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FIre Emblem Awakening Short Story: Solitude
    “Thunder!” Morgan shouted out, his right hand held high in the air with his left grasping his large, thick tome. The weak and small training dummy, made only of wood and straw, sat about fifty yards ahead of him in the short, thick grass. Nothing happened. Morgan lowered his hand and grunted, flipping through the pages of the book. He was standing in a small, hidden grove that sat far away from any other town or city, isolated so he could train in peace. Here, it was beautiful.
    The grass was a bright green and surrounded the tall oak trees, reaching their branches up high into the air. Their flower buds were blooming, and hundreds of little white and pink petals would fall to the ground after being blown off of their branches by the changing winds. Moss covered the rocks that sat around the small, clear pond, with floating lily pads and swimming fish.
    Morgan loved to come here to train and practice his spells. He had set up a few tr
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Fire Emblem Awakening Short Story: Lost
       Smoke rose into the air, making the sky dark and hazy. Fire burned down wooden structures and reached as high as buildings, sending sparks flying on the wind. Statues of Naga were shattered, lying in pieces on the ground collapsed on top of dead bodies and ash, while villagers ran around screaming, running for their lives from the oncoming army of Risen. Thousands were already dead, their corpses littering the streets of the Halidom of Ylisse.
       The capital’s army was mostly destroyed, all of the soldiers fighting until the very end and dying while protecting their homeland. The few that remained still fought against the living dead, but without hope or any expectation to live through the catastrophe that they were suffering through. The wounded could not be helped, but only slaughtered by the undead that scourged the land.
       Grima had already wiped through Regna Ferox and Plegia, leaving the Halidom as
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With wings so large and beautiful,
With scales so sharp and rough,
With keen talons on each foot,
A voice so loud and gruff,
With teeth larger than my hand,
And eyes so big and wide,
Alongside a free and willful spirit,
Filled with stubbornness and pride,
You stand tall in all your splendor,
As I bask upon your glory,
Your eyes so strong and fierce,
With a look so predatory,
The long horns upon your head,
The frill upon your neck,
Entrusted with strength and power,
And a thunderstorm at your beck,
You can call the rain and fire,
The hail falling from the sky,
You can stop the wind and earth,
As you watch time fly by,
A creature of the elements,
You have the power to control all,
You can stop the trees from growing,
You can make burning hail fall,
And as you stand in front of me,
Your eyes staring back at mine,
You open your mouth and roar,
A sound chilling to the spine,
You send flames up to the heavens,
Your wings spread out by your side,
You lift yourself into the air,
Calling out as
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The Legend of Zelda Poem 2: Blue-Eyed Beast
TLoZ Poem 2: Blue-Eyed Beast
Ordon Village,
An extremely small town,
In the middle of the forest,
With nothing around,
The home of a rancher,
Just a young man,
Living up in the woods,
Upon dirt, dust and sand,
The Chosen Hero,
Prophesied to save the land,
Rescue the princess,
And fight evil hand to hand,
Both his title and quest,
He does not yet know of,
Soon to experience many feelings,
Anger, sorrow and love,
His story begins,
When he was attacked,
Knocked out cold,
All his friends: kidnapped,
Chasing the fiend,
That stole his friends,
Unfortunately arriving,
Only at a dead end,
A giant barrier,
A wall of twilight,
The living things beyond,
Out of his sight,
A hand reaches out,
And pulls him inside,
The twilight surrounds him,
An evil that never subsides,
His hand lights up,
From the triforce symbol,
His eyes get wide,
His pupils get full,
He falls to the ground,
Shaking with pain,
Trying to relieve his suffering,
Though his efforts are in vain,
Still aching he feels something,
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Metroid Poem 1: Dark Clone
Metroid Poem 1: Dark Clone
The signal is received,
From the Galactic Federation,
The small ship is flown,
To its location,
A meeting occurs,
Led by Admiral Dane,
Including four bounty hunters,
Their mission: insane
To clear a computer virus,
From several super computers,
A shape shifter, an ice-wielder,
A cyberneticist, a shooter
Deployed to Norion,
After a space pirate attack,
There’s no retreating now,
There’s no going back,
Heading for the planet,
Is a Phazon asteroid,
Something that the hunters,
Must prepare to avoid,
The base’s defense systems,
Are almost in reach,
But so suddenly, so swiftly,
The walls are breached,
A figure so dark,
Chilling down to the bone,
A mere copy of Samus,
Her own evil clone,
Knocking three hunters out,
And wounding the last,
The villain had won,
Using only one blast,
The menace flees the base,
After committing the crime,
But the shields are activated,
Just in time,
The last hunter struggles,
With a pain she can’t withhold,
And fa
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Skyrim Poem 4: Lost Honor
Skyrim Poem 4: Lost Honor
You stand at the entrance,
Of the chilling, dark cave,
You have to go in,
You have to be brave,
Searching for something,
That was taken from you,
You would have to leave home,
This you knew,
Not a sword, not a shield,
But something much more valuable,
Something irreplaceable,
And very fragile,
You’ve lost your self-esteem,
Your honor and pride,
It was stolen from you,
Skinned clean from your hide,
After they came,
After they fought,
They had beaten you,
And were stronger than you thought,
You stood no chance,
But nearly died,
You wish they had killed you,
Or wish they had tried,
You stand up now,
But without self-worth,
Still wounded and hurt,
And you’ve lost all mirth,
You still remember,
When the suddenly came,
They stripped you of your dignity,
And you were left with nothing but shame,
You’re injured and enraged,
You feel nothing but hate,
You now want revenge,
Feeling extremely irate,
You stand at the entry,
And take a step in,
The darkne
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The Legend of Zelda Poem 1: Our Prey
TLoZ Poem 1: Our Prey
Every day we stalk him,
Every day he’s seen,
Every day we watch this boy,
In the garment of green,
Every second we wait,
Through the day and night,
We wait for him to come by,
And leave the precious light,
Every day we hunger,
We thrive off of pain,
That’s why we follow this one boy,
From the Gerudo Desert to the Zora Domain,
He has what we need,
The taste of human flesh,
How much for crave for this,
For it to be oh so fresh,
This boy all dressed in green,
Wields a shield and sword,
He proves a threat to us,
As he wants to kill our lord,
He swings his blade at us,
Trying to kill us where we stand,
His shield so strong and mighty,
His sword so long and grand,
We fear this boy,
Yet we do not,
As long as we stay in the shadows,
And make sure we don’t get caught,
We belong in the dark,
Away from the light,
We like to stay concealed,
Hidden from his sight,
Here we gather,
Every spirit, phantom and ghoul,
To chase down this boy,
This so-called hero of
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Skyrim Poem 3: The Last Dragonborn
Skyrim Poem 3: The Last Dragonborn
I’ve heard the tales of his wings,
And how they darken the night,
I’ve heard the tales of his roar fury’s fire,
And his scales sharpened scythes
I’ve heard how the men ran and cowered,
I’ve heard how they died,
I know that they burned and bled,
As they suffered and issued their cries,
I’ve read the prophecy of the dragonborn,
I know the story all to well,
The location of the elder scroll,
Lies where the ancient dwemer dwell,
I know the story of the last dragonborn,
Their destiny, their path that is led by fate,
To slay Alduin, the world-eater,
Who nourishes off of souls and hate,
I know he was defeated once,
Sent back through time,
With the help of the elder scroll,
And three heroes, all sublime
I know he will return,
Come back to haunt the world,
Leaving it in the shadow,
Of his black wings unfurled,
I know Skyrim is in Civil War,
Tearing itself apart,
But there is a spark of hope,
One with power, and a true heart
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Skyrim Poem 2: Your Sorrow
Skyrim Poem 1: Your Sorrow
You fought bravely and hard,
With your courage and wits,
You’re filthy now though,
Full of sand, dirt and grit,
Your face is bloody and cut,
The crimson liquid runs down your side,
Flowing fast from your body,
And you feel you’ve lost your pride,
You close your eyes and take a breath,
Then fall onto your knees,
Onto the hard, cold ground,
Sitting in the shadows of the trees,
You hold your sword as you sit there alone,
Breathing heavily and wincing in pain,
As the red fluid drips from the blade,
Leaving nothing but a bloody stain,
The world seems quiet and steady,
You feel the relaxing breeze,
You sigh and think for a moment,
Wishing the world could be at ease,
Dark clouds roll in and lightning strikes,
Then it starts to rain,
You still sit there, cold, alone and sad,
Next to the beast that you had slain,
Too hurt and weary to move,
You remain quite still,
As I observe from a distance,
Up further on the hill,
You don’t know I’m there,
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Skyrim Poem 1: Skyrim
Poem 1: Skyrim
With my sword in my grasp and fire in hand
I will take back Skyrim’s fair land
Slaying all creatures that stand in my way
Protecting and hunting each night and each day
I will fight for the people of all the nine holds
And protect the land with my silver and gold
I will fulfill my destiny
And slay every dragon there is to see
I will protect Skyrim from giants and bandits
From draugr and skeletons for no one can stand against them
I’ll protect it from the evil that lurks everywhere
And lend all my power that I have to spare
With my power and skill
I will never stand still
But fight for what is right
I will conquer my opponents
Stun my enemies
For I’ve won in every fight
Making enemies and meeting friends
Knowing my adventure never ends
For I will always fight for Skyrim
But one enemy is left:
The evil dragon, Alduin
Fulfilling my destiny
I must defeat him
Two go into battle
But only one will win
Leaving to Sovngarde
To kill the world-eater
I will slay Al
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