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Jesus loves Adidas

By trickstero

If only Jesus had a pair of those fine shoes, he would certainly
escape !

God save the Adidas.


I would like to apologize to Adidas for my improper previous deviation,


and state here my full support for the censorship of deviantart.
Jesus bless you all {but only if you wear Adidas, remember if you don't you will go to hell }
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hahahah :worship:

can i use it as my webcam? :D on deviantart ofc
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oh man... ur kiddin me...hahah
God bless you!
Ron English would be proud!

good job!
trickstero's avatar
thanks :) we all like irony...
myblackmasquerade's avatar
... Well, then.

Here's a forewarning. There's probably a lot of people who might be offended by this. I'm, not (I really couldn't care less), but I think you might want to at least acknowledge the people that would be offended. It's just polite.
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hey nice one!
MarilynLadonna's avatar
ha! awesome! Jesus ftw.
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I think the logo itself is too separate from the painting. There needs to be a texture on the logo similar to the work so that it blends in with it.

Very sweet idea though!
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