Happy Holidays from the Trigun Maximum FC

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Realized we've been kind of slacking on the updating here on this group, so for that - Gomenesai! (Sorry!)  Thankfully we keep getting in submissions, and I try to follow up and send out requests if I've missed a deadline on accepting.  If you still have artwork that you'd like to contribute to the group and I haven't gotten you yet, feel free to re-submit as it's been a busy Autumn!  And now it's almost over and getting winter!  So I just wanted to tell everyone to have a bunch of great holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whichever other holiday that you might celebrate!

Feel free to send us any updates you might have (or just comment here) if you find any information about Trigun or Blood Battlefront Blockade!  We love sharing the information and getting it!
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It's good to know of updates. Keep up the great group activity :lol: :thumbsup:;)
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Thanks for joining the group!