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Ref sheet - Alyssa Aspen (art by Zako)

By Trigger215
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Here's my main OC, Alyssa Aspen! She's an adventurous lass with a mind like a steel trap, an appetite like a furnace, and a heart of gold. She runs a private detective agency, but when she isn't at work, she can usually be seen helping at her father Taren's advanced research lab, hanging out with her sister Aerie, or trekking through a forest somewhere. She may be quick as a whip, but she's also constantly worried when it comes to her friends... 

This gal was my first true OC. Inspired by ZiyoLing's character Lilac, with touches of Shantae and Cave Story's Curly Brace, I designed Alyssa to be a female foil to my fursona Chris, which I soon learned was... kind of a terrible characterization idea? Ah, well. I formed more and more of an interest in how I'd designed her, and soon she went far beyond my original plans. I don't regret any of it.

Art by a Discord user known as Zako. His DeviantArt has long since been deleted, and he's abandoned all social media platforms. 
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