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DBX: Izuku Midoriya vs Karai

U.A. High School During All-Might vs Shredder
"There is nothing else to fear young Midoriya! ALL-MIGHT is here!" All-Might casually swung his arm, throwing the villain and embedding him into the wall. All-Might turned back to the students, showing them a big smile. "There's nothing to worry about! Please find somewhere safe to hide!" The students complied, quickly dashing out of the eating area as the villain pulled himself out of the concrete wall, small pieces of rubble falling to the ground.  The students bolted through the doors rushing out of the cafeteria. However, one students stopped dead in his tracks as he looked back at All-Might and the Villain dueling it out.
"Deku! We have to get out of here!" Ochaco Uraraka called out, tugging on Midoriya's arm. The student quickly broke away from her grip as he started running back towards the fight.
"Uraraka! Iida! Make sure the students get out safely! I'm goi
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Prelude: One Big Meme

Trident: Nintendo! One of the most widely known gaming companies!

Epsilon: They've already made such iconic characters such as the plumber Mario and the hero of Dreamland Kirby!

Grif: But Nintendo has developed other characters as well, albeit a little less cool. You ever hear about a meme?

Washington: This battle is the dumbest idea we've ever done... of all time.

Epsilon: King Dedede, the King of Dreamland.

Grif: Donkey Kong, the hoarder of bananas and the one with the massive dong.

Trident: I'm Trident.

Epsilon: I'm Epsilon.

Grif: I'm Grif.

Wash: And I'm Agent Washington.

Trident: And it's our job to determine who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!

:icontrident346:Trident346 10 5
DBX: All-Might VS Shredder
U.A. High School
Smoke filled the once bright blue sky in Musutafu, Japan. Eraser Head blocked an incoming katana strike from a warrior garbed in black, easily knocking the warrior to the ground with a single strike. "Where are these men coming from? It's wave after wave of ninjas!" Eraser Head barely managed to evade a few arrows coming directly towards him.
"It doesn't matter! We must protect the students!" Snipe called out, shooting down dozens of ninja warriors from above. Out of nowhere however, two giant animals barged through the U.A. High School walls. What they appeared to look like was a giant rhino and a giant warthog coming straight for the Pro Heroes.
"What the hell is th-" Cementoss began to say before he was suddenly cut off by the mutant Rhino, getting easily knocked to the floor.
Rocksteady let out an obnoxious laugh, pulling out his sledgehammer. "You jokers call yourself heroes? I've seen better heroes from the dumpster!" Rocksteady
:icontrident346:Trident346 21 11
Old Man Logan Pops out his Claws for DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: James Howlett.
-First Appearance: Fantastic Four #558 (2008).
Backstory: You all know the origin story of Wolverine right? Poor guy gets a new special metal coating, becomes a hero, kicks ass, and eventually dies. That's how it always works right? The heroes always prevail? But what if this was never true? Well for Old Man Logan this question became a reality after the villains became organized, taking down most of the heroes. Logan even played a crucial role in killing one of the largest group of heroes out there, the X-Men! He was so horrified and stricken with grief and attempted to commit suicide by letting a fright train run over his head! Due to being an unstoppable adamantium badass, this of course did not work. This didn't matter to Logan however, because to him the Wolverine was dead anyway and abandoned his superhero persona and went by Lo
:icontrident346:Trident346 31 10
DEATH BATTLE will be Shattered by Lord Drakkon!

Lord Drakkon:
-Real Name: Tommy Oliver
-First Appearance: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 9.

-Was able to defeat all the Power Rangers by himself.
-Helped Rita Repulsa conquer the world.
-Killed Jason Lee Scott.
-Defeated the Power Rangers and destroyed their Zords.
-Killed Rita Repulsa.
-Ruled over the world for an unknown period of time.
-Defeated his good-counterpart.
-Ripped Saba's head off.
-Manipulated Ninjor into fixing his Power Morpher.
-Killed Tommy Oliver.
-Captured Ninjor.
-Visited many other alternate Power Ranger universes.
-Convinced Koragg, the A-Squad Rangers and the Psycho Rangers to join him.


-Should at least scale, if not be even  more powerful than Tommy Oliver. 
-Should at
:icontrident346:Trident346 39 3
Roy Harper Unleashes his Arsenal in DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: Roy Harper.
-First Appearance: Adventure Comics #218.
Backstory: Most of you might remember Roy Harper as the druggie. The one sidekick Green Arrow wanted nothing to do with. It wasn't always this way however. Long ago. Roy's father died in a forest fire saving many lives on a Navajo reservation. Roy was adopted by the medicine man in the tribe, Brave Bow. Brave Bow taught Roy archery and marksmanship, and due to Roy having few friends and a lot of time on  his hands, he became incredible skilled. When the new hero known as Green Arrow showed up, Roy began to idolize the hero and soon joined an archery competition to impress the man known as Green Arrow. Although he tried his hardest, he failed to win the competition. However, something about the boy intrigued Green Arrow and soon took the boy under his wing. Roy Harper was known as Speedy,
:icontrident346:Trident346 32 10
Wow that's a Stretch! Plastic Man Enters DB!

Plastic Man:
-Real Name: Patrick O'Brian.
Aliases: Eel O'Brian.
-First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (1941).
Backstory: Eel O'Brian was once a criminal, but he soon got his life together and became a hero. But how you may ask? Patrick "Eel" O'Brian participated in a heist at a chemical factory with his other gang members that went horribly wrong. O'Brian was wounded by gunfire and left behind by his gang. When things couldn't get any worse, he became exposed to a strange chemical that entered his bloodstream through the gunshot wound. O'Brian barely made it out of there alive and began wandering the streets as his new powers began to develop. He successfully managed to freak out several civilians with his crazy new abilities as he was unaware of these new changes at first. When he finally became aware of these new changes, he was horrified. Almost to the point of committing suicide, but before h
:icontrident346:Trident346 40 11
Karai Gets Her Footing in DEATH BATTLE!

-Aliases: Oroku Karai, Hamato Miwa.
-First Appearance: TMNT Vol 1 #52.


-Head of the Foot in Japan.
-Along with the turtles, defeated several Foot Elites. 
-Manipulated Raphael with her granddaughter Motoko.

-Lead the Foot Clan for a while.
-Has killed several threats to the Foot Clan.
-Has fought Leonardo several times.
-Brought her grandfather back to life.
-Stole mutagen from Burnow Island.
-Set up a trap to capture Leonardo.
-Mutated Bebop and Rocksteady.
-Became Shredder's Chunin.
-Temporarily took over the Foot Clan again.
-Easily defeated Natsu.
-Fought and defeated Ocho.
-Killed Hayashi Toru and became a crime boss.

-Defeated the Ninja Turtles in their first encounter.
-Regained control over the Foot Clan.
-Fought Leonardo several times.
:icontrident346:Trident346 35 12
Prelude: Mirage TMNT Battle Royale

Trident: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are some of the most popular heroes out there. Regardless of the threats they're up against, they always rise above the odds and emerge victorious.
Grif: It's no wonder! These dudes are so freakin bizarre that there's no way you could forget these guys! 
Epsilon: One of their greatest advantages in battle is their teamwork and family bond, making them a well oiled fighting machine! But if they were on their own, what turtle is the most deadly?
Grif: And what version is better than the original?
Washington: Leonardo, the leader.
Trident: Raphael, the muscle.
Epsilon: Donatello, the one who does machines.
Grif: And Michelangelo, the happy upbeat turtle.
Trident: I'm Trident.
Epsilon: I'm Epsilon.
Grif: I'm Grif.
Wash: And I'm Agent Washington.
Trident: And it's our job to determine who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!
:icontrident346:Trident346 11 6
Mirage! TMNT Fight for Honor in DEATH BATTLE!

-Members: (Left to right) Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo.
-First Appearance: The Turtles' Origin is Told vol 1 #1 (May, 1984).

Team Feats:

Vol 1:
-Helped defeat the Shredder.
-Took down Baxter Stockman.
-Helped April capture some thugs.
-Broke into TCRI.
-Took down several Federation soldiers.
-Survived on the Triceraton Homeworld.
-Took down the Triceraton All-Star Team.
-With Renet, attempted to get the Time Scepter back.
-Survived a brutal assault from Shredder.
-Took down the Committee to Rebuild American Patriotism.
-Assisted Jhanna in defeating Moriah and her minions.
-Helped Casey retrieve a golden cow.
-Infiltrated Foot Headquarters.
-Fought the Bloodsucker.
-Fought Vampires and Zombies.
-Ventured into a different dimension to get Casey's car back.
-Stopped Aunkamen.
-Went on a time travel
:icontrident346:Trident346 29 5
Mirage TMNT Royale by Trident346 Mirage TMNT Royale :icontrident346:Trident346 12 5
Gamora is the Deadliest Woman in DEATH BATTLE!

-Real Name: Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan.
-First Appearance: Strange Tales #180.


-Is the sole survivor of her alien race.
-Was trained to be a deadly weapon by Thanos. 
-Killed Universal Church of Truth's Grand Inquisitors.
-Assisted Adam Warlock in his final battle against Magus.
-Survived an encounter with Drax the Destroyer.
-Was trusted with the Time Gem.
-Was made a member of the Infinity Watch.
-Put distance between herself and Thanos.
-Helped kill a clone of Thanos.
-Helped Spider-Man and Captain Marvel in protecting the Atleza.
-Helped defeat Omega Thanosi, who was a combination of Thanos and Galactus. 
-Trained She-Hulk.
-Participated in the Annihilation War.
-Subdued Drax the Destroyer with Nil-Rat and Nova. 
-Joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.
-Teamed up with Tony
:icontrident346:Trident346 41 6
You'll Finally Know Star-Lord's Name in DB!

-Real Name: Peter Jason Quill.
-First Appearance: Thanos #8.

-Killed two aliens who killed his mother.
-Survived being stranded in orbit for three days.
-Outsmarted every member of Yondu's Ravagers crew, including Yondu himself.
-Helped Yondu capture all of Asterion One's crew.
-Managed to steal a gem from Yondu that would reveal those who killed his mother.
-Came back and freed the Asterion One's crew and defeated Yondu.
-Met Ma Savage and started funding her orphanage.
-Met his father.
-Helped take down the Fallen One.
-Helped organize the United Front alongside Nova Prime to battle Annihilus's Annihilation Wave, who attempted to conquer their universe.
--The Annihilation Wave's efforts also included the aid of Negative Zone Centurions and a weaponized Galactus, who Peter was among the few to escape from.
-Went on a solo recon
:icontrident346:Trident346 41 6
The Batman Who Laughs Always Wins in DB!

The Batman Who Laughs:
-Real Name: Bruce Wayne.
-First Appearance: Dark Days: The Casting #1.

-Life presumably followed the same path as the mainstream Batman until the life changing event.
-Killed Joker.
-Killed Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin.
-Slaughtered the Justice League.
-Annihilated anything  Earth -22 threw at him.
-Formed the Dark Knights.
-His Robins slaughtered the Court of Owls leaders.
-Aided the Dark Knights in defeating Cyborg.
-Took control of Gotham.
-Gave Cards made of Cosmic Metallurgy to some of Batman's greatest foes.
-Let his son Damian out onto the city, which allowed him to Jokerize the Teen Titans.
-Personally confronted the resistance with the rest of the Dark Knights.
-Sort of responsible for the death of Red Death.

:icontrident346:Trident346 32 17
The Merciless Will Show No Mercy in DB!

The Merciless:
-Real Name: Bruce Wayne.
-First Appearance: Dark Days: The Casting #1.

-For two whole years, fought alongside Wonder Woman to stop Ares.
-Killed Ares after putting on his helmet.
-Soon became corrupted by Ares' helmet and later killed Wonder Woman of his earth.
-Later killed most, if not all heroes and villains on his Earth.
-Left his Earth in ruins.
-Easily took down Cyborg with the other Dark Knights.
-Took down a group of leaders from government agencies, task forces, and the military who had planned to take down the Dark Knights with relative ease.


-Possesses superhuman strength.
-Should scale to Wonder Woman.
-Caused Wonder Woman to draw blood. 
-Overpowered Wonde
:icontrident346:Trident346 27 1
The Murder Machine Will Eradicate All Scum in DB!

The Murder Machine:
-Real Name: Bruce Wayne.
-First Appearance: Dark Days: The Casting #1

-Life presumably followed the same as his mainstream counterpart until the event that changed everything.
-Along with Cyborg, created the Alfred Protocol. 
-Defeated the Justice League.
-Assisted in taking down Cyborg.
-Transformed the watchtower.
-Terrorized and took over Detroit with his own drones.


-Should scale to Cyborg.
-Overpowered Cyborg with ease.
-Ripped Cyborg's head from his body with his spine.
-Helped beat Cyborg to pieces.
-Snapped Steel's hammer in half.
-Lifts Steel over his head.

-Should scale to Cyborg.
-Caught Cyborg off-guard.
-Speedblitzed Steel.
:icontrident346:Trident346 24 4


Commission: DHY-Do Her Yourself by flashkill455
Mature content
Commission: DHY-Do Her Yourself :iconflashkill455:flashkill455 266 3
Solid Snake has been spotted in DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Metal Gear (13th of July, 1987)
Full/Real Name: David
AKA: Old Snake, Snake, Legendary Mercenary, Legendary Hero, The Man Who Makes The Impossible Possible
Height: 180 cm (5'10")
Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs)
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Genetic Clone)
Place of Birth: America
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Formerly FOXHOUND, Philanthropy
Occupation: Formerly FOXHOUND Member, Currently Spy, Mercenary, Soldier

Used to own fifty Huskies


:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 41 9
Scarlet Witch by junkome Scarlet Witch :iconjunkome:junkome 27 0 Nier 2b a2 X Gantz crossover by sakimichan
Mature content
Nier 2b a2 X Gantz crossover :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,182 85
Inko Midoriya - My Hero Academia by TheIronMountain
Mature content
Inko Midoriya - My Hero Academia :icontheironmountain:TheIronMountain 283 33
All Might vs. Cinder Fall! DEATH BATTLE!

Tohru: "Alright the Combatants are Set, U.A is about to be invaded, and everything is Ready!"
Raiden: "Time to end this debate, once and for all!"
Ryuko: "It's Time for a Super-Powered DEATH BATTLE!"
*Transition Effect*
U.A, Break Room...
"Woah, that's amazing All Might!" Young Midoriya said as his face lit up with glee as his Mentor, the Pro Hero known as All Might sat across from him.
"That's right Midoriya, I am finally going on a vacation... I really need one..." All Might said as he let out a sigh. He was in his true form at the moment, wearing a white shirt that seemed all too baggy, as well as he was wearing green cargo shorts.
"Are you sure everything is going to be alright All Might? I mean, without you, What are we all going to do if somebody infiltrates U.A.?" Izuku asked as All Might chuckled.
"Midoriya, practically all the villains in Japan are locked u
:iconthatguyimortal:ThatGuyImortal 80 56
Ruby Rose vs. Izuku Midoriya! DEATH BATTLE!

Tohru: "Alright, the Combatant are Set, The Arena is prepped and everything is rarin' to go!"
Raiden: "Time to Settle this Debate, once and for all!"
Ryuko: "It's Time for a DEATH BATTLE!"

The Day is all but Young as people began gathering within a Stadium for a special event taking place... An Elimination Style Tournament Featuring Students from all around the world...
"WELP! WE'RE HERE! TIME TO GET SIGNED IN!" Young Ruby Rose said with enthusiasm, with her Teammates Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and her Sister Yang Xiao Long behind her. Weiss appeared to have a somewhat frustrated look on her face. Blake was pretty Neutral and Yang had a smile on her face.
"Hopefully this goes better than the Vytal Tournament, That got all sorts of Messy." Yang said as they were about to walk into said stadium, only for a young man with dark colored hair race past them, followed by a guy wit
:iconthatguyimortal:ThatGuyImortal 43 19
Keeping the Job TG Caption by ThatGuyImortal Keeping the Job TG Caption :iconthatguyimortal:ThatGuyImortal 99 2
Battle: Fiction's Finest Fighters!

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fight takes place within the Ultimate Talent Development Plan timeline, which is an Alternate Universe where none of the killing games happen. This is just to make the fight overall simpler. I'm also pointing this out in case people wonder why characters from DR2 and V3 show up.)

There was a calm breeze in the wind as the legendary Academy of Hope was let out for the time being. Several of the students had different after-school hobbies, whether they be studying or hanging out, but one thing was sure: They all had talents that were unique to them and them only.
Many desired to get into the Academy's main course, but only a handful would be selected, and they needed the talent to get in. With such a prestigious status, any school events were wildly popularized and recorded by Japanese media, broadcasting the several talents
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 26 17
Challenger #1 - Shigeo Kageyama (Mob) by NocturnBros Challenger #1 - Shigeo Kageyama (Mob) :iconnocturnbros:NocturnBros 6 5
Strange Tales of a Buddhist - Strange vs. Hijiri

The sun was beginning to set as a warm orange glow befell the Myouren Temple, the wind blew to a soothing pace while the leaves gently rustled and moved to the wind's serene beat. At this rate, it'll get dark within a couple of hours or so, give or take, which is a slight shame to see such a delicate afternoon be gone just like that. However, the sweet silence was broken as audible footsteps were heard, ones that were steadily rising up the steep flight of stairs of the temple.
Despite this, however, Stephen Strange was quite familiar with structures like this; ones that are more reminiscent of an ancient and of obvious Eastern origin and architecture. It certainly harkens back memories of a more 'progressive' time in his life, to say the least. A few days had only passed before he had heard rumors about strange creatures, all humanoid looking yet with distinct characteristics, he even heard that there was one was in a cave that
:icongrinderkiller1:grinderkiller1 14 9
Izuku Midoriya VS Izuru Kamakura | S2 Premiere

: Alright! The fight's here! Man, am I excited! Just in time for the My Hero Academia Season 3 anime, where All Might fights him greatest enemy!
: Indeed. Now, these two symbols of hope are ready to face each other in a battle of Good versus Evil! It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!
(Prelude here)

(This is also a sequel to this battle; check this out to understand this battle's story if you're interested)

Danganronpa universe...
Thanks to the efforts of Mukuro Ikusaba, the man known as Makoto Naegi was able to escape the grasp of the Future Foundation, and head to Jabberwock Island. Him and his classmates were able to go to Jabberwock Island without a hitch. Makoto Naegi and all of his classmates immediately went to the island to check on the status of the "Remnants of Despair
:iconapexutopia:ApexUtopia 23 33
Master Hand laughs into DEATH BATTLE!

-Name: Master Hand, The Hand
-Age: Unknown
-Occupation:  The link between reality and the Smash Bros world, Resident of Final Destination
-Species: Unknown, possibly human
-Date of birth: Unknown
-Height: Unknown
-Possibly the Smash Bros Announcer


-Called "the source of creation of the Smash Bros universe" 
--This doesn't necessarily mean he created the universe, multiple things could apply
-Seems to have the ability to bring fighters to life despite them just being toys
-Can fight with the best fighters from the Smash universe
-Has the sexiest laugh ever (I will fight you if you disagree)
-Fought Kirby in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (non-canon)


-Can overpower
:iconcinzero-fall2112:CinZero-Fall2112 20 1
Chun li pinup by sakimichan
Mature content
Chun li pinup :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,496 109
Death Battle | Adam Jensen vs Genji Shimada

Charlotte: Alright, the software has been updated and cybernetics oiled up, let us watch some cyborg combat!
T: Eh, that wasn't half bad, actually.
Charlotte: Thank you.
All: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!
Year 2076

"Multiple of the world's countries debate on whether or not the newly-reformed organization known as Overwatch should be described as a threat to international security. After it was originally shut down 6 years ago by the United Nations, the Petras Act was ratified, making any actions of any former Overwatch members that corresponded to the organization's original mission illegal--"

The man slammed the glass of whiskey onto the table with enough strength to slightly crack it. He grunted, placing his palm on his face. He scratched his greying beard, thinking about years gone by. How many has it been? Twenty? Thirty?
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 29 14
Naughty Star-Lady bust cover by gb2k
Mature content
Naughty Star-Lady bust cover :icongb2k:gb2k 197 6

What'd you guys think of my new bio? Think it was good or bad? Any reason why? 

43 deviants said Ye, it was good.
1 deviant said Nah, it was shit.



Karai VS Deku by Trident346

U.A. High School During All-Might vs Shredder

"There is nothing else to fear young Midoriya! ALL-MIGHT is here!" All-Might casually swung his arm, throwing the villain and embedding him into the wall. All-Might turned back to the students, showing them a big smile. "There's nothing to worry about! Please find somewhere safe to hide!" The students complied, quickly dashing out of the eating area as the villain pulled himself out of the concrete wall, small pieces of rubble falling to the ground.  The students bolted through the doors rushing out of the cafeteria. However, one students stopped dead in his tracks as he looked back at All-Might and the Villain dueling it out.

"Deku! We have to get out of here!" Ochaco Uraraka called out, tugging on Midoriya's arm. The student quickly broke away from her grip as he started running back towards the fight.

"Uraraka! Iida! Make sure the students get out safely! I'm going back to help All-Might!" Deku attempted to dash to his hero only to be grabbed by the arm by Tenya. 

"Midoriya! All-Might told us to evacuate!" Izuku Midoriya was conflicted, on one hand he should listen to his mentor and evacuate with the other students, but All-Might might be in great danger.... And if he could do anything to help, he should.

"Tenya.. I'm trusting you to make sure everyone gets out safely. Uraraka you help Tenya. I'm going back to help All-Might!" The two friends of Izuku Midoriya nodded as they began to help the students escape as Midoriya crouched as red lines began to coat his legs under his costume. The lines were soon replaced with green sparks however, as he began to leap over the crowd, hopping from wall to wall with ease. Deku landed on the ground before the doors leading to the cafeteria as students rushed and pushed past him in attempt to evacuate. Midoriya pushed past the doors, expecting to find All-Might easily defeating his foe... Only to find a massive crater in the wall?! "W-What the?! W-What happened to the wall?!" He rushed over to look outside the crater to see All-Might and Shredder duking it out in the courtyard. Deku stepped towards the hole until a kunai was thrown nearly into his foot which he barely managed to dodge. He darted his head around, trying to locate where the attack came from. In the corner of his eye, Deku saw a blade coming right towards his torso. He gasped as he leapt out of the way the incoming attack, the katana blade slicing clean through the nearby stone pillar. Midoriya landed back on the ground, looking back at the location of the attack, to see a lady garbed in black holding the blade that nearly took his life. 

"Do not interfere with his fight..." The mysterious woman menacingly said as she stood sternly, holding the hilt of the blade with two hands. Midoriya held his ground, putting up his fists as the two began to circle each other.

"W-Who are you?! I have to help him!" Izuku quickly turned around and began running towards his hero before a something was shot and wrapped around his arm, preventing him from going any further. Izuku darted his back to see the lady wielding the chain that was wrapped around his arm. He scowled as he attempted to pull his arm free of the chain, but to no avail.

"I SAID. Do not interfere with my father's duel." Karai's grip on the chain grew tighter as Midoriya's arm began to glow with green sparks, causing Karai to raise an eyebrow as she both intrigued and slightly annoyed. 

"You can't stop me from helping people in need! So. LET. ME. GO!" Izuku Midoriya's arm ripped through the chains easily, the shards of metal flying through the air right beside the green sparks coming off of Deku. Karai took a step backwards as the little bits of chain fell to the floor. The student tried to make a mad dash towards All-Might, leaping out of the hole in the cafeteria to try and help his hero. Deku was getting closer and closer to Shredder and All-Might when a huge puff a smoke suddenly appeared in front of him, causing him to stop dead in his tracks. Midoriya began grinding his teeth as the woman stepped out of the smoke menacingly, twirling her katana blade in her hand.

"My name is Karai. I will not allow my father's moment of glory to be interrupted with some.... useless rat!" Karai yelled out, pointing her blade at the student. Midoriya scowled as he saw All-Might struggling against the Shredder.

I can't waste anymore time here! All-Might is in trouble and he needs help!  "I'm not some useless rat lady! I'm the hero who always tries his best to do what's right! And never give up!" The two dashed towards each other, ready to brawl!

Vs Stuff by Trident346

Karai let her blade drag alongside the ground, sparks forming a trail behind her. The ninja warrior leapt in the air towards Deku as Midoriya readied and reeled his fist back ready to strike. Midoriya swung his fist at Karai, but much to his surprise the ninja easily leapt over him, placing her hand on the back of his hand and pushing him backwards. He rolled onto the ground as Karai landed gracefully behind him, twirling her blade gracefully.  Midoriya quickly recovered however, leaping back up as green sparks running through his body.

Her speed is off the charts! She could probably outspeed Iida if she wanted to! Izuku leapt back dodging several kunai thrown his way, ducking underneath the projectiles. Karai dashed towards Midoriya, attempted to slash him to pieces but he was barely able to dodge each strike as he soon began to get lost in his own thoughts. If I don't think of a way to deal with it soon, I'll get overwhelmed! But what can I do? What can I- Midoriya's train of thought was suddenly cut off as Karai's fist connected with his face sending him flying. He dug his feet into the ground to slow himself down, leaving a small dust trail in front of him. What can I do against a opponent that fast?! Come on think! What can I do- Midoriya looked down at the rubble and dust underneath him, sparking an idea. "That's it!"

"Surrender child!" Midoriya looked up to see Karai rushing towards him with her katana in hand. She flipped into the air towards Midoriya, ready to slice him to pieces only to have a handful of dust and rubble thrown into her face as Midoriya rolled out of the way of the incoming katana attack. Deku smiled as he looked at his opponents eyes covered with the dirt. "Foolish child! Do you think a little dirt will stop me from destroying you?" Karai called out as Midoriya dashed towards her, his right arm glowing with bright red lines.

Now this will even out the playing field! Deku leapt towards Karai, his fist being surrounded by green electric sparks. "5% Detroit Smash!" Deku swung his fist forward towards the ninja warrior, attempting to make the blow connect but much too his surprise, Karai had gracefully dodged the attack with ease, flipping backwards and landing swiftly.

Karai smirked slyly at Deku as she pulled out three shurikens, placing them between her fingers. "Foolish boy. Even if my eyesight is useless, my other senses will allow me to perceive your movement and every time you try to attack." Midoriya sprinted towards the "blinded" Karai, who was relying on her other senses to try and defend herself from Deku. Midoriya's legs begin to glow with red lines as he leapt into the air, a small dust cloud left after in his wake. Deku did a quick flip before sticking out his foot as he began to descend quickly towards the seemingly defenseless Karai. Midoriya inched closer and closer to her, seconds away from landing his attack, green electric sparks flying bouncing all over his leg. All of a sudden however, Karai vanished from his line of sight. Deku let out a gasp as his leg smashed into the pavement, rubble and stone flying everywhere.

Damn it! Even with her vision useless she's still too fast! Suddenly, a shuriken flew straight past his arm, grazing it and causing Deku to grip his arm with his free hand. Blood dripped down his arm as Midoriya tried to locate his attacker. If I can't land a hit on her, maybe I can alter the environment to get an advantage! Midoriya reeled his fist backwards, red lines running through his arm quickly before being replaced by green sparks. He looked down at the ground as he thrusted his fist downwards. This has to work! it has to! Midoriya's fist mere seconds away from hitting the ground as Karai made a mad dash towards Deku, her blade dripping with a little blood. Deku flipped his finger towards the ground, ready to release some of the power of One for All!

"Delaware Smash!" Midoriya flicked his finger towards the ground, sparks flying through his finger during the attack. A giant shockwave was sent across the ground, several pieces of stone being thrown into the air. The wave traveled several meters, the resulting attack sent Karai flying into the air from the shockwave. Seeing the small opening he gave himself, Midoriya made a mad dash towards the descending Karai. Deku grinded his teeth as he readied his body for his next attack. Midoriya leapt off of the ground quickly towards his opponent who was trying to recover mid-air. Karai smirked, hearing that Deku was leaping towards her from the right side as she quickly pulled out a kunai from one of her pockets.

Time to show this fool not to mess with the Foot Clan! Midoriya swung his fist at Karai while the two were descending towards the ground. Karai twirled mid-air, barely dodging Deku's strike, causing him to scowl. She raised her arm containing the kunai as his back was turned, ready to plunge it into the back of his head. Karai thrusted her arm forward with her kunai in hand, however she was caught completely off-guard when Deku rotated his body enough to barely dodge the kunai strike, the blade grazing his back. Midoriya shot his arm out towards Karai as they flew past each other, his hands gripping the hood on her back. He pulled with all his might, throwing her just enough so that she was just underneath him as they begin plummeting to the ground. 

Now's my time to strike! Midoriya quickly moved his foot, green sparks running from his leg as he prepared to swing it down. It's the only opening I have! I can't afford to mess it up! He clenched his teeth as his attack was mere seconds away from connecting with Karai's body.


Midoriya's leg slammed into her back, causing the ninja to cry out in pain as she was sent plummeting towards the ground, leaving a trail of dust clouds in her wake. Karai crashed into the ground with a loud CRUNCH! A huge dust cloud erupting from where she hit the ground hard. Stones flew from the crater as Deku landed swiftly on the ground, dashing towards the crater to see what happened to his opponent. He looked into the hole, to see a motionless Karai in a puddle of blood.

Oh no! I went overboard with my power! I overestimated her ability to take damage! Deku leapt into the hole towards the corpse. Maybe Recovery Girl can help her! May- Midoriya reached his hand out towards Karai's motionless body, his hand passing right through it. His eyes widened in surprise, jerking his hand back. Deku slowly extended his arm forward towards the "corpse" his hand passing right through the body, light blue bits surround his hand as it passed through. Suddenly the "body" vanished into a disc underneath it, causing Midoriya to stand back up in shock. W-Wait! If she isn't here... T-Then where is now?! Midoriya darted his head around, trying to find her. A dark mysterious figure stood over Midoriya as he quietly panicked, the figure pulled out a katana blade, dripping with blood as they raised the blade over their head, ready to bring it down on Deku. Midoriya quickly turned to look behind him to see the seemingly uninjured Karai about to strike at him! Deku quickly leapt out of the way of the incoming attack, the blade slicing through the disc on the ground. In the corner of his eye, he could see his opponent leaping towards him as well. Midoriya could see rage and murderous intent burning in her eyes right before she rammed her fist into his face. He slammed into the ground, bouncing a few times before skidding to a halt.

"Did you think I would go down so easily?" Karai said with an annoyed tone, walking towards the recovering Midoriya. The student slowly rose up, clenching his teeth and gripping the side of his body in pain.

"Holograms? Pretty impressive... But it won't stop me!" Karai smirked and tapped a device on her wrist. Midoriya frowned as two identical images of Karai appeared right beside his opponent. Deku clenched his fist as Karai slowly got closer and closer towards him. "No matter what kind of quirk you have... No matter what device or gadgets you use... I will find a way to defeat you!" Deku dashed towards Karai and her holograms with a burst of speed as Karai simply scowled. She quickly pulled out several kunai and shuriken as began rapidly firing them towards the sprinting Midoriya. The student darted from side-to-side, evading the deadly projectiles as his fist began to glow with bright red lines and green sparks once again as he got closer and closer. Deku stared down the three Karai's as he was mere seconds away from striking them. I have to decide which one is real! I could throw some stone at it but then she'll figure out what I'm planning and try to dodge! Think! Think! Izuku suddenly noticed that the only version of Karai that was trying to attack him was the one i the middle while the others stood silently and still. That's it! Her holograms can't attack! Midoriya rolled to the right before bouncing back into the air towards Karai. Her eyes widened in surprise as Izuku dived towards her, his fist having green sparks bouncing off of it. He had determined and serious expression on his face, remaining unchanged throughout the entire fight.

Karai just noticed this detail, causing her to smirk. Such determination.. It will be fun killing this one! She quickly leapt back, barely dodging Izuku's incoming strike that easily destroyed the two holograms that were right beside her and caused a huge crater to form in the ground. Karai swiftly pulled her katana from her scabbard on her hip as stones flew from where Midoriya's hit landed. She easily deflected the rocks sent towards her, slicing them into pieces. Izuku burst out of the hole towards Karai, swinging his leg at his opponent while Karai raised her blade to attempt to block the incoming strike. He let out an angered scream, Midoriya swinging his leg towards Karai's right side. The ninja overestimated her blade's strength, as her eyes widened in shock as Deku's leg swing easily shattered the blade and slammed into her chest. Pieces of steel dropped to the ground as Karai was sent flying into the school ground's nearby wall.

Karai pulled her arm free of the concrete, holding the hilt of her broken blade as she staggered towards him. "Pathetic worm! D-Do you think... Y-You can defeat me that e-easily?!" Karai fell down onto one of her knee's in pain, grunting in pain as she struggled to stay conscious. "The Foot doesn't s-surrender so eas-" Karai suddenly screamed in agony as Midoriya rushed over to her. Izuku reached his arm out towards her, attempting to make sure she wasn't hurt too severely. He was caught off-guard when the ninja swiftly pulled out a blade from her left side and sliced at Deku. He gasped in surprise as he attempted to evade the incoming attack by leaping backwards. Midoriya clenched his teeth as he landed a few feet away from his opponent, before feeling a light stinging pain on his chest. Izuku looked down to see a small and long red cut across his chest before looking back up to see Karai sprinting towards him with a burst of speed.

Even after all this time I can't place a finger on what her quirk is! Midoriya leapt backwards, darting from left to right to keep his distance from Karai. The best I can do right now is guess she has a speed quirk of some kind! Midoriya stopped in place, becoming lost in his own thoughts as he tired to figure out a solid strategy in order to beat his foe. How can I counter her?! Her reaction speeds are off the charts! How would you combat someone that fa- An arrow suddenly flew past Deku's face, causing him to jump back quickly. He turned his head back to his opponent to see Karai drawing another arrow into her bow, her hand gripping the end of the arrow as she pulled back on the bow string, ready to launch it towards Izuku Midoriya. Deku cautiously took a step forward, unsure of what might happen next. In a blink of an eye Karai fired the arrow at Midoriya, causing her hair to fly back slightly as she let the arrow fly. The student quickly darted to the right, the arrow's tip grazing his cheek. 

"There's more where that came from!" Karai quickly pulled out three more arrows, pulling them backwards with her bowstring all at once as Izuku stood completely still, green electric sparks and bright red lines running through his entire body.

"One For All: Full Cowl!" Midoriya bolted towards his opponent at blinding speeds, green sparks flying everywhere with each step he took. He leapt to the right, barely dodging the three incoming arrows. Midoriya looked at Karai in the corner of his eye, seeing Karai pull out several arrows and began firing them at blinding speeds. Without a second thought, Izuku smashed his fist into the ground causing a huge slab of concrete to fly out of the ground. He quickly grabbed the huge stone slab and held it out with both of his hands and made a mad dash towards the attacking Karai. The barrage of arrows connected with the stone slab Midoriya was using to protect himself as he sprinted towards his opponent, each arrow causing the stone to crack more and more. He took notice to the stone getting less and less durable. He quickly twirled as he tossed the stone slab towards Karai like a frisbee before leaping into the air a few feet. She easily ducked under the large projectile before tilting her head upwards to see Deku coming straight towards her, his fist seemingly charging up for a powerful punch!

"Have I not shown you already that you cannot win? Some must simply learn the hard way!" Karai began rapidly firing arrows towards the plummet Deku. He smirked as he stuck out of his fingers out as the arrows were mere seconds from impaling him.

"Delaware Smash!" Deku quickly flicked his finger at the barrage of arrows, the powerful shockwave instantly obliterated the incoming projectiles with ease. The arrows were either snapped in half or were turned completely into broken pieces. Karai scowled as the broken arrow pieces rained towards and shattered onto the ground. She quickly reached her hand behind her back to grab another arrow as Midoriya descended closer and closer to her. She attempted to grasp an arrow from behind her back, she soon realized that she was grabbing at nothing. She turned her head to check out her quiver her eyes widened in surprise to see her quiver completely empty.

"God damn it." Karai turned her head to towards Deku, hoping to devise a plan to counter her incoming opponent. Much to her surprise however, Deku was already mere seconds away from striking her. This caused to her to try and grab her blade from her belt but she was simply too late, as Deku reeled his fist behind him, charging an enormous amount of air pressure as he threw his fist forward.

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Izuku Midoriya smashed his fist into Karai's head, sending her flying across the ground with incredible force as Deku landed on the ground on all fours. As she skidded across the ground, they began sustaining some minor bruises and aches. Thinking quickly, she plunged her Shikomizue into the ground to keep them steady. It took a few moments, but the weapon finally slowed them down as several stone blocks were destroyed in their wake. Karai slightly tilted her head upwards to see Deku sprinting towards her. 

There's no way I can take this child in my current condition... Unless.. Karai reached into her pocket to pull two tiny grey balls, she looked back at Izuku as he got closer and closer with each running step he took. No other choice! She quickly threw the two balls at the ground, creating a huge smoke cloud. The smoke began envelop Karai completely as she was too weak to move from the injuries she sustained during the battle. Midoriya clenched his teeth as leapt toward the smoke cloud, preparing his leg for his next strike. He swung his leg as he entered into the smoke cloud. The powerful kick caused all the smoke to be blown away with ease, Deku landed on the ground and quickly darted his head around to try and find Karai. Much to his surprise however, his opponent was nowhere to be found.

"What the?! Does she have some sort of invisibility quirk?" Deku began hearing a faint hissing sound around him, he quickly turned his head behind him to find nothing behind him. A white and purple body slithered across the ground behind Deku, something brushing against his leg. This caused Midoriya to jump back in fear as he turned his head back once again, only to find nothing there. She's toying around with me! I have to finish this here and now! While Midoriya became lost in his thoughts, the head of a snake rose from the ground and began rising closer and closer to his head, ready to strike! However the act of Izuku getting lost in his thoughts was simply an act as he quickly turned back and grabbed the whatever was touching him by the neck. A mix of shock and fear was all over Deku's face as he looked at whatever attempted to attack him. It looked like some sort of reptile but it was all mutated and had snake heads for hands. Before Deku could say anything, he was whipped in the face by Karai's tail, sending him flying back a few feet.

"Letssss finish thisss." Midoriya could only gasp in surprise as Karai slithered towards him at blinding speeds, her two snake heads where her hands used to be began spitting globs of orange venom towards the student, the venom easily disintegrated the stone slabs as she got closer and closer, Midoriya mentally and physically preparing himself for whatever she might try.

She has a transformation quirk! She can alter her form between her human and this reptile form! Midoriya quickly dodged an incoming strike from one of the snake heads, the arm stretching out an incredibly long distance. The snake head shot past his face as he stepped out of the way, Izuku turned his head back to Karai to see the mutant snake leap at him, her jaw wide open and ready to rip his head off. Deku quickly tried to devise a plan as he ducked under the incoming bite. Karai quickly recovered and coiled her body as she hissed at Izuku, causing him take a few steps back cautiously. I was barely able to handle her speed before! So if I can't keep up with her on my own... I'll use her speed against her! Using his quirk, Midoriya took a massive leap backwards, surrounded by the other students and Pro-Heroes fighting off the other Foot Clan members. Karai slithered towards Deku once again, repeating the same tactic where she shot several blasts of orange venom towards Midoriya. Deku planned on this however as his fist began to glow with red lines and green sparks as he smashed his fist into the ground, causing several pieces of stone to erupt from the ground as many pieces of rubble blocked several blasts of venom. Karai leapt towards him, her jaw wide open and ready to bite down on Deku, however Midoriya knew this was going to happen as he grabbed a stone slab off of the ground and swung it upwards at the lunging mutant snake.

"Die!" Karai called out, seconds away from biting down at Deku, only to have a stone slab smashed into the bottom part of her head. The stone shattered upon contact and sent her flying into the air as Izuku gasped for air as Karai landed on the ground with a loud THUD. He slowly approached the motionless body of Karai with caution, he was suddenly taken off-guard as Karai morphed back into her human form as threw a kunai from the palm of her hand. The deadly projectile easily pierced young Midoriya's shoulder, causing him to let out a tiny cry of pain. Karai quickly formed one of her arms into a long white snake and let it lunge forward to sink its fangs into Izuku. Having no time to come up with a plan he act upon instinct, he thrusted his fist forward with 5% of his power. The fist had several green sparks ran through his fist as it collided with Karai's snake arm, upon contact however a huge CRUNCH could be heard as Deku broke Karai's bone in two. The ninja leapt back, looking at her limp and lifeless arm before looking back at Midoriya, anger and hatred on her face. Midoriya pulled the kunai out of his shoulder, a small spurt of blood leaking down his costume.

I must have injured her at least a little bit by now! Midoriya thought to himself as he looked at Karai as she straightened out her arm, before it began functioning like normal like it hadn't even been damaged in the first place. What the?!- Does she have some sort of healing quirk too?! Izuku grunted in pain as Karai simply smirked, pulling out a long bright red blade from the scabbard on her back as one of her arms formed into one of the giant white snake. He clenched his teeth as white venomous snakes begin to arise from the cracks within the ground, causing Deku to gasp in fear. Damn it! What kind of quirks are these?! Midoriya's legs soon began to get wrapped around by the white snakes as Karai got closer as she hissed.

"I'll savor thisss. Know that your death is meaningless and it was futile for you to try and go against the Foot Clan!" Karai's mutated snake arm wrapped around Deku's neck, gripping it tightly. Izuku's mind began to race around, trying to devise a plan that could help him figure out how to escape as the grip around his neck got tighter and tighter, causing him to gasp for air.

What would All-might do?! What would All-might do?! In his narrowing vision, he saw All-might struggling against Shredder, his once human foe mutated into some sort of monster. Suddenly Deku's eyes lit up. I can't keep depending on others to help me! I have my own path... And my own destiny! 

"Don't you know boy? Villainy always defeats heroessss." Karai said sadistically, mentally commanded the snakes to wrap around tighter around Deku. One of Izuku's fingers began to glow with red lines and sparks as he managed to sputter out one thing.

"Y-You're wrong..." Deku flicked his finger down at the ground, creating a massive shockwave that knocked away all the snakes and Karai with one powerful flick. He looked around to see the students and teachers fending off their attack as Karai slowly walked towards him. "Everyone is giving it their all.... The heroes are doing their best to protect themselves and others from villains like you... And we will win..." Karai twirled her blade as she got closer and closer to the kneeling Deku.

"And what makes you so sure of that fool?"

"Heroes have always prevailed over villains... And I intend to continue this tradition every single day I'm a hero..." Karai looked at him, scowling. "I want to be just like him..." Deku pointed towards All-Might, who slowly began to overpower Shredder, causing Karai to become angered. "I want to be just like him... For that I have to be strong... To be someone that people can depend on... That's what being a hero is all about!" Karai angrily raised her blade over Deku's head, ready to bring her blade down on him. "THAT'S WHY HEROES WILL ALWAYS DEFEAT THE VILLAINS!" Karai swung her blade down at Midoriya, ready to take his head off. In one swift motion however, Midoriya summoned all the strength left in his left arm and swung upwards. "Detroit Smash!!!" Deku's fist connected with Karai's chin, sending her flying several into the air. The resulting uppercut shattered several windows in the surround area, glass shards dropping to the ground. Deku looked at his left arm, noticing is was bruised, battered, and useless. He tilted his head upwards, to see a plummeting Karai pull out a small kunai, preparing to plunge it into his skull.

"That bitch! You're dead!" Karai yelled out as her battered body plummeted to the ground as Izuku prepared his arm for his final attack.

"I got one chance... I can't afford to mess it up!" Izuku planted one of his feet into the ground as he took a step forward as Karai dropped right in front of him, the ninja warrior summoning the remainder of her strength to stab him, however she did not know what was to come next. Several red bright red lines began to glow throughout his entire body as large sparks of electricity ran through him once again, practically bouncing off of him. The sparks ran throughout his entire body as he thrusted his fist forward for his final attack. Plus ultra...

1000000 Percent Delaware Detroit Smash Anime by ApexUtopia

"1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash!!!"

Midoriya's fist slammed into Karai's face with incredible force. The punch caused her head to turn before being sent flying through the school walls and colliding into one of the buildings outside of the school. Deku fell onto one of his knees, gripping his right arm as stinging burning pain ran throughout his entire body. He noticed the large blood stain on the school walls but paid no attention to it as he sustained too many injuries to make this a huge concern. Karai remained barely conscious as he body was bloody and battered as she weakly reached her arm out before it dropped to her side. Several Foot Ninja rushed to her side and picked her up and carried her away. In the distance, Deku could see All-Might standing victorious over Shredder. He let out a tiny smirk before falling unconscious. 


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Midoriya's head shot up, he began panting heavily as he checked out his settings. The last thing I remember seeing is All-Might Where am I now? 

"Ah I see you're finally awake." Izuku turned his head to the voice, to see a doctor and All-Might standing there.

"Where am I?" Izuku asked, rubbing his head.

"You're in the hospital. Your injuries were severe and you were rushed here immediately after the battle" The doctor said calmly as he looked at his clipboard. "I suggest taking it easy for a while Midoriya, let your body heal." Deku rubbed his bandaged arm, before he turned to an untransformed All-might standing there as the doctor left the room.

"A-All-Might! Are you alright?!" Toshinori quietly walked towards him and raised his arm.

Good gif by Trident346

"How could you be so stupid?! Don't you remember what happened last time when you used all you power?!" All-Might began to yell out as blood spewed from his mouth. Deku panicked as he waved his arm frantically as All-Might yelled at him to create a comedic moment. After several moments everything calmed down.

"It was the only way to defeat her! Wasn't that what you taught me? That heroes would always prevail over villains? To do whatever it costs to make sure villainy never rises?" All-might sighed, knowing that he did in fact imply that at one point or another. "What happened during the battle?" All-Might slowly rose his head as he looked at Deku in the eye.

"It turns out the people attacking us are known as the Foot Clan. We were able to capture many of their powerful soldiers, even captured the leader of the clan, Oroku Saki." All-Might calmly said as he looked at a worrying Deku.

"What about that ninja girl?" Izuku asked sternly as he rubbed his bandaged shoulder. All-Might's eyebrow raised in confusion.

"Ninja girl? what are you talking about?"

"I was going to help you in your brawl against that bulky guy when this girl stopped me and we fought... And it resulted in this... She claimed she was that Shredder guy's daughter." Deku motioned to his bruised and battered body. All-might rubbed his chin before looking back at Deku.

"In our arrests we didn't have a single person have some sort of blood relation to Saki..." Deku sighed as he looked out the window towards the night sky.

"Looks like we still have a problem then."

"Indeed we do.."

"Raph this is absolutely amazing!" A man in a hockey mask yelled out as he sucked punched a man across the face alongside a human sized turtle wearing a red bandanna. The turtle picked up the purse as the man ran away from the two vigilantes. 

"You said it Casey!" The ninja turtle known as Raphael yelled out as he tossed the hand bag to its rightful owner. The two walked down the street casually, walking by dozens of people. "In this world, nobody fears us! They just think we're some sorta Pro-Hero or whatever they call it!" Raph happily said as the two friend walked down an alleyway. Casey walked into the alleyway first towards the manhole cover.

"It's a shame that we'll have to go back to old fashioned New York of our universe huh Raph?" Casey suddenly noticed the abrupt silence, sure it was normal thing for a ninja. But at least they gave him a warning or grabbed or something! Casey spun around to Raph lying flat on his stomach with this man garbed in red and holding a large steel bad with his foot planted on his shell. "What the hell?!-" Casey yelled out, pulling out a baseball bat.

"C-Casey.... R-Run and g-get the others.... S-Save yourself..." Raph weakly called out before his face met the bottom of his attacker's boot. The man approached Casey Jones, gripping the hilt of his blade tightly.

"You two are fake heroes. Only in it for glory and fame. I must rid the world of you. The world only needs real heroes..." the man said as his tongue licked the blood off of the blade.

"Casey! You nut job! I told you to run!" Raph called out, tears welling up in his eyes as he worried about his dear friend.

"And I'm about to tell you this Raphy boy! Casey Jones doesn't abandon his friends or those in need! And right now pal you fit into both categories!" Casey yelled out, gripping his bat tightly with both of his hands. "Now who the hell are you whack job?!" The man simply smirked as he stopped dead in his tracks.

"I'm the Hero Killer."

DBX: Izuku Midoriya vs Karai
Thanks to :iconcallmeknuckles: , :iconapexutopia: , and :iconspykrueger: for helping me with this fight! Couldn't have done it without them!
Ddd Vs Dk by Trident346

Trident: Nintendo! One of the most widely known gaming companies!

Epsilon: They've already made such iconic characters such as the plumber Mario and the hero of Dreamland Kirby!

Grif: But Nintendo has developed other characters as well, albeit a little less cool. You ever hear about a meme?

Washington: This battle is the dumbest idea we've ever done... of all time.

Epsilon: King Dedede, the King of Dreamland.

Grif: Donkey Kong, the hoarder of bananas and the one with the massive dong.

Trident: I'm Trident.

Epsilon: I'm Epsilon.

Grif: I'm Grif.

Wash: And I'm Agent Washington.

Trident: And it's our job to determine who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!

Vs Ddd Vs Dk by Trident346

Dkmp8 by Zacmariozero


-Real Name: Donkey Kong III
-Aliases: DK; Donkey Kong; D. Kong; The King of Swing; The 'Thrilla' Gorilla; The Prime Primate; The Leader of the Bunch; Bigger, Faster, and Stronger too; The first member of the DK Crew
-Age: Should be similar to Mario's age, so likely 24 years old.
-First Appearance: Technically, his first appearance was in Donkey Kong Country (1994); However, the name "Donkey Kong" was first used in the 1981 arcade game of the same name.


-Served as one of Nintendo's very first mascots and villains.
-Involved in regular conflicts with the likes of Super Mario.
-Due to his possession of the Crystal Coconut, he is destined to become the future ruler of Kongo-Bongo island.
-To protect his prized Banana Horde, Donkey Kong has defeated....
--The Kremlings and their leader, King K. Rool.
--Ghastly King
--The Snowmads
--Lord Fredrik
--The Tiki Tak Tribe
-During Kamek's mass-kidnapping of various Baby-versions of Mario Mascots, Baby Donkey Kong joined Team Yoshi to help save them.
-Protected DK Isle from King K. Rool's Blast-O-Matic with help from his friends.
-Successfully stole all of Mario's "Mini-Mario" toys for a long period of time.
--After Mario reclaimed all of those toys and forgave Donkey Kong, the latter was employed to the company...
---... Before kidnapping Mario's then-girlfriend, Pauline, when she rejected Donkey Kong's "Mini-Donkey Kong" toy.
-Is a professional Bongo Player, whether he uses them offensively or not.
-Reclaimed all of the Festival Medals from King K. Rool.
-Retrieved all five Crystal Bananas.
-Has participated in various Mario sports, Mario Kart, and party games.
-Is a Smash Bros veteran throughout the series.
-Participated in Punch-Out, where he fought and lost to Little Mac.


-Most famously, Donkey Kong punched a small Moon out of orbit and down to Earth.
--This feat was calculated to get him to Country Level (…)
-Stronger than Yoshi, who kicked Raphael the Raven hard enough to turn him into a constellation.
-Merely slamming his fists against the ground can generate small tremors.
--Using this same technique can also destroy a large slab of stone in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
--This technique can also result in massive shockwaves.
-Has overpowered (possibly) stronger characters, like Sumo Kong.
-When he claps, a shockwave can be produced. 
-When playing baseball, Donkey Kong uses his fists rather than a bat.
-Should be comparable to some of Mario's heaviest hitters, like Wario or Bowser, though the powerscaling here is unknown.
-Tossed Rabbid Peach high into the air, and sent her flying with a mere high-five.

Donkey-kong-country-returns-boss-o by Zacmariozero


-The speed of Donkey Kong's Moon-moving punch got 48,487.9143 m/s or mach 142.49 (…).
--This feat would make Donkey Kong Massively Hypersonic, but on the lower end of the scale.
-Can avoid the aforementioned meteors shot at him by K. Rool. 
--Meteors, after entering orbit, can hit speeds ranging from 11 km/sec to 72 km/sec (25,000 mph to 160,000 mph), or mach 32 to mach 208.
---These feats would either make Donkey Kong mid-to-low Hypersonic, or in the middle of the Massively Hypersonic Scale.
-Can punch an opponent so fast, his fists will catch fire via igniting the hydrogen in the air.
-His speed can be increased with Barrel Cannons and his jet-powered bongos.

bAYhCs by Zacmariozero


-Since Donkey Kong's arm didn't vaporize into a red mist when he hit the Small Moon, his durability should also be Country Level.
--This is due to Newton's 3rd Law, where every force has an equal but opposite reaction.
-Additionally, Donkey Kong survived a banana-filled explosion that launched him into orbit.
-In Donkey Kong 64, he can endure being shot out of a makeshift barrel cannon multiple times.
--Can survive falling from the sky and to the ground afterwards.
-Can survive massive meteors being thrown at him by a more powerful version of King K. Rool. The PowerCrunch Project calculated this feat as being Town Level.
-Survived atmospheric re-entry while fighting and after defeating Ghastly King, all the while he was standing on a meteor.
-Whilst piloting a large robot when fighting Mario, he survived being electrocuted various times.

Donkey Kong swinging DKC by Zacmariozero

Other Traits:

-Donkey Kong is an exceptionally good vine-swinger and swimmer.
--He is also generally acrobatic.
-In Donkey Kong Country Returns and Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong can breath in space, meaning that he does not need oxygen to survive.

6R3kT1 by Zacmariozero


-Stupid, but not a complete idiot.
--Though he can speak decent English, it usually comes with him referring to himself in third-person.
---He also has developed his own language of monkey noises.
-His only motivation to get out and go on an adventure is when his beloved Banana Horde is missing.
-He's so dumb, it is impossible to mind-control him, as the Tiki Tak Tribe learned the hard way.
-Despite this, he can fashion weapons out of everyday objects, like turning oranges into grenades.
-He also knows how to drive and play sports.
-Personality-wise, Donkey Kong is extremely lazy, but he loves to exercise.
Punch-Out DK audience by Zacmariozero
-Seems to have knowledge in the art of preparation, as he seems to have prepared for his fight with Little Mac via watching his fights in the crowd.


D1d by Zacmariozero

Fighting Style:

-Donkey Kong mainly fights with his fists without thinking much.
--Relies solely on brute strength, but smarter fighters could get the better of him (Provided their strength is on-par or superior to DK's).
--Most of his punches and attacks come out at blinding speeds.
-In Punch-Out, one of his preferred methods of attack was taunting. If someone punched him while he was doing this, then he would counter with a punch.

DKBarrelroll by Zacmariozero


-Donkey Kong tumbles forward and runs over the opponent.

Donkey-kong-jungle-beat-dk-clap-artwork-big by Zacmariozero


-One of Donkey Kong's most famous techniques.
-In combat, can be used to squash opponents or generate a massive shockwave.
-The stronger version of this attack, the Sound Wave attack, can stun enemies.
KYlE4b by Zacmariozero
-Can destroy an incoming wave of meteors.

SuperDuperSimianSlam by Zacmariozero

Super Duper Simian Slam:

-The most powerful variant of the Simian Slam
-Donkey Kong belly-flops onto the ground, which creates a tiny shockwave.
-Can be used to defeat enemies and open switches.

Donkeykong by Zacmariozero

Ground Slam:

-Donkey Kong strikes the ground with his palms.
-This can cause miniature tremors, send shockwaves outwards, and can destroy solid stone.
200px-DonkeyKongDown2-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's first variant, the focused slap, produces smaller shockwaves, but can stun opponents.
200px-DonkeyKongDown3-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's second variant, the hot slap, can create small flame pillars that can hit airborne fighters.

Donkey Kong Giant Punch SSBM by Zacmariozero

Giant Punch:

-Donkey Kong winds up for a few moments, before punching forward with extreme force.
--It was strong enough to launch Diddy Kong across the horizon.
Yxxzx5 by Zacmariozero
-Can rapid-fire uncharged versions of these punches.
200px-DonkeyKongNeutral2-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's first variant, the Lightning Punch. It charges faster and can emit electricity, but it's weaker.
200px-DonkeyKongNeutral3-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's second variant, the Storm Punch. It generates a massive tornado once he punches.

800px-Headbutt SSB4 by Zacmariozero


-Donkey Kong slams his head against the opponent.
-He can move his head at similar speeds to his fists, as he once rapid-fire headbutted a giant egg held by a giant bird.
200px-DonkeyKongSide2-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's first variant, the jumping headbutt, buries opponents for a shorter time after headbutting them in the air.
200px-DonkeyKongSide3-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's second variant, the stubborn headbutt, takes longer but it can absorb damage without stopping.

800px-SpinningKongSSB4 by Zacmariozero

Spinning Kong:

-Donkey Kong spins like a top with his arms outstretched. He can also use this to gain horizontal and a little vertical recovery.
200px-DonkeyKongUp2-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's first variant, the Chopper Kong, gains more vertical recovery, but deals no damage.
200px-DonkeyKongUp3-SSB4 by Zacmariozero
-It's second variant, the Kong Cyclone, sucks opponents in before punching them.

Dksmsc by Zacmariozero

Electricity control:

-In Mario Strikers, Donkey Kong can gather electricity in his arms.
--This can be used in conjunction with his clapping attacks.


DKCoconutShooter by Zacmariozero

Coconut Shooter:

-A single-barreled shotgun fashioned from a tree log. 
-A gift from Funky Kong.
-Can carry up to 50 rounds.
--The strongest type of ammo he has are red, homing coconuts.

Orange by Zacmariozero

Orange Grenades:

-Exactly as they sound.

Dkkeg by Zacmariozero


-Come in various varieties, such as..
--Normal Barrels
--Blue Barrels (Faster versions of the normal barrels)
--Explosive TNT Barrels
--Steel Barrels
--Boost barrels, which DK can hop into and ride.
--Fuel barrels
--! Barrels, which grant invincibility
--The Mega TNT Barrel, which will cause other TNT barrels to appear over the head of racers.
-Typically used for throwing or for riding.

DKBongo by Zacmariozero


-Donkey Kong's instrument of choice.
-When played, can induce three kinds of shockwaves...
--The first one is a weak, small shockwave that reels in opponents. This occurs if Donkey Kong does not play to the beat of a song.
--The second one is a stronger, larger shockwave that launches opponents. This occurs if Donkey Kong plays to the beat of a song.
--The final one is a shockwave shaped like the DK logo, which kills all enemies nearby. This occurs when Donkey Kong plays his own beat.

DKBarrelblast by Zacmariozero

Jet-Barrel Bongos:

-Bongos built with a jet-engine inside of them
-To move them, Donkey Kong plays the Bongos attached to the front of it.

GiantBanana by Zacmariozero

Giant Banana:

-In Mario Kart Double Dash, this can be used to trip opponents.
-In the Mario/Rabbids Crossover, it can be used as a boomerang.

Mlm dk by Zacmariozero

Mini Donkey Kong:

-A toy designed by Donkey Kong.
-Though not designed for combat, if they obtain a Fire Flower, they will be able to shoot fire rapidly.

Mqdefault by Zacmariozero

Banana Phone:

-A walkie-talkie/phone fashioned from a Banana.

Hqdefault by Zacmariozero

Giant Robot:

-A robot DK built for the sole purpose of defeating Mario.
-Mainly attacks using it's giant fists to cause debris to fall from the sky.
-Can backfire via being hit by a barrel, which will result in Donkey Kong being electrocuted.

545px-Donkey Kong - SkylandersSuperChargers illust by Zacmariozero

Barrel Blaster:

-Donkey Kong's main vehicle in the Skylander games.
-Can be used both on ground and in the air.

Donkey Kong 3 by Zacmariozero

The Crystal Coconut:

-Though never directly used as a weapon, it is one of the most powerful items in the Donkey Kong universe.
-It possesses various abilities, such as..
--Healing wounds.
--A person can look into it and see whatever they wish.
--It has a Spider-Sense-like feature, where it can warn the Kongs of impending danger.
--Users can teleport in an astral form, but they must teleport back to the Crystal Coconut's location.

Alternate Forms: 

Strong Kong by Zacmariozero

Strong Kong:

-When hopping into a Kong Barrel with Donkey Kong's face on it, DK becomes somewhat transparent and invincible.
-Relies on Crystal Coconuts to last.

Hqdefault (2) by Zacmariozero


-Stupidity can be a hindrance at times.
--This is likely due to the deformation of his skull. Donkey Kong's hair curl isn't just hair, it's a part of his skull.
--He once followed a treasure map that he didn't know he made until he found the stockpile of bananas it led to.
--During a fit of amnesia, he also was once convinced that he was a crocodile, despite lacking all of the physical characteristics of a crocodile.
-He's also extremely lazy and, if it doesn't involve his banana horde, he doesn't like to work very hard.
-Usually uses his fists before anything else.
-His strength correlates with the amount of hair on his head, meaning that, if he gets a haircut, he loses his power.
-The amount of orange grenades, coconuts, and Crystal Coconuts he can have are not infinite.
--The Crystal Coconuts, in particular, can be lost if Donkey Kong uses the Strong Kong form for too long.

tumblr mdr43hJtQd1rrftcdo1 400 by Zacmariozero

"Hey Inka! Ring-a-ding-ding. It's me, DK, the future ruler of Kongo Bongo! We've got business to discuss."

Kingdedede by Trident346

King Dedede:

-First Appearance: Kirby's Dream land
-Species: Penguin 


-Has fought Kirby and survived to tell the tale
-Stole all of Dream land's food supply in one night with his army
-Broke the magical star rod into seven pieces
-Trapped nightmare in the fountain of dreams
-Stole four of the sparkling stars
-Helped collect the pieces to rebuild Magolor's ship with Kirby and friends
-Later helped defeat Magolor when he was revealed to be the villain
-Assisted Kirby in defeating Queen Sectonia
--Actually beat the base form of the Queen Sectonia
-Has defeated both Shadow Dedede and Dark Meta knight by himself
-Main villain of the show Kirby: Right back at ya!
--Until the movie
-Somehow rules an army and is the King of Dream Land
-(Kirby: Right back at ya) Had a prophetic dream foretelling the end of the world
-(Kirby: Right back at ya) Took advantage of the town's hatred of him in order to trick them into putting on a fireworks show
-(Kirby: Right back at ya) Staged his own crucifixion in an attempt to get Kirby
-(Kirby: Right back at ya) Once created a TV show, about himself
-(Smash Bros. Brawl) Defeated Bowser 


Related image


-Carries a giant mallet around at all times
--Can hop high in the air like he's carrying nothing
-Able to launch foes into the air so high that they seemingly vanish with a single swing with his hammer
-Noted by the Haltmann Works Company as One of the strongest life-forms on the planet
-Saves Kirby from a planet sized monster
-Throws Kirby at seven tiny thieves so hard that he knocks them into a ditch
-Swung his hammer so hard, it launched Luigi sky high
-Easily busts through volcanic rock, stone pillars, and large boulders
-Very casually busts through several metal doors
-Capable of making shockwaves by slamming the ground with a hammer
-Makes shockwaves just by jumping and landing on the ground
-Cut down an entire forest in a single night
-Sends a coffin lid flying with a swing
-Clobbers someone into the ground
-Kicks down a locked door
-Dents walls and stone pillars in his fights with Kirby
-Once held up a monster that crashed through 36 layers of his castle
-Caused Gordos to fall from the ceiling just from stopping
-One single swing can level a building
-Able to hurt Magalor

25322 by Trident346


-Despite his size, actually quite agile
-Keeps up with Kirby on the warp star
--Warp star travels faster than light
-Can keep up with ol' Kirby in a race
-Leaps several feet in the air
-Bounces around like a fat sonic
-Able to keep up with Meta Knight, a quick and agile fighter

25fwesf4 by Trident346


-Has fought Kirby several times and survived
--Kirby is shown to be able to destroy entire planets with a single chop
-Has been knocked miles into the sky many many MANY times throughout the series
-Was present at a planet-sized explosion and still came out fine
-Got hit by a barrage of huge lasers
-One laser could take down the Halberd
-Had his stomach torn open while he was possessed
--Perfectly fine afterwards 
-Can endure being shot out of a cannon and going through several layers of rock
-Survives getting struck by lightning, getting frozen solid, and getting knocked into the sky
-Can withstand being crushed and buried under loads of weight
-Can withstand a ton of heat
-Survived a house fire, as seen Here
--Also survived the house collapsing on him
-Not seriously injured from large explosions

King-dedede-super-smash-bros-for-wii-u-and-3ds-84 by Trident346


-Not necessarily evil
-Despite his greed and selfishness, he sometimes has pure intentions
--The only reason he stole the star rod was to hide it from nightmare
-Seemingly on friendly terms with Kirby
--Proven by his happiness upon seeing kirby in Subspace Emissary and his willingness to help out Kirby
--Also shown when he found out Kirby wasn't actually dead in Kirby: Right back at ya!
-Questionable on how he actually rules Dream Land
-Invented the Dedede Badge, which will restore a fighter from their trophy state to their original form
-Has created several weapons
-Somehow good at playing chess
-Actually respects the pink puffball, but doesn't show it
-Jealous of Kirby, basically cause of how everyone likes and respects him
--Give Dedede some love


Image result for king dedede flying


-Trained for countless hours to perfect this technique after seeing Kirby do it
-Can spit out the air to damage enemies
--Known as the air pellet technique
--But cannot attack any other way while in the air
-Able to hover in air for about a second
-Somehow decides where he attacks mid-air

56778 by Trident346


-Can swim for a long period of time
-Seemingly doesn't need air underwater
--Either that or he can hold his breath for a loooong time

452523432 by Trident346


-Inhales and sucks anything in his mouth several feet in front of him
-Spits out his enemies after inhaling them with deadly force
--Can spit out Kirby CASUALLY into space

Image result for king dedede ground pound gif

Ground Pound:

-Jumps into the air before slamming back into the ground, causing shockwaves
-Cracks the ground on impact
-Can spin for greater damage output
-Able to do quicker ground pounds, giving up strength for speed

Image result for dedede smash gif

Slide Attack:

-Slides towards the opponent
-Actually started as him tripping and sliding towards his opponent


-Once he's finally taken enough punishment he can access this form
-Attacks deal more damage in this form
-Can actually move while inhaling
--Spits them back out with even greater damage output
-Can jump several feet in the air, and does a belly flop, dealing damage
--somehow causes an explosion
-Hammer attacks become even MORE powerful

Magical Might:

-Has been shown to destroy several magical objects
-As seen when he destroy the star rod into seven de-powered copies
-Can use lightning bolts to destroy tech, as seen Here
-Can teleport, as seen Here
--It is shown to hurt him though

342345 by Trident346

Giant Swing:

-Jumps and spins his hammer in the air

89yr4iu89 by Trident346

Triple Hammer:

-Smacks his hammer into the ground three times in quick succession

34243 by Trident346

Hammer Flip:

-Charges up, surrounding his hammer in flames and swings
-Very powerful, but must always charge it up

423 by Trident346

Beam shot:

-A charged up attack, when used fires a beam of energy that shoots out of his mallet
-Can the direction he fires in

3213213 by Trident346

Hammer Nail:

-Smack his hammer into the ground
-Able to destroy stone, wood, and giant nails
-At full health, can fire off a wave of red energy for extra damage output


-Inhales enemies and spits them out as stars
-Has two variations
--Dedede storm creates cyclone from King Dedede's mouth that pulls foes in, hits them repeatedly and launches them upward 
--Taste Test quickly inhales the opponent and spits them out just as quickly

Gordo Toss:

-Throws a Gordo dealing damage
--But if opponents attack it with the right timing, they can hit it back
-Has two variations
--Topspin Gordo moves slowly at first, but after it's first bounce moves incredibly fast
--Bouncing Gordo bounces back and forth, last a long time but doesn't have great damage output

Super Dedede Jump:

-Jumps several feet into the air, before crashing down into the ground, crushing anybody under him
-Has two variations
--Rising Dedede is basically the same thing except it attacks them while going up instead of down
--Quick Dedede Jump is a fast jump but doesn't go as fast and has a lower damage output

Jet Hammer:

-A charged up hammer swing that deals a huge amount of damage
--But charge it for too long and it explodes, causing self inflicted damage
-Has two variations
--Armored Jet Hammer gives Dedede super armor, but charging fully hurts him more along with doing less damage
--Dash Jet Hammer pushes you back while charging, but when you unleash it
 sends you flying forward when you attack


1158362 1356173169485 Full by Trident346


-He can cut rope with his hammer
--Yes, cuts Like a knife
-His swing can cool molten lava
-He can ignite his hammer at will
-His hammers explode when thrown
-Capable of making his hammer return to his hands like a boomerang
-Has a version of the hammer that can be thrown and explodes on contact
-Contains powerful jet on the inside
--Like the prize inside a cracker jack box, but much better
--Can be charged up to smack opponents sky high
--If he charges it too much, it will explode and damage him
-Has a seemingly infinite amount of these
-A new one can be pulled from hammer space
-One swing can level a building

2305479 by Trident346

Mechanized hammer and Mask:

-Known as Masked Dedede
-increases his power while wearing said mask
-Hammer is capable of producing electrical shockwaves
-Can still use his inhale ability, but must lift up mask in order to do so
-Contains a flamethrower and missile launcher inside said hammer
-Shown in Here and Here

Tumblr Inline Nfzokfyf6p1rjw2mu by Trident346

Tarnanza's Giant Axe:

-Gained while he was mind-controlled by Tarnanza
-Gained a power boost, but unknown how big it was
-Easily destroyed two stone statues
-Can produce energy blasts capable of destroying stone pillars
-Can create fire and ice seen in Here and Here
-Capable of deflecting magic
-Can twirl around in the air like a tornado 

Maxresdefault (4) by Trident346

Robo Dedede:

-A giant robot built by Dedede which can be piloted
-Able to fire missiles 
-Can move at fairly impressive speeds, as seen Here

Star Rod Hammer:

-Incredibly huge, larger than his hammer and mecha hammer
-Created from the Star Rod
-Possesses some of the rod's magical abilities 
-Shoots out balls of energy
--Able to shoot out ten balls of energy all at once
--Said balls explode on contact
-Can lock onto enemies and home into them
-Can ground pound so hard that it creates shockwaves
-Can also create shockwaves with his hammer
-Can charge up and create a mini explosion with his hammer
--Slowly travels towards the foe, but has somewhat low range
-Gives Dedede a massive sped boost
--Quickly smacks his hammer at least ten times in rapid succesion
--Deal five quick ground pounds
-Can still do the slide attack and still attack afterwards
-Can actually levitate for a few brief seconds after his spin attack
--Will still get dizzy afterwards
-Can increase his size with the hammer to grow bigger
-Can create two smaller clones of himself, known as combo Dedede
--Can take a bit more damage than the team 64 Dededes before being destroyed

Related image

Team 64:

-One of the coolest abilities the star rod hammer possesses 
-Can create 63 smaller clones of himself
-Use the exact same attacks as the king himself

-Not as durable though, as they get destroyed in a single hit

Meta Knight's just over there in the corner pretending to not know that fruit loop Dedede XD


-Vulnerable to mind control and possession, as it is shown many, many, MANY times throughout the series
-Has yet to defeat Kirby
-While not exactly stupid, isn't a genius either
-Some of Dedede’s monsters like to do whatever the hell they want on occasion 
--Really shows in the anime
-Some of Dedede’s minions don’t really do anything 
--One monster straight up just sits around and sleep
-If we scale Kirby’s side to all these enemies they are extremely lacking in the height department
-Thinks of himself highly
-Gordos can be reflected back at him, damaging him
-Can get dizzy, leaving him open
-Cannot suck in large objects

58d by Trident346

"Get ready Dream Land! 'Cause it's magic time!"

Prelude: One Big Meme
Sorry no dialogue this time bby

Just thought this would be fine

Thx to :iconzacmariozero: for his DK bio

U.A. High School

Smoke filled the once bright blue sky in Musutafu, Japan. Eraser Head blocked an incoming katana strike from a warrior garbed in black, easily knocking the warrior to the ground with a single strike. "Where are these men coming from? It's wave after wave of ninjas!" Eraser Head barely managed to evade a few arrows coming directly towards him.

"It doesn't matter! We must protect the students!" Snipe called out, shooting down dozens of ninja warriors from above. Out of nowhere however, two giant animals barged through the U.A. High School walls. What they appeared to look like was a giant rhino and a giant warthog coming straight for the Pro Heroes.

"What the hell is th-" Cementoss began to say before he was suddenly cut off by the mutant Rhino, getting easily knocked to the floor.

Rocksteady let out an obnoxious laugh, pulling out his sledgehammer. "You jokers call yourself heroes? I've seen better heroes from the dumpster!" Rocksteady swung his hammer towards Blood Hero: Vlad King, although the hero quickly side-stepped from the attack and was preparing for an attack, until a chainsaw was suddenly driven through his chest, causing blood and guts to spew onto the school grounds. The remaining heroes looked on in horror as the former pro hero fell to his knees, falling to the ground with a THUD. The mutant warthog known as Bebop laughed manically, before chest bumping with his bud Rocksteady. 

"Haha! Did you see that Rock?! I destroyed that fool in no time!" 

"You got that Bebop!" Rocksteady readied his sledgehammer, standing side by side with Bebop. "NOW! TIME TO DESTROY THESE "HEROES"!" Then the two charged towards the rest of the heroes.

Inside U.A. High School

The students of the hero school were all together in the eating area of the school, being guarded by Ectoplasm and Power Loader. "Do not worry children, the fighting will cease soon en-" However mid-sentence, blood began gushing from Ectoplasm's chest, causing the hero to fall to his knees. Power Loader gasped in shock, trying to locate the villain who caused his fellow hero such pain. Suddenly, Power Loader felt a powerful pain in his chest, causing the hero to scream in pain. Power Loader began to fall forward, only to be grabbed/caught by the head. The hero looked up, expecting one of his fellow heroes to catch him, but what he got instead was a man garbed in silver armor, a menacing silver helmet, and a menacing glare. 

"W-Who... W-Who are y-you?" The man simply said nothing, using his free hand to jab his Tekkō-kagi Claw through the hero's forehead. Power Loader's face was filled with shock and pain as blood spewed from his head. The students looked on in horror as the formerly alive hero's body fell lifelessly to the ground. 

The man walked towards the students slowly, causing the heroes in training to step back in fear. Izuku Midoriya managed to yell out "What are you doing here?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" Shredder stuck out his claws as he inched closer and closer to the students.

"Heroes are no longer needed." The man menacingly said, stepping forward and preparing to jab his claw into the defenselessness Midoriya. A massive arm suddenly grabbed the villain's gauntlet, catching him off-guard. Izuku had a small smile on his face, looking at his favorite hero and mentor, saving him once again.


"There is nothing else to fear young Midoriya! ALL-MIGHT is here!" All-Might casually swung his arm, throwing the villain and embedding him into the wall. All-Might turned back to the students, showing them a big smile. "There's nothing to worry about! Please find somewhere safe to hide!" The students complied, quickly dashing out of the eating area as the villain pulled himself out of the concrete wall, small pieces of rubble falling to the ground. 

"Fool...You dare get in my way?!" The man pulled out a katana blade from scabbard on his back. All-Might simply crossed his arms, showing a sing of intense anger.

"What gives you the right to take lives? Who do you think you are?" 

The man cackled, twirling his katana blade before pointing it towards the number one hero. "I am the Shredder. And I'll be the last thing you'll ever see before your demise!" 

AllMightVsTheShredderHereWeGoForTrident1 by Trident346


Shredder leapt forward towards All-Might, swinging his blade with force and precision. All-Might quickly reacted however, readied his arm for a powerful swing. All-Might swung his arm towards the Foot Clan leader but due to his ninja training he was easily able to dodge the strike, causing All-might to smash his fist into the concrete floor. Large chunks of the floor erupt from the ground, the chunks of stone flew into the air, which made take a huge leap backwards. His strength his impressive, in no way I can compare.... Unless... Shredder shook his head, gripping the handle of his blade with two hands No, that is a last resort. If he is too strong too be out muscled, I will use my speed to overwhelm him. Shredder dashed towards All-Might, throwing several shuriken towards his foe. All-Might raised his arm to up to his face and rotated it vertically. The shuriken came into contact with Toshinori's arm, simply bouncing off.

"Hm... Interesting tactic! But it won't work against me!" All-Might easily blocked the incoming sword strike from Shredder with his arm, the blade shattered upon contact, the steel bits fell to the ground. Shredder quickly kicked All-Might across the face, causing the hero's head to turn. Shredder expected to draw a little  bit of blood by now, but what surprised when All-might turned back towards him with his huge smile still on his face.

"What are you?" Shredder asked in anger and confusion. All-Might simply let out a grunt, punching Saki in the face with incredible force. The resulting blow destroyed most of Shredder's helmet and sending him colliding into a wall. Shredder coughed up some blood as more begin to drip from his nose.

"I am All-Might! A symbol of peace! Protector of all those who are innocent! YIELD VILLAIN!" Shredder slumped against the wall, quietly taking out three kunai. 

"The Foot Clan will never yield to the likes of you fools!" Shredder tossed the three deadly projectiles at All-Might. The hero quickly ducked under the incoming projectiles and leapt into the air.

"Detroit Smash!" All-Might slammed his fist into the ground, causing several stone slabs to shoot out of the ground surrounding him. The Symbol of Peace darted his head around, trying to locate where his opponent has vanished. Where could have he gone? Suddenly All-Might felt something dig into his back before having a hand wrap around his throat.

"Die fool!" Shredder raised his free arm, preparing to dig his claw into All-might forehead, only to be intercepted by All-Might himself, grabbing him by the gauntlet and crushing it in his hand. All-might ripped the Foot Clan leader off of his back and began whirling Saki around before letting go after a couple of whirls. The resulting throw sent Shredder flying through the School walls. Shredder tumbled across the school grounds, the fighting between the Pro Heroes and Foot Clan still continuing in the background. Shredder slowly rose up, ripping off the one of his destroyed gauntlets and throwing it to the ground. All-Might soon leap out of the building and landed right in front of Shredder.

"It makes me sick knowing you'd willing try to hurt those children. The pain they endured today because of your actions?!" Shredder stood sternly across his opponent. Saki cracked his knuckles before crossing his arms similar to how Wolverine would.

"It's a small price to pay for the future. I cannot afford to have foolish children interfering with my plans." All-Might began grinding his teeth. 

How could one man be so heartless?

"I won't let you do that vile villain! Not while I still live!" All-Might sprint forward, leaving a dust cloud in his wake. Shredder quickly pulled out a staff, preparing himself for the incoming attack. Shredder quickly side-stepped the incoming punch, swinging the staff into Toshinori's chest. All-Might retaliated, attempting to strike Saki once again but the Shredder's speed proved troublesome. The Shredder appeared as a blur, striking All-Might from multiple different angles, although this did little to phase the Symbol of Peace. All-Might leapt into the air with a powerful leap, jumping up several feet. Shredder stared up at the rising All-Might, wondering why he would do such a thing until he realized what was coming. Shredder quickly pulled out a small circular object before dashing backwards, trying to outrun what All-Might was about to do. All-Might landed on the ground, causing several stone slabs to fly out of the ground as cracks began to form through the ground.

Shredder began destroying the incoming stone slabs coming his way, easily reducing them to rubble with several strikes. Shredder quickly pulled out several shurikens as he flipped over some debris, throwing them at the ground right in front of All-Might. All-Might simply grunted, "You arsenal has no effect on me villain!" Shredder let out a maniacal laugh as the shurikens began to glow red. All-Might quickly raised his arms to shield himself before he became consumed by the exploding shurikens.

"Fool. This was the only way it could ever end." Shredder began walking away from his opponent, only to stop dead in his tracks as he heard a hearty laugh. No, he couldn't have possibly survived that Shredder scowled as All-Might emerged from the explosion, his grin as big as ever and seemingly unharmed.

"You should know by now Shredder. NOTHING CAN STOP ALL-MIGHT FROM PROTECTING OTHERS!"  Shredder leapt at Toshinori, readying to plunge his claw into his body. The two foes began to grapple, with Shredder losing the strength test very quickly, his grip loosening. All-Might quickly lifted Shredder up, grabbing him by his arms and chucked him with all his strength. Shredder flew straight into one of the school ground's walls. He slammed into the concrete material, creating a small crater in the wall. The Leader of the Foot Clan attempted to move, only to find that his arm was stuck in the stone wall.

Saki spit up some blood as he began trying to search for something in his arsenal that might help him. "While your brute strength ans speed are impressive, they will not save you!" Shredder chucked a Thermite Grenade towards Toshinori, who easily side-stepped the incoming projectile. But while his head was turned he saw where the grenade was heading to... THE STUDENTS! All-Might began dashing towards the explosives as the students were dashing towards the exit. All-Might landed in front of the explosive, grabbing it and cupping it with his hands. The resulting explosion was small and contained within the palms of Toshinori's hands.

"You're not holding back anymore Saki." All-might calmly said while emerging behind the dust cloud he formed, the frightened fleeing students behind him. "I won't either this time." All-Might sprinted towards the weakened Shredder, sending pieces of rubble flying and creating a dust cloud in his wake. Oroku Saki did his best to pull his arm out of the stone but it was no use, his arm wouldn't budge.

"If I shall perish! I'll take one of you dogs down with me!" Shredder pulled out a blaster with his free arm, and began charging the shot. All-Might was closing the distance fast, inches soon became meters and meters soon became millimeters. Shredder raised up the rifle and pointed it directly at Toshinori's forehead as the hero was mere seconds away from striking him. "DIE!" A huge bright red blast hit All-Might point-blank in the face. Shredder was quite surprised when All-Might grabbed the rifle from his hands and crushed it with his bare hands. All-Might readied his fist as he stared angrily at the unfazed Shredder. All-Might clutched his hand together and reeled the fist back behind him, charging an enormous amount of air pressure as he finally charged forward and threw it all forward.


The resulting strike sent the weakened Shredder through the school walls with ease. Shredder was sent flying through several cars until his flight was cut short after he crashed through a nearby building outside the school, creating a huge hole in the wall as smoke came from it. "Father!" Karai cried out as she quickly dispatched of the her current opponent, kicking them away before running towards the building. Karai leapt inside and darted her head around trying to find her father. She soon found Shredder as a bloodied and beaten mess, trapped under some rubble.

"K-Karai...." Shredder weakly called out as he stuck out his arm. His daughter quickly rushed over. She attempted to move the piece of rubble that trapped her father but it was no use, he was stuck. Shredder motioned her to come close. He ran his hand across her cheek as he laid there dying. He pulled her closer and began to murmur something, to which Karai nodded and pulled out a cylinder container filled with a bright green liquid, causing Shredder to grunt. 

All-Might started to run back to help his former heroes fend off the attack, only to hear an incredibly loud yell filled with anger and hatred. No man could have gotten up from that blow so easily. All-Might stood sternly, as he heard footsteps echo throughout the block. The footsteps began getting louder as All-Might clutched his hand and readied his fist.

"You thought you saw the last of me All-might." The ominous voice called out. The footsteps continued to get louder and closer. All of a sudden the footsteps stopped and all remained silent, as the dust settled to reveal a shadow... floating? Suddenly a bright purple ball of energy shot out of the dust cloud heading straight towards All-Might. Toshinori quickly leapt  back, just barely dodging the incoming blast as it exploded upon contact with the ground. All-Might looked at the crater, his grin vanishing slightly as Shredder emerged from the smoke cloud. 

Is this a new form? Was he just holding back this entire time?! All-Might smile faded somewhat as he was about to face one of his toughest challenges yet. 

Super Shredder by Trident346


"NOW! THE TRUE BATTLE BEGINS!" Shredder yelled out furiously, pulling out a blade enveloped in some sort of dark purple energy, possibly due to the resulting mutation. Shredder charged towards All-Might, firing several blasts of energy towards Toshinori. All-Might dug his fist into the ground, picking up a stone slab and using it to block the incoming blasts. The piece of concrete crumbled in his hands, revealing Shredder leaping towards him, ready to dig his blade into All-Might's chest. Shredder slashed across Toshinori's chest, causing a line of red to appear on the hero's chest. All-Might grunted in pain, attempting to retaliate with another one of his strikes... Only to find out his body was not obeying him! He was paralyzed!

"W-What kind of Quirk is this?!" All-Might called out as Shredder approached him, gripping his blade tightly. Blood dripped from the katana as he got closer and closer to Toshinori.

"This form is far better than what your quirk allows you to do Toshinori. I'll show you what true power looks like All-Might!" Shredder backhanded All-Might, the resulting blow echoed throughout the city as Toshinori was sent flying across the school grounds. The Symbol of Peace stopped himself from going any further, digging his feet into the ground to stop the movement. All-Might's grin vanished from his face while he turned his head towards the students, many of who were still trying to escape, easily dealing with Foot Ninjas coming their way.

I must not let Saki get to the students or it's all over for everyone! All-Might thought to himself.

"This battle is over!" Saki stabbed his blade into the ground, flames erupting from the ground and heading straight for All-Might. Toshinori formed his arms into an X and performed a double-handed chop. "Carolina Smash!"
The strike caused a a powerful gust of air to blow towards Shredder and his path of flames. The flames were easily extinguished as Shredder dug his feet into the ground to prevent himself from being sent flying. Shredder raised his free arm into the air as a bright blue ball of energy began to form in his palm. All-Might dashed towards his foe as Shredder began firing blasts of lightning towards the hero. All-Might quickly darted from left to right, easily dodging several blasts from the Foot Clan leader. The electricity fizzled out upon making contact with the ground and quickly start pushing the limits of his speed trying to get closer to his foe. Shredder clutched his hand and made it into a fist, holding the hilt of his blade with two hands.

"Toshinori! This! Is! Over!!!" Shredder sprinted towards All-Might, dark energy literally surrounding his entire form at this point. Saki flipped into the air, his blade becoming overcharged with energy as it began to glow dark purple as All-Might readied his fist for another strike. The two were mere seconds away from each other as Shredder raised his blade to chop All-Might to pieces while Toshinori clutched his hand together and reeled the fist back behind him.

Image result for texas smash gif


Shredder's blade shattered when it met All-Might's fist, the result blow shattered it into bits. The small pieces of steel bounced onto the ground as the dark energy evaporated in the air. Shredder rolled onto the ground before bouncing back up, only the hilt of the blade remaining. Saki tossed it away in disgust, forming two balls of purple energy in his hands. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he dropped to his knees, a great pain forming in his chest. He gripped his chest tightly with his free hand while he looked up at Toshinori. "Shredder this is over! Surrender while you still can!"

"The Foot Clan will never surrender! Not even if I perish!" All-Might's face expression remained unchanged as he pulled his arm back and launched it forward with full force. Mere seconds before his fist connected with Shredder's chest however, a huge electrical blast emitted from Saki himself sent Toshinori flying backwards. All-Might pulled himself back up and looked back at Shredder, emerging with barely a scratch. Shredder stood menacingly, popping out his claws as electricity ran through his entire armor. 

"Another form Shredder? It doesn't matter... I'll simply break it down like last time!" Shredder simply said nothing as he rushed towards the hero. The true battle was about to begin!

Super Shredder 3 by Trident346


Shredder stuck his hand out during his mad dash towards the hero, letting electricity blast through his finger tips straight towards All-Might. Beams of electricity were easily leapt over by All-Might, the blasts creating small craters upon making contact with the ground. Shredder dragged his claws on the ground, creating a trail of sparks behind him as he leapt at All-Might. Saki clutched his hand together and reeled the fist back behind him, electricity running through his claw. Shredder slashed at All-Might, causing a huge surge of electricity to knock the hero backwards. This didn't keep the Symbol of Peace down for long however, digging his feet into the ground. "Missouri Smash!" The two slashed at each other, sparks flying with each one of Shredder's strikes. Saki rolled onto the ground, stopping himself by digging his claw into the ground, rubble being sent flying in the process. The Foot Clan leader fell onto one of his knees as All-Might approached him slowly, clenching his fist. "You have no right to take the lives of innocents! I'm ending this now!!"  All-Might reeled his fist back and thrusted his fist forward, seconds away from obliterating this villain. However upon making contact with Shredder's chest, a huge powerful shock began overwhelming All-Might, sending him to his knees. "W-What.. What kind of power is this?"

"Just new power of this new form... Among many others.." Shredder walked around All-Might, who was on his knees. Smoke coming off of his body, All-Might was grunting in pain as he slowly rose up. Shredder quickly popped out his claw, slashing All-Might across the face which caused him to fall back to the ground. All-Might shot his hand upwards, grabbing Shredder by the head and leaping into the air. Saki struggled to pull All-Might off of him, due to the huge difference in strength despite the two form changes.

"It is over villain! Time to end this!" All-Might started storing up all his strength as the two began descending to the ground. Flames began to surround to the two as the two started to accelerate fast and faster towards the ground. All-Might whirled his body around before chucking Shredder with all his might into the pavement, causing a huge dust cloud to form as stones flew everywhere. Shredder was barely fazed as he slowly rose up from up from his knees until he heard a faint sound from Toshinori. "New Hampshire Smash!" Shredder turned back to see All-Might blasting himself towards Shredder. Saki attempted to leap out of the way but he was too late, Toshinori slammed his body into Shredder and crushed Shredder into the ground. All-Might pulled himself off of the ground to see Shredder buried in rubble, lying completely motionless. "Your tyranny is over Saki. Never show your face here ever again." Shredder's eyes suddenly shot open as his claw shot out of the rubble, electricity bursting through the Tekkō-kagi Claws.

"Toshinori! You are fool.... Clinging to the little hope you still have!" Shredder 
angrily yelled out as his armor began bursting with electricity, surrounding him in a bright blue aura. "I will show you the true meaning of pain! I will show you why they call me the Shredder!" Shredder had a sudden burst of speed, leaving a small blood trail behind him. All-Might grunted, preparing his body and a fist as Shredder got closer and closer. Shredder swung his claw at Toshinori who barely managed to dodge the attack, the claw grazing his shoulder. All-Might quickly uppercutted Saki into the air before leaping up as Saki was beginning his descent and thrusted his fist forward to knock Shredder to the ground. However Shredder was prepared as he rotated his body enough to barely dodge the incoming strike. "I have you now fool!" Shredder's claws suddenly began to burst with electricity as he slashed at All-Might's shoulder, causing him to grunt in pain. Shredder began slashing continuously into All-Might's chest, blood and sparks dripping to the ground. All-Might let out an angered scream as Shredder reeled his arm back, ready to deal the killing blow. Shredder thrusted his claw forward as All-Might clutched his hand together and reeled the fist back behind him, charging an enormous amount of air pressure as he finally charged forward and threw it all forward. 

"PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!"

Toshinori's fist slammed into Shredder's claw, completely obliterating it claw as the sparks on his arm fizzled out. All-Might took advantage of the current situation as the two fell to the ground and the destruction of one of Shredder's gauntlets. He grabbed Shredder by the arm and pulled him in close and readied his other arm. He began rapidly punching Saki in the face, causing his helmet to slowly come apart with each strike. All-Might looked at Shredder one last time, his face bloodied and his helmet quickly dismantled. His armor began to fizz out, the electricity began to disappear as the two were mere seconds from hitting the ground. All-Might grabbed Shredder by the neck as a dome of air pressure began to surround the two as All-Might slammed Shredder into the ground to break his fall, creating a humongous crater in the school grounds.  All-Might huff and puffed, exhausted from his battle as he gripped his shoulder as blood dripped onto the ground. Shredder grunted as his body laid beaten and bloodied on the ground. Shredder extended his arm towards the Symbol of Peace but his arm was quickly swatted back towards the ground by Toshinori. "Please... Don't get up." Shredder weakly pulled out a canister as All-Might's eyes widen and made a shot out his hands to try and stop Shredder before it was too late.

"I refuse to die to the likes of you!" Shredder crushed the cylinder container with his bare hands, the bright green liquid dripping down his arm and onto his body. All-Might leapt back as Shredder's scream of agony and pain began to get louder and louder. Saki slowly rose up, only to fall back to his knees as bones began to shoot out of his body, blood dripping onto the ground. Toshinori looked on in horror as Shredder's small size soon slowly became bigger and bigger as his armor and current clothing became ripped and tattered. His eyes began to glow a bright green-ish blue as more bones sprouted from his forehead to make some sort of resemblance to his helmet. All-Might winded his arm up, as Saki was finally finished his transformation. His most powerful form was being presented, this was the toughest battle either of them was going to ever have. All-Might was about to face...
Super Shredder rises by scott910


Play if you are rooting for Shredder

Play if you are rooting for All-Might

"What have you done to yourself Shredder?! What have you become?! You're a monster!" All-Might angrily called out as Shredder began getting closer and closer. Shredder let more bones pop out of his skin as he approached All-Might.

"NO! I am no monster... I am better than ever before! I am here... To finish what I started!" Shredder raised his left arm and pointed at All-Might, as a sharpened bone shot out of his arm towards Toshinori. All-Might quickly rolled out of the way as sweat dripping from his forehead.

Damn it....I'm running low on time on One for All! I have to finish this now! All-Might charged towards the mutated Saki and reeled his fist back and swung forward at the monster. Shredder swung his fist at the same time and the two strikes clashed, causing a mini shockwave upon the two fists connecting. The glass windows of the U.A. School shattered as the two men clashed. All-Might and Shredder rapidly began exchanging blows with each other, loud thuds heard with each strike given. All-Might thrusted his fist forward at Shredder's head, sending him flying backward. Saki shot several bone shards at Toshinori mid-flight before digging one of his claws into the ground, stopping himself from being sent flying any further. Toshinori quickly side-stepped the incoming projectiles, grabbing one of the bone shards out of the air. All-Might flicked the shard back at Saki, Shredder easily retaliated by popping out one of his claws and slicing the projectile in half with ease.

"All-Might! I'll k-" Shredder was suddenly cut off with All-Might sucker punching him, Saki stumbled backwards and tried to retaliate but was quickly stopped by an uppercut from All-Might.

"Silence! Stop with these words filled with such pain and anger! You have the most darkened heart I've ever seen! Filled with anger, pain, and anguish! You've given me a greater challenge than most, but I will still defeat you like all the rest! Because I am the Symbol of Peace! I! Am! All-Might!" All-Might did not relent in his assault, continuing to smash his fists into Shredder as several drops of his mutagen infected blood dripped onto the floor. Shredder tried to retaliate but his attempts were quickly shot down as All-Might continued to pummel into him. All-Might reeled his fist back and thrusted it forward, ready for the final blow! Toshinori was caught completely off-guard and left in brief shock when Shredder caught his fist.

"Fool! Witness the power of the Foot Clan!" Shredder popped out his bone claws and began slashing into All-Might's chest. With each strike, more blood and more blood was spilled onto the pavement. "Pathetic! I expected more from the number one hero! Instead you're a weakling! A fool! A pathetic excuse for a hero!" Shredder put his arms into a diagonal position, using both claws to slash one final time, sending All-Might flying back. Toshinori panted and grunted as he felt his chest with his hand, he soon looked down at it to see his palm completely covered in blood.

All-Might slowly rose up as he clenched his fist. "Remember this villain! No matter what you do or what atrocities you commit, if it be by me or another hero, justice will always win! So remember these words, for the last thing you'll hear before your defeat at my hands!" All-Might began dashing towards still Shredder, who slowly popped out his claws. All-Might began picking speed and started getting closer and closer, Shredder's anger began getting the better of him as several more bones began sprouting out of his arms began firing them like harpoons. All-Might raised one of his arms up, letting the bone shards impale his arm. Blood dripped onto the ground as All-Might clutched his hand together and reeled the fist back behind him, charging an enormous amount of air pressure as he finally charged forward and threw it all forward while Shredder leapt at All-Might, his claws ready to tear the foe apart!

Image result for plus ultra gif


All-Might's strike collided with Shredder's body, causing his eyes to widen as he screamed in pain. The resulting strike sent Super Shredder flying into the ground with such force and power, several stone tiles being sent flying away from the crater Shredder's body created. Toshinori landed on the ground, his fist breaking his fall as he walked towards the crater. Toshinori looked into the crater to see a bloodied and battered Shredder, his mutagen blood creating a small puddle inside the hole. Shredder reached towards All-Might as a claw slowly sprouted from his arm, Saki grunted in pain as his arm hit the ground as he looked All-Might in the eye.

"How...How could I lose to the likes of you?" Shredder weakly called out, All-Might turned back to his foe as his signature smile formed on his face once again. 

"Whether it's me you are facing or another hero... Remember this villain! The heroes will always prevail over villainy! Always!" All-Might turned back to the teachers and students, most of them were busy chasing off the remaining Foot ninja as most of the heavy hitters were subdued. Toshinori looked over to Izuku Midoriya who was busy fighting off Rocksteady, who was easily dodging the sledgehammer attacks.

"Stay still you twerp!" Rocksteady called out as he swung his hammer wildly. Midoriya easily ducked under the attack before he leapt at the Rhino and reeled his fist back.

"Detroit Smash!" Midoriya uppercutted the mutant Rhino with incredible force, sending the mutant flying into the air before crashing back onto the ground with a loud thud. Midoriya looked back at the battered All-Might standing over the beaten villain, his smile growing bigger than ever before.
Image result for All-might transparent

The student ran towards All-Might as fast as possible, seeing the hero about to collapse. Toshinori fell forwards, using up almost all of his energy in his battle with Shredder but before he could hit the pavement, Midoriya grabbed him the arm and hung it over his back. All-Might still with his signature smile turned to Midoriya as the two slowly walked towards the other students and heroes. "One day young Midoriya....One day you'll be one of the greats..."


Image result for All-might funny gif


Old Man Logan by Trident346


-Real Name: James Howlett.
-First Appearance: Fantastic Four #558 (2008).

Backstory: You all know the origin story of Wolverine right? Poor guy gets a new special metal coating, becomes a hero, kicks ass, and eventually dies. That's how it always works right? The heroes always prevail? But what if this was never true? Well for Old Man Logan this question became a reality after the villains became organized, taking down most of the heroes. Logan even played a crucial role in killing one of the largest group of heroes out there, the X-Men! He was so horrified and stricken with grief and attempted to commit suicide by letting a fright train run over his head! Due to being an unstoppable adamantium badass, this of course did not work. This didn't matter to Logan however, because to him the Wolverine was dead anyway and abandoned his superhero persona and went by Logan. He began to roam America for several years until he met his wife, Maureen. For over a decade Logan refused to pop his claws and was a farmer. He prioritized protecting his family over everything else, turning a blind eye to whatever violence or atrocity he saw. All this changed when the Hulk Gang came to prove a point after he was unable to pay them by brutally beating him. Logan didn't have the money and needed a quick way to gain dough fast, so that's where Logan's old pal Hawkeye came in. Hawkeye had to deliver a package to this secret group across America and needed Logan to help him navigate. Hawkeye promised to pay Logan handsomely if he decided to help him with the job and as you can guess, Logan accepted. To make a long story short, Hawkeye got killed, Logan killed President Red Skull and stole an Iron Man armor and a briefcase full of money and began booking it home. He was too late however, the Hulk Gang slaughtered his entire family, simply because they became bored. Logan was filled with rage, and for the first time in years pooped his claws out. After exacting his revenge by killing the entire Hulk Gang, he buried his family and decided to bring justice to the country.


Strength by Trident346


-Should scale to Wolverine of Earth-616 somewhat.
-Traded blows with Red Skull.
-Cut off Red Skull's head with Captain America's shield. 
-Tore a cow in half with ease.
-Ripped the Venom symbiote off.
-Tore through Bonebreaker.
-Can tear through steel with his claws.
-Picked up a minigun.
-Traded blows with Maestro.
-Casually knocks out humans.
-Pierced Mister Sinister.
-Clashed with Terrax the Tamer.
-Can slice through a demon from the Darkforce Dimension with ease.
-Effortlessly cut through Deadpool's swords with his claws.
-Nearly bypassed Hisako's shields with his claws.
-Drew blood from Weapon H.

Speed by Trident346


-Should scale to Wolverine of Earth-616 somewhat.
-Can casually dodge gunfire.
-Fought several Marvel Zombies at once.
-Severed the arm of the Black Butcher before he could react.
-Cut off Lady's Deathstrike's arms before she could react.
-Takes down an entire room of armed gunmen in a few seconds.
-Fought several ninjas at once.
-Kept up with Miles Morales.
-Dodged blasts from Cyclops.
-Can keep up with Deadpool in combat.
-Keeps up with/able to react to Omega Red in combat.
-Reacted to/dodged blows from Weapon H.
-Tagged Nuke.
-Kept up with Sabretooth and easily defeated him.

Durability by Trident346


-Should scale to Wolverine of Earth-616 somewhat.
-Easily tanks explosions on the daily.
-Tanked hits from Hulks.
-Survived having a freight train run over his head.
--Was still conscious too.
-Tanked several hits from Red Skull.
-Easily tanks gunfire on the daily.
-Tanked a blast of thunder from Thor's hammer.
-Endured a beating from Apocalypse 
-Survived a thousand foot (or more) drop.
-Tanked being thrown by She-Hulk thousands of feet into air, crashing through several buildings and was still conscious and kicking afterwards.
-Endured a beating from Amadeus Cho Hulk.
-Tanked hits from Kate Bishop.
-Easily tanked hits from Lady Deathstrike.
-Tanked multiple arrows from Sohei.
-Endured being slammed into the ground repeatedly by the Silent Monk.
-Survived hits from Man-Thing and Hit-Monkey.
-Tanked a beating from Dracula.
-Endured a beating from Alpha Flight.
-Survived in the cold depths of space thanks to his healing factor.
-Survived being riddled with minigun gunfire several times.
-Tanked a beating from Maestro.
-Endured a concussion arrow explosion.
-Tanked a full power blast from Cyclops.
-Endured a blast from Glob.
-Tanked hits from Omega Red.
-Survived hits from the World-Eater.
-Tanked hits from Alpha.
-Endured having several cars and a plane crash onto him one after another.
-Tanked hits from Weapon H.

Personality 2 by Trident346Personality by Trident346


-Logan's personality changed drastically after the traumatic events he had to endure.
-Learned to control his uncontrollable rage.
-Prioritized protected his family his family.
-After coming to Earth-616 however, his personality began to reassemble his original personality.  
-Was able to start killing again and try to be a hero.
-Was his army's top assassin.
-Multilingual, knows English, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Lakota, and Spanish.
-Expert tactician.
-Surprisingly wise.


Fighting Ability by Trident346

Fighting Ability/Fighting Style:

-Was able to kill all of the X-Men single-handily. 
-Easily killed the entire Hulk Gang by himself.
-Able to defeat Lady Deathstrike in combat.
-Alongside Lady Deathstrike, fought several members of the Silent Order.
-Defeated Sohei.
-Defeated and nearly killed Maestro.
-Was able to fight on par with the Scarlet Samurai.
-Can fight dozens of ninjas on his own.
-Able to defeat Bullseye despite being blinded in one eye, having his heightened senses nullified and being deaf in one ear.
-Can fight on par with Laura Kinney. 
-Defeated Omega Red.
-Can fight multiple military trained soldiers. 
--Was able to defeat dozens of soldiers by himself.
-Kept up with Deadpool in combat.
-Easily defeated Sabretooth.
-Possibly just as skilled, if not more skilled than Earth-616 Logan.
-Knows at least 15 martial arts.

Stealth by Trident346


-A master of stealth, even in his old age.
-Took out several Hulks before they could react.
-Took Mister Sinister by surprise.
-Can vanished in the blink of an eye.
-Storm can't hear him.

Healing Factor by Trident346

Healing Factor:

-Allows Logan to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than an ordinary human.
--Although it isn't as powerful as it once was.
-Allows him to regenerate organs and other important things.
-Able to fight off the zombie virus. 
-Slowly fought off the affects of poisoned arrows.
-Helped prevent him from turning into a vampire.
-Survived in space.
-Able to fight Hulks.
-Endured having several cars and a plane crash onto him one after another.

Bersker Rage by Trident346

Berserker State:

-If Logan is hurt badly enough, he can be thrown into the Berserker State.
-Gains increased speed, strength and pain resistance.
-Unpredictable to telepaths.
-Will only use it when necessary.
-Can leave him exhausted afterwards.


Adamantium Skeleton by Trident346

Adamantium Skeleton:

-His entire skeleton is laced with adamantium, making his bones virtually unbreakable.
-Helps him survive/tank injuries that would kill a normal human.
-Tanked a beating from Maestro.

Claws by Trident346


-Logan's main deadly weapon.
-Twelve whole inches of claw goodness.
-After the Scarlet Samurai cut off his right hand, he only has adamantium claws on one side while the other side uses his original bone claws.
-Are retractable claws. 
-Tore through Hulk after he ate him.
-Able to easily cut through Hulks.
-Can pierce/cut through stone with ease.
-Tore through Bonebreaker.
-Cut through Lady Deathstrike's body like melted butter.
-Can rip through steel like butter.
-Tore through Spider-Man's webbing.
-Cut through Maestro's skin.
-Pierced Mister Sinister.
-Can slice through a demon from the Darkforce Dimension with ease.
-Effortlessly cut through Deadpool's swords.
-Nearly bypassed Hisako's shields with his claws.
-Drew blood from Weapon H.

Venom by Trident346

Venom Symbiote:

-After travelling to a world ruled by Apocalypse, Logan was possessed by the Venom symbiote.
-Would get a boost in strength, speed, pain resistance, and any powers the venom symbiote would have. 
-Presumably has the same weaknesses as the venom symbiote of Earth-616.
-Completely up to the writer is they want to use this.

Weaknesses by Trident346


-Healing factor isn't as powerful as it once was.
-Heightened senses could be taken advantage of.
-Decapitations or serious spinal damage. 
-Drowning due to his heavy skeleton.

Quote Time by Trident346

"They say you only live once. But that is a lie. I've had more lives than I can even remember most days. I've lost more too. So if I can't change the past, if I'm stuck reliving these lives... I may as well take advantage of it."

Old Man Logan Pops out his Claws for DEATH BATTLE!
Ask for permission and credit me if you want to use.

What does the end of the world mean?

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Is it being overrun by the undead?

Weaknesses by Trident346

When all the heroes are gone?

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When everything is lost?

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When all hope is lost?

To these two fighters however, they've already experienced hell before it happened

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The loss of family

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The death of friends

Knowing that everyone you love and care for are gone... All hope is lost.... All the heroes are gone... all the matters now, is that you survive

So what does the end of the world mean?

To these two survivors, they know once you've lost everyone you care about

It really is the end of the world

When you lose it all, it is the end of the world by Trident346



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Hi! And welcome to this profile page! So... what else is there to say? Uh, have fun looking around here, and don't be a wimp to send me a note or message so we can talk! That is if, you want to. It's kind of funny how i want to talk to different people, but I'm socially awkward. XD




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Arachnid-le-Spider Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
On a second thought, could you wait until I do Slade vs. Wolvie before you do it.
Trident346 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Oh but I’m almost done my prelude but okay I guess
Hellbeast1 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  New Deviant
Hello big fan of your bios and such, now forgive me if this seems random but would you be interested in helping me with a VS Debating Project I’m working on?
Trident346 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
Can you tell me what kind of t hing I'd be working on first?
Hellbeast1 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  New Deviant
Basically I’ve been putting together a lil place called the PowerCrunch Archive. The intent is it’ll be a database (like the VSB but hopefully learning from that place’s flaws) with an emphasis on debating quality (tourneys and titles one can win but with more casual debates as well)

I felt like I could do with experienced debaters and such to help make additions to the place, of course it’s entirely your choice tho, so if you’re interested let me know.
Trident346 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018
What would I be doing exactly?
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DracoSparda26 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Trident, I have a question for you.
Trident346 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018
DracoSparda26 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Do you uh...Dislike me as a person?
Trident346 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018
If I'm going to be honest, then yes a little bit.
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