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FIre Emblem Awakening Short Story: Solitude
    “Thunder!” Morgan shouted out, his right hand held high in the air with his left grasping his large, thick tome. The weak and small training dummy, made only of wood and straw, sat about fifty yards ahead of him in the short, thick grass. Nothing happened. Morgan lowered his hand and grunted, flipping through the pages of the book. He was standing in a small, hidden grove that sat far away from any other town or city, isolated so he could train in peace. Here, it was beautiful.
    The grass was a bright green and surrounded the tall oak trees, reaching their branches up high into the air. Their flower buds were blooming, and hundreds of little white and pink petals would fall to the ground after being blown off of their branches by the changing winds. Moss covered the rocks that sat around the small, clear pond, with floating lily pads and swimming fish.
    Morgan loved to come here to train and practice his spells. He had set up a few tr
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Fire Emblem Awakening Short Story: Lost
       Smoke rose into the air, making the sky dark and hazy. Fire burned down wooden structures and reached as high as buildings, sending sparks flying on the wind. Statues of Naga were shattered, lying in pieces on the ground collapsed on top of dead bodies and ash, while villagers ran around screaming, running for their lives from the oncoming army of Risen. Thousands were already dead, their corpses littering the streets of the Halidom of Ylisse.
       The capital’s army was mostly destroyed, all of the soldiers fighting until the very end and dying while protecting their homeland. The few that remained still fought against the living dead, but without hope or any expectation to live through the catastrophe that they were suffering through. The wounded could not be helped, but only slaughtered by the undead that scourged the land.
       Grima had already wiped through Regna Ferox and Plegia, leaving the Halidom as
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With wings so large and beautiful,
With scales so sharp and rough,
With keen talons on each foot,
A voice so loud and gruff,
With teeth larger than my hand,
And eyes so big and wide,
Alongside a free and willful spirit,
Filled with stubbornness and pride,
You stand tall in all your splendor,
As I bask upon your glory,
Your eyes so strong and fierce,
With a look so predatory,
The long horns upon your head,
The frill upon your neck,
Entrusted with strength and power,
And a thunderstorm at your beck,
You can call the rain and fire,
The hail falling from the sky,
You can stop the wind and earth,
As you watch time fly by,
A creature of the elements,
You have the power to control all,
You can stop the trees from growing,
You can make burning hail fall,
And as you stand in front of me,
Your eyes staring back at mine,
You open your mouth and roar,
A sound chilling to the spine,
You send flames up to the heavens,
Your wings spread out by your side,
You lift yourself into the air,
Calling out as
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You stand there and look at me,
A smile plastered across your face,
Your arms crossed over your chest,
No regrets, not even a trace,
I sit staring back at you,
My eyes locked with yours,
Ridding thoughts of my past,
Of battles, blood and wars,
You’ve locked me up tight,
My hands bound behind my back,
Chains hold me to the ground,
Not even a bit of extra slack,
Stone walls trap me here,
Reaching up into the sky,
Isolated from the rest of the world,
But I know my freedom draws nigh,
I’ll soon escape this prison,
This wretched place I stay,
One day I’ll be free…
No, that day will be today.
I stand up tall, but still locked up,
My chains break from the floor,
I start to walk, limping as I go,
And head straight for the door,
Your eyes open wide as you watch,
And you back away startled and scared,
You surely were a fool from the start,
Did you really think you were prepared?
My heart can’t be broken,
My soul can’t be contained,
My dreams can’t be los
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The Legend of Zelda Poem 2: Blue-Eyed Beast
TLoZ Poem 2: Blue-Eyed Beast
Ordon Village,
An extremely small town,
In the middle of the forest,
With nothing around,
The home of a rancher,
Just a young man,
Living up in the woods,
Upon dirt, dust and sand,
The Chosen Hero,
Prophesied to save the land,
Rescue the princess,
And fight evil hand to hand,
Both his title and quest,
He does not yet know of,
Soon to experience many feelings,
Anger, sorrow and love,
His story begins,
When he was attacked,
Knocked out cold,
All his friends: kidnapped,
Chasing the fiend,
That stole his friends,
Unfortunately arriving,
Only at a dead end,
A giant barrier,
A wall of twilight,
The living things beyond,
Out of his sight,
A hand reaches out,
And pulls him inside,
The twilight surrounds him,
An evil that never subsides,
His hand lights up,
From the triforce symbol,
His eyes get wide,
His pupils get full,
He falls to the ground,
Shaking with pain,
Trying to relieve his suffering,
Though his efforts are in vain,
Still aching he feels something,
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Greetings, welcome, hello!
         You've just wandered into my account, which means that you must have liked a piece of art that I've made... or you're just really bored. Glad you're checking out my account though. Honestly, you probably see that there's not much to look at. So far I've done just a lot of poems about video games (sorry that I'm so obsessed) and a ton of photos of nature and wildlife. Obviously, that doesn't take any talent. Anyone can snap a simple photo. And my poems only take a little longer to write than pressing a button. So, other than that I've only posted some crappy and sloppy pieces of art. Why, you ask? Because I want to see myself improve. Over time. I've posted some sloppy comics that literally took 15 minutes to make. Super quick, super sloppy. But the reason that I posted them, or even made them in the first place, was so I could see them years from now. Years later, when I have more experience and when I'm better at art. I was inspired by a "Then and Now" piece that I saw, and I wanted to do something like that. Obviously, I'm just getting started, so I can't completely do that yet, but I can make the first drafts. So, in conclusion, the reason that I post such sloppy comics, is mainly for myself. Of course, I want other people to see my art when it actually looks good. Maybe when I actually get talented enough to make great art, but for now, I'm showing what it looks like today. So I'm going to appreciate the crappy art that I make now, because years later, it'll be all I have to look back on. :) (Smile)  (And again, they'll be great for "then and now" pieces)


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I love browsing all art, but especially digital fantasy art. Currently, I specialize in literature, but hope that I'll be able to make other kinds of great art soon as well.


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Your welcome! I just looked through your gallery at some of your other poems, and they're awesome. Short, but both simple and to the point, I really enjoy reading them. I also love writing poems, (since I kind of stink at art) but I haven't written any good ones yet, so I'm hoping to get started on some real ones soon (so far I've mostly just written poems about games). But hey, live and learn.

As for your music, of course! I'd love to support you on that. I think that's awesome, so count me in!
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