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Limbo; n.

1. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) (often capital) Christianity the supposed abode of infants dying without baptism and the just who died before Christ
2. an imaginary place for lost, forgotten, or unwanted persons or things
3. an unknown intermediate place or condition between two extremes in limbo
4. a prison or confinement
[from Medieval Latin in limbo on the border (of hell)]
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Real life's already miserable enough. Why do need a game make us feel worse? Playing games are suppose to raise our self-esteem, not demolish it. Ico was sad, yes, but it was more beautiful and emotional than depressing. Limbo gives me the same feeling at the main menu in Black Ops.

I'm not trolling against Limbo, I'm just wondering why does this game exist?
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I think it's weirdly nostalgic, very atmospheric and the scares and shocks make you play it on the edge of your seat. I reminds you of the fears of childhood, all the disturbing ideas and feelings and yet shows the child survive it all. I think LIMBO is pretty close to a perfect piece of art.
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Fear? Well that's a more energetic emotion that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Depression on the other hand simply drains your energy.
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True, but with depression, comes an emotional add-on per-say to the adventure allowing you to connect with the characters of the mysterious & strange black and white plane. Games like this are what bridge the gap between reality & our minds. So, try & look a little deeper into Limbo. Seeing the young, nameless boy wander through this deathly world to find his sister just makes you connect to he risks his life & own well-being searching for her, you just feel as if you were in the said world alongside a sense of sympathy for the boy. Though he can't escape Limbo alone...which is why we help him to solve the trials he faces.
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I'm not sure. Spec Ops: The Line is depressing and frightening too but it's main character Captain Martin Walker is one you can't connect with because of the horrific things he committed, making the player merely an ignored subconscious within Walker's increasingly damaged mind. It's a realistic military shooter that definitely realistic on the horrors of war.

Maybe I shouldn't have a dick towards Limbo and it's fans but I felt that building a typical atmosphere only to deconstruct it and spiral towards something more frightening has more layers than an atmosphere that is scary from start to finish.
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Excellent argument.

Though while the statement of Captain Martin Walker is true, that it's difficult to connect with him, the boy in Limbo is different as you see the horrific situations he finds himself running into. I guess it depends on the character, their personality, & their actions. Take Abe from Oddworld for example. Seeing the poor Mudoken working as a loyal slave for so long in the terrible Rupture Farms only to learn his race would soon be turned into food made you feel an incredibly strong sense of sympathy to Abe, especially when you witness the trials & events he faced to free his companions, & in the end coming so close to death to be rescued by the friends he rescued himself.
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"Have you seen my bear Tib-"
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Sadly the game was really short. :(
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What do you play it on?
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Either PC or xBox arcade I think.
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Im actually looking forward to getting this game soon! :w00t!:
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This game is pretty creepy but it has an astounding gameplay! :)

Traps... they... they are EVERYWHERE! I was shivering when I played the game, but hey. It's really really fun!

Really cool drawing, when I look at it; All those gory noises when something was squished or something fell into the spike pit was heard in my mind :O So was the background humming! :)
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Great job!
and great game...
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I beat that game many times, it's very creepy!
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This from a game?
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Yeah, it's on XBLA, PSN, and now Steam. It's an adventure puzzle game in a dark place, it's pretty cool.
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Is it based on the literal Limbo?
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Yeah, he's looking for his sister in it; that's all the story that's given. You make up your own opinions after that about what the story is
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Oh. Might give it a try
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