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Aerie Aspen (art by Swirlygerm)

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It's Alyssa's younger sister, Aerie! She's a track and field athlete, one of the first openly transgender Mentali, and a huge nerd when it comes to superheroes and such. Being a wind/fire dragon, she is almost always light as air and quick on her feet. When she's not reading comics, hanging out with her older sister, or going to school, she can be found as a part-time intern at her father Taren's research lab. Despite her cautious personality, she has a superhero alter ego, the Kamen Rider-inspired Sungale, whom she takes the guise of to protect her father's research.

One day, I joined a high school RP, and decided to play Alyssa. However, as time went on, she became more and more out of character. Eventually, I decided that this version would be more suited for a different character, possibly a younger sister of Alyssa's, and thus Eri was created, named after the character from The World Ends With You. Eventually, I changed the spelling, made her a wind/fire dragon, and gave her a color scheme similar to a colorful sunset. While wondering about a few character motivations, I came up with the idea of her being trans.

Art is done by the amazing swirlygerm! Swirly's been one of my favorite artists for a few years, and I almost always go to her whenever I have a new character idea.
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