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It's Okay to Fav and Run

Because I really don't mind.

Don't feel obligated to comment me. After all, we're all very busy! A :+fav: is a good thing!
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Thankyou for making this stamp.
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I don't see what the problem is. Favs are nice, except when you see that the person is just a spammer who faves everything. There's no need to comment if it's just to say "I like it" - the fav says that.
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I actually prefer when people just fav my work. Out of however many watchers I have, only three or four leave intelligent, or helpful feedback. There's nothing I hat more than to see 100+ messages and they all say basically the same thing. 

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Busy, huh? So that means you have time to loiter around on dA and look at stuff, but you're just soooooo busy that you can't just leave a short, sweet comment about what you like? I don't buy it.
Sure, a fave can sometimes mean something at least, but a comment will always be more meaningful: [link]
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i really dont mind fav and run but im gettin sick and tired of it every deviation is usually fav n run
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"i really don't mind fav and run" "gettin sick and tired of it" :I
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This was an old comment, it sounds silly when I look back at my old comments.XD
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I really don't mind the fav and run. I mean, I'd PREFER a comment as well, but the fav warms my heart, and I'm not gonna complain if that's all I get. :)
Eet's aw gewd... :)
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Me going to comment anyways!!! lol :D

I do this, but I'm afriad to on people I dont know because I wonder if they are one of those that will spam you or something if you dont. Lol
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I'd rather 50 favs than 50 "Cool!" comments :XD:
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I loved this so much I featured it in my journal! It's on my main page.
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Could i post this on my page? And if i can, how do i? xD
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Thank you so much for making this Stamp, it is just straight to the point! It's sad when you see a really wonderful piece, but the Artist that made it brakes in your face the "Comment before you fav please!!!!" Not only that some of us might not have the time as mentioned above in some comments but also sometimes you just don't have the proper words right there; so instead of commenting a "Awesome!" you preffer to wait for a better time when you have the inspiration for a more thoughtful comment :D people SHOULD take this in consideration. A Fav really is a compliment, it shows you liked someone's work, appreciate it, and also support it by displaying it in your Faves, for even more people to discover it.

And the fact that some demand Critique, well, for all I know, when you know people would have something to Critique on what you did then this means you are already aware of what you did wrong without one or more people telling you that; the best Critique is the one you self-provide and your determination to improve.
So in the ending... thank you once again! :)
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yeah i agree... if you really think about it, faves mean people like your artwork. i know i'd rather have a bunch of faves than a bunch of comments telling me my art sucks or something.
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*runs away*
Just kidding! ^^
I really like this stamp. Great job! =D
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Yup, I don't mind either. ^^

I have a similar one: [link]
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A nice stamp, I don't mind when people do it either. Whether friends, watchers, or random deviants. It shows they liked it enough to have it in their favs, that's enough for me. Comments are nice too but I appreciate both both together and separate.
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