Funimation has started airing BBB (Kekkai Sensen) for a few weeks now and there's quite a bit of fan art for it out there.  Even some cross-over stuff has started to appear here!  Keep it coming!  Don't be shy!  We'll probably be looking into making some connections with other groups in the next few weeks so feel free to suggest whatever you like.  We'll make a sub-category here for it since even though it's not Trigun necessarily, we've always loved other things by Nightow as well.  ^_^

Not only that, but many of the characters look so similar between the series as some of you have already pointed out.  I think I'd like to see Meryl and Chain duke it out - although, I'll be the first to admit that the Invisible Werewolf would probably win.  ^_~  Go ahead and show us your Blood Blockade Artwork or make any comments you like below about what other characters could 'win' between the look-alikes (or non-look alikes like Klaus and Vash maybe?) and tell us your favorite characters in the new anime!
Now that Autumn is almost upon us, anyone planning to dress up as a Trigun Character for Halloween?  How about for a fall convention like Tsubasacon or Youmacon?  What are your plans for Halloween?

In other news... Blood Blockade Battlefront just released #6 - I liked this one a lot because it let us know what "Chain" is and why she's part of this group and it's pretty awesome.

Hope you're all having a great Autumn!
Apologies to anyone who's submissions I let expire!  If I haven't sent you a re-request, feel free to submit them again.  I was away from my computer this last week and even though I have a tablet I just can't get it to work right with deviantART.  I tried to catch as many re-submissions as possible so hopefully we'll be back up and running soon!

Is anyone else excited that it's summer once again?  Are you all out of your classes now for the summer?  Taking summer courses?  Getting ready to go on vacation yourselves?  Where would be your ultimate vacation spot if you could go ANYWHERE?  I'm talking reality or fantasy?  Would you go to "No Man's Land" (aka Gunsmoke)?  Would you go to a different anime planet?  What about a certain city?  I would love to go to July City before Knives caused Vash to blow it sky-high.  Then again... maybe just going to a desert city on THIS planet would be interesting too.  What do you think?  Where would you spend your time?  Who would you want to meet while you were there?
Since it's been a month since I featured some of our new contributors, I thought it was about time that I make a mention of a few that have just joined us this month!

:iconnynjakat:  NynjaKat
:iconkallian91:  Kallian91

Ooh look...I can put pictures now.  *grins*  

Love the new fan art!  Can't wait to see more Trigun from you both!  I'm loving the fact that more and more Trigun fans are cropping up lately.  It's been quite a surprise to see more people showing up and spreading their love.

Also we're got some more fanfiction from:

:iconedenevergreen:  EdenEvergreen
:iconmercedesvee: MercedesVee

And, just for the fun of it, I've added a few of my older artworks from my Trigun folder that, for some reason, had never been added to this group.  They're OLD... but I thought they could see the light of day at least once more before they disappear into the abyss of deviantART's vast database.

In other news... Blood Blockade Battlefront #5 has just been released.  Lately it appears that each of the chapters are more stand alone type chapters.  Unlike Trigun where after the first few chapters we got down into the nitty-gritty of Vash's life chasing Knives, these books seem to be 'villian of the day' types of stories.  Nightow has introduced a new 'hero' to the team, which says to me that I'm thinking he's creating this superhero comic much like that of Marvel or DC.  

If you haven't read any of BBB, it's set in an alternate New York where crazy alien/demon things abound and normal people are trying to make a living.  Everyone seems to have special talents and there are quite a few characters now.  From the first hints of the series in JUMP Square, it's taken on it's own life which I'm very curious to follow.  I just wish, in my own opinion, that there would have been more of a stand-out character like Vash and for it to follow a single story line.  But, either way, I believe #6 is out (or about to be out) in Japan, so we're running about one book behind here in the USA.

Also...I would like to note that even though this is a Trigun fanclub, I think it would be safe to say we'll add a new category in the gallery if anyone wants to draw characters from BBB and submit them here too since they're so similar to Trigun characters anyway.  ^_^
Hard to believe that it's been nearly three years now since Trigun: Badlands Rumble was released!  Which means, that, except for a few figures of Vash and Wolfwood, we've seen very little new from our gang in Trigun land.  That's not to say that there are new things happening on "No Man's Land" of course, as it keeps going in the hearts and minds of those of you who participate and watch this fan group!  Every day we see a few more new submissions of stories, fan art and some cool drawings and photos.  Keep them coming!

Now that we're (finally) getting to see some spring here in the northern hemisphere, it's nice to see some fresh drawings popping up.  Zanees just submitted a bunch of cool colored drawings of Vash, so please check them out in the featured category!

Recently on a Facebook site for a comic book store - Double Midnight Comics - they had a Friday head-to-head between Vash and Spike from Cowboy Bebop.  Vash won in the debate, of course - but it goes to prove that Trigun fans are still the most loyal and awesome fans to the series!  Pat yourselves on the back!

In other news, thought I'd post a photo I played around with in Photoshop just recently, it's nothing special, but I realized that even though I help with keeping everything rolling on here I haven't actually submitted anything lately!  >_<  Maybe it'll help inspire you to come up with something new and excellent as well!  Let's see what the spring inspires in your artistic side!

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