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Forest Game view [extended]

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This looks like a fun one to play 😊

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Is that a planetarium?

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Actually it's Stein's lab! O:

But yes!

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Doctor Stein, cheater of death, but only in Swedish?

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I don't know who that is... xD

Stein is one of my characters in the universe my drawing is set in.

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He is in good fellowship.

In Helloween's "Dr. Stein", the doctor escapes notoriety after the destruction of his monster by amputating the first half of his surname, then sets about cloning his nubile assistant for personal indulgement. In the second verse he expedites the process with late 80's automation, producing "Helloween" monsters. The final verse sees him cloning himself, only to find his "brother" is not too pleased with being put on a shelf when the clone disposes of the original.

In Mimikry's cover there is a lot more Swedish macabre punk humour, where Dr. Stein explicitly cheats death by telling the grim reaper to wait at the door while he builds himself a clone described in detail:

"My aura's red and blue

See the heart starts to throb

Dead eyes begin to see"

I'm guessing in this incarnation, Stein's attention is extraplanetary science? Much, much safer for one's physical well-being - and much worse on the mental in the long run.

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