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If you're a BIG fan of "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King" and "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge" games then this is the place!
Fanart from the movie that started it all, Disney's "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" is also welcome!

Also welcomed in this fanclub:
*Kingdom Hearts' Halloween Town
*The Past and Future of Halloween Town
*Cosplays, costumes, crafts and item pics
*Human-ized/Real-like versions
*Crossovers, Stamps, and Icons
*Comics and Written Stories
*Pics of TNBC in Disneyland/Disneyworld
ANYTHING that have to do with The Nightmare Before Christmas!
As long as it fall in the same rating as the movie and games!

NEW: TNBC stuff that involved with "Disney Infinity" is also now welcomed!

“Nightmare Before Christmas is special. It is a film that I have always known I had to make. More important, it is a film I have always wanted to see.”
-Tim Burton-
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Listen up everyone!
I'm like the Pumpkin King (. . .er. . . Princess. . .I mean. . .Queen. . .no. . .Ruler. . .Pumpkin Founder! [YEAH!] >_<) of Halloween Town.
And you members of this club are my creepy-yet-loveable town people.
I guess that's make this club my own Halloween Town! >_<
The Co-founder, :iconkilalakawa: , will be the Mayor (Mayor Co-Founder! >_<) of this town-like club. You get what I saying! >_<
Also welcome my fine Contributor Coven, that still like members only with high honors and I could trust.








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Happy Halloween everyone!
Hope you all have a good and safe time trick-or-treating!
. . .

*Only 365 days left until NEXT Halloween*
*Only 55 days left until Christmas*
To those that remember that episode of The Nightmare Before Christmas of that Christmas series of the Netflix show “The Movies that Made Us” ...will now see that same episode (I think) right now among some other episodes of that show in its new third season! Check it out!

To those that also Kingdom Hearts fans (that the world of TNBC was apart of), in celebration of the 20th Anniversary, all games of KH will be on the Nintendo Switch for the first time soon!

Don’t forget that later this month, the full graphic novel of “TNBC: Mirror Moon” will be out later this month!

Are you all excited!?

*Only 18 days left until Halloween*
*Only 73 days left until Christmas*
First off, sorry that it been a long while since the last club blog here, not much is going on in the holiday worlds of old. . .until recently. . .

If you all haven't heard or seen this yet, but just like the mini-comic series, "TNBC: Zero's Journey", there's now another new comic series for The Nightmare Before Christmas called 'The Mirror Moon' that just started somewhere late July. . .

Jack Skellington has a nightmare about all of the holiday doors opening at once! But out of that dream comes a fantastic idea to bring Halloween to all of the doors, to share the spirit of his favorite holiday with as many people as possible. His newest invention will take all of October to complete, so must ask one of his most trusted companions to take over the Halloween plans in his stead.

No idea of how many issues it will bring yet, but the first issue of the new comic story is OUT in book/comic stores NOW!
And according to these links below, other issues will be out later this month and maybe the next with the graphic novel of it all (or the first part of it) to be release this October! Along with a rumor that there's might be a young adult novel of a sequel to TNBC in 2022 (though who knows if that really be true or not at the moment)
Your thoughts?!

*Only 82 days left until Halloween*
*Only 137 days left until Christmas*
First off, sorry that it been a while since the last club blog. . .not much to talk about. . .
Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween this year. . .though thanks to the virus that still plague this world, a lot of trick-or-treats fun been canceled! I wonder what Jack and the rest of Halloween Town would think of this virus ruining their spooky fun this year if it happen like that to them? Hehe Hope next year's Halloween will be a good one!

Now enough of that. . .to the main reason of this blog. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
To those that got Netflix must of noticed of this new series called "The Holiday Movies That Made Us"? Each episode all about a holiday movie that been known and how they started and got to where they are now.
Why bring that up here? Well. . .though right now there's only two episodes at the moment. . .one of them, happened to be on our own favorite. . ."Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas"!!!

The Holiday Movies That Made Us EPISODE (44 minutes)
"The unlikely holiday classic, and stop-motion first, comes to ghoulish life with persistent vision -- and nimble work by a ragtag bunch of misfits."

Don't believe me? Check it out now on Netflix (with another episode about another popular holiday film) to see for yourself! And see how this favorite classic of ours first started out with some things that some or most of us never know about before. You won't believe your eyes! Hehe
If you don't have Netflix? Oh dear. . .hope a friend or cousin of yours do. . .not sure if this is on anything else since this series is a Netflix Original. . .

*Only 333 days left until Halloween*
*Only 23 days left until Christmas*
Attention to those who also a fan of this popular video game series that the world of TNBC was once apart of...


If I heard this right, there might be another game or two from Kingdom Hearts later this year!

One looked like one of those hit to the beat-like rhythm game that explore different scenes and worlds from all the kingdom hearts game so far...then the other (I have no idea if it a full game or a DLC for the new one or KH3 yet) but it involved with Kairi exploring her memories to try to find Sora.

Here's a link about it…
As well as the launch trailer of it…

Coming out for PS4, Xbox One, and (for the first time) Nintendo Switch later this year (date unknown for the moment)

Could this one finally reveal some answers to some of the mysteries that still haven't explained from KH3? Or will it show something else that will shock and confused us more and to show that something is later coming?!

Your thoughts?

*Only 135 days left until Halloween*
*Only 189 days left until Christmas*
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Scary Tales of the Future
Our Nightmare (Chapter 14) A small breeze passes through the Hinterlands forest on a December afternoon. The thin trees sway easily with the movement, their leaves long lost to the cold weather. A loud rustling sound emits from nature as three small figures move along an implanted dirt path. The sound of twigs snapping underneath their heels interrupts this calm silence. A small hand clutches at a signature witch’s hat as they trudge forward. They’ve been walking for what feels like ages. The children shiver when they feel the chills from a nearby gust of wind blowing right through them. She hears their whimpers and turns her head to scoff at them.“Oh shut up, you babies! It’s not that bad.” Lock shoots her an irritated look as he rubs his arms, his breath showing in the air. “Why couldn’t we have taken the bathtub? My feet hurt!” “Mine too!” Barrel whines. “We didn’t think we’d need it! Remember? We were supposed to be back hours ago.” Shock throws her hands in the air and kicks a nearby pebble. “All we had to do was fill this stinkin’ bag.” She holds up the trick-or-treating bag she’d been carrying for effect, and their frowns deepen at the sight. The amount isn’t anywhere near what they hoped to have. They expected to have an overflowing bucket’s worth of treats, if not, filled to the brim…but what they ended up with was half of that. And most of it isn’t favorable - there are less sugary sweets than usual, and a majority is noticeably candy corn. That thought makes them stick their tongues out in disgust, and they dramatically turn their heads away so they won’t have to picture it. The three avoid each other’s gazes as they continue on. The message is clear in the air. The boss will surely be upset seeing the results of this week’s candy quota. They tried their best to collect what they could, but their luck could only go so far within the days after Halloween. Most leftover candy had been given out or already eaten. They were lucky enough to even find kids who still held onto their stash! It would’ve been enough to fill their bag completely. But then that ragdoll had to come and ruin it….! They grit their teeth at the memory. Their luck afterwards hadn’t been the greatest. Their next idea was to steal what they could from the town’s local candy shop - only for that to end in a disaster! The shopkeeper found them stuffing hard candies in their pockets and promptly kicked them out. They planned to at least pull a trick or two if they couldn’t get their goods. But what made things worse were the Witches - who insisted on making them suffer while they were already kicked down. Their spells were always painful and humiliating! The boss had a good laugh seeing them turned into toads from their last encounter. They had to leave town afterwards, effectively losing out on any of the candy they’d been hoping to obtain that day. The rest of the week was...unfortunate. They scraped together what they could from alleyways and trash cans. The only thing people were willing to give away was their candy corn and popcorn balls. But Oogie Boogie wasn’t a huge fan. They share his interest in the quality stuff - the chocolates, lollipops, and the gummies! But such delicacies were hard to come by. Especially post-Halloween. They can only hope he’ll understand…Their fingers twitch anxiously as their treehouse comes into view. They are nearly home now. They can already imagine how upset he’ll be, and what punishments are inevitably coming their way...they gulp loudly as they climb down the hill and approach the broken bridge leading to their small house. A small elevator awaits them, its movements creaking with the wind while it sways side-to-side. They almost don't want to go in. The three briefly glance down and find the abyss between the ground and their house. One wrong step and it will be a long way down… Shock opens the small door without a word. Lock and Barrel pile in before they yank on the rope to be hoisted up. It doesn’t take long before they’re in the warmth of their own treehouse. As warm as it can be, with all the broken windows and holes in the walls, that is. They shuffle around nervously as they approach their shrine to Oogie Boogie. It is where they usually give him their offerings and bring him his requests. The masks of past trick-or-treaters are hung on the wall as a morbid reminder to the three not to disappoint him. A large tube sits expectantly as the bag is brought to its entrance. The three hesitate before they all push it inside. The sound of it sliding down into the Boogeyman’s lair is deafening. The children drop to their knees and bow in its direction, muttering apologies and crossing their fingers and toes. ‘Take it, take it, take it…!’ They silently plead. … A moment passes. Two, even. They slowly raise their heads and look at each other in disbelief. That is, before they’re interrupted by a loud scream: “KIDS! GET DOWN HERE!” Lock, Shock, and Barrel jump in alarm. Their heartbeats go a mile a minute in their small chests. They scramble to their feet and rush to the entrance of his lair, wasting no second to hurry to their master. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting; they’ve learned that plenty of times in the past...they anxiously slide down into his casino and momentarily find themselves engulfed in darkness. They panic only for a second before the lights come on. That’s when they find themselves standing in the middle of slot machines, caged skeletons, body bags, and roulette wheels. Oogie’s casino is cold and dark, since the boogeyman himself resides there. Other times it would appear colorful and energetic, and that’s when he would put on a show to his unfortunate victims. When he would encourage them to gamble their souls away in unfair and rigged games. They’ve never been allowed in during those times - they were told they were too young at their age - but they can see the colors and often hear his singing. Sometimes they even sneak down just to get a peek as to what's going on. They usually get a kick out of it…but not when *they’re* the ones down *here*! They hear something moving in the room, and a shadow stares at them from the floor. The trick-or-treaters let out audible gulps. “Any particular reason ya’ three brought me...THIS!?” The bag they previously dropped down is thrown harshly at them, and an assortment of candy corn and popcorn balls all drop out at once. Some even hit them in the face. They back away instinctively and begin fidgeting with their hands. They think of an excuse on the spot - one worthy enough that Oogie himself would believe, and forgive them for..! “S-Sorry, boss!” Barrel is unfortunately the first one to speak. “We did what we could! Everybody was out of candy!” “I’ve seen you three do better. This is PATHETIC!” The darkness snaps at them.Its eyes narrow suspiciously as it advances on them, climbing on the floor to their feet and surrounding the walls around them. Their figures start to shake in fear. It almost feels like his shadow is swallowing them whole; they can feel his presence everywhere in the air. By the time they open their eyes, everything is nearly pitch black again. They hold onto each other tightly as they think of what to say. It's starting to suffocate them. They won't have much time to talk. “It’s-it’s because of Sally!” Shock spits out. “We were so close to getting that candy we promised you, but she ruined everything!” The shadow pauses in its movements from holding them within his grasp. He slowly lets go of the children and sinks back into the ground, earning relieved sighs from them. Its eyes look about them in interest as it crawls away on the floor and onto the walls again. They relax their postures at this sight. They much prefer it on the walls than under their own feet. His shadows are always unpredictable and downright scary. They sometimes hated it. “...Doll face?” He repeats. Oogie Boogie goes quiet for a minute, which is an unusual gesture from him. He revolves the dice around in his burlap ‘hand’ as his tongue slithers its way from his mouth. He licks his lips as he watches his bugs devour the sweets. Oh, how they love candy. Many of his bugs enjoy the sugary sweetness - his ants devouring the delectable goodies before his very eyes. Even he can’t help indulging every Halloween. To feed his bugs and what they desire. But they demand more. ‘And we will soon deliver’, he thinks to himself. He reaches for the ants when they’re finished and allows them to crawl on his sack and enter through his mouth. He feels complete again. He breathes a sigh of relief as he takes his physical form - manifesting himself in front of his henchman, who stand wearily before him. They’re absolutely tiny compared to his 10 foot form - which towers over the small figures as he looks at them with interest. He comes forward and the snake slips from his mouth - hissing at them just to keep them on their toes. He's amused with the way they jump. “I remember her,” He comments to himself, withdrawing away to look at the floor. “She’s the one that got away. That ragdoll…” It’s been years, and he should know since he’s been counting the time. The time since he attempted to finally bring Bug Day to the surface and take Halloween Town rightfully as is. He ordered his henchman to fetch Jack Skellington to overthrow him, only to receive a strange ragdoll instead. He vividly remembers her red hair and blue skin. How soft and innocent she was...sounded completely confused and helpless. The finest damsel he’d ever received, if he’d say so himself. And she was quite the company at that time - her perfectly shaped legs, and other body parts he had the gratification to feel…she looked the most like a human he’d seen in a long time. And he loved humans. “She was the WORST!” Lock butts in, apparently feeling too comfortable at this second. “We tried getting candy from those kids in town, and she acted like she could tell us what to do!” “She called us ‘despicable’!” Barrel snickers. “Yeah! And she has this whole shop of hers we plan on destroying!” Shock proudly exclaims to him. “Just you wait, boss! We’re gonna break the windows and steal her stuff and-” “--Wait, wait! Tell him about the part of being Jack’s girlfriend!” Barrel’s words make the other kid’s jaws drop open in shock. He realizes what he said seconds too late and smacks his hands over his mouth in surprise. He regrettably turns in Oogie’s direction and winces at his reaction. It’s exactly as the three of them expected, as Boogie’s expression turns into one of rage. His entire form seethes as he registers his words. He advances on his youngest pupil in particular and practically screams into his ear: “YOU DARE MENTION HIS NAME IN MY LAIR!?” “I didn’t mean to!” A tear slips from his eye as he covers his face. “I just...I thought-” “-Thought WHAT, huh? That I’d wanna hear ANYTHING about that bony imposter!?” Barrel begins to cry, earning concerned looks from Lock and Shock. The larger man glares at him for a second more before angrily huffing and turning away from his figure. The other two go to comfort their cohort in his absence and carefully watch the boogeyman’s burlap form as he retreats to another part of the room. He’s observing one of the many skeletons kept in his traps - painfully stuck in them forever, to remain like that until he is bored of them. It notices he's watching and struggles within the locks. At times, they often remind him of his arch-nemesis...which is partially why he even keeps them around. Hoping that Jack Skellington will end up in a trap of his someday, forever trapped in an eternal Hell like he is. After a minute, he mutters to himself. “So Jack’s finally got a girl..?” The trick-or-treaters overhear him and nod their heads. Shock is the first one to stand. “It’s been all the town’s talking about this year.” He turns to them curiously. “Well? How long’s he had her?” “We don’t know...” Lock rolls his eyes. “We don’t really care about that mushy stuff, anyway! It makes our stomachs sick.” “Yeah! Love is gross!” Barrel agrees with him, drying his tears. The other two giggle in agreement and pretend to shove their fingers down their throats. “Well, ya’ better start warmin’ up to it, because I’ve got a job for you three.” They perk up at this invitation. He comes back to them and wraps his arms around their figures, bringing them into a small huddle so no one nearby can overhear. They get excited at this moment - they’re always eager to hear about Oogie’s plans! They're usually so destructive and terrifying. They’re honored to be the ones executing them for him. Anything he’d like them to do...and they would do it, no questions asked! He offers the most delicious rewards if they do him good…like his snake & spider stew! The three would do anything for another bowl of that! “I want you kids to go into town and learn more about this ragdoll. About…Sally.” He corrects devilishly. “Get to know what she’s like. What she does. Where she lives…I want to know all about her.” “Gee, why is that?” Barrel inquires at the odd request. He pats his green hair innocently. “Wouldn’t it be fair to get to know my old pal’s girlfriend?! I think it is!” He places a ‘hand’ on his ‘hip’. “You do this for me...and I won’t even eat you, despite how hungry I am right now.” They gulp at his words and nod weakly. They’ve always been afraid of being eaten by him. That’s why they give him all the candy and food he keep him full, so he won’t have the appetite for children again. He’s delighted at their compliance and pats them on the back, remarking how much he believes in them. They grin at his approval, already craving for more of it. ---- The Mayor of Halloween Town watches in amazement as the skeleton speedily gets through their work for the day. A smile is stretched on his conical face as he watches the documents get filled out before his very eyes. The way Jack Skellington completes them in only a matter of seconds is almost mesmerizing to watch. It looks like he’s memorized where the signatures go and what exactly to fill out. Like he’s done this hundreds of times before...He’s lucky he’s already finished his part of the job, otherwise he’d be slacking off with how much staring he’d been doing! The politician clears his throat as the Pumpkin King successfully signs the last one, and puts it in its rightful pile with a proud look on his skull. “All done!” He announces to him. “-That they are!” He removes himself from his seat to eagerly collect them. “The way you work is so incredible, Jack! You know how glad I’ve been to get all this stuff done!” He cracks his knuckles before leaning back in his chair. He deserves the rest from all the wrist movement he’s been doing. “Of course, Mayor. I want this year to get through as easy as possible.” ‘It certainly will be..!’ The other man thinks, as he files the pile of paperwork into their rightful folder within a cabinet. This past Halloween was the fastest they’d prepared for in a long time. And everything went smoothly in all parts of the process..! This year seems to be just as promising. Sally’s sewing shop has done many successes for the town. All the residents are supplied with enough clothing and costumes to last for years to come! It’s been generating enough revenue for Halloween Town as well. He came in one time and thanked her personally for her contributions, especially after she patched some of the holes in his old pants. “Are things still doing well between you and Sally?” He asks curiously, while she is still on his mind. The skeleton’s expression lights up at the mere mention of her name. “Wonderful, Mayor, simply wonderful…she deserved that award, really. She’s been having the best of times working. It’s nice to know our investment paid off.” “I’ll say! At any rate, we won’t have any issues during the winter anymore. I remember how many requests we used to get asking for clothes and scarves...and those were such a hassle making and, we won’t have to worry about such a thing! We have a lot to thank her for!” He closes his eyes and thinks of her, his ribs warming at the image. He tries to picture her right now, working over a sewing machine. The way she’d have to brush her hair behind her shoulders, her determined look while she straightens stitches and irons the clothes...he’s always admired watching her work for these things. To chuckle to himself every time she narrows her eyes when she can’t get the thread through the needle at times. He wishes he was there with her right now… “I know I do, especially.” He breathes as he shuts his eyes. “She’s made me such a happy man. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like this…” “With all she does for the town now, you’d think she’d excel at something like the Halloween plans! It would be nice to have some more help around here, wouldn’t it?” He pauses from his thoughts to shoot a confused look at his coworker. “You mean asking for her help around the Town Hall?”“Oh! Well, you know...I suppose it isn’t my business to say but…wouldn't she make a delightful Pumpkin Queen?” Jack stops leaning in his chair altogether. The Mayor notices his upright posture and begins to sweat, nervously correcting himself: “It’s just a thought, that's all! She was so much help with those Halloween costumes...what if she can do more for the town? You and I have to do so much, and sometimes I remember how there used to be a King and Queen at one time. So much work got done back then!” The skeleton bites his lip and directs his gaze at the table. The shorter man notes his silence and chuckles uncomfortably. He hopes he hasn’t crossed a line at all...“Anyway, I’ll be going, now. I have to sort through the comments and concerns from the last town meeting. Any improvements will be for tomorrow’s work, as I’m sure you haven’t forgotten-” “-Yes, yes, Mayor. I understand. Good luck with that.” He tips his tall top hat before leaving the skeleton alone in the room. Jack finds his stare unmoved from the wood on the table. He taps his fingers impatiently before reluctantly moving his gaze to the walls and floors. It’s always quiet when he’s left alone in this room. He really *should* move a clock on the wall somewhere in here, one that makes that loud ticking noise…it would stop him from hearing his own thoughts, like he is right now. ‘A Pumpkin Queen…’Jack Skellington clenches his hands. This thought has not gone away, no matter how much time has passed. It always finds its way to him again and again. And it’s always from someone else’s lips that aren’t his own - someone besides himself insisting that Sally would make the perfect Queen…yet, the thought originally came from his own tongue. After the witch sisters got so jealous over her, his words reminded them of his own deep desire, that he hadn't even realized he had to begin with…and now everyone else around him are starting to realize it, too. “Hmm.” He muses. Halloween Town has gone without a Queen for many, unimaginable years. True, things may have gotten done in a fashionable amount of time back then...and, yes, the town felt more complete with two rightful rulers instead of one. Where both crowns had a head to occupy...Jack only wore his on Halloween nights, ages ago...back when he wanted to be seen as the rightful ruler - the terrifying Pumpkin King...but that lost its spark as time went on, and he grew exhausted and depressed with all the expectations. He’s kept his crown in a drawer at home since, remaining dusty and forgotten throughout all these years. It reminds him too much of the town’s ideal expectations of him. Everyone always treats him differently when he wears it. He’s more feared, respected, and admired. And he never liked that. For a moment, he pictures Sally wearing that crown. How natural it would look on her...sitting rightfully on top of her blood-colored hair, the golden colors complimenting her blue, stitched skin...would she be happy wearing it? Or would she be like him, fearing all of the expectations? The skeleton wears a troubled frown at that thought, realizing he’d never know the answer until he’d bring the question to begin with. Of course, he hopes for the first scenario -- but even if the worst happens, he at least can sympathize and help her in that situation…‘Am I really thinking about this..?’ He blinks in surprise. ‘Do I want to...propose to Sally?’How could he not, really? After all this time he’s spent with his dearest friend...the one he’s come to recognize as the love of his death; the beautiful ragdoll creation sculpted by the hands of the town’s mad scientist...he’s loved her ever since she showed him her kindness. Her care, her genuine concern for his well-being...he’s promised to take care of her after taking her in his own hands. And he's done his best. After all this time together, growing into something more -- keeping their own pets, finding their purpose in town, and even sharing their own bed together... ‘There’s only one more step to take, isn’t there?’He feels warm at this revelation. He wants to make Sally his Pumpkin Queen. He’s always wanted to...yet, even as he reaches for a pen, he finds his hand shaking. In fear of what she might say...if she’ll even accept the offer, or refuse the proposal. He shakes his skull to get rid of these concerns. She’s happy with him, isn’t she? And it’s been enough time...there's no way they can rush into this, is there? He’s walked around the idea as much as possible, but now he can’t stand it any longer. This is a desire of his, to make Sally his wife so they can officially care for Halloween Town together…He loves her with every fiber of his being. And he wants to prove that. He taps the side of his face as he finally grabs a pencil and several sheets of blank papers. He begins to furtively sketch on its surface, working the instrument for a solid few minutes before stopping and setting it down. He’s surprised at the image that stares back at him. What his hands naturally worked on, faster than he could come to terms with it...he stares at a sketch idea for an engagement ring. It’s a small ruby surrounded by the legs of a spider, with stones on the side representing its eyes. He discards it and starts working on another paper. This time, this head is the face of a jack-o-lantern, the orange stone representing a pumpkin. He finds this one rather humorous - a representation of a Pumpkin ruler. It reminds him of the time Sally first asked him if he ruled over pumpkins, and he finds it in himself to chuckle at the memory. He observes the page for a full minute more before moving it aside and starting on yet another sketch. He continues to do this for a solid hour, getting all his thoughts and ideas down on several pieces of paper…the moment his hands start moving, he simply can’t stop until his head is finally empty of ideas. ----- “Thank you! Come again!” Sally bids goodbye to her latest customers, the Corpse mom, Bertha, and her son, Ethan, as they walk down the street and wave to her. Her request that day was almost an odd one. She was asked to re-stitch the eyes closed on her child. The seamstress was nearly hesitant to complete such a task if he hadn’t insisted otherwise. She recalls feeling surprised after hearing what he told her: “It doesn’t hurt at all?” She asks. She tests this theory by puncturing his gray eyelid with the needle. He barely flinches, to her amazement. He shakes his head. “Not really! I can see a lot better when they’re closed. It’s more comfortable for me, this way. Mommy makes sure I get the stitches tightened every year!” She works on moving the needle carefully. “You know, it doesn’t hurt when I stitch myself, either.” “Really!?”She laughs. “Oh, yes. I don’t feel a thing!” The rest of their session went smoothly. Ethan even thanked her for saving their candy from Lock, Shock, and Barrel. That’s when she remembered about those mischievous trick-or-treaters and apologized for what they did to him. He insisted he was okay since she helped out, and thanked her once she was done. Even the mother was impressed with the work, and she was tipped for her generosity. Bertha made a comment on how she'd return every year to do this, since she trusted her precise hands. She felt honored. Sally closes the door to her shop and cleans up the thread left on the desk. She collects the thimbles, needles, and fabric laying loosely on the tables from throughout the day. So far, it’s been successful, since she’s had customers come in asking for rather easy tasks from her. In her free time, she sits by the windows and watches the other shops nearby. She’s noticed things have been hectic for them lately. She’s seen a lot more of those trick-or-treaters ever since their previous encounter - they’ve been around town, playing pranks on people and constantly demanding candy on their doorsteps. She’s been uneasy during this time, keeping a close eye on them...making sure they don’t take a step anywhere near her shop. And so far, she’s been left unbothered. It seems they’ve been heeding her advice. She’s delighted to be left alone and resumes her business as usual. It still doesn’t stop her from being on-edge most of the time, worried that they’re going to play one of their tricks or vandalize her shop at any second… … She gets that feeling right now. Things sound almost too quiet outside. In the middle of the day like this, she usually hears the town children playing and sees more citizens walking around. But it’s nearly desolate outside, especially near her shop. She looks confused as she takes a step outside and peers around. It seems everyone is further in town and not around this area. She places a hand on her hip in thought, wondering as to why. As she turns around, she jumps at the sight that surprises her. There, standing before her, are the three children - Lock, Shock, and Barrel.They take off their masks and grin wickedly at her. She’s already uneasy about this situation, especially since they aren’t doing anything. She crosses her arms impatiently and glues her eyes to them. She can’t tear her gaze away, lest they do something when they’re not in her line of sight. Things are quiet for a few seconds as she glares at them, and they take it upon themselves to start speaking. “Hello! Um...S…Sarah?” Barrel greets with uncertainty. “Idiot!” Lock smacks him. “Her name’s Sally!” “Oh! Right!” “What are you three doing?” She asks suspiciously. She remembers Jack’s and the Witch’s words not to let her guard down around them. They shrug their shoulders casually. “We’re here to watch you, uh…” Shock starts. “-Watch you work!” Lock finishes. Barrel nods in agreement.“Yes, to know what you do…” “And what for?” She presses on, leaning towards them and tapping her foot in impatience. Why would they be here to watch her work? As far as she understands, children don’t find much amusement in watching someone sew clothes together or patch holes...that’s why the parents often let their little ghouls and ghosts play outside when they come here. Even the kids let this show on their face, but they quickly correct it as they think of what to say. “We know everybody in this town! But not you.” Barrel informs. “-And we would like to know. So, we want to watch you.” Lock finishes. She doesn’t understand them, and she isn’t sure if she ever will. She looks around their figures to see if they’re hiding anything behind their backs. She notes they don’t have any bags or slingshots on them. Not like the ones they've used to terrorize the other shopkeepers...she shudders remembering these incidents. It’s all the more reason to not trust them. They notice the apprehension on her face and glance at each other, thinking on how to convince her. “We promise we won’t get in your way!” Shock pleads. “Yeah; we’ll even stay outside and watch you through the windows!” Lock adds. “--Are you sure you three only want to watch? You don’t have any tricks up your sleeve, do you?” She continues to eye them from head-to-toe. They make small crosses over their hearts and hold their other hands up. “Promise! We aren’t hiding anything!” “...Hmm. Alright, but I want you three to stay seated! You can’t move a muscle until I tell you to.” She tells them firmly. They nod in agreement. Reluctantly, she allows them to follow her into her shop and directs them to the chairs right by the door. They sit themselves down and look up expectantly at her. They’re even clasping their hands in their lap, sitting almost politely...for a moment, she believes she sees three behaving children. It reminds her of this feeling she’s had before, where she feels a little pity for these ill-mannered children...who are just in terrible care…it wouldn’t be the worst thing to give them the benefit of the doubt, right? And if they act well today, it can prove to her that they're capable of change..! “Well?” Shock asks rudely. “Aren’t you gonna do something?”“O-Oh!” She’s snapped back into reality. She heads towards one of her sewing machines and checks the thread in it. She points at them a second after. “Just...make sure you three don’t move.” She resumes her business like usual, changing the thread and ensuring everything is working. Once it’s performing to her approval, she starts mending buttons on one of the projects she’s been working on. The trick-or-treaters watch her from a distance. She glances up at them every now and again just to make sure they’re still in their seats. They remain where they are and even wave to her. Every time she looks down, they allow the boredom to show on their faces. They'd prefer to be anywhere but here. “So, uh, what do you exactly do?” Lock eventually pries. They seem to be confused with what she’s doing. She sets down the fabric and flattens her dress. “I’m the seamstress, so I sew clothes, patch holes, mend buttons and the like...anything that involves sewing work, really…” They still look bored with her answer, but pretend to seem interested when she looks at them. Barrel scratches at the side of his head.“What are you doing right now..?” “I’m mending a button.” She holds it up to show them. They tilt their heads but say nothing more. She lets it fall back on the table and momentarily resumes her work. “And uhh…..this is your shop, right?” Shock continues to pry, looking around. The other two copy her and finally take a good look at everything around them. They take note of everything they see, in case anything is interesting enough to tell their boss. She feels a little nervous with their eyes being on everything and stumbles to answer: “...Yes. This is where I sew things for others, and keep all my projects. This is also where people tell me what they want and pay me.” She’s trying to put things as simple as she can, so they may understand. She can’t exactly tell how old they are, but she assumes they’re still young enough...the three eventually stop looking and continue to observe her working. She feels a little more relaxed when they have their attention on her. Several minutes pass before she stands and moves to her front desk, which is closest to them. They take this opportunity to talk some more. “How long have you and Jack been together?” Lock abruptly asks. She looks up and blinks once or twice. “Huh..?” “You and Jack. How did you guys meet? How long’s it been?” Shock repeats for him. Sally slides a drawer shut as she thinks carefully of the question. Why are they asking about her relationship? She figures it must be because they know Jack better than her…they've known him a lot longer, and must want to know since she's involved with him... “Well, we met after he rescued me from the Bug King. So I would say we got together maybe a year or two after that…” “That sounds like awhile.” Lock comments. She blushes and smiles. “I suppose so…” “Do you live with him?” Barrel quickly asks. The other two glare at him, until they realize they also want to know the answer. The ragdoll hesitates with this one, but finds no harm with it and eventually caves in. “Yes, I’ve moved in with him at his Manor.” “So, if you’re not here, then you’re there..?” Lock pushes. She grows more uneasy with these questions and stops what she’s doing entirely. These are starting to make a lot less sense. They can tell she’s growing suspicious and start playing with their hands nervously, acting as casual as they can. “I'm anywhere I want to be. But, yes, I’d say I mostly spend my time in my shop or at Jack’s home…” “Cool! Thanks for telling us!” The three suddenly jump out from their seats and run quickly out the door, turning to wave briefly before disappearing down the streets. She finds this gesture extremely odd as she rushes to the door frame and watches them go. Then she looks around and notices everything is still in its place. There is nothing missing nor is there a mess anywhere…so they followed her instructions and didn't even move an inch while they were here. At least she can trust them to listen...Because of this, she shrugs off their peculiar behavior. There really is no harm in telling them more about her...right?...
Other TNBC Written Stuff
TNBC Holiday Rulers and Their Worlds (My Version)For as long as time itself, Holidays have been a time of celebration and a reminder to all the things we value in life that we sometimes take for granted. As to where they come from or how they started, nobody knows. Deep in the Hinterland forests however lies seven doors. Each door representing their respected holiday Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Valentines and the Fourth of July. Behind them is a portal to a world where strange magical beings work to help bring the holidays to the human world. All connected together via their own hidden holiday doors. None of them aware of the other's existence. Until the events of a certain Christmas Eve some years ago. But what about the world's themselves and their leaders you may ask? Well this ought to help you understand how it all works for them. (Halloween Town): Halloween or All Hallows Eve is one of the spookiest holidays in all the seven realms. A dark macabre world of monsters and things that go bump in the night. Vampires, skeletons, zombies, witches, ghosts, boogiemen and other ghoulish denizens reside here. But despite their fearful looks, they're perfectly harmless. They just like to scare people. Not in a mean spirited way. But as a fun prank or joke for people's enjoyment. Priding themselves scaring human children and sometimes adults. The first ruler and founder of Halloween Town was known as Samhain. A Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin headed demon king who oversaw the production of Halloween for over 2000 years. However Samhain eventually grew too old to rule over Halloween Town and had no heir to pass down his legacy. Samhain enlisted the help of a small government official (The Mayor) to keep Halloween alive and well before he double died. Unfortunately the Mayor was a poor substitute for Samhain, unable to make decisions and easily a pushover. Among that he was consider the least scary in the community. This lead to a dispute between the citizens of Halloween Town and open opportunity for one newcomer Oogie Boogie. Oogie conned his way into becoming the ruler of Halloween by proposing a scaring contest, knowing well that the Mayor wouldn't stand a chance. After Oogie won he was quick to change things in Halloween (then dubbed Bug Day). His army of insects soon infested the whole town and it's pumpkin patches. Oogie treated his subjects as slaves for his own amusement. When ever anyone tried to object, he scared the afterlife out of them. The townsfolk were completely miserable. But then one lone pumpkin farmer Jack Skellington stood up and challenged Oogie Boogie for rule of Halloween Town through the scaring contest. Oogie laughed and agreed believing he win. He was so confident with himself that he let Jack go first. Jack let out his most scariest face and scream imaginable, causing Oogie to cower in fear. He had won. The crowd cheered madly at the ending of the tyrant's reign. As punishment Jack banished Oogie to the outskirts of town. Oogie swore vengeance against him. Jack accepted the title of the Pumpkin King and even rehired the Mayor. Soon all of Halloween Town returned to back abnormal. (Christmas Town): Christmas the holiest and jolliest holiday of them all. Christmas Town or the North Pole as most people call it, is where elves toll day and night making presents for all the good little boys and girls of the human world. The ruler of this winter wonderland is known as Sandy Claws (Santa Claus). A jolly short round old man in red suit and white suit who delivers toys to all. Years before coming to Christmas Town, Santa was a toymaker/carpenter known for his generosity and kindness towards everyone he meet. He would travel from town to town on foot, carrying with him free toys for those who couldn't afford it. One day in early December Santa got lost in woods when he came upon a strange door with a tree on it. Opening it he was teleported to a small village of elves. The elves welcomed him to stay and showed him their toymaking skills. He also discovered a herd of flying reindeer, which later became apart of his sleigh. Santa then came with the idea to deliver presents on Christmas Eve night. With help from the elves Santa made a list of all the children in the world and set out to deliver them toys. Since then Santa has become a magical holiday figure and because of all those years living in Christmas Town he became immortal. (Easter Town): Easter a holiday remembered as the day when children all around the world receive small painted chocolate eggs hidden in their backyards. Easter Town is home to bunnies and chickens who work their tails off to make delicious Easter Eggs for everybody to enjoy. The ruler Peter Cottontail or the Easter Bunny oversees that Easter is running smoothly and on time. He is very shy and rarely speaks, due to this is why he delivers Easter Eggs at night when everyone is sleepy. Peter is soft spoken leader but his peers respect him no less. One day however while Peter was practicing hiding eggs in the bushes, he was kidnapped in a sack by three strange looking children wearing masks. Coming out of the sack Peter found himself in a frightening world of monsters. Fortunately the captors returned him after releasing they got the wrong person. Peter was beyond traumatised by this event. Many of his friends tried to find out his sudden change in behaviour, somewhere even convinced he was having a nervous breakdown. Eventually Peter regained himself and was convinced that it was all a nightmare. Easter came and went with Peter delivering the eggs. But he still looks over his shoulder once in awhile in case of any skeletons behind him. (Valentines Town): St Valentine's Day the day where others express their love for one another. In Valentine Town small angelic baby creatures in loincloth with wings attached at the back, go about spreading their love for everyone. Their ruler is known as Cupid, the love guru of this lovey dove community. He takes it upon himself matchmaking couples with his bow and heart shaped arrows. All of Valentine Town adores and worships him. Cupid however is nothing short of a manipulative hedonistic pig. While he does use his powers to bring other people together, he also uses this power by making people fall in love with him. This had lead to Cupid having a huge harem of lovers and fans competing for him. He acts like a real romantic but hides it under his sleazy perverted nature. Cupid does have a set of eyes however for a certain ragdoll. If he could get pass her boyfriend/husband. (Thanksgiving Town): Thanksgiving Day, a day for all people to come together and share their gratitude for the year over a turkey dinner feast. Thanksgiving Town is reminiscent of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Rock during the pilgrim times in 1621. The town residence act, dress and talk like pilgrim settlers from the time period. One major difference is that the town is run by a turkey, Tom Turkey. Anyone would find this strange that turkey would be running Thanksgiving. But theirs's more to it. While Tom may appear as a normal turkey, he is in fact a person inside the body of a turkey. At first some found it odd to be taking orders from a talking bird. It doesn't change the fact Tom is a member of society (not to eat). (Impendence Town): Impendence Day or the Fourth of July celebrates the country of America gaining liberty after breaking free from the yolk of the British in the 1700's. Like Thanksgiving Town, the village is modelled after post America Revolution era. The ruler and chief of Independence Day celebrations is Uncle Sam. A tall man dressed in red, white and blue stripped suit and top hat. Uncle Sam serves as a promoter for the townspeople, prompting them to engage in patriotism. He and other characters such as Ben Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, John Adams and more work hard to keep their holiday spirits high and well. Saluting the flag as the fireworks go off in the distance. (St Patrick's Town): St Patrick's Day where people of Ireland celebrate the famous Irish patron of the same name. In St Patrick's Town everyone wears green and has shamrocks. The town is populated by leprechauns who make chocolate coins and brew beer. The head leprechaun St Patrick is a feisty short tempered man who has a love all things gold. So much so that he travels to the human world via rainbow and steals gold from them for his pot. But he has be careful that no one finds it. Despite his thievish nature, he is generally nice guy....
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Other TNBC Written Stuff
Our Nightmare (Chapter 13) It is early in the morning when the crowing of a skeletal rooster makes it into Jack’s bedroom. The Pumpkin King throws his pillow over his skull in an attempt to deafen the noise. A few seconds pass before a bright light begins to seep into the room, as the pumpkin sun rises slowly in the sky outside. The skeleton groans when it hits his eye sockets. He mentally swears at himself for forgetting to close the curtains last night, and aggravatingly turns on his other side to avoid the window. His eyes snap open when he finds a face only a few inches away from his own. Sally… His frame freezes at the sight, finding himself in some sort of trance. His gaze is locked on her closed eyes, her slightly parted lips, and her breathing figure moving and falling by the second. It doesn’t take long before a smile grows on his stitched lips. He remembers all about last night. His proposal to move his girlfriend into his room...rightfully sharing a bed together as soon as they could. He remembers sleeping so peacefully throughout the night. He carefully brings a hand forward and moves the fallen strands of hair from her face. This notion catches her attention and her eyes slowly flutter open. “Good morning, my dear.” He greets softly, cradling her face in one of his large hands. She looks surprised before relaxing her shoulders.“Good morning…”The air around them is entirely peaceful. She recalls feeling like this on her first morning in the Skellington Manor. Except now she has the pleasure of waking up right next to her skeleton man. He leans towards her and leaves a kiss on her lips, brushing her hair to the side before sitting up in bed. She follows his movements and lets out a small yawn. He notices this and tilts his skull."You can sleep in if you'd like."She shakes her head. She already feels well-rested. "No, it's alright."She leaves a kiss on his cheek before they hear something stirring in the room. Zero shakes his head from his doggy bed before peering around the bedroom. He levitates from the surface and meets with the eyes of his master and Sally. The ghost dog joins them and nuzzles both of their sides excitedly. Jack chuckles as he pats his small head. "Good morning to you, Zero!"Some more movement comes from the floor before a small, black figure jumps onto the edge of the bed. Ophelia tiredly blinks her yellow eyes at the figures, running along the blankets to meet with her owner. Sally coos when the feline jumps into her lap and nestles into her arm. What a wonderful way to start the morning! "Good morning, Ophelia.."The Pumpkin King takes this time to leave the bed and approach the windows, fully moving the curtains so the sun completely envelops the room. He moves to his dresser and searches around in his drawers for his clothes. The other figures watch him intently from the bed. Sally rubs her eyes as she adjusts to the light in the room. "Did you sleep well, dearest?" The skeleton asks, pulling her from her thoughts. She nods. "Just terrible!""I'm glad to hear it. I wanted our first night together to be perfectly unpleasant!"He moves behind the screen to start dressing himself. He hears his beloved leave the bed after a few minutes and passes right through the door. The pitter-patters of her cat follow behind, and he can hear Zero's tag chiming down the stairs. It's only when he's fully dressed when the familiar sound of sizzling comes from the kitchen. She must be making breakfast already!He grins to himself, elated with everything so far. This was the right decision to make after all this time. He'll have to spend the rest of the morning moving her things from her room and properly making his space into theirs . He’s already cleared plenty of time in his schedule to do it. He's more than excited by the time he rushes down the stairs to meet with Sally, kissing her neck once or twice while she stands over the stove cooking the food. The sound of her giggles brings a new delight to his bones. . . . The nights go on, as do the mornings. They've moved past what happened on Halloween night. In fact, the subject never comes up again as the two get more comfortable. Jack's favorite part, albeit self-indulgent, are the mornings he spends waking up next to her . He finds he rises even earlier than usual just to watch her form next to his - sleeping so peacefully, auburn hair messily strewn over her face and the pillows, looking like the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his death. He listens to her small breaths in this time until she eventually wakes, and then he greets her with a kiss. As the weeks pass, the skeleton and ragdoll start noticing each other's habits. While she sleeps, he finds she makes the tiniest of snores on some nights, almost virtually unnoticeable if it hadn't been for his keen sense of hearing. She will, in return, find the King overworking himself most nights, cooping himself up in his study while he reads or experiments. She has to drag him to bed every time this happens, sweetly reminding him to get his rest and that it's time to go to bed together. He never resists. He feels like he's in some sort of Heaven as his angel leads him temptingly to their bedroom with a tight pull on his wrist. He sighs in bliss every time it happens. Things truly couldn't be better. ---- It is a quiet afternoon when Sally Finklestein sweeps around the entrance of her sewing shop. It is the usual time she takes a break and temporarily closes her business until she returns. She normally spends this time either in the plaza or the Town Hall, where she meets with Jack during his own lunch break. The two usually eat together and catch up at this time, before having to return to their responsibilities for the rest of the day. She plans to meet with him and talk over a modest meal she packed for both of them this morning. She returns her broom inside and locks the front door of the shop with a hum. She eagerly turns on her heel and is about to begin her way until she is interrupted by the sound of laughter. It isn't a normal, childish one - rather, a collection of shrieks that sound from across the street. It is accompanied by the sound of running feet. She assumes it's from the Town children playing together as they usually do around this time, and continues on her way like normal. The laughter continues until she stumbles upon the source of the noise. The sight makes her stop completely in her tracks. It is coming from three children she's never seen in Town before...she marvels at their bright clothing. They look exactly like the trick-or-treaters she’s seen in the human world - dressed in costume from head-to-toe. There is one young girl and two little boys - the girl is dressed as a purple witch, with a tall hat, stringy black hair, and a long green mask. One of the boys seems to be a skeleton, who has stubby green hair, a round face, and only three pointy fingers and toes on his hands and feet. He wears a circular mask sporting a wide, toothy grin. The last boy looks to be a devil, with his hair gelled upwards to represent small horns, and a long red mask situated over his tall face, as a pointy tail flickers from his pants. The three are currently standing in front of other children, except these are ones Sally recognizes from Town. There is the mummy boy - a child wrapped entirely in paper whom she knows loves to help the Mayor with his duties, a small winged demon with large black wings, and the corpse couple’s kid, Ethan. There is a look of terror on their faces as the trick-or-treaters stand before them, attempting to hide their bags behind their small figures. She notices they’re filled with many colorful wrappers, which she assumes must be candy. The small witch steps forward, batting her broom on the ground in warning. “Give it to us! We know you’re hiding it!” Ethan narrows his stitched eyes. He is among the few residents that happen to be blind. “Who says we have to give it to you!? Aren’t you supposed to EARN your own candy?” “Push off!” The devil warns as he steps forward. “You owe us for helping you last Halloween! Give us the candy!” “HELP? You got all of us in trouble for that trick you played last year!” The mummy boy joins in. “We don’t want anything to do with you bullies!” “ ‘Bullies..’ ?” The skeleton kid snickers from behind. The trick-or-treaters exchange a glance. Despite their masks concealing most of their faces, it is clear that there is mischief in their gaze. The other children loudly gulp and begin to back away as the taller figures step forward threateningly. It is at this point Sally realizes something is about to go badly. The three suddenly take the masks off of their faces, revealing almost identical expressions underneath.“It seems like we have to remind you of who we exactly are ..!” The girl giggles menacingly. The other figures nod in agreement before joining her side. This is when they completely advance on the Halloween Town children, cornering them until they have no more space to go. Then they arrange themselves in a line, with the devil coming first while the witch and skeleton follow from behind. They momentarily hold the masks over their faces before dramatically lowering them. “Lock!” “Shock!” “Barrel!” The last member licks the lollipop in his hand greedily, eying the bags they are currently concealing from them. He nudges his fellow trick-or-treaters. “Say, I think I know where they’re keeping their candy..!” “Oh? Where is it, Barrel?” Shock plays along. “Hey! I think I see them, too!” Lock comes forward and points a finger behind them, making the small kids quiver in fear. “You’re hiding it behind your backs! That’s the oldest trick in the book! Our book!” “P...please…” The demon’s red eyes start to moisten with tears. “This is all we have..! Our parents would get mad if-” “ Psh ! This is why we don’t have any parents! We work for the boogeyman, and he doesn’t have any of those lame rules..!” She snorts at them. Barrel nods in agreement. “We take our job in pride...and the boss wants us to get him some extra candy! Which means you will have to give it to us. Don’t make us ask twice.” Ethan sobs as they attempt to grab the bags from their hands. “ Stop !” “Or what ?” Lock pushes him. His large figure falls onto the floor harshly. “Are you gonna tattle on us?” The other two cohorts shake their heads in disappointment. “You’d be really stupid to try that.” Before they attempt to push them down any further, a feminine yell interrupts them. The kids jump in alarm as a tall woman approaches them with a displeased look on her face. “You stop picking on those kids right now !” Lock, Shock, and Barrel freeze in their spots. The bags fall from their small hands as they turn around and find Sally Finklestein standing a few feet away from them. She has her hands clenched to her sides and her eyes firmly narrowed - completely upset at the scene she has just witnessed. In this silence, the mummy boy helps Ethan back to his feet and the hastily three collect their candy. Before the trick-or-treaters can do anything, they suddenly flee on the spot, running as far and quickly as they can. Shock lets out a frustrated groan at the sight before turning sharply to the older woman, pointing an accusing finger in her direction. “Hey! What’s your problem, lady!?” “Why are you treating those kids like that?” Sally implores with a frown. “You can’t bully them out of their candy! That is just...despicable!” The three look at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter. ‘Despicable ..?’ They guffaw right there on the floor, slamming their hands on their stomach amusingly. The ragdoll watches them with a confused look. Then she gets upset and steps even closer, wanting these mischievous children to understand how unacceptable their actions are. She points in the direction the others left in. “I want you to go to them and apologize, right now!” “Who do you think you are? Our mom?” The devil inquires sarcastically. Shock laughs right with him while Barrel tilts his head at her tall figure. He suddenly tugs on his cohort’s sleeve and leans forward to whisper something. The surprised look on Lock’s face stops their laughter and he whispers another thing to Shock. The smile leaves her lips as she takes a small step forward. “Wait..” She looks her up-and-down. “Do we know you ?” “ Know me..?” Sally repeats quietly. She thinks if she has ever seen these kids before in her life. Then something starts to click...a past memory she has pushed aside for a long time. It is the same ordeal Jack apologized for when they first properly talked together - how she got kidnapped by that wretched Bug King, years is almost terrifying to remember. She was newly-created at the time, by the hands of the town’s mad scientist, Dr. Finklestein. She was only alive for a few days before Halloween Town was completely overrun by horrible bugs. She got separated from her creator at the time, and was suddenly stuffed into a bag by the hands of three small children. She remembered the way they giggled when they stuffed her in the bathtub, speaking to her as if she were Jack Skellington. Her heart sinks remembering how she didn’t even know him, at the time. And the way she reacted when she first saw the Boogeyman...the sheer terror displayed on her face when he insisted on keeping her captive...“That’s it!” Barrel exclaims. “She’s the one we kidnapped for Oogie! Susan!” “Not ‘Susan’, you idiot!” Lock smacks him upside the head. “It was….erm...uh….” “ Sally !” Shock slaps her forehead in realization. The other’s eyes widen before they look back at her, then make small ‘ah’ sounds. They look at each other again before laughing once more, slapping their knees this time. The ragdoll is even more insulted this time, but it is nothing compared to how she feels with their next words:“Oh, man! Didn’t Jack have to come and save you? How helpless are you? And you think you can boss us around!?” The witch giggles. “I think the Doctor forgot to give you a brain!” “Hey, what’s that over there?” Barrel abruptly points in a direction. The others follow his finger and notice a newly-constructed building in this part of Halloween Town. They read the sign plastered outside proudly - “ Sally’s Sewing Shop ”. The pristine paint, the intact windows and certainly catches their attention. Both Lock and Shock stroke their chins the longer they look at it. Plenty of ideas stir in their mind, wondering just how they can vandalize it and make their work look proud. Sally frowns as she notices the expression on their faces. Panic settles in her leaves. She doesn’t feel right about any part of this situation at all. “No!” She exclaims firmly. “Whatever you’re thinking of...don’t do it!”“Is that YOUR sewing shop?” Shock teases. “I don’t remember THAT being there before..”“How’d you get it?” Lock asks curiously. At her silence, he gives a knowing look at the other two. “Guys, don’t you remember those rumors in Town? That Jack got a girlfriend ?” “Ew!” Barrel and Shock stick out their tongues in disgust. Then they realize his words and grin devilishly. “I mean, yes... we do !” “I bet he got you that shop! And I bet how upset he’d be if something happened to it...because some doll wasn’t watching her mouth around Boogie’s Boys!” Something snaps in her at those words. She doesn’t appreciate how cocky they sound, nor the coy smile that boy has when he says them. She steps forward and clenches her fists tightly. So tight she can feel the seams begin to weaken…her eyes widen as she comes even closer and the three take a step back. They notice her stiff posture and the smile is promptly wiped off their faces. In a dark tone, Sally Finklestein warns them: “You will NOT be going anywhere NEAR my shop! And if you do, Jack will bring the WORST punishment on you three that you have ever SEEN! Do I make myself clear!?” They don’t appreciate being talked to like this. But they think twice of it, and decide it’s not worth the trouble right now. They * can * get in serious hot water with Jack whenever he is angry - they’ve learned that lesson plenty in the past. And knowing this is his girlfriend...that would make things worse! They decide to drop it for now, only out of caution, and exchange a defeated nod with each other. They stick their tongues out at her before scurrying off in a random direction, glancing back only once to snicker wickedly. She is left standing there, fuming, as their small figures disappear through a gate. She releases her fists and lets out a sigh, worryingly glancing back at her shop and feeling the anxiety start to raise in her leaves. ‘I should talk with Jack…’ ---- Sally is disappointed to learn that the skeleton has to cancel their arrangement that afternoon, as the Mayor is overworking him especially on this day. She shares some understanding, knowing he took the day off with her not too long ago just to spend some time together...he asks her if there’s anything urgent she needs to tell him - and she decides to bite her tongue, for now. She can spill everything about it to him tonight, when they can relax together after dinner, and all of his work is off his shoulders…Finding she has a free afternoon, she decides to visit the Witches in their shop. They told her she is free to come by anytime, and that they’re interested in getting to know her. This certainly holds true, as the women inform her it’s their own lunch break, and insist on bringing her to a small arrangement with the other women in town. They demand on doing it to make up for the cruelty they all showed her in the past. She’s almost nervous accepting such an invitation, but agrees to it in the end. She would like to make new friends, after all…!Sally Finklestein is led to a small table in the Residential part of town, shaded by an umbrella, where the Undersea Gal and Corpse Mom are currently sitting at, sipping small cups of tea and eating at plates with sandwiches on them. She is surprised at how welcome she is received, as there is no trouble making room for her the moment they spot her. She brings her own lunch to the table, a small bowl of worm and pea soup, before comfortably sitting beside the witches. “Sally! We’ve been wanting to see you for some time now.” The Corpse Mom adjusts her glasses with a smile. “We just want to know all about what you’re up to..!” “Your shop must be getting so many customers. I would visit you myself, if I had any need for clothes.” The fish butts in. “What I’ve heard from everyone else is terrible!” “Oh, please..” She bats her eyes at their words. “It’s really nothing special. I am busy with all the clothes I’m making, but it’s only to help everyone in town.” “You won that award on Halloween..! I would say it was rightfully deserved!” Helgamine exclaims, almost too passionately. It’s clear she’s making an effort, at least. “You made my little boy some new clothes. He goes through them quicker than the vampires getting out of the sun.” The large woman sets down her sandwich. “We are all incredibly thankful for what you do.” Her ruby lips curve into a smile. This is going all so well..! The five of them start having an incredibly deep conversation, speaking about how things are going in town. She appreciates getting to hear from some of the residents she doesn’t know. They don’t seem all that upset with her presence and even ask plenty of questions to her. She grows more comfortable the longer they speak, and a full hour passes before their lunches are finished, and they are now drinking through their cups and enjoying the afternoon. “You are such a delight, Sally.” The Undersea Gal compliments her. “We should get together more often..!” The witches bow their heads and look another way at this suggestion. They agree regardless, and the creation appreciates this gesture. Before further words can be exchanged, the loud sound of a door slamming shut interrupts them. The women snap their heads in the direction, to find an angry shopkeeper disposing of unwanted customers. Sally isn’t surprised when it’s the same trick-or-treaters from before. Lock, Shock, and Barrel rub their backs in pain as they remove themselves from the floor. They throw their hands angrily up in the air. “Hey! How could you treat your own customers like this? We’re just kids!” “Yeah - rotten little brats, is what you three are!” He rebuts angrily, returning to his shop. “Come back when you know how to follow the rules!” The figures flinch as the door slams shut again, even louder this time. The three exchange angry frowns before nodding and reaching into their bag, surfacing rolls of toilet paper and straws. It’s clear to any outsider what is going to happen - they’re going to play a classic ‘trick’ on the unfortunate owner. Sally frowns as she witnesses this, and begins to stand in her chair to stop them. The other women notice and push her back down in her seat, giving her a firm shake of the heads. “You don’t want to do that, dear.” The mother warns her. “Those three are more than you can handle.” “I scared them off from my shop earlier.” She crosses her arms angrily. “They threatened to vandalize it, and I made it very clear Jack would punish them for it if they did.” “You must’ve gotten lucky.” The Undersea Gal rolls her eyes. “They’ll never leave anyone alone before getting either candy, or playing a trick. They’re the worst trick-or-treaters in town, and I don’t mean that as a compliment..!” The witches stand from their chair, shaking their heads and letting out disappointed ‘tsks’ . “Children..! They just never learn, do they, sister?” Zeldaborne asks. Helgamine agrees as the two leave the table. Sally and the others watch curiously as they confront the kids. They were in the middle of throwing the paper all over the building and preparing some spit wads. They notice their visitors and resort to name-calling and screams, before the two women flick their wrists and begin to chant a spell. Without any warning, a purple glow is cast on the trick-or-treaters, freezing them mid-air and forcing them to drop everything in their hands. They struggle in their grip and yell harshly at them. Helgamine grins in satisfaction. “Now, are you three going to scram before we have to turn you into toads again?” She asks. “And this time, we’ll make it last for more than 3 days!” “No! Don’t do that to us!” Barrel struggles to move his arms. “Not again !” “Then promise you’ll leave and quit bugging everyone! We don’t want you here, and we don’t know how many times we have to say it..!” “Not until you learn how to behave!” Zeldaborne adds before turning to one of them. “And Shock, you know how disappointed we are in you..! You could be learning how to be a proper witch instead of all this nonsense!” The little girl laughs bravely. “From who? You hags? I would never want to!” They move their fingers and the glow grows only stronger. The kids groan as the grip is tightened. It doesn’t take long before they begin to plead. “Please, stop! We’ll go!” “Yeah! Far away!” “-Back to our treehouse!” “Good. Off you go, then.”They release the spell, and the three land on the ground harshly again. They throw sour looks in their direction before grabbing their stuff and running off. It’s clear they’re more afraid this time, as they don’t even bother looking back. The witches clean their hands off before returning to the other women at the table, sitting back down casually and acting as if nothing had happened at all. Sally is in awe at what happened, and smiles in delight at them.“That really works..?” “Oh, yes. We’ve had to throw so many spells on them just to stop their shenanigans.” Helgamine huffs. “It’s expensive to keep doing it, and it seems like every week we have to..! I wish they would stay in that treehouse of theirs.” “Who exactly are they..?” She inquires. “They kidnapped me once, to give to their ‘boss’ . That was when that Bug King took over the town.” “Right. That debacle.” The Undersea Gal frowns at the memory. “They are trick-or-treaters, obviously, but they’re more of miscreants. Always causing trouble and bringing bad things with them..! None of us want them here.” “That’s right! They do all of these awful, nasty things for that terrible Oogie Boogie...they are never good news. Don’t believe them if they promise anything to you.” The Corpse Mom shivers in her seat. “They’ll just wreck your stuff and bully your boys just to get free candy!” “We believe in the name of trick-or-treating, we truly do! But they take their ‘tricks’ to such levels…” Zeldaborne clenches her hands. “No matter how much candy you give them, they’ll keep coming back and demanding more each time!” The Undersea Gal comes forward and lays a scaly hand on her shoulder. “Don’t ever let them into your shop, Sally, or even around it for Halloween’s sake! They will only cause trouble for you. Believe me. It’s happened to all of us.” She frowns at all this information. She can believe it. Those words they said to her earlier...none of it was good news. “How come such children behave this way? How could they work for someone so awful? And what you said, Zeldaborne...that girl doesn’t even want to become a witch like you two. How could that be?” “ -That Oogie Boogie !” They all exclaim, angrily, in unison. She looks around the table in confusion. “He makes those little ones work for him, and it is just so cruel.” Corpse Mom frowns. “He constantly feeds them candy and junk food all day, and lets them do whatever they want! He’s the reason why they cause so much mischief.” “They live in a treehouse in the Hinterlands forest. Far from town, but not far enough , in my opinion!” Zeldaborne waves her fist in the air angrily. The other creatures sigh and nod in agreement. “Oogie Boogie is terrible news. You don’t want to meet him, which is why you should avoid those trick-or-treaters at all costs. It’s best you don’t catch their attention, otherwise the Boogeyman will know about you , too.” Helgamine warns Sally darkly. She wishes to ask them more about this subject, but the ladies insist on changing topics - to something more... cheerful . She slumps in her seat as they begin to talk about business in town. She joins in the conversation when necessary, but her mind feels... troubled , and overwhelmed with all this information. She can’t get the image of those children out of her mind, and finds that somehow, some where , deep down...she feels a little sad for them. ---- The rest of the day is spent cautiously in her shop. She finds herself hanging around near her front door more often, constantly peering around the streets in search of those miscreants again. She’s relieved to find no sight of them, and is quick to close her sewing shop once the time comes. She makes sure she locks the door and closes the curtains before leaving for the Skellington Manor. Ophelia blinks worriedly at her owner from the basket held in the crook of her arm. The ragdoll seems so tense, that even an animal like her can sense it..! She makes her way through the doors and relaxes once she’s inside. She lets Ophelia onto the floor and discards her wicker basket on the table. The cat happily meets with the ghostly dog and the two retreat to the other end of the room. She watches them run off before suddenly being met with two long arms wrapping around her figure. She smiles as she feels Jack Skellington hugging her, digging his skull into her shoulder. His pumpkin cologne eases her instantly. “Welcome home, Sal..!” He greets her proudly in her ear. She hugs him back tightly. “Glad to be home, Jack…” He withdraws after a moment, allowing her to get comfortable. It is still a little early before dinner has to be made, so the skeleton joins her side and rests on the cushions of the couch. The animals are playing on the carpet in front of them, giving quite an amusing sight to the Manor’s residents. He chuckles when Ophelia manages to paw at Zero’s pumpkin nose, which lights up in alarm at the contact. Sally catches this scene and giggles as well. “Aren’t they adorable together?” “They certainly are.” He agrees with a knowing tone. Zero catches their words and quietly growls, only to be cut off when the black cat paws at him again. “He won’t admit it, but I know Zero’s gotten very fond of her.” The tall man informs his girlfriend. “He enjoys the company so much, he waits right by the door for you to return from your shop with Ophelia!” “Does he, now?” The ragdoll teases and the dog turns away. “I’m so glad he loves the new addition to our little family..!” The apparition decides he’s had enough of their teasing and flies entirely into another room. The cat is confused at this gesture and runs straight after him. The two figures laugh from the couch as they watch them disappear through a doorway. They’re left alone now, and the silence starts to linger. She goes to cuddle with Jack and sighs in relief once she’s in his grip. She still has to tell him about her day...but she’d rather do that after they’ve eaten….“Would you like me to cook dinner tonight?” She offers. He thinks about the idea, stroking his finger along hers. “Why don’t we make something together ..? We’ve haven’t done that yet..!” “Cooking together?” She blinks in interest. “I’ve never done such a thing...sharing the kitchen was never an option because, well, the Doctor had trouble with cooking!”“Not a problem for me.” He picks her up in one smooth movement from the couch. She lets out a surprised noise before hugging his frame tightly. “Why, we should get started right now..!” He moves his skull down to brush his nasal bone against her nose. She enjoys the touch while he brings them into the kitchen within only a few steps. He lets her down and starts searching through a cookbook. She joins his side and, after a few minutes, the two agree on a special meal to make together. It’s a new experience entirely to be cooking by the Pumpkin King - she’s always thought sharing a kitchen would feel cramped and bothersome, but it is entirely the opposite! Rarely would they bump elbows or get in the other’s way; it is delightful to help pour the ingredients in bowls and have him reach anything she can’t. They spend a wonderful time cooking a casserole together, and by the time it’s finished, they’re both eager to try it. They waste no time helping themselves to their servings, sitting in the dining room to share this meal they made together. She feels almost excited as she squirms in her seat, eagerly stabbing her fork through the food and bringing it to her lips, savoring the taste…It doesn’t take very long until she comes to a judgement. “It’s...delicious!” She exclaims. He takes his own bite and soon agrees.“Absolutely wonderful! See? We make such good things together..! Remember the Halloween costumes?” “That we was delightful, Jack. I hope we do this again.” “Then we will.” He replies smoothly before taking another bite. She relaxes completely in her seat as they resume their meal, finishing it shortly with its tempting flavors. They return to the living room to cuddle once more, allowing their supper to be digested. The pets have long moved on in the house, but they don’t mind being alone at that moment. He especially misses her contact after not making it to their lunch together that day...he feels guilty having to be away, and frowns as he combs his hand through her yarn hair. He’s obligated to ask. “How did your day go, my love? It didn’t trouble you that I couldn’t make it to our arrangement, did it? The soup you made was very good...” “Oh, it was fine. I know you have plenty of work with the Mayor.” She nestles his side sweetly. “I went into town and had lunch with the Witches and a few other women from town.” “Did that go well?” “Yes. They’ve been wanting to make it up to me for what they said in the past. And we had a lovely time together. We talked so much about my shop and what’s been going on in the town…except, well…”He notices her hesitation and leans forward. “Except…?” He inquires, crooking an eye socket. “I had an unexpected encounter today, with...well, some children.” She awkwardly begins explaining. “I met the trick-or-treaters today. I found them picking on the Corpse Kid, the Mummy boy, and the winged demon...I just had to put a stop to it, so I interrupted them. It didn’t go quite as I planned…” “You met with Lock, Shock, and Barrel?” The skeleton asks in surprise. She waits before nodding. “Did they give you any trouble?” “Well, yes * and * no. They noticed my shop and threatened to do something to it, before I told them you would punish them if they did. And then they ran off. But when I had lunch with those ladies, we noticed them picking on some of the shopkeepers in town. The Witches stepped in and put an end to it, but-” “-They’re a lot of trouble, Sally.” He interrupts her, waving a skeletal finger. “You need to be wary of them.” “That’s exactly what they said.” She sighs. “But, Jack, who exactly are they? They told me they were miscreants and trick-or-treaters, but that’s all I really know…” He hums before removing his arms and sitting upright. She can tell this is a serious subject and allows him to collect his thoughts. After a moment, he replies, “-They’re Halloween Town’s finest trick-or-treaters. And by that, really, they’re just good at what they do. Which is to get candy and pull tricks. But they cause much more trouble than they’re worth, and often try to give me and the Mayor a hard time…” She leans forward and listens intently, wanting to know more about these children. “Where did they come from? I heard they don’t have any parents.” “No. They don’t.” He frowns. “They came into town a long time ago, recently deceased at the time, I believe...they caused a lot of trouble back then, not particularly interested in meeting us, but demanding candy from everyone and pulling lots of pranks and tricks on them. It was overwhelming for me and the Mayor, and we tried our best to put a stop to it but...we weren’t very successful, you see…”She blinks at his story. “We were desperate and out of options trying to get these kids to behave. I could only scare them so much to put them in line. Not to mention, we had Halloween to worry about, and couldn't babysit them all the time. We eventually brought them to someone whom we thought could correct their behavior...but it hasn’t worked since.” “Did you bring them to the boogeyman?”He flinches at the word and visibly tenses. She is about to ask why until he grits his teeth and continues. “-- Yes . We brought them to Oogie Boogie thinking he could correct their behavior...but he took advantage of it instead, and made them his henchmen. They carry all his wrongdoings now since he can’t leave his casino.” “And why can’t he?”“I banished him. The same day he kidnapped you, and I met you for the first time.” He finds it within himself to smile softly, reaching for her hand and holding it firmly. “He had to be punished for what he did with the town, and trying to overthrow me. It’s the only way he can get what he wants - by making those children do all his dirty work for him.” “Don’t you feel bad for them..? That they are under his control, and they had so much potential to be innocent little children…” “It’s a difficult situation.” He sighs exasperatedly. “I’ve given them plenty of opportunities to better themselves and get * away * from Oogie Boogie, but they never seem to want to do it. They insist on telling him everything and involving him in everything I’ve asked them to do. He inevitably has some influence on them, one way or another.” He notices her picking her seams nervously(a habit he might scold her for, it worries him immensely that she'll pull herself apart), and brings her gaze back to his. He tells her firmly. “Sally, everything those witches and women told you is true. They are trouble and do not come with good intentions. Please, avoid them all you can, and let me know immediately if they start bothering you and your shop.” “I will. I don’t trust them.” She replies firmly, then softens her gaze. “But I still feel so bad for those children…” “As do I. But, please, it is not your situation to fix. Don’t worry about them. Eventually, I’m sure they’ll overgrow everything and want to move on ....” He begins to mutter with his sentence, and snaps himself out of it. “Just don’t talk to them or let them inside your shop. Understand?” She nods again. He drops the subject from there and announces that it’s time to get ready for bed. She obliges and follows him into their room together, changing into their pajamas for the night and freshening up before heading into bed. They sleep together closely, with Jack holding her unusually tight, more so than normal. The entire evening, she thinks of those children and the boogeyman…and her first encounter with all of them….
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Where's it's mostly ALL about Disney's Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween,Halloween,Halloween by Lily-pily
The movie: Disney's Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, first came out in theaters during the fall of October 29, 1993.
Created by one of the well-known director, producer, writer, and artist: Tim Burton
Started out as a poem story when he one day saw stores changes from Halloween to Christmas one year and gain the idea from it.

-The Original Poem of TNBC animated short-…
Narrated by Christopher Lee (1922-2015)…

nightmare before christmas by BatPumpkin
Soon he teamed up with Disney to created this Stop-Motion movie with Danny Elfman as the one who create the well-known music for it (and also did the singing voice of Jack Skellington, plays Barrel and Clown in the movie).
The nightmare before christmas by Jiexica
One year, (I think on its 10 years anniversary), The Nightmare Before Christmas returns to theaters in 3D!

Twelve years later (after 1993 theater release) during the fall of 2005, two different video games, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King (GBA) [a prequel to the movie], and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge (PS2 and Xbox) [a sequel to the movie] came out at the same time!
-The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King-
(GBA) (rated E)
The events of the game take place before those of the movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
The story tells of Jack's first encounter with his nemesis, Oogie Boogie, and how he claimed the title of "The Pumpkin King.
The game starts with Jack Skellington preparing for Halloween, approximately one year before the events of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Unfortunately, Oogie is upset that no one remembered his own holiday, "New Bug Day".
He sends his henchmen, Lock, Shock, and Barrel to kidnap Jack. They however bring Sally, a rag doll-like creature with a crush on Jack, back instead.
It's up to Jack to save the now bug-infested Halloween Town and Sally from the treacherous Oogie.

-The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge-
(Xbox, PS2) (rated E10+)
It is set after the events of the successful 1993 Tim Burton film, "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
One year after the events of The Nightmare Before Christmas, a town meeting announcing awards gives Jack Skellington an award "for most spines tingled by a non-corporeal being".
After the curtains close Jack, secretly, once again, gets bored and he talks with Doctor Finklestein about a "new Halloween", with new scares and discoveries. The doctor gives Jack the "Soul Robber", a green, whip-like weapon that Jack can make change shape.
He then leaves Halloween Town and goes and looks for new Halloween frights, feeling disappointed with this year's work.
After Jack leaves Halloween Town, Lock, Shock, and Barrel bring Oogie Boogie back to life by sewing him together. He seizes control of Halloween Town, tricks its citizens into making traps (saying that Jack left Halloween Town because it was not dangerous enough), brainwashes Dr. Finklestein by switching his brain with a green brain that has eyes, kidnaps and imprisons Sally in a crypt that holds a giant spider, and captures five of the seven Holiday World leaders (excluding Santa Claus and Jack Skellington). Oogie plans to become the "Seven Holidays King" once he takes control of Christmas Town.
But on December 23, Sally manages to send a magical paper airplane to find Jack to warn him of what has happened.
Jack returns to Halloween Town on December 24, Christmas Eve, to see a group of skeletons running around.
He then stops the skeletons, just to find Oogie's shadow.
After defeating Oogie's shadow, he's given the Halloween Holiday Door and finds everyone has been deceived by the newly-resurrected Oogie, who have all made dangerous booby-traps. Jack has to save the citizens of Halloween from Oogie's rule while also trying to uncover his demented plans to become the "Seven Holidays King".
Jack manages to defeat Oogie Boogie's skeleton and ghost minions (apparently created by Dr. Finklestein).
He then goes to the graveyard. The hanging tree tells Jack his hanging men have run away.
Jack quickly finds them and goes off to save Sally from a giant spider in the crypt she was imprisoned in by Oogie Boogie.
Halfway there, he runs into Lock. Lock sends a lot of skeletons to stop Jack, but Jack defeats them and Lock. Jack then runs into a crypt to find Sally.
Once he walked inside, spiders and ghosts randomly jumps out of coffins till he gets to the center of the crypt.
He finds Sally and they both run to each other when a giant Spider clings Sally to the ceiling and attacks Jack. Jack defeats the spider and saves Sally and receives the Valentine's Holiday Door.
When Jack and Sally walk out of the crypt, Sally says to Jack, "We're all safe, now that our pumpkin king has returned" giving Jack an idea to use his pumpkin king powers to defeat Oogie's monsters.
Sally then tells Jack that she's worried about Dr. Finklestein and Jack goes to find him.
He gets close to the doctor's lab when Igor tells him that he can't pass under strict orders from Doctor Finklestein. He tells Jack that if anyone passes, then Igor gets no bone biscuit.
Jack gives Igor a box of biscuits, allowing him to pass.
He gets back to the lab and finds the doctor but the doctor attacks him.
He beats the doctor by switching his brain.
Jack then goes to the Mayors courtyard to save the vampire brothers.
Each of the vampires give jack a key to the mayors house. Jack finds the mayor and stops Lock, Shock, and Barrel.
Jack then ends up in a huge maze filled with booby traps.
Jack escapes the maze and asks the mayor to release the holiday leaders.
Jack soon realizes that Oogie Boogie wants to kill Santa Claus, and he travels to Christmas Town.
Jack rescues Santa from a train-contraption by changing the tracks, but Oogie, having become enraged by Jack constantly foiling his plots, leaves in Santa's sleigh full of Christmas presents.
Luckily, Sally brings Jack's Halloween sleigh to help, and Jack and Santa chase after Oogie.
Oogie Boogie falls out of the Christmas sleigh into a world of garbage after being frightened by one of Jack's jack-in-the-boxes that was dropped in Santa's sleigh by an elf.
There, he absorbs the waste and insects in the environment and becomes the horrible monster "Mega Oogie".
Jack faces Oogie one-on-one. Oogie runs toward Jack, but Jack uses the Soul Robber on Oogie to make him fall and fail. Oogie then gets up and (enraged) tries one more time to destroy Jack.
Everyone sees the battle through the fountain, except for Sally, who's locked in her room.
When it seems as if Jack is doomed, he (finally) defeats him using his Pumpkin King, Santa Jack, and Soul Robber Jack powers.
Afterward, Jack apologizes to Santa for almost ruining Christmas again, but having a change of heart about the skeleton, Santa thanks him for saving his life.
After this adventure, Jack realizes that his home and loved ones are something more important than new discoveries.
The story ends nearly the same way as the film does, with Jack and Sally on top of Spiral Hill sharing a kiss.
Pumpkin King + Oogie's Revenge by SSL13
Before and after that, a different video game (mostly PS2 and DS) series called Kingdom Hearts added The Nightmare Before Christmas as one of the mysterious strange worlds that the main character, Sora and his friends, Donald and Goofy been to back and forth.
Though, there's only some Kingdom Hearts games that contains the world of Halloween Town while some others didn't
-Kingdom Hearts (PS2)- -Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories (GBA, PS2)- -Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)- -Kingdom Hearts: 352/2 days (DS)- -Kingdom Hearts: 1.5 HD Remix (PS3)- -Kingdom Hearts: 2.5 HD Remix (PS3)-
-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP)- -Kingdom Hearts: Coded (DS)- -Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)-
Sadly, so far, the world of Halloween Town and TNBC characters DIDN'T appear in the manga version of Kingdom Hearts. . .yet!

"TNBC: Zero's Journey"
About Zero getting lost in Christmas Town and trying to find his way back home to Jack.
1-18 comic issues (plus prologue and epilogue issues). Now in all in four graphic novel volumes (which include some cool sketches) that's now in the bookstores.
Also there's the ultimate manga edition that re-tells the whole story in the traditional manga black and white format plus other never-before seen illustrations and other sketches.

"TNBC: The Mirror Moon"
Jack Skellington has a nightmare about all of the holiday doors opening at once! But out of that dream comes a fantastic idea to bring Halloween to all of the doors, to share the spirit of his favorite holiday with as many people as possible. His newest invention will take all of October to complete, so must ask one of his most trusted companions to take over the Halloween plans in his stead --- Sally. But strange things begin to happen afterwards and it up to Sally to figure it out before Halloween gets here.
1- ?? comic issues (future issues coming soon). All in one graphic novel (coming soon)
[UPDATE LATER once it complete]

Kingdom Hearts:Jack and Sally by SSL13
Today everyone that's a HUGE fan of the story started to create their own different verisons of what's the haunted future will bring to this story just for curiousilty and fun.
From different new adventures to new tales that have to do with new generations. . .but of course who knows what Tim Burton himself will really think of next for this story?!
There's once rumors that there might be another movie sequel in the making. . .but no one knows for sure if that's really true or not?! (finger crossed just in case LOL)
It been rumored that Disney was planning on making a sequel, using computer animation instead of stop-motion, but Tim Burton made them drop the idea for now for he don't want to ruin the fantaies of the story and don't want to create any adventures outside of Halloween Town just yet.
So who knows what might happen. . .
But every year during the holiday seasons, different old and new stuff based of The Nightmare Before Christmas comes out in stores and malls everywhere.
Many fans dressed up as their favorite characters of the movie (or/and games) during Halloween.
And let not forget the Halloween/Christmas themes in Disneyland/Disneyworld every year!
It seems that this tale will never die anytime soon!
20th Anniversary special edition of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" coming out on DVD, Blu-ray, and 3D Blu-ray on September 10, 2013!
The movie, "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" is now streaming on Netlix. . .along with some of other Tim Burton films and other stop-motion-like films.
Enjoy while it lasts (hehe)
It also now streaming on Disney+
Jack and Sally by StellaB
DIRECTOR of TNBC: Henry Selick
Birthday: November 30th, 1952…
PRODUCER/CO-WRITER of TNBC: Timothy Willaim Burtom (aka Tim Burton)
Birthday: August 25, 1958
List of Movies he DIRECTED, WRITTEN, and PRODUCED……
“Nightmare Before Christmas is special. It is a film that I have always known I had to make. More important, it is a film I have always wanted to see.”
-Tim Burton-
I'm Jack the Pumking King by ManueC
*Jack Skellington- Chris Sarandon (Speaking part)… Danny Elfman (Singing part and also plays Barrel and Clown)…
*Sally (and also plays Shock)- Catherine O'Hara…
*Dr. Finkelstein- William Hickey [1927-1997]…
*Mayor- Gleen Shadix [1952-2010]…
*Lock- Paul Reuben…
*Oogie Boogie- Ken Page
*Santa Clause (aka Sandy Claws)- Ed Ivory
*Big Witch- Susan McBride
*Corpse Kid, Corpse Mom, Small Witch- Debi Durst
*Demon, Devil, Sax Player- Greg Proops Harlequin
*Man Under the Stairs, Vampire, Corpse Father- Kerry Katz
*Mr. Hyde, Behemoth, Vampire- Randy Crenshaw
*Mummy, Vampire- Sherwood Ball
*Undersea Gal, Creature Under the Bed- Carmen Twillie
*Wolfman- Glenn Walters
Jack Skellington - Jack's Lament by willpigg
*Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas*
(movie rated PG)
Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King feels down for doing almost the same thing every year after year, wanting to do something new for Halloween Town.
Then when he came across a mysterious wonderful place called Christmas Town be became obsessed with the joyful holiday.
Thinking that this is the answer to all of his problems, plans, hopes, and dreams, he made a plan to take over Christmas.
Will this plan work or will he bring horror to the peaceful holiday of Christmas without knowing?

*Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King*
When a frustrated Oogie Boogie has failed to create a holiday of his own, he tries to take over Halloween.
It's up to Jack the Pumpkin King to save Halloween Town from being runover by bugs.
This is a year before he discover Christmas Town, very first met his rival, Oogie Boogie, and very first met Sally.
In this game, he owned lots of creepy gadgets to get rib of any sized bugs that all over Halloween Town. Don't know what I'm talking about. . .then play the game!

*Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge*
(PS2 and Xbox) (RATED E10+)
A year later after another Halloween, Jack left town to try to find new discoveries for next year's Halloween.
But when he returns some weeks later he found the town deserted with cursed skeletions and haunted ghosts everywhere.
It turns out that Lock, Shock, and Barrel put Oogie Boogie back together while he was gone and now he cause trouble by trying to take over Halloween Town and planning on being known as The Seven Holidays King by kidnapped all the holiday leaders.
It's up to Jack to lay down the law to stop this sinister plot.
He owned a weapon called the Soul Robber in this game and could only change into two forms, The Pumpkin King form and the Santa Jack form.
Don't believe me. . .then play the game!
Jack Skelington by AtomiccircuS
#RULES of this CLUB#
Before you decide to join let me set out some rules I hope you follow. (And yes I'm talking to those that's mostly like Lock, Shock, and Barrel here!>_<)

*Keep it G to high PG!
About the same rating as the movie and games!
Nothing to bloody and gorely like Dr. Finkelstein pulling bloody guts out of some dead guy during experiment in his lab!
This isn't a horror film!
I want this club to be safe for anyone fans of any age to be in without worries of running into something nasty!
A little bit of blood like a big cut is ok. . .but if anything with a mature ratings on it is NOT ALLOWED! There's other clubs for that!

*NO nudity not even racist, sexist, and vulgar in anyway!
This isn't one of those love-making scenes if you get what I mean!
No M-rated fanart like Sally in a skipy-skipy rag outfit if you know what I mean!

*NO pairing people (except Jack and Sally because they're a REAL couple if you know what I mean!)
The pairing LockXShock is ok as well (noticed that it also getting popular lately)
No fan-pairings like Jack Skellington with Emily from "Tim Burton's The Courpse Bride" and other kind of OC-like pairing since there always a Jack and Sally!
Every TNBC fans knows very well that Jack will always belongs to Sally (no offence Jack fan-pairing with other girls lovers and Sally fan-pairing with other guy lovers)

*NO foul bad nasty language!
Not even in comments and art titles!
There's kids here as well! Plus I HATE foul mouths!>_<

*NO theft art!
I hate theives that tries to steal other people's art to get noticed better!
Unless you got the artist's permission, NO STEALING ART!
The art have to be created with YOUR OWN HANDS! Like Dr. Finkelstien create Sally and other cool inventions, create your own masterpieces!
Surprise me IF YOU DARE! >_<

*Since this is kind of a video game club as well, Kingdom Hearts fanarts is allowed as long as it have to do with Jack and Halloween Town.
Don't know what that is then check it out! Great series!
#Kingdom Hearts Games that got the Halloween Town World#
^Kingdom Hearts
^Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories
^Kingdom Hearts 2
^Kingdom Hearts: 365/2 days
^Kingdom Hearts: 1.5 HD Remix
^Kingdom Hearts: 2.5 HD Remix
Normal KH fanart WITHOUT any trace of Halloween Town will be denied!
Fanart stuff from the latest video game series, "Disney Infinity" is also allowed as long as it mostly based around either Jack and/or other TNBC characters and/or their world of Halloween Town!

*Fanart of the future is also allowed as long as you keep it simple.
Who knows what Tim Burton himself plan to do to the future of Halloween Town.

*Submit art to the right folder PLEASE!
If you have NO IDEA what fanart goes to what folder then asked me or look at the folder list below!
I know there's a lot of folders in this club to remember what go in what folder. . .but I'm just making this club more organized so there's won't be confusions and over full-folders.
Jack + Sally -color- by Emmacabre
Here is the list of the folders here in the club!
Read it WELL or faced your DOOM >_<


*The Nightmare Before Christmas Folder*
nightmare before christmas by strongstuff
The folder that holds fanart of the movie that started it all!
From favorite events of the movie to simple character drawings.
It HAVE to do with the movie itself!

*TNBC: The Pumpkin King Folder*
The folder that holds fanart of the Game Boy Advance game: "The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King".
It's NOT just a folder for Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King! (Just because the folder title is The Pumpkin King)
It also holds the events and other characters from the GBA game as well.

*TNBC: Oogie's Revenge Folder*
Hinterlands...? by DarkDragon1010
The folder that holds fanart from the Playstation 2 and Xbox game: "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge".
From events to simple chracters from that game!

*Kingdom Hearts' Halloween Town Folder*
Making the Best of OogieBoogie by AshleyCope
The folder that holds fanart that have to do with Halloween Town in the popular video-game series: Kingdom Hearts.
Only Kingdom Hearts fanart that have to do with Jack and Halloween Town is welcomed.
Heartless and Nobodies that's ONLY from Halloween Town is allowed as well!
Also only Sora and his friends/enemies in Halloween Town outfits is allowed!
Normal KH fanart will be denied (there's other clubs for that)!
Cosplay pics of Sora and/or anyone from Kingdom Hearts in Halloween Town outfit goes to the TNBC Costumes and Crafts Folder since it's cosplay or costume dress up.
Same for craft making of Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town as well.
An Kingdom Hearts OC character (or more) is also allowed in this folder as long as that OC character (or more) is either dressed in Halloween Town outfits and/or drawn them with Jack and/or other people from Halloween Town.

*Disney Infinity's Halloween Town Folder*
Just like the folder, "Kingdom Hearts' Halloween Town". . .only this folder is based on the world of Halloween Town involving with another video game series called "Disney Infinity"
Fanart, screenshots, item pictures, ETC of Disney Infinity with TNBC characters and/or TNBC world is allowed AS LONG as the TNBC characters and world is INVOLVED!
Other Disney Infinity fanart WITHOUT a trace of Halloween Town will be denied!
And other crossovers that have nothing to do with "Disney Infinity" will go to the "Nightmare Crossovers" folder!
Other item/craft/ETC pictures will still go to "TNBC Costumes and Craft" folder!
MORE INFO on Disney Infinity:…

*TWISTED TNBC--What If Theories Folder*