation please credit me and
link to [link] or [link]
- Please show me anything really nice you make with these!
- Please leave a comment for me or add me as a favourite if you liked these resources!
© 2007 - 2021 TrillianAstra
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Stunning! I can see many possible color combinations that could be laid over the top of this in a clipping mask!

Nicely done! A very nice design!
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Wonderful stuff..As I saw your stock also, they looks amazing..Great work TrillianAstra 
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thx for your time and upload
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MY PHOTOSHOP IS CS :( AND IS NOT SEE THE IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD THEM, alas, are very useful, but still welcomes the work. GREETINGS
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:w00t: thanks! this is great :D
Ill use it for a personal design ths
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Thanks Much, there great!!!
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Thank´s! Just what I needed!!
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im gonna use this in a sig im making atm
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I'm thinking about using these to make a background for a presentation I am doing. They're great. I'll send you a link if I end up doing it. Thanks so much!
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Beautiful shapes, i've used one of them for this [link]
Tell me if u like it...
Awesome, thanks!
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I was just looking for something 'retro-ish'! That's neat!
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there is only a jpg not a psd...
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