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Beishanlong Uncolored



This is the 2nd part to [link]

Doing this for the [link] art contest in celebration of Chinese New Years, and keeping it in the theme of the Year of the Dragon. The gimmick is that you can only use a dinosaur that has dragon in it's name. For example, Guanlong, Dracorex (Although, I don't think it's valid for the contest due to the questioning of it's existence), and of course Beishanlong. This is the WIP, and I will force my self to complete if I have to. Please tell me what to work on in this drawing. It only has partial material, so it gives a great amount of room for speculation. I think it still fits in the realm of plausibility, anatomy wise, and the throat pouch should be as well.

PLEASE give me criticism on what to improve as this picture isn't near completion yet, so I don't want to finish up my drawing and be told what's wrong.

I'm really thinking about the sage grouse neck pouch, and not sure if I should keep it. Is it possible?
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Very nice! I like the shaggy tail, it has an excellent ratite-like quality. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the animal to comment much on accuracy, but certainly nothing jumps out at me as being a problem.