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Taskmaster vs Deathstroke by Trident346 Taskmaster vs Deathstroke :icontrident346:Trident346 7 2
Limbo Calls upon Magik into DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina.
-First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1.
-Species: Human.
-Gender: Female.
-Height: 5'5".
-Weight: 130 lbs.
-Hair: Blond.
-Eyes: Blue .
-Occupations: Ruler of the Limbo Dimension, True Sorceress Supreme.
-Aliases: Illyana Nikolievna, Rasputin, Darkchylde, Darkchilde, Archimage, "Little Snowflake", Lightchylde, Red Flag .


-The mutant sister of Colossus.
-Went on a mission to subdue a recently returned Legion.
-Rescued Karma from Legion's mind.
-Alongside the Cyclops & Cannoball, took on the Dark X-Men & the Dark Avengers.
-Teleported the Atlanteans to a Utopia.
-Battled the Inferno babies in hopes of rescuing Pixie.
-Convinced Cyttorak that the Juggernaut had betrayed him and helped Colossus become the new Juggernaut.
-Joined Cyclops' Extinction Team.
:icontrident346:Trident346 33 5
Ghost Phases into DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: Unknown.
-First Appearance: Iron Man #219 (1987)


-Once a promising data engineer for a major computer corporation.
-Inventor of GhostTech.
-Killed all of his former company's executives in order to exact his revenge. 
-Destroyed Accutech Research and Development.
-Fought Iron Man, scaring him so bad that Tony spent the next few weeks upgrading his armor and being on edge.
-Tricked and killed Spymaster.
-Joined the Thunderbolts.
--Only joined Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts to take down his company from within.
-Was chosen to be on Luke Cage's Thunderbolts.
-Left Moonstone speechless after telling her his origin story.
-With his fellow Thunderbolts, helped incapacitate Hyperion. 
-Saved the Thunderbolts from magical creatures when they traveled back in time.
-Looks good in a part
:icontrident346:Trident346 31 3
DBX: Izuku Midoriya vs Karai

U.A. High School During All-Might vs Shredder
"There is nothing else to fear young Midoriya! ALL-MIGHT is here!" All-Might casually swung his arm, throwing the villain and embedding him into the wall. All-Might turned back to the students, showing them a big smile. "There's nothing to worry about! Please find somewhere safe to hide!" The students complied, quickly dashing out of the eating area as the villain pulled himself out of the concrete wall, small pieces of rubble falling to the ground.  The students bolted through the doors rushing out of the cafeteria. However, one students stopped dead in his tracks as he looked back at All-Might and the Villain dueling it out.
"Deku! We have to get out of here!" Ochaco Uraraka called out, tugging on Midoriya's arm. The student quickly broke away from her grip as he started running back towards the fight.
"Uraraka! Iida! Make sure the students get out safely! I'm goi
:icontrident346:Trident346 20 2
Prelude: One Big Meme

Trident: Nintendo! One of the most widely known gaming companies!

Epsilon: They've already made such iconic characters such as the plumber Mario and the hero of Dreamland Kirby!

Grif: But Nintendo has developed other characters as well, albeit a little less cool. You ever hear about a meme?

Washington: This battle is the dumbest idea we've ever done... of all time.

Epsilon: King Dedede, the King of Dreamland.

Grif: Donkey Kong, the hoarder of bananas and the one with the massive dong.

Trident: I'm Trident.

Epsilon: I'm Epsilon.

Grif: I'm Grif.

Wash: And I'm Agent Washington.

Trident: And it's our job to determine who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!

:icontrident346:Trident346 10 5
DBX: All-Might VS Shredder
U.A. High School
Smoke filled the once bright blue sky in Musutafu, Japan. Eraser Head blocked an incoming katana strike from a warrior garbed in black, easily knocking the warrior to the ground with a single strike. "Where are these men coming from? It's wave after wave of ninjas!" Eraser Head barely managed to evade a few arrows coming directly towards him.
"It doesn't matter! We must protect the students!" Snipe called out, shooting down dozens of ninja warriors from above. Out of nowhere however, two giant animals barged through the U.A. High School walls. What they appeared to look like was a giant rhino and a giant warthog coming straight for the Pro Heroes.
"What the hell is th-" Cementoss began to say before he was suddenly cut off by the mutant Rhino, getting easily knocked to the floor.
Rocksteady let out an obnoxious laugh, pulling out his sledgehammer. "You jokers call yourself heroes? I've seen better heroes from the dumpster!" Rocksteady
:icontrident346:Trident346 22 11
Old Man Logan Pops out his Claws for DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: James Howlett.
-First Appearance: Fantastic Four #558 (2008).
Backstory: You all know the origin story of Wolverine right? Poor guy gets a new special metal coating, becomes a hero, kicks ass, and eventually dies. That's how it always works right? The heroes always prevail? But what if this was never true? Well for Old Man Logan this question became a reality after the villains became organized, taking down most of the heroes. Logan even played a crucial role in killing one of the largest group of heroes out there, the X-Men! He was so horrified and stricken with grief and attempted to commit suicide by letting a fright train run over his head! Due to being an unstoppable adamantium badass, this of course did not work. This didn't matter to Logan however, because to him the Wolverine was dead anyway and abandoned his superhero persona and went by Lo
:icontrident346:Trident346 33 10
DEATH BATTLE will be Shattered by Lord Drakkon!

Lord Drakkon:
-Real Name: Tommy Oliver
-First Appearance: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 9.

-Was able to defeat all the Power Rangers by himself.
-Helped Rita Repulsa conquer the world.
-Killed Jason Lee Scott.
-Defeated the Power Rangers and destroyed their Zords.
-Killed Rita Repulsa.
-Ruled over the world for an unknown period of time.
-Defeated his good-counterpart.
-Ripped Saba's head off.
-Manipulated Ninjor into fixing his Power Morpher.
-Killed Tommy Oliver.
-Captured Ninjor.
-Visited many other alternate Power Ranger universes.
-Convinced Koragg, the A-Squad Rangers and the Psycho Rangers to join him.
-Destroyed the multiverse.


-Should at least scale, if not be even  more powerful than Tommy Olive
:icontrident346:Trident346 47 3
Roy Harper Unleashes his Arsenal in DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: Roy Harper.
-First Appearance: Adventure Comics #218.
Backstory: Most of you might remember Roy Harper as the druggie. The one sidekick Green Arrow wanted nothing to do with. It wasn't always this way however. Long ago. Roy's father died in a forest fire saving many lives on a Navajo reservation. Roy was adopted by the medicine man in the tribe, Brave Bow. Brave Bow taught Roy archery and marksmanship, and due to Roy having few friends and a lot of time on  his hands, he became incredible skilled. When the new hero known as Green Arrow showed up, Roy began to idolize the hero and soon joined an archery competition to impress the man known as Green Arrow. Although he tried his hardest, he failed to win the competition. However, something about the boy intrigued Green Arrow and soon took the boy under his wing. Roy Harper was known as Speedy,
:icontrident346:Trident346 33 10
Wow that's a Stretch! Plastic Man Enters DB!

Plastic Man:
-Real Name: Patrick O'Brian.
Aliases: Eel O'Brian.
-First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (1941).
Backstory: Eel O'Brian was once a criminal, but he soon got his life together and became a hero. But how you may ask? Patrick "Eel" O'Brian participated in a heist at a chemical factory with his other gang members that went horribly wrong. O'Brian was wounded by gunfire and left behind by his gang. When things couldn't get any worse, he became exposed to a strange chemical that entered his bloodstream through the gunshot wound. O'Brian barely made it out of there alive and began wandering the streets as his new powers began to develop. He successfully managed to freak out several civilians with his crazy new abilities as he was unaware of these new changes at first. When he finally became aware of these new changes, he was horrified. Almost to the point of committing suicide, but before h
:icontrident346:Trident346 44 11
Karai Gets Her Footing in DEATH BATTLE!

-Aliases: Oroku Karai, Hamato Miwa.
-First Appearance: TMNT Vol 1 #52.


-Head of the Foot in Japan.
-Along with the turtles, defeated several Foot Elites. 
-Manipulated Raphael with her granddaughter Motoko.

-Lead the Foot Clan for a while.
-Has killed several threats to the Foot Clan.
-Has fought Leonardo several times.
-Brought her grandfather back to life.
-Stole mutagen from Burnow Island.
-Set up a trap to capture Leonardo.
-Mutated Bebop and Rocksteady.
-Became Shredder's Chunin.
-Temporarily took over the Foot Clan again.
-Easily defeated Natsu.
-Fought and defeated Ocho.
-Killed Hayashi Toru and became a crime boss.

-Defeated the Ninja Turtles in their first encounter.
-Regained control over the Foot Clan.
-Fought Leonardo several times.
:icontrident346:Trident346 35 12
Prelude: Mirage TMNT Battle Royale

Trident: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are some of the most popular heroes out there. Regardless of the threats they're up against, they always rise above the odds and emerge victorious.
Grif: It's no wonder! These dudes are so freakin bizarre that there's no way you could forget these guys! 
Epsilon: One of their greatest advantages in battle is their teamwork and family bond, making them a well oiled fighting machine! But if they were on their own, what turtle is the most deadly?
Grif: And what version is better than the original?
Washington: Leonardo, the leader.
Trident: Raphael, the muscle.
Epsilon: Donatello, the one who does machines.
Grif: And Michelangelo, the happy upbeat turtle.
Trident: I'm Trident.
Epsilon: I'm Epsilon.
Grif: I'm Grif.
Wash: And I'm Agent Washington.
Trident: And it's our job to determine who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!
:icontrident346:Trident346 11 6
Mirage! TMNT Fight for Honor in DEATH BATTLE!

-Members: (Left to right) Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo.
-First Appearance: The Turtles' Origin is Told vol 1 #1 (May, 1984).

Team Feats:

Vol 1:
-Helped defeat the Shredder.
-Took down Baxter Stockman.
-Helped April capture some thugs.
-Broke into TCRI.
-Took down several Federation soldiers.
-Survived on the Triceraton Homeworld.
-Took down the Triceraton All-Star Team.
-With Renet, attempted to get the Time Scepter back.
-Survived a brutal assault from Shredder.
-Took down the Committee to Rebuild American Patriotism.
-Assisted Jhanna in defeating Moriah and her minions.
-Helped Casey retrieve a golden cow.
-Infiltrated Foot Headquarters.
-Fought the Bloodsucker.
-Fought Vampires and Zombies.
-Ventured into a different dimension to get Casey's car back.
-Stopped Aunkamen.
-Went on a time travel
:icontrident346:Trident346 29 5
Mirage TMNT Royale by Trident346 Mirage TMNT Royale :icontrident346:Trident346 12 5
Gamora is the Deadliest Woman in DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan.
-First Appearance: Strange Tales #180.


-Is the sole survivor of her alien race.
-Was trained to be a deadly weapon by Thanos. 
-Killed Universal Church of Truth's Grand Inquisitors.
-Assisted Adam Warlock in his final battle against Magus.
-Survived an encounter with Drax the Destroyer.
-Was trusted with the Time Gem.
-Was made a member of the Infinity Watch.
-Put distance between herself and Thanos.
-Helped kill a clone of Thanos.
-Helped Spider-Man and Captain Marvel in protecting the Atleza.
-Helped defeat Omega Thanosi, who was a combination of Thanos and Galactus. 
-Trained She-Hulk.
-Participated in the Annihilation War.
-Subdued Drax the Destroyer with Nil-Rat and Nova. 
-Joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.
-Teamed up with Tony
:icontrident346:Trident346 48 8
You'll Finally Know Star-Lord's Name in DB!

-Real Name: Peter Jason Quill.
-First Appearance: Thanos #8.

-Killed two aliens who killed his mother.
-Survived being stranded in orbit for three days.
-Outsmarted every member of Yondu's Ravagers crew, including Yondu himself.
-Helped Yondu capture all of Asterion One's crew.
-Managed to steal a gem from Yondu that would reveal those who killed his mother.
-Came back and freed the Asterion One's crew and defeated Yondu.
-Met Ma Savage and started funding her orphanage.
-Met his father.
-Helped take down the Fallen One.
-Helped organize the United Front alongside Nova Prime to battle Annihilus's Annihilation Wave, who attempted to conquer their universe.
--The Annihilation Wave's efforts also included the aid of Negative Zone Centurions and a weaponized Galactus, who Peter was among the few to escape from.
-Went on a solo recon
:icontrident346:Trident346 42 6


Goblin Slayer slays goblins in DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Goblin Slayer! Volume 01 (February 15th, 2016)
Full/Real Name: Unknown
AKA: Orcbolg, Beardcutter
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown, over 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Adventurers' Guild
Occupation: Adventurer

Attack Potency: Wall level

Durability: Wall level
Speed: Peak Human with Subsonic reactions (Supersonic w/ Anime)


Once upon a time, the Gods
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 19 14
Halloween Death Battle - Hex vs Scarecrow - Fight


SETTING: Skylanders Academy
An epidemic had been sweeping across the Skylands. Rogue portals appearing out of nowhere, more often than not leading to problems that kept the Skylanders on their toes. The Portal Master, Eon, paced patiently in his office, awaiting some kind of arrival. Finally, one of the Skylanders entered the room, a dark elf with pale eyes and adorned in black, accompanied by a skull floating in a bubble. This was Hex, of the Undead element.
"You wanted to see me, Master Eon?" she asked. "Something urgent?"
"Yes. And something I feel you were best suited for, as an expert on fear." the Portal Master said in a serious tone as he showed her the map. "Ever since those rogue portals appeared throughout Skylands, many epidemics have occurred. Particularly this one in the Monster Marsh. Some sort of fog has been spreading
:iconadamthefifth:AdamTheFifth 13 4
Passing the Torch by DuckLordEthan Passing the Torch :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 2,584 185
Mr. Negative corrupts THE FUNK!!!

Mr. Negative

Alias: Martin Li
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 82 KG
Age: Unknown
Destructive Capability: Likely scales to Spider-Man so possibly town

- One of three survivors (the other two being cloak and dagger) of the synthetic designer drug called D-Lite which gave him his powers
-- This led him to want to become Chinatown's Kingpin and whip out the Maggia who had forced him to take the drugs
- Considered one of the most powerful Kingpin's in New York
- Spent years building up his reputation of Martin Li
- Took control of the White Dragons and erased the Snakeheads off the face of the map saving Yana Li's wife in the process
- As Martin Li built Up F.E.A.S.T. helping countless as well as secretly helping people with his powers
- Nearly wiped out all existing members of the Karnelli and Maggia crime families
- Gave Hammerhead a new robotic adamantiu
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 34 4
Bubblegum and Marceline by kawacy
Mature content
Bubblegum and Marceline :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,241 109
Gorilla Grodd Gets DEATH BATTLE's Birthright!

-Debut: DC Comics - The Flash #106 (1959)
-Race: Gorilla
-Height: 6'6"
-Weight: 600 lbs (272 kg)
-Residence: Gorilla City, Africa

-Affiliated with the Legion of Doom, Injustice League, Secret Society of Super-Villains, and more.
-Became the ruler of Gorilla City.
-Created a legion of genetically-altered apes intended to take down Superman.
-Has contended with the Flash and the top-tiers of the Justice League numerous times.
-Defeated Damage after using his telekinetic powers to leave him motionless.
-Became the vice principal of Super Hero High... for some reason...


-Beat the crap out of Congorilla and easily ripped his head and jaw off.
:iconadamthefifth:AdamTheFifth 19 5
M.O.D.O.K. Mind-Staggers DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: 
Tales of Suspense #93 (September, 1967)
Species: Human 
Gender: Male 
Height: 12'0"
Weight: 750 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: White
Would-be Conqueror, AIM Leader, Terrorist; Former AIM Agent, Technician
M.O.D.O.C., George Tarleton

-Skilled technician even before becoming M.O.D.O.K.
-Beats Captain America in their first encounter.
-Self-destructs an A.I.M. submarine.
-Turned one of his assassins into a cyborg to steal money.
-Battled Namor & took him in as a prisoner.
-Fought t
:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 22 2
Vision Is The Crimson Avenger In DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: 
Avengers #57 (October, 1968)
Species: Android
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300 lbs
Eyes: Gold
Skin: Red
Occupations: Adventurer, Avenger
Aliases: The Crimson Avenger, Manikin, the Ghost of Stone, Victor Shade, Alex Lipton, & Jim Hammond


-Easily one of Marvels strongest heroes.
-Proud member of the Avengers.
-Has had frequent encounters with Wonder Man.
-Aided the Avengers in fighting Ronan the Accuser & his Kree army.
-Had two run-ins with the Masters of Evil, both of which he won.
-Defeated his evil counterpart the Anti-Vision.
-Took down the Grim Reaper at the cost of his own life.
-Aided Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in defeating the High Evolutionary.
-Has fought Ultron on more then one occasion.
-Fought the combined efforts of Beast, Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, & other heroes.

:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 21 4
Composite! King K. Rool ''rools'' over the battle!

(NOTE: Information regarding King K. Rool's manga appearances was supplied to me by :iconDoctorMooDB:)

Real Name: K. Rool (unknown what the "K" stands for) 
Aliases: King K. Rool, Kaptain K. Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool, Krudd, Kommander K. Rool, Master of the Kremling Krew
Debuts: Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Height: Varies, is either double or triple Donkey Kong's height in base form. This would make him anywhere from 15' 8" to 23' 6".
Weight: Likely varies as well. If we use the multiplier for height in conjunction with DK's weight, he'd range from 1600 lbs or 2400 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Implied to have received some sort of education at Kong Kollege, where Kremlings are educated by Wrinkly Kong.
--Given the rivalry between the Kremlings and Kongs that took place several
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 45 15
The Thing Clobbers DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (November, 1961)
Species: Human Mutate (exposed to cosmic rays)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" 
Weight: 500 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Orange  
Occupations: Adventurer, Hero, Construction Worker, Astronaut, Test Pilot, Wrestler
Aliases: AngrirBashful BenjyUncle Benjy, The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing, Grim Ben, Dr. Josiah Verpoorteen, Blackbeard the Pirate, El Morrito, Benjamin J. Grimm, Ben Grimm, Count Crag, Rocky Grimm, Benny, Uncle Ben, Commander Benjamin J. Grimm

:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 26 5
Spider-man CONCEPT Design 03 by DuckLordEthan Spider-man CONCEPT Design 03 :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 871 41
John Constantine Steps On DEATH BATTLE's Shadows!

First Appearance: Swamp Thing Vol 2 #37 (June, 1985)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 158 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue (no joke, people have told me I look like him)
Occupations: Magician, Sorcerer, Occult Detective, Con Artist, Demon Hunter, Exorcist  
Aliases: Hellblazer

-Founding member of the Justice League Dark.
-Wasnt corrupted by Pandora's Box and even knows it's true purpose
-Resists blasts from a giant weapon specifically designed to destroy the Anti-Monitor
-Is immune to the Empathy Engine, which drives people insane and causes them to commit suicide
-Made a ghost go away by telling it to 'piss off'
-He foresaw the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths 
-Kills Sea King, an evil version of Aquaman 
-Fate claims that with their powers combined that they could travel through time and
:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 25 0
Aegislash changes its stance on Death Battle!

The Royal Sword 
First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y (October 13, 2013)
Height: 5'07" (1.7 m)

Weight: 116.8 lbs. (53.0 kg)
Pre-Evolutions: Honedge, Doublade
Notable Trainers: Wikstrom, Argus, Sawyer, Celosia (
Pokémon Adventures)
-According to the Pok
édex, It can detect innate qualities of leadership, and are attended by Kings
Pokkén Tournament, can fight the likes of Blaziken, Charizard, Scizor, Garchomp, and even Mewtwo
-Is Uber tier in Competitive Play
-Sawyer's Aegislash was able to defeat Tierno's Ludiocolo and gave Ash's Pikachu trouble
Celosia's Aegislash was able to clash with Korrina's Mega Lucario
--In their rematch, they both been knocked-out

-Both Attack and Special Attack st
:iconcontraneo:ContraNeo 10 1
Commission: DHY-Do Her Yourself by flashkill455
Mature content
Commission: DHY-Do Her Yourself :iconflashkill455:flashkill455 339 5
Solid Snake has been spotted in DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Metal Gear (13th of July, 1987)
Full/Real Name: David
AKA: Old Snake, Snake, Legendary Mercenary, Legendary Hero, The Man Who Makes The Impossible Possible
Height: 180 cm (5'10")
Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs)
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Genetic Clone)
Place of Birth: America
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Formerly FOXHOUND, Philanthropy
Occupation: Formerly FOXHOUND Member, Currently Spy, Mercenary, Soldier

Used to own fifty Huskies


:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 50 9
Scarlet Witch by junkome Scarlet Witch :iconjunkome:junkome 42 0

What'd you guys think of my new bio? Think it was good or bad? Any reason why? 

46 deviants said Ye, it was good.
1 deviant said Nah, it was shit.



Lord Drakkon by Trident346

Lord Drakkon:

-Real Name: Tommy Oliver
-First Appearance: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 9.


-Was able to defeat all the Power Rangers by himself.
-Helped Rita Repulsa conquer the world.
-Killed Jason Lee Scott.
-Defeated the Power Rangers and destroyed their Zords.
-Killed Rita Repulsa.
-Ruled over the world for an unknown period of time.
-Defeated his good-counterpart.
-Ripped Saba's head off.
-Manipulated Ninjor into fixing his Power Morpher.
-Killed Tommy Oliver.
-Captured Ninjor.
-Visited many other alternate Power Ranger universes.
-Convinced Koragg, the A-Squad Rangers and the Psycho Rangers to join him.
-Destroyed the multiverse.


Strength by Trident346


-Should at least scale, if not be even  more powerful than Tommy Oliver. 
-Should at least be Planet level.
-Overpowered Jason Lee Scott.
-Destroyed the Power Axe in a single strike
-Overpowered the Black Ranger.
-Easily tore through the Falconzord with his Dragon Dagger.
-Punched Blue Senturion's head off.
-One-Shot Zordon with Saba.
-Overpowered Tommy Oliver.
-Effortlessly ripped Saba's head off.
-Was able to temporarily force open R.I.C. 3.0's mouth.
-Easily overpowered Alpha and crushed its head.
-Casually snaps necks.

Speed by Trident346


-Should at least scale, if not be even more fast than Tommy Oliver. 
-Should be at least MFTL+.
-Can move so fast he appears as a blur.
-Dodged and react to laser gunfire from Saba.
-Impressed Ninjor with his speed.
-Caught Tommy Oliver off-guard.
-Can vanish in the blink of an eye.
-Can move faster than a Power Ranger can see.
-Keeps up with other Rangers in combat.

Durability by Trident346


-Should at least scale, if not be even more durable than Tommy Oliver. 
-Should at least be Large Planet Level.
-Survived hundred upon thousand foot drops before easily.
-Tanked blasts from Jen Scotts and Kimberly Ann Hart.
-Endured laser blasts from Saba with ease.

Personality by Trident346


-A ruthless sociopath.
-Hates his alternate younger self due to thinking of him being a polluted and weak shadow of the powerful image of himself.
--Represents the absolute worst fears that Tommy Oliver has.
-Arrogant, cunning, and a ruthless killer.
-Feels zero remorse for deaths he caused.
-A cruel leader to his army.
-Has a huge sense of superiority, which is connected to his powerful powers.
--Was in shock after they were taken away temporarily due to relying on them for so long, but he quickly recovered.
-Has a god complex.
-His actions were fundamentally motivated by fear and anger at the revelation of his true role in the multiverse.
--Was secretly troubled by the fact that he was the only Tommy who chose a path of evil.
--Further evidenced by the fact in the reality he created he was a hero that everyone looked up to and relied on.
--Just a man who used power to hide the hole in heart caused by fear, loneliness, and self-hatred.
-Took over his Earth.
-Able to lead armies with ease.
-Defeated dozens of Power Rangers with his strategic mind. 
-Will use psychological warfare on his enemies.


Fighting Ability by Trident346

Fighting Ability/Fighting Style:

-Was able to easily defeat Tommy Oliver while in control of the Black Dragon.
-Is able to fight all the Power Rangers on his own.
-Easily defeated Jason Lee Scott.
-Was able to keep up in combat with his younger self.
--Later killed him.
-Defeated Ninjor despite being in a weakened state.
-Fights similar to younger Tommy Oliver, albeit more ruthless and cunning.
-Known martial arts that Tommy knows are Karate, Kenpo, Taekwondo, Judo, and Shinkido.

Power Morpher by Trident346

Power Morpher:

-Used to change into his costumed form.
-Gains access to their costume along with enhanced strength, speed, and durability.
-Must yell "Black Dragon" in order to transform.

Dragon Dagger by Trident346

Dragon Dagger:

-Personal weapon of the Green Ranger.
-Could possibly be used to summon the Black Dragon by playing it like a flute.
-Can project green concussive blasts of energy.
-Easily tore through the Falconzord.

Saba by Trident346


-An enchanted shortsword.
-Can somehow form portal to move between the universes fractured by the Morphin Grid thanks to magic incantations. 
-One-Shot Zordon. 
-Saba fears him and will betray him if given the chance for the right pure-hearted individual. 
--No longer an issue after he tore off its head.
-Able to instantly teleport. 
-His blade is able to steal the powers of others.

Green Chaos Crystal by Trident346

Green Chaos Crystal:

-Able to create gateways to different dimensions.

Android by Trident346


-An exact replica of Lord Drakkon himself.
-Can be remote-controlled.

Black Dragon by Trident346

Black Dragon:

-The zord that Lord Drakkon uses.
-Can alter its size to be larger than Dragonzord or small enough size to fight hand-to-hand with his opponents. 
--Max height is possibly thirty stories tall.
-Able to unleash a sonic frequency that destabilizes the Power Rangers morphed forms.
--Able to casually knock out the Blue Ranger.
-Can fire powerful blasts of energy from the palm of its hands that are able to send the rangers flying with a single blast.
-Easily defeated the Dragonzord.
-Can do a thunderclap to send foes flying.
-Was still functional after the Dragonzord crashed into it and losing one of its arms.
-Has the ability of size-alteration, shooting blasts of energy, phasing, and able to absorb power from his opponents.
-Was able to take down the Dinozords with ease.
-Can be remote controlled. 

Sentry Army:

Tyrannosaurus Sentry by Trident346

Tyrannosaurus Sentry:

-Serve as the personal elite guard of Lord Drakkon and other high ranking members in his army.
-Are known to wield a staff/blade weapons and Lord Zedd's Z Staff.

Mastodon Sentry by Trident346

Mastodon Sentry:

-Foot soldiers who enforce the order of Lord Drakkon.
-Often carry powerful laser rifles and walkie talkies to communicate with one another.

Sabertooth Sentry by Trident346

Sabertooth Sentry:

-A special class of soldiers who enforce the order of Lord Drakkon.
-Armed with two handguns with blades on the bottom of the nozzles.

Pterodactyl Sentries by Trident346

Pterodactyl Sentry:

-A special class of soldier that provides long range and sniper support.
-Often uses a sniper rifle.

Blue Samurai Sentries by Trident346

Blue Samurai Sentry:

-A class of Lord Drakkon's Ranger Sentries.
-Able to demorph Power rangers with a single strike.
-Incredible deadly fighters.
-Have deadly blades that extend from their wrists.
-Lord Drakkon has dozens upon dozens of them to command.


Default by Trident346

Default Form:

-Drakkon's default Ranger form given to him by Rita.
-Has possession over the Dragon Shield.
--Allows him to gain more power and defends him from attacks.

Lord Drakkon by Trident346

Mysterious Ranger:

-After Tommy murdered Jason before he could become the White Ranger, he merged the Green and White Power Ranger forms to create this new form.
-A mixture of the Green and White Ranger costumes.
-Extremely powerful, being able to tank laser gunfire even in a weakened state and being able to easily defeat the other Rangers.

Samurai by Trident346


-After attacking Lauren Shiba's Samurai team, was able to fuse the Samurai powers to his existing power set, making him even more powerful.
-Possesses a Samuraizer.

Drakkonzeo by Trident346


-After murdering the Zeo counterpart of Tommy Oliver he had his power fused with his current power set, making him even more powerful.
-In possession of a Red Zeo Crystal. 
--Able to produce massive amounts of energy allowing the user to get stronger and stronger as time went on.
-Able to take on dozens of Power Rangers by himself at the point.
--Sent dozens flying with a single sword slash.

Heart of the Master by Trident346

Heart of the Master:

-When he began losing power, Drakkon used the ninja Steel shard and mashed it with all the remaining powersets, including those of the morphers he had already used, to attain his final form by combining it with the Heart of the Master.
-Grant him god-like powers that allow him to reshape reality anyway he pleases.
-Has the power of flight, super strength, speed, durability, fire deadly wide-range laser blasts,
--Able to send the energy beasts flying.
-Destroyed the multiverse and rebuilt a new one in his own image with ease.
-Was able to easily tank blasts from several megazords.

Weaknesses by Trident346


-Not as skilled of a fighter as his younger self.
-Due to having his powers for a long time, is over-reliant on them.
--However he is a formidable foe even without them.
-Arrogant and has a god complex.
-Without his powers, he feels vulnerable and cowardly.
--However he can quickly adapt.
-Massively egotistical.

Quote Time by Trident346

"We will invade their worlds. We will tear down everything that might protect them. And then when it's too late, when they're powerless and alone, they will realize the truth. They could've been gods."

DEATH BATTLE will be Shattered by Lord Drakkon!
Ask for permission and credit me

Your boi Drakkon just got more OP.
Spider-Gwen by Trident346


-Current Alias: Spider Woman
-Real Name: Gwendolyne Maxine "Gwen" Stacy
-Height: 5' 7"
-Weight: 130 lbs
-First Appearance: Edge of the Spider-Verse #2
-Part of a band.


-Became a crime fighter with her new set of abilities.
-Defeated the Lizard of her dimension, who was Peter Parker BTW.
--Unintentionally killed him.
-Defeated the Rhino and saved her father.
-Participated in the Spider-Verse.
-Rescued Kaine  a total of 2 times.
-Saved Spider-Ham from Norman Osborn.
-Fought the Sinister Six.
-Saved a powerless Peter Parker from Venom.
-Helped defeat the Thor of a different universe.
-Fought a group of ninjas and defeated Black Cat.
-Defeated Black Cat.
-Fought several lizard creatures with her Captain America.
-Defeated Harry Osborn.
-Defeated Cindy Moon of Earth-65.
-Fought with Kraven the hunter.
-Teamed up with Miles Morales.
-Fought with Scorpion of Earth-65.
-Teamed up with Spider-Man and Kaine to stop Ben Reilly and his New U plans.
-She and Miles Morales might be a thing?
-Boned with a symbiote after stopping the Lizard with Logan and Shadowcat.
-Nearly beat the Rhino to death.
-Nearly killed Matt Murdock. 
-Survived a year in prison.
-Was so popular she got her own dedicated comic series.
-Is friends with Jessica Drew, the Spiderwoman of Earth 616.


Spider-Gwen Strength by Trident346


-At least building level at least in terms of strength.
-Can lift at least 10 tons.
-Easily beats up several thugs.
-Knocks down a tree with a single kick.
-Knocks Venom down with a parking meter.
-Survives being squeezed by Rhino.
-Punches Rhino so hard it sends him through a wall.
-Tosses a man into a dumpster easily
-Knocks Vulture around.
--Along with knocking him out with a single strike.
-Slams Frank Castle into a car so hard it dents.
-Knocks down Black Cat with a single hit.
-Knocks out Lizard monsters.
-With Captain America, pulled a ceiling down.
-Easily destroy's Harry Osborn's Goblin bots.
-Send Harry Osborn flying with a single punch.
-Knocked out Cindy Moon of Earth-65 in a single strike.
-Rips off power armor.
-Knocks Frank Castle down with a single punch.
-Knocked out a panther with a single swing.
-Can hold Miles Morales back.
-Knocks Scorpion around.

Spider-Gwen Speed by Trident346


-At least massively hypersonic in terms of speed.
-Saves a man from a speeding truck.
-Dodges Thor's thunder and attacks.

-Dodges gunfire.
--Even while cuffed.
-Dodges knife jabs while talking on the phone.
-Dodges attacks from Vulture.
-Dodges attacks from Frank Castle.
-Dodges attacks from Lizard like creature.
-Avoids Captain America's ricocheting shield. 
-Dodges attacks from Green Goblin.
--Actually caught a pumpkin bomb and tossed it back.
-Outruns Green Goblin on his glider.
-Keeps up with Jesse Drew.
-Dodges attacks from Doctor Octopus.
-Dodges repulsor blasts from Frank Castle.
-Outruns an explosion.
-Speedblitzes an entire room of thugs by herself.
-Dodges a thrown food cart.
-Dodges attacks from Wolverine of Earth-65.

Spider-Gwen Durability by Trident346


-At least building level in terms of durability.
-Tanks an electric shock from Electro.
-Takes hits from Vulture.
-Takes a powerful electric shock from Frank Castle and remains conscious.
-Tanks a hits from Captain America.
-Endures being blasted with a pumpkin bomb.
-Tanks a punch from a fairly giant robot.
-Tanks a repulsor blast from Cindy Moon of Earth-65.
-Survives being inside a van that was blasted with a missile.
-Took a beating from Cindy Moon of Earth-65.
-Tanks a repulsor blast from Frank Castle.
--Claims it to hit as hard as an elephant. 
---Blast also blasts through brick and a building like they were paper.
-Tanks kicks from ninjas who can shatter brick walls.
-Tanks several slashes from a blade.
-Survived several beatings while in prison and psychological torture from the Vulture.

D6123c984de92701613b265d3bc2f380 by Trident346


-Just like Parker, makes quips, jokes, etc.
-A punk rocker.
-Feels guilty for what happened to her Peter.
-Still holds romantic feelings towards Peter Parker.
-Cares deeply for her father and friends.
-Knows she has a lot of power and with that must come responsibility.
--Stopping crime is her responsibility. 
-Sometimes insults her enemies in a playful way to distract them.
-Gifted, very intelligent.
-Due to being the daughter of a police captain, has knowledge of some police protocols and methods.


1df4d626d63482f67d555f820271dcea--spidergwen-spide by Trident346


-Can Stick to most surfaces and climb them.

Spider-Gwen Spider-Sense by Trident346


-The alarm system for danger, and gives her a warning so she has enough time to dodge attacks.

Spider-Gwen Fighting ability by Trident346

Fighting Ability:

-While does not know any traditional fighting styles, has defeated several foes with her improvised style. 
--Basically freestyle fighting combined with kung fu movie moves.
-According to Cindy Moon of Earth-65, she does not know how to throw a real punch.


Spider-Gwen Vol 2 1 Four Color Grails Fan Expo Var by Trident346

Spider-Woman Suit:

-Gwen's suit for crime fighting.
Spider-Gwen Web Wings by Trident346
-Contains web-wings to glide in case of sudden falls.

Spider Gwen-web Slinging-marvel-art-(8213) by Trident346


-A pair of wrist-mounted mechanical devices used to produce synthetic webbing.
-Can shoot web balls for combat and web strands for swinging.
-Eventually need to be refilled. 

Spider-Gwen Watch by Trident346

Dimensional Travel Watch:

-A wristwatch-sized device which grants her access to an alternate reality gateway.
--Basically it lets her travel between dimensions. 

Spider-Gwen Cellphone by Trident346


-Used for listening to tunes, texting, calling, etc.
-As Gwen puts it, it "contains her entire life."

Symbiote by Trident346


-A combo of exposing the Lizard serum to the radioactive spider-isotopes caused it to transform into a black, amorphous symbiotic creature.
-Permanently gives Gwen all her previous powers back.
-Can possibly become more aggressive and violent if the symbiote's influence influences her.
-Can use the claws on her hands for deadly slashes.
-Feeds off the radiation emitted by the spider isotopes to live.
--Also amplifying it to levels that prove fatally toxic to incompatible hosts.
-Amplifies the user's emotions as well, removing their inhibitions and making them impulsive and aggressive if they choose to feed it negative emotions.
-Presumably has the standard symbiote powers.
-Can change it's appearance to look like her old costume.
-Has standard symbiote weaknesses, such as sonic and fire.

Rco001 1469313229 by Trident346


-Just not good at keeping her identity secret.
-Firearms can be shut down with an EMP.
-Symbiote can make her impulsive and more aggressive if she keeps feeding it negative emotions.
-Symbiote has standard symbiote weaknesses.
-Phone has to be charged.

Ae8b1f3b29f9bfc8bdc51e9a5075c3a8 by Trident346

"You're a good cop, dad. You put on that badge and carry that gun because you know if you don't someone who shouldn't will. When I put on this mask, I only did it-- Because it freed me from responsibility. I thought I was special. And Peter Parker died because he tried to follow my example. I have to take responsibility for that. To make his death mean something. But I can't do it in a jail cell. This mask is my badge now. If I don't define what it means... monsters like this will. This is where I'm needed most."

Peter Parker (Earth-199999) from Captain America C by Trident346


-Real Name: Peter Parker
-Aliases: Underoos, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Spider-Guy, Penis Parker
-Certified dumpster diver
-A Star Wars fan and a Lego collector
-Occupation: High school student, temporary Avenger


-Showed a Hammer Drone who's boss in Iron Man 2
-Had a movie where we didn't have to see Uncle Ben die and see the origin story.
-Has had his powers for six months, stopping crime in his "costume".
-Famous enough that Tony Stark of all people approached him for help during Captain America: Civil War.
-Stole Captain America's Shield.
-Participated in the Superhero brawl in Germany, ultimately being the one who defeated Ant-Man.
--Along with temporarily defeating Falcon and Winter Soldier.
-Stopped a bank robbery, kinda.
-Survived his first encounter with the Vulture.
--Obtained a Chitauri power core after said fight.
-Rescued his friends in the Washington Monument .
-Held together a sinking ferry long enough until Iron Man came in and saved the day.
-Defeated Shocker at his Homecoming dance.
-Saved millions of people during the hijacking of the Stark cargo plane.
-Defeated Vulture.
-Was offered the opportunity to be an Avenger.


Giphy-2 by Trident346


-Possesses superhuman strength.
-His body has more elastic strength
-His strength alone is sufficient enough to catch a 1.4 ton car that was moving at 40 miles an hour.
--And it was seconds away from colliding with a bus.
-Casually caught Winter Soldier's cybernetic punch.
--Winter Solider's cybernetic arm is able to catch Captain America's shield and toss giant signs.
-Breaks through bulletproof glass after a few hits.
-Knocks Cap around.
-Able to lift a jet bridge, though it strained him.
--It weighed roughly 30 tons.
-Easily tosses around regular thugs.
-Able to lift the giant portion of a concrete ceiling.
--But this strained him as well.
-Held together a sinking ferry long enough until Iron Man could arrive.
-Able to pull an airplane wing.
-Able to catch Cull Obsidian's hammer.
-Strength is enough to stagger Thanos.

78a64b3a7ac4558ac500572dac8a5983 by Trident346


-Spidey's most identifiable trait.
-His senses have been greatly increased.
--"It's like my senses have been dialed to 11."
-Superhuman speed and has superhuman agility.
-Able to perform gymnastic maneuvers quite easily.
-Caught Winter Solider's cybernetic arm before it could hit him.
-Able to outrun Black Widow.
-Also able to dodge Scarlet Witch's telekinetic attacks.
--Along with the cars she threw at him.
-Easily able to dodge Vulture's attacks.
-Easily outmaneuvered both Winter Soldier and Falcon.
-Capable of swinging around on thin spider-webbing and jumping great distances.
-Dodges attacks from Giant-Man.
-Caught the web cartridge thrown at him.
-Dodged several blasts from Star-Lord.

Oct-31-2016-16-02-46gifgifrect116129686343dpr2auto by Trident346


-Possesses superhuman durability.
-His body is physically resistant towards impact force.
-Has taken a punch from Winter Solider and a spinning kick from Captain America.
--Without serious injury.
-Easily endured a collision with Falcon's Redwing.
-Flew face first into Cap's shield and got up seconds later, with no serious injuries.
-Survived the giant backhanding from Giant-Man.
-After the airport battle, despite all his injuries, all he got in the end was a black eye.
-Survived his fall down an elevator shaft.
-Tanked the giant slab of concrete dropped onto him by Vulture.
-Survived a plane crash.
-Endured hits from Shocker's gauntlets.
--The gauntlet's are able to move buses with a single hit.
---Speaking of buses, he survived being thrown through several.
-Survives being thrown around by an Anti-Gravity gun.
-Withstood a blow from Thanos in the Iron Spider Armor. 

Metal-arm by Trident346


-Lives the average life of a 15 year old and high school student.
-Friendly guy but very shy and awkward.
-Very impressionable towards figures of authority.
--Such as Captain America and Iron Man.
---Shown when he participated in the airport fight, not even knowing what was going on.
-Shows a strong desire to impress the other superheroes and prove his worth.
-As Spidey, he is courageous and capable.
-Comes up with good strategies during battle.
--Such as typing up Ant-Man's legs to defeat him.
-Frequently annoys his enemies with fast-talking humor and quipping.
-Against killing.
-Science geek.
--Able to make his own web-shooters and the web fluid.
---Was a valued member of academic decathlon team, Liz claimed he was the most intelligent member.
y tinkering with the fuse box, able to open the Damage Control's giant door, freeing himself 


5797022-vtfcqke+-+imgur by Trident346


-Basically the alarm system for danger.
-Dodged a sign thrown at him by Winter Solider.
-Sensed someone charging at him and webbed him up.
-Able to dodge attack from Vulture.

Giphy (2) by Trident346

Skilled Acrobatic:

-Due to his superhuman agility, can perform acrobatic moves easily.

5797061-5oo7kqi+-+imgur (1) by Trident346

Combat Experience/Fighting Style:

-Not skilled in martial arts, so his style of combat is improvised and based on instinct.
--Focuses on quick, powerful attacks and agile movements while using his web-shooters.
-His fighting style is still good enough to contend with Falcon, Winter Solider, and Captain America.
--Who are military-trained hand-to-hand combatants.

Ada01b35a6ff5f792b8bdfb58f781be4 by Trident346

Skilled Marksman:

-Capable of ensnaring Captain America's hands and strip him of his shield.
--While in mid-air all at high speed.

Enhanced Senses:

-According to Peter, his senses were dialed to 11.
-Has to wear dark goggles to avoid handicapping himself in combat.

7ac178f526d060c36b521151b66ff19d047d5625 Hq by Trident346


-Can climb walls and stay unto ceilings.
-Can cling to most surfaces.


Spider-Man Civil War 06 by Trident346


-A pair of wrist-mounted mechanical devices used to produce synthetic webbing.
--Later upgraded by Tony Stark.
-Has 576 web combinations, such as...
--Ricochet Web: A web ball that bounces off several targets.
--Splitter Web: F
ires two strands of webbing at a time, ensnaring two targets at once.
Web Grenade: Web-shooters fire a cartridge of web fluid, webbing spraying around the target, or in a concentrated stream.
--Taser Web: Shoots a strand of webbing, and when it hits the target, will send an electric current shocking the target, and can be activated on voice command when using a regular web.
Rapid Fire Web: Default setting of web-shooters in advanced combat mode, shooting balls of webbing to stun targets.
--Spider-Tracers: L
aunches small GPS trackers.

710x528 15048563 8982834 1470922284 by Trident346

Web Fluid:

-Created by Peter himself.
eb-like organic chemical substance that is meant to recreate the silk created by a spider.
-Its composition and tensile strength are good enough that it impressed Tony Stark.
-It is strong enough to let Peter swing around the city.
-It is so durable Winter Solider and Captain America have trouble breaking through, and they have e
nhanced strength.

SMH Peter Parker's Phone 7 by Trident346

Spider-Man Suit:

-A high-tech suit given to him by Tony Stark.
-Has an A.I. which Peter named Karen.
--Peter talks to her occasionally, and they actually have full conversations, with Karen giving advice sometimes
-Has an inbuilt AR heads-up display system, allowing Peter to analyze his surroundings.
-Has eye lenses that seem like they are modeled after camera shutters, allowing him to filter out extra stimuli and give him a greater depth of field.
-Also has x-ray vision, he can activate this by asking Karen to switch to his visuals into a different visual spectrum.
-Gives him enhanced durability.
-Possesses a GPS tracking system and a communication system, allowing to take calls from everyone.
-Has a parachute in the back spider emblem, allowing him to survive drops from several feet.
-Also possess a utility belt, containing six extra web cartridges to refill his web-shooters.
Giphy (2) by Trident346
-Possesses web wings, which allow him to glide.
Giphy (3) by Trident346
-Possesses a reconnaissance drone, which detaches from the spider emblem, seemingly independent of Pete's control.
--It can fly onto a target and act as a tracking device.
-Has at least 3 known modes...
--Advanced Reconnaissance Mode: Spider-Man's hearing and optics are enhanced, his x-ray vision and infrared vision are activated as well. Can also find individuals in a database for their background.
Enhanced Combat Mode: It enhances combat ability and performance, and changing his web-shooters to the rapid fire setting.
--Instant-Kill Mode: Peter's least favorite mode, as the name suggests it allows Spider-Man and his webs to attack in manners that could kill a target in a fraction of a second, along with his eyes enclosing, exposing a red light from his eyes.
--Enhanced Interrogation Mode: Peter's 
voice is digitally altered to sound deep, gravely and threatening, so like Batman.

Iron Spider by Trident346

Iron Spider Armor:

-Also known as Item 17A.
-Offered to Peter when he was offered Avenger membership and later used against Thanos.
-Created from nanites.
-Capable of quickly responding to Spider-Man's input.
-Deployed the spider-legs despite Peter himself not knowing he had them.
-Capable of manifesting four spider-legs from the spider symbol on his back.
--Give him greater maneuverability and control while navigating through his environment.
--Incredibly strong, shown when they withstood Thanos’ grip without becoming damaged and could combat the pull of the vacuum caused by a hull breach.
-Able to provide Peter with his own supply of oxygen if he were to go into harmful environments such as Outer Space.
-Also grants him enhanced durability, shown when he withstood a blow from Thanos.
-Possesses armored web-shooters.
-Also contains a parachute to save him from large falls.

Optional Equipment:

Spiderman by Trident346

Captain America's Shield:

-Shield made of Vibranium.
-Had briefly during Civil War.
-Can be thrown, and it will always return to the user unless the shield is knocked down.
-The shield is capable of tanking all kinds of things. Ranging from deflecting gunfire, deflecting Tony's repulsor blast or tanking a hit from Thor and mjolnir.
-The shield is incredibly sharp, being able to get through Iron Man's suit.

Tech Support:

Edward Leeds (Earth-199999) from Spider-Man Homeco by Trident346

Edward Leeds:

-Aliases: Ned, Guy in the Chair, The Big Guy
-A Star Wars fan and a Lego collector
-Peter's best friend


-Figured out Peter's secret identity
--By accident
-Helped track Vulture down
-Has covered for Peter a few times


Gifted Intelligence:

-An intelligent science enthusiast and a member of the Midtown School of Science and Technology academic decathlon team.

Expert Hacker:

-Bypassed the Training Wheels Protocol
--Which was made by Tony Stark himself

uIty1e8 (1) by Trident346


As a team:

-Both are rather inexperienced in the superheroing.
-Both are socially awkward and give terrible excuses.
--"What are you doing?" "...Looking at porn." That was a thing Ned actually said.


-Cocky occasionally.
-Has to refill his web-shooters eventually.
-Terrible at keeping his identity a secret.
-No grace sometimes.
-Strongly against killing.

Ned Leeds:

-Mainly support, not really meant for combat.

Giphy (2) by Trident346

"I'm gonna lie close to the ground and continue being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Keep helping the little guy."

Magik by Trident346


-Real Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina.
-First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1.
-Species: Human.
-Gender: Female.
-Height: 5'5".
-Weight: 130 lbs.
-Hair: Blond.
-Eyes: Blue .
-Occupations: Ruler of the Limbo Dimension, True Sorceress Supreme.
-Aliases: Illyana Nikolievna, Rasputin, Darkchylde, Darkchilde, Archimage, "Little Snowflake", Lightchylde, Red Flag .


-The mutant sister of Colossus.
-Went on a mission to subdue a recently returned Legion.
-Rescued Karma from Legion's mind.
-Alongside the Cyclops & Cannoball, took on the Dark X-Men & the Dark Avengers.
-Teleported the Atlanteans to a Utopia.
-Battled the Inferno babies in hopes of rescuing Pixie.
-Convinced Cyttorak that the Juggernaut had betrayed him and helped Colossus become the new Juggernaut.
-Joined Cyclops' Extinction Team.
-Fought alongside the X-Men to defeat Dr. Strange.
-Became an avatar of the Phoenix unintentionally.
-Broke Cyclops out of jail with the help of Magneto.
-Helped Dr. Strange defeat Dormmamu & Empirikul.
-Cyclops considered her such a huge threat he had Dazzler, Domino, Emma Frost, Gambit, Husk, Iceman, Magneto, Namor, Northstar, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Warpath, Dr. Nemesis, and Madison Jeffries in case she decided to not go peacefully. 
-Was considered powerful enough to warrant a visit from Strange, the Thor Corps, and was also powerful enough to gain the attention of Doctor Doom.
-Kitty Pryde's BFF.


Strength by Trident346


-Was able to slice through a Sentinel with ease.
-Can cut through Mindless Ones with ease.
-Blocked blasts from Charles Xavier II.
-Lift two giant steel mechs with her blade easily.
-Picked up and tossed a Lizard Man of Tok with ease.
-Threw off the combined weight pf the Two-Headed Thing, a Lizard Man of Tok, and It the living colossus by herself. 
-Blocked strikes from Raze.
-Can knock around machine soldiers with ease.
-Smashes skeletons to bits.
-Knocked around and knocked S'ym unconscious. 
--S'ym could trade blows with Colossus. 
-Threw S'ym off of herself.
--S'ym weighs 1500 lbs.
-Able to draw blood from Colossus with her strikes. 

Speed by Trident346


-Can deflect gunfire with ease.
-Reacted to Thor's hammer and teleports away before could hit her.
--Puts her speed at least at MHS+ to maybe MFTL+.
-Can keep up with Spider-Man in combat.
-Reacted to Lizard Men of Tok.
-Caught Charles Xavier II off-guard.
-Reacts to and deflects lasers on a daily basis.
-Deflected hits from Raze.
-Blitzed S'ym with ease.
-Caught Hank Pym off-guard.
-Kept up with Doctor Strange in combat.
-Appeared, knocked out, and kidnapped Daisuke within a few seconds.
-Caught Black Bolt off-guard.
-Teleported away Inferno, Nur, and Naja before they could react.
-Kept up with Colossus as the Juggernaut. 
--Later speedblitzed him.

Durability by Trident346


-Tanked hits and blasts from Dormammu.
-Easily tanks explosions on a daily basis.
-Tanks gunfire with ease.
-Survived a blast from Storm's lightning.
-Tanked a blast from Bo.
-Survived a hit from Tarot. 
-Tanked hits from Krakoa.
-Endured hits from Jean Grey.
-Blocked strikes from Raze.
-Survived a telepathic assault from Mindee Cuckoo.
-Tanked hits from Iceman.
-Survived hits from Mister Sinister.
-Endured slamming through several stone pillars.
-Tanked being impaled by Anole.
-Endured a beating from Rockslide in his Volcanic Limbo Form.
-Was still standing and able to fight after being blasted by Legion.
-Still standing after taking a beating from Cypher.
-Endured beatings from S'ym for 7 years.
-Immediately got right back up after being blasted by N'Astirh.
-Survived beatings from all of the Inferno babies.

Personality by Trident346


-Determined to do the right thing no matter what the cost to herself.
--However she has shown brutality to her enemies a bit.
-Will not hesitate to kill her enemies if it is necessary. 
-Has a good sense of humor, making humorous remarks occasionally but is usually very serious.
--However Is emotionally hurt when her friends make a joke about how dark and evil she could be.
-Incredibly kind to innocents in danger and in bad situations.
-Struggles to stay on the good path and not give into her dark demon side.
--Sometimes she can be seen as cold and calculating to her enemies. 
--However ultimately she is a good person and loyal to her allies.
-A hugger.
-Has knowledge of light and dark magic, and is a maser in both.
-Has tricked Karma.
-Fluent in English and Russian. 
--Can understand any language with her translation spell.
-Studied under Doctor Strange in sorcery. 


Fighting Ability by Trident346

Fighting Ability:

-An incredibly skilled fighter
-Spent her childhood years being trained by an alternate Kitty Pryde and eventually surpassed her.
--Magik later beats "Cat" in combat killing her.
-Fought several mindless ones on her own.
-Defeated S'ym on her own.
-Fought off Catseye by herself.
-Nearly killed the Demon Bear.
-Easily fought off several ghosts.
-Skilled in the use of axes and sword.

Stealth by Trident346


-Snuck up and stabbed Molly Hayes.
-Caught Charles Xavier II off-guard.
-Took Mister Sinister by surprise. 

Sorcery by Trident346

Sorcery Mastery:

-The sorceress supreme of her Limbo dimension.
-Knows of a spell to turn people into toads.
-Knows of a spell of that reveals a person true form.
-Able to sense and track down sources of magic from fellow users of magic.
-Defeated Doctor Strange in Limbo.
-Studied sorcery under Doctor Strange.

Stepping Discs by Trident346

Stepping Discs:

-Able to travel through time and space if she pleases.
-Sent Maria Hill to a beach.
-Saved Cyclops from a Blockbuster Sentinel.
-Able to teleport dozens of her teammates at once.
-Can instantly teleport whenever she pleases.
-Causes creatures from Limbo to appear every time she uses Stepping Discs but they quickly vanish afterwards.
-Usually engulfed in blue flames when in use but they do not harm her in anyway.
-Can use her stepping discs to transport a foe somewhere else.
-Transported Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters into Limbo.
-She utilizes her stepping discs during combat to overcome the demon Belasco and to fight a possessed amara.
-Teleporting out of the way of Thor's hammer.
-Caught Sam as he was plummeting down the sky, making him reappear on the ground safely. 
-Teleported from New York to Los Angeles. 
--Although she and her passenger traveled one week into the future.
-Can increase the size of her Stepping Discs greatly, shown when she was able to suck in all the demon's invading New York.
-Can remove foes from the battlefield.

Astral Form by Trident346

Astral Form:

-Can separate her spiritual form from her physical shell with a certain spell.
-Can travel anywhere on Earth within the blink of an eye.
-Can attack her opponent from within but it leaves her body vulnerable.
-Opponents with powerful psychic powers can see her in her astral form.
-Can be knocked out of her Astral Form with a powerful enough attack.
-Her body is vulnerable while in Astral Form.

Telepathic Resitance by Trident346

Psionic Shields:

-Was able to resist Emma Frost's telepathic powers. 
-Protected her from Karma.

Magical Abilities:

Conjuration by Trident346


-Able to magically create items.
-Created uniforms for the past X-Men.

The Vishanti Shield of Personal Defense by Trident346

Vishanti Shield of Personal Defense:

-Magik can create a magical dome shield to protect from all types of harm.
-Created a shield to casually block gunfire.

Julani's spell of energy manipulation by Trident346

Julani's Spell of Energy Manipulation:

-Able to easily manipulate energy with this spell.
-Defeat several robots by causing them to destroy each other by redirecting the energy and exploding themselves

Creature Conjuration by Trident346

Summoning Spells:

-Able to summon creatures from Limbo to help her combat her foes.
-Was able to summon a Hydra with multiple heads from Limbo to defeat multiple robots with ease.
-Can summon S'ym to do her bidding.
--Works as muscle and as intimidation.
--S'ym was capable of knocking out Wolverine and tangle with Colossus. 
-Can make demons do whatever she pleases, such as pulling them into Limbo and can just as easily make them return said opponent.
-Can summon entire hordes of monsters, dragons on which she can ride on, and more.
-Can summon demons to pop out of an opponent's mouth which renders them unconscious. 
-If she has the souls/essences of heroes in her sword, she can recreate said heroes.

Cyttorak Spell of Invisibility by Trident346

Cyttorak Spell of Invisibility:

-Can use a spell to turn herself completely cloaked.

Mystic Blasts by Trident346

Mystic Blasts:

-Able to fire powerful blasts of mystical energy from her hands.
-Can cause S'ym to cry out in pain.
-Was able to fire humongous blast able to damage Krakoa, as seen Here.
-Sends S'ym flying with a single blast.
-Able to send several people flying back.
--She likely made sure this blast was non-lethal to avoid killing humans.

Mystic Chains by Trident346

Mystic Chains:

-Able to create mystical binds in order to trap her foes.
-Was able to briefly hold back S'ym.

Healing Spell by Trident346

Healing Spell:

-Creates a enchanted pentagram in order to heal her injuries.
-The silver flames cause all her injuries to vanish.

Mystic Shield by Trident346

Mystic Shield:

-After turning herself into pure energy, can use a portion of her life force to create a mystic barrier.
-Can protect her and others from demonic/magical creatures. 

Translation Spell by Trident346

Translation Spell:

-Able to cast a spell that allows her to speak/understand foreign languages.

Enviromental Manipulation by Trident346

Environmental Manipulation Spells:

-In her Darkchylde was able to manipulate the environment in Limbo to encase the New X-Men in stone.
-Unknown if she can do it outside of Limbo or out of Darkchylde form, but it is assumed she can.

Soul Extraction by Trident346

Soul Extraction:

-If Illyana would ever lose her Soulsword, she would be able to extract part of her opponent's soul to create a new blade.
--Causes opponent great pain.
-Can use it form soul daggers and presumably other weapons as well.

Telekinesis by Trident346


-Possesses the ability to move/manipulate objects/matter with her mind.

Transmutation by Trident346
Transmutation 2 by Trident346


-Possesses the ability to transform the forms and structure of beings and objects.
-Transformed Nightcrawler into a deadly dragon.
-Turned everything being and object in New York into a demon.
--Said objects ranged from buses to X-Men to Amusement Park rides.
-Has an incredibly large range.

Illusions by Trident346


-Can cast illusions during combat to confuse her opponents.
-Able to easily fool Colossus.

Power Nullification by Trident346

Power Nullification:

-Able to restrain her opponent in power nullifying shackles. 

Weather Manipulation by Trident346

Weather Manipulation:

-With her spells she can create, shape and manipulate weather.
-Created a thunderstorm to scare off several monsters.
-Presumably able to create other types of weather too.

Memory Manipulation by Trident346

Memory Manipulation:

-Can cause opponents or others to remember certain events.


Soulsword by Trident346


-Created by Illyana Rasputina herself when she was trapped in the Limbo dimension. 
-The design of the Soulsword began getting more deadly and became more powerful the more she used it.
-While it can be used as a physical weapon, its main use is to use powerful spells.
-Only the ruler of Limbo can wield the sword.
-It can only hurt magical beings/objects, but it is capable of incapacitating non-magical beings/objects.
--But is still capable of impaling and slicing at foes but this only incapacitates them.
-Can create magical armor and has her magical abilities augmented upon use.
-Blocked blasts from Charles Xavier II.
-Effortlessly able to defeat the Demon Bear.
-Able to chop off Mister Sinister's head.
-Sliced through the World-Eater.
-Easily cuts through stone.
-Cut through S'ym and Beelzebub like butter.
-Sliced apart Legion's sub-personalities with ease.
-One-Shot a corrupted Gambit, Dazzler and Northstar
-If someone is corrupted she can draw their souls into her sword.
-If she has the souls/essences of heroes in her sword, she can recreate said heroes.
-Can even damage beings who even have the powers of the Juggernaut.
--However she was in Limbo at the time when she effortlessly defeated Colossus who had Juggernaut's powers.

Mystic Armor by Trident346

Mystical Armor:

-The more magic Illyana uses magic at anytime, she begins gaining more armor.
-Her appearance will become more demonic including horns, hooves or a tail as well.
-Can easily tank arrows.
-Can grow spikes and other armor parts to protect Magik on it's own if she is about to be injured.
-Can cover herself completely in her Mystic Armor, shown Here.

Eye of Agamotto by Trident346

Eye of Agamotto

-The origins of the item are currently unknown but it is often used for finding the truth.
-It can emit an all-revealing light, can play back recent events, display abilities similar to telepathy, can be used in astral form, can radiate a powerful mystical light to see through disguises and illusions or even weaken mystical foes greatly, can probe minds, create powerful mystical barriers, create portals to other dimensions, able to place things  into suspended animation, make incredibly heavy objects levitate with ease, transport beings into another point in the universe, able to fire a powerful blasts from the amulet,manipulate times, and can create psychic illusions.
-A third eye appears on the user's forehead when in use.
-Used for order or "white" magic only.

Alternate Forms/Limbo:

Darkchylde by Trident346Darkchylde by Trident346


-Use of dark magic or intense emotions can trigger the transformation into this form.
-Seems to get a boost in strength, speed, and pain resistance.
-Has telekinesis, flinging many boulders at the New Mutants.
-Can somehow manipulate and stretch out her opponent's body's.
-Able to fight with Dormammu.
-Soulsword turn pitch black and is covered in flames when she achieves this form.
-Can cover herself with her mystic armor, as seen Here.
--Can achieve an even more powerful form in which she is covered in bright flames, as seen Here.
-Can fire powerful green blasts.
-Has hooves, devil horns and a devil tail upon and generally become more demonic looking when entering this form.
-Easily tanked blasts from N'Astirh.

Phoenix Force by Trident346

Phoenix Force:

-Each member of the Phoenix Five have one fifth of the power of the Phoenix.
--When a member of the Five is defeated, the others gain more power at the cost of their sanity and grip on reality.
-Gains nigh omnipotence and can tap into the energy provided by life-force reserved for future generations, thus denying them existence.
--Allows them unlimited power.
-Can fire concussive blasts from the palm of her hands capable of destroying whole planetary bodies.
-Able to fire destruction waves, which are able to consume and remove a near infinite amount of molecules per second.
-Can form wings out of fire for flight.
-Able to transmigrate through time and space by folding its energy back into itself.
-Can directly absorb, manipulate, and fully control any type of energy and control/manipulate life and death.
-Gain infinitely powerful mental abilities, such as telekinesis, empathy, and telekinesis. 
--Also greatly enhances their mutant abilities to near immeasurable levels.
-Can manipulate mater on a sub-atomic level.
-Can instantly teleport great distances or short distances such as across universes, planets or even across entire timelines.
-Can resurrect the dead and are immortal. 
-Able to create powerful cosmic flames that commonly take the form of a raptor or part of a raptor such as a claw or wings. Can burn in the vacuum of space or even underwater. 
--The flames only burn what the user allows it to.
-Has the power of Atmokinesis.
--The ability to create and manipulate cosmic weather, such as create cosmic storms, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, cosmic rays , coronal mass ejection and black holes.
-Was able to trade blows with Thor, knocking him out with Colossus. 
-Easily tanked hits from Spider-Man.
-Beat down Spider-Man to a bloody pulp with ease.

Limbo by Trident346


-A magical dimension of demons, in which Magik rules.
-Through an object known as the Scying Glass can see events currently unfolding on Earth and potentially other dimensions.
-Can raise portions of Limbo to the Earthly plane.
-As the ruler of Limbo, she can do anything she pleases. Her will becomes reality.
-Can control entire armies of demons to do her bidding.
-Time moves slower here.
--One hour translate to several weeks.
--Sometimes mere moments can translate to over several years on Earth.
-The appearance and physical laws are highly variable and are determined by the power and personal taste of its ruler.

-Demons of Limbo are loyal to its ruler, but the longer the ruler goes away, the demons will plot to overthrow demons of higher power, try to take over dimensions, etc.
--Which is why Magik has to do daily visits.
-Able to corrupt others who enter Limbo.
--Ones with enough courage and wisdom can fight off said corruption but will eventaully fall under its corruption.
--Corruption enhances the user's magical powers at the cost of their soul.
-No way out of Limbo expect through Magik's stepping discs.
-Was able to easily dispose of Colossus with Juggernaut's power here.

-Trapped several Inhumans within Limbo.

Weaknesses by Trident346


-Mystical abilities are limited in Earth's dimension.
-Use of dark magic or intense emotions can trigger her Darkchylde form.
-Can be caught off-guard.
-Phoenix Force is weak to Scarlet Witch's Chaos Magic and Iron Fist Energy from K'un-Lun.
-Body is vulnerable when she's in her Astral Form.
-Not many people think she's a hugger.
-Fell asleep during meditation.

Quote Time by Trident346

"You are wrong, Sinister. We are not the last of our kind -- we are the first. No one will kill us. Not you, not the Inhumans. We are the children of Xavier. We are all brothers and sisters... and together there is nothing we cannot do."

Limbo Calls upon Magik into DEATH BATTLE!
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