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Tolkien Geek

Because I am one. And I needed a stamp. :crazy: Feel free to USE IT!
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It's either Tolkien Geek or Tolkien Head for me xD
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I am one too! And I needed this too! Thanks for making it! :D
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I'll use it! Thank you!
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Yay! LOTR (and Silm) Obsessants will some day rule the world! ;)
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Wonderful and thank you for sharing. :)
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Love, love love.
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Yep, that's me in a nutshell ^ ^
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finally, amongst similars :la:
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who else is exited for the hobbit movie comming out?
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I was so sad when it was rubbish!
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Really? Why do you think so?
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It looks like a video game. All very obviously computerized. LOTR was so much better. It was just disappointing. :/
LukasEnricBS's avatar
Is that the only reason? While it bothered me too (amongst other things), isn't it kinda overreacting to say the movie was rubbish because of that?
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Well it wasn't rubbish, but I know they could have done so much more with it!
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There were deffinetly some things that annoyed me, still liked it though :D
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Yeah, it was still a good movie. But it COULD have been better. I compare things a bit too much I guess. The story, script, casting and acting were excellent though!
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I swear i'm gonna be one of those people who camps out in front of the theater to get tickets... (if anyone still does that....... >.> )
LukasEnricBS's avatar
Hahaha I'd do that too, but since people couldn't appreciate a good movie or book over here even if you slapped them across the face with it I doubt it will be necessary...I hope XD
AnglerfishPie's avatar
ha ha ha... i was thinking to myself as I wrote that comment "I'm probably actually going to be alone in that camping line..." XD
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