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A Ghost for You
“I’m not going to lie to you Vash and tell you I’ll wait for you forever. Tell me how you really feel.”
There was something solid beneath Vash as he tried to block out the memory that woke him and slowly he realized that he was slumped over the table in his hotel room. He reached out to grab a whiskey and shook it. There was no sloshing sound so he tossed it aside and grabbed another, again empty. It took him three more tries before he found one that still had a few swigs left. He sat up in his chair and finished the bottle off in one go. He grabbed another bottle; he was surrounded by them, swimming in them.
And yet it still hurt. Why, why did it still hurt? He had been drinking for two days straight and it still hurt. Wasn’t drinking supposed to dull the pain, to make you forget, if only for a little while? So why, why wasn’t it working this time? He threw the bottle against the wall and it shattered, the liquid inside dripping down the wall
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Culture Shock ch 4
When the young femme woke up next there was another face occupying her vision. White faced with red optics and tri-crested helm, it was none other than the strangers' medic. Knockout if she had managed to learn their names correctly. She glowered at him, was it going to be like this every time she woke up in this place? "Get out my face or I'll make sure the next scratch won't buff out." She stated tersely at the doctor. She might not have been able to understand what he was saying, but his body language screamed "vain".
The bigger mech stood up straight and sneered back at her. "I didn't understand a single word of that but I suggest you watch what you say next time." A threat was a threat no matter the language it was in. He turned to his lanky partner still working at the computer. "Soundwave, it didn't work. She's still talking in…" He groped around for a word. "Alien…"
Their guest couldn't see but she could hear him, in a way. Soundwave spouted off a series of sound
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Eastershaa5 by trigirl48 Eastershaa5 :icontrigirl48:trigirl48 0 0 Eastershaa Transp3 by trigirl48 Eastershaa Transp3 :icontrigirl48:trigirl48 1 0 Contest Entry 2 by trigirl48 Contest Entry 2 :icontrigirl48:trigirl48 0 0 Contest Entry 1 by trigirl48 Contest Entry 1 :icontrigirl48:trigirl48 1 0
Culture Shock ch 3
"What do you mean it's not Cybertronian!?" Megatron bellowed in rage causing Knockout to cower from the opposite side of the examination table.
"Perhaps I wasn't clear enough your lordship," The medic stated, still scratched and dinged from the fight. Megatron had demanded a thorough examination of the sparkling almost as soon as he had left the battlefield.  Upon finishing a basic exam, what Knockout had discovered was rather… shocking. "the sparkling is not from Cybertron but has Cybertronian influences in their technology. So while it might not be from Cybertron itself someone in its past had been."  He smiled confidently, hoping that the explanation would sooth the commander's anger.
Before Megatron could reply the door to the medical bay slide open and slender grey mech with wing like protrusions burst into the room. "Megatron, why was it that no one bothered to contact me when about the attack the particle accelerator while I was out looking for more energ
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Culture Shock ch 2
The assassin landed hard with a thud, bouncing once before rolling to a stop. Her head was spinning and her body tingled with a strange resonance. She had landed in wreckage but of what she couldn't tell. Nearby she could hear sounds of battle. Sounds that seemed all too familiar to her. Had both sides of the rift opened at different points in the same world?
Once the tingling left and her sense of vertical positioning returned, the femme pushed herself to her feet. Following the sounds of fighting she rounded a corner and stopped in her tracks. Before her was a battle, familiar yet surreal. The combatants were mechanical in nature just as she was yet the smallest was still double the size of even the tallest mechanisms where she was from. It was, she had to admit, the most humbling experience she ever had.
One of the titans, green and almost sphere shaped, toppled over almost landing on the femme.  The colossus groaned and began to stand pausing midway in shock when he noticed th
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Culture Shock
It was dark. Only the stars were out to illuminate the terrain, a steep-sloped rocky terrain. The mountain range spanned hundreds of miles and served as the border for three different lands. It was rather remote and crossing them rather dangerous. On foot were high vertical drops, uneven ground and loose rocks which threatened to tumble down with even the slightest breeze. In the air the tall, close peaks trapped the air causing high winds, dangerous eddies and deadly cross winds. Only the most skilled of guides and pilots would even have a remote chance of crossing the mountains alive.
It was fortunate then, that those living in one particularly nasty section of the range didn't have to actually cross it. They only had to survive climbing the treacherously steep slopes, praying to whatever they believed in that the rock above and below them decided not collapse, long enough to take shelter in the extensive cave system that lay beneath the rock. It was a vast network, snaking for miles
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Early Christmas by trigirl48 Early Christmas :icontrigirl48:trigirl48 1 2 Bunny hat by trigirl48 Bunny hat :icontrigirl48:trigirl48 0 0
The darkness was not what one would call busy, but yet it would not be considered quiet either. Miniature works of art danced about in silver streams of frozen light. Deer crunched along softly as they filled their stomachs. An owl, dull and grey, alighted not too far away, startling a buck enough to make it look up.
A coppery maroon liquid spilled from the owl's victim, dripping down to stain the snow with an inaudible hiss. Some yards away something moved. Fire light skipped across the cloaked figure as it looked up as it caught the scent of blood. The cloaked one stood and walked towards the owl's perch wondering what the raptor had as it didn't look like any normal animal.
The owl called out, flapping its wings for balance, whatever it had caught wasn't quite dead yet. It could be seen struggling in the owl's talons and a dark flash from it startled the owl enough that it flew to another branch, it's would be dinner falling deep into the snow. The owl hooted again, as if telling it
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67. Playing the Melody
Let's play something. Let it be meaningful. Let it be about us. We are, after all, the instruments. Does it matter that we're out of tune? Does it matter that we can't quite reach that perfect pitch? Who cares that we sound horrible alone, together we're perfect. We're off key but our harmony is wonderful. I can think of no one to play with but you. Let's play something. Let's play a melody.
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The Forgotten Orb
At first there were primitive dragons, extremely territorial, they were vicious and reclusive. In time they learned that hunting with another produced a more successful hunt and thus the first troops were formed. The sun rose and set in succession and the dragons learned how to manipulate the world around them, using their spirit as a conduit to control the energies that filled it. It was this time that dragons became sentient and troops gave rise to clans.
Humans started to form their own groups and many of the clans did not accept the human's intrusion into their territory and used the humans as a food source. Some clans thought the humans would make good allies someday and did their best to protect the humans in their territory. And then came the Joining, what the human tolerant dragons called the alliance they made to protect the this new race. Their purpose was not only to protect them but help them develop their own, what the humans called, magic and to help them learn and unders
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Anger is...
Anger is heating water. Low at first and unnoticeable. It simmers quietly, small bubbles only hinting at what's to come. Steam releases the heat but not enough. The heat builds and more bubbles rise to the surface, larger and more frequent. Obvious now what's going to happen. By now it's too late to stop it, the water belches out bubbles and steam as it's heated to its max.  Then suddenly it's over.
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Name: Si'ro
Age: Ancient
Si'ro keeps guard of the Orb of Katoral. He's lost track of the hundreds of millennia that he's watched the orb and has not seen another of his kin in a quarter of that time. He wouldn't call himself wise but he knows things that other probably wouldn't, at least he thinks he does. His age has blurred his memory. His days consist of nothing more than sitting or laying in the Orb Chamber, watching the churning patterns change. It's the only sign a spirit still lives within, and the only way that Si'ro knows that his kin still live. Even if they may have forgotten about him. Occasionally he will crawl up the chamber wall to a small hole to feed on the sun or moonlight.
Si'ro knows not how the world has change outside his chamber nor does he care. His only job is to watch the orb, all of dragon kind depends on it being protected. Or was its protection dependent on dragon kind? It troubled him when he couldn't remember why he was there exactly, but eventually it al
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His Buddy, Optimus
"His Buddy, Optimus"
I'm Baggie. I used to live by the dumpster behind that Fancy Italian Restaurant off the corner of Broadmore 'n' 33rd street. The kids called me Baggie 'cause I carried a worn out plastic bag with me ev'rywhere I went. Inside were trinkets I've had with me since I can remember.
There was a tarnished, golden ring inside, flat as the cracked sidewalk I lived on. I think I stepped on it once, but I still carried it in my bag. I think it belonged to my dad, if I had a dad. At least, I'd like to think it came from my dad, 'cause I don't remember.
There was also this red book with pages torn up 'n' stained so bad you couldn't tell what was on 'em. There's a faded picture of a white rabbit wearin' cloths on the cover of it. I can't read, but I still carried it in my bag. I liked to look at the pictures inside sometimes at night before I went to bed. I dunno why, but I always felt pretty darn happy after seein' some of the pictures of thos
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“I’m not going to lie to you Vash and tell you I’ll wait for you forever. Tell me how you really feel.”

There was something solid beneath Vash as he tried to block out the memory that woke him and slowly he realized that he was slumped over the table in his hotel room. He reached out to grab a whiskey and shook it. There was no sloshing sound so he tossed it aside and grabbed another, again empty. It took him three more tries before he found one that still had a few swigs left. He sat up in his chair and finished the bottle off in one go. He grabbed another bottle; he was surrounded by them, swimming in them.

And yet it still hurt. Why, why did it still hurt? He had been drinking for two days straight and it still hurt. Wasn’t drinking supposed to dull the pain, to make you forget, if only for a little while? So why, why wasn’t it working this time? He threw the bottle against the wall and it shattered, the liquid inside dripping down the wallpaper darkening it. It was almost like how he was feeling now. His heart had shattered, and the pain was dripping down darkening what was left. Unlike the alcohol though, the pain in his heart would never dry up, never fade away. It would stay there, a constantly reminding him he couldn’t just forget her.

Briefly he thought about dying. Not suicide no, he would never be able to bring himself to that no matter how much pain he was in. Maybe the next time he got into a fight though. When people shot at him they usually meant to kill him so why not just let them? He leaned forward, arms on the table, shaking his head which made the room spin. No, that wouldn’t work either because that would be the same as suicide. It would just be someone else pulling the trigger instead of him. Perhaps if he drank himself to death… But that would take a while and in the mean time he’d still be in pain. Not to mention it would cost money, which he was quickly running out of.

He reached out for another whiskey bottle, this one definitely unopened and stopped. Next to it was the newspaper that he had been reading two days ago. It was still open to that page, to that picture. That picture… it was the last thing he had seen before his world ended. He swept it off the table and watched as the pages scattered across the floor. Is that why he was still hurting, because he could still see her? He tried not to think about that morning, God did he try. But it was the only thing he had been able to think about for two days.

The face in the picture appeared in his mind smiling brightly. That damn smile. He thought about all the times that he had seen it. How happy it had made him whenever he saw it. Even on his darkest days just seeing it would bring him peace. He suddenly thought about the last time he saw it in person. About all the times had could have seen it, should have seen it. All the times he would never see it again… He let out a sob and then another, it was an uncontrollable cascade.

“I don’t love you, I never will.”

He gasped in pain clutching his head. It had been a lie, a big fat one. He honestly loved her with everything he had but she didn’t deserve him. Sure she had stuck with him this long but she was still young. Eventually she would want to settle down and now matter how hard he tried he was never able to stay in one place for more than a couple years. She needed someone who could stay with her, who she knew would come back night after night. He disappeared on her enough as it was, and it killed him to see how much it hurt her.

On top of that there were people still after the bounty on his head. True she had proven time and again that she was able to take care of herself but there had also been so many near misses. Many of those near misses she didn’t even know about. He wouldn’t be able to always be able to protect her there was bound to be something that went wrong eventually. She deserved someone who could be by her side no matter what.

She had been crying in his arms when he told her. She had told him quite some time before how she had felt for all those years. He had thought about it his answer long and hard, taking his time to make sure he made the right choice. But he had kept her waiting for too long and now she was there demanding an answer. He gave her an answer and watched her die inside. Right there in his arms she died.

He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs.

The cemetery groundskeepers had worked hard to keep their patch of ground green. While it was no Geo Plant, it was still a nice respite from all that tan. Despite the situation that brought him here, Vash couldn’t help but admire their work. Though he did think it could use a few more trees. He had a hell of a time trying to find a place close enough for him to hear everything, yet still allowed him to be out of sight of everyone. Then again, he had no idea she had been this popular either, there had to be at least a hundred people probably more.

He looked over the crowd and his eyes landed on the portrait that was sitting on top of the coffin. She was older, mid thirties if he had to guess, and wearing a wedding dress. It was a simple white dress and honestly if it hadn’t been for the bouquet in her hand he probably never would have guessed.

 A pang of regret went through him. That could have been him, could have been them. There had been so much he wanted to tell her. When he explained Knives he had only told her the basic details. He could have told her everything, should have told her everything. Maybe then she would have left on her own. Maybe then this would have all been easier. Maybe then he wouldn’t have to be running from a ghost that he desperately didn’t want to catch up.

The service had started first thing that morning so that the air was still somewhat cool.  By mid day it was finally over, she was finally laid to rest. At least for them. Vash watched through his tears as the crowd slowly started to scatter. Some left right away, unable to contain their grief or else take care of the small children with them. Other lingered, wanting to say goodbye one last time, to have just one more moment with her. How he wished he could have seen her alive one last time. But it was impossible now; she’d never be coming home.

By time the last mourner had gone the grave had long been filled in. The last one had just barely left when Vash made his way to the grave. The smell of the freshly dug dirt was almost comforting. Flowers had been placed on and around the grave marker. Seeing the birth and death dates carved into it, Vash could hardly believe how long it had been since he last saw her. But the years fly by quickly when you don’t age much, if the past seventy or so years were any indication.

Someone had propped up a bouquet of red geraniums and he fell to his knees sobbing. He hadn’t stopped crying for two weeks, the longest he had cried since Rem died. One could only wonder where the tears came from, surely he would have cried out all the water in his body by this point. Yet still they came, huge ugly tears that turned the dirt beneath him to mud. He couldn’t stop them, he didn’t want to.

The elderly woman couldn’t place what made her turn around. Had she wanted one last look at her best friend? Could she have heard the grieving sobs behind her? Or maybe it had simply been intuition. Whatever the case, she had turned to see a young man in black kneeling at the grave site. She recognized his posture first and foremost, having seen it so many times when she was younger as he mourned the loss of a stranger. His blonde hair was combed back instead of up, their now departed friend often complained how much he looked like a broom when he combed it up, but there was no mistaking the colour. She turned to her niece and instructed her to go on ahead. Her niece was hesitant to leave her elderly aunt with a stranger but the elderly woman simply smiled and told her that no one should mourn alone.

By the time Vash got his wits about him again it was dark. He was so emotionally drained that he was exhausted right down to the marrow of his bones. He found the strength to push himself to his feet, the sudden pins and needles feeling in his legs and feet a welcome relief from the pain in his chest. The cemetery was light up with little solar lights shining on each grave marker, bench and pathway.

Slowly he became aware that he was being watched. Looking around he spotted an old woman sitting on a bench nearby. Her long hair was white from age but her bright blue eyes, her smile, the way she held herself, it was all so familiar but he couldn’t quite place why. And then she called out to him. Vash kicked himself for not recognizing her. Her voice was rough with age and grief but there was no mistaking the happiness that filled it. Her voice was such a welcomed sound that for a brief moment he forgot about the pain, his heart actually felt light again. He felt the corners of his mouth pull up into a grin, grief stricken but genuine. For just one brief moment he was so happy he could cry. Again. And all because of three little words.

“Hi Mr. Vash!”

He moved to go hug her. It was slow going as the feeling in his legs and feet was still returning and his knees were stiff from kneeling so long. As he got closer he began to realize just how old his dear friend had gotten. Her skin was severely wrinkled and in the dim light he could the liver spots. He could see the veins in her hands and arms. She had always been of thin build but now it seemed almost unhealthy. It looked like she would snap under a strong wind.

This crashing realization made him fall back down to his knees at her feet. He was still happy to see her but now it did little to ease the pain in his heart. He wrapped his arms around her waist as if maybe if he held on to her she would be able to stay forever. Head in her lap he began to cry again. It was all he could do, all he had been able to do. He knew eventually that he’d be able to stop. That someday he’d be able to think about her and not turn into a puddle of tears. The pain would never go away of course. Even now, two hundred years later, his heart still hurt whenever he thought about Rem.

But of all the wounds that were going to scar him, he never thought this would be the worst one.


Name in gallery somewhere.
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:iconty-chou: made a questionnaire and I wanted to do it.


Which are your favorite fandoms to read?
I like to read what I'm currently interested in. Trigun, Transformers, Borderlands(mostly after BL 2), Moonlight(omg such a great show) andRuroni Kenshin are just a few of what I've read.

Where do you go to find fanfiction?
Originally it was just but after finding Deviantart I read fan fiction here too. 

What do you look for when choosing fics to read?
My main attention grabber is plot, if it's a good plot then I'm willing to for give a few typos. You could be grammar master supreme and I still won't read your story if the plot is blah.

How picky are you in what you choose to read?
Not very actually. Good plot, preferably good spelling and grammar but that's just for the ease of reading.

What are your favorite genres to read?
Just about anything, even smut if it's done reasonably well. 

Which genres/tropes do you avoid?
Heavily "yaoi" or "yuri" oriented stories if the characters aren't gay, mpreg because they're robots they cannot work that way.

Do prefer to read long chapter stories or one shots?
Again depends on the plot. I've read one shots that are better than some full chapters. I usually end up reading chapters though because one shots are well... short...

How much fanfiction do you read on average?
I used to read it all the time back in highschool ('03-'07) but I seemed to have moved on a little bit and only occasionally read it now.

Any favorite/least favorite tropes you constantly see in your fandoms?
Mpreg and unnecessary gayness (making characters who aren't gay, gay or bi). I'm not against gay or bi it's just that when a character in cannon is straight becomes suddenly gay that... that makes me mad.

Any turn offs that might- or have- caused you to stop reading a fic?
Bad or boring plot, bad grammar or spelling to the point the story is unreadable and the above mentioned.

Any fics (not written by you) you would recommend to other readers?
Mostly Transformers because that's my current thing.…


What caused you to start writing fanfiction?
I've been writing since I could read so it was only inevitable that I turn to fanfiction. XD

How long have you been writing fanfiction?
Middle school? I don't remember the exact year or grade.

Which fandoms have you written for in the past 5 years?
Transformers and...uh... maybe some Dr. Who? 

What's the first fandom you ever wrote for?
I can't remember, it was either Ruroni Kenshin or a giant horrendous crossover of Yu-gi-oh, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha and other things

What are your favorite genres to write?
Action? I don't have a specific genre, whatever I'm inspired for is the genre I choose. 

How much time do you spend writing fanfics?
Haven't written as many fics since I left highschool so almost none. |D

Do you prefer to write one shots or chapter fics?
It is what it is.

What story aspects do you find to be difficult to write?
Fight scenes, mechanical biology, keeping characters cannon x_x

What is the easiest thing to write?

Is there a fandom you haven't written for but want to?

What do you consider your greatest strength as a writer?
I've been told it's my imagination.

Greatest weakness?
Creating Titles, and fight scenes, mechanical biology, keeping characters cannon

As a fanfic writer, how important is canon or keeping in character to you?

AUs: love them or hate them? Why?
When done right they can be awesome.

Tell us where we can find your fanfics.……
BTW my gallery is a mess. XD

For my own curiosity-

Have you read any of my fanfics?
I've started to but... distractions... >>;

If yes, how did you first find them?
Stumbled across art on DA and went through the gallery.

Lastly, any fanfic questions you'd like to see me answer?
Not right now.


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