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Sphinx doll bjd

doll BJD
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Did you make this or buy it?
Ugh- I've been reading up about your Sphynx doll, and I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm new on Den of Angels, (artbird) and read about it there as well.  I have fallen in love with the little charmer- is there any chance of you making the resins ever again? I'm an artist myself, (painter) and I have had several of my works stolen and reproduced through Chinese I know first hand how it feels. One was selling my pastels on ebay- as "original oil paintings"...which boggles the mind. you ever do artist-trades, or part-trades for art? I am very new to the bjd hobby, and love it. I'm in love with your sculpt of this doll, she is beautiful, and I love that she has a more delicate human face & features. Please look me up...and let me know. Thank you ...Cecilia…
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an artists on devintart also had her work stolen.
she saw her own art work on a market stall.
i can imagen the shock when seeing something like that.

places like that need to be known and blocked or shut down >.<
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Actually that would probably be devintarts doing. under terms of service whenever you post your art its subject to be sold by deviantart. 
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I have seen her on chinese sites -_-
i was looking for her brand , where she was made and luckly brought me here.
Its discusting how people can steal other peoples work and make money out of it.

shes a beautiful doll!

been a while since i been on deviantart.
Ok, I'm confused...I'm seeing these same Sphynx dolls for sale on ebay....from a Chinese company...?
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She's so beautiful!
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Can I pucharse any of those anywhere
They are so gorgeous
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The breed is called Sphynx, not Sphinx. The Sphinx is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. The cat breed is called Sphynx.
Just a fact you might want to know =) (I own a Sphynx and I know 2 Sphynx breeders)
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Absolutely magnificent, what an lovely anthro doll! Those ears and the wrinkles around them are just adorable :-)
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Thank you very much!
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Oh my god I am considering buying one of these! If I did {i obviously will once i get the money} she'd be my baby!
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Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!
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Thank you very much!
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How can I buy one of these ?   So fantastic !!!!

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write to me on mail:
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did you make this?
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...what a detail... O.o WOW!!
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I can't put into words how awesome this is!
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