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Samus - Through Fire

Well I'm still getting back into my old routine, so for a warm up, I decided to have some fun with Samus. This actually has sparked some concept art ideas I'd like to pursue (featuring Samus of course) so stay tuned for that!

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Samus is under fire!

She is sent on an Emergency Directive...

...join the fight!

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Righteously badass!
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congrats really cool work, i like a lot the lineart, both the curvier suit lines and the a bit contrasting sharper but not too angular ones of Samus' face, together with the fire-lit darkness and the pose give a lot of dramatic energy to the pic and suggest a imminent motion :)
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Love her so much
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Really like this take. Super tough.
epic epic epic epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love this! I have trouble explaining exactly what is so compelling about this picture, but it captures some really unique feelings.
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Easily have to love tough Samus in the line of conflict, and ready to fight. <3
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Serious Samus is always appreciated..
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She's still awesome.
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