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Wind Shaper

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Amazing cloud formations out tonight, the wind blew streaks away from this larger rotating cloud.

I have been to this place so many times taking pictures, and I finally got the one defining shot here.

Hope you like it.

Captured in Sørkjosen, Troms, Northern Norway.
4 shot panorama.

Copyright registered and protected at
Copyright number: EJ6U-MEOW-ZS26-5XQT
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1200x601px 350.66 KB
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3/1 second
Focal Length
15 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 24, 2014, 12:59:17 AM
© 2014 - 2021 Trichardsen
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A truly inspiring image that elevates viewers to greater heights of imagination! I really love the color and the atmosphere that you captured in this picture where such natural occurrences are very rare. Everytime I seek for some ideas, creativity or just to look solace in a imagined world, I would usually dive myself into pictures of great beauty as if I would into a pool and this is no exception. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will manage to shoot even more incredible pics just like the times when I once read the old National Geographic magazines.
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Thank you very much for the critique and kind words. :)
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You don't see that very often.
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No question, I have only seen such once
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thats one of your best... and thats really hard to say, your other shots are all mindblowing... any chance of getting a high res for a wallpapper?! :)
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Thank you very much. :)

I prefer not to, the last time I had a high res image available it ended up on a webpage as advertisement for a company without permission, so I have set a universal rule not to provide high res photos, my images can be bought as prints but not as downloads.
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I really compreend you, you do this for a living, and even if you don´t, you should be jealous of this shot! :P

Will do my own prints when i get there :P :D
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In general those that buy prints from me are not photographers, I think to sell to other photographers one has to have something really special. :D
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Well, i´m not a pro, it is purely a hobby, thats why i "give"(in high res) my shots to other people, and let them do whatever they want :)

Someday i´ll buy stuff here for sure, but i would like to expierence(taking shots in your region) that myself also! :)
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Regardless of what skill level you posess in any craft, I do not think just giving away your work might be the best course of action, it might come back and bite you some day.
I would at least hold on to the good ones. :)
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Yes, i understand and respect your perspective and actions! Don´t get me wrong, i´m not judging you, or saying that you should share hi-res shots, never would do that!! 

It is your product, and i believe you should charge it if you want!

I work with I.T.(the i.t. guy), and i can tell you, everything i know i got from internet or from friends for free, nothing from college or online/presential courses i´ve made!
I believe there are a lot of people out there that are just like me, i try to write a blog with my achievements(IT ones) and share the "how-to" with everyone i know, and i´m happy when they use it! :D

And i´m more than happy to help them out if they need me, in other words, i only charge($$) enterprises, never people, i´m not saying i work for free, but i´ll help others to make they work easier! If my presence(or long distance services) is needed, then i charge them, usually a lot! LOL! :D But believe me, i´ve got some nice gifts with people using my "stuff" on their work!

That works for me here in D.A. too.

People can have my shots if they want to use it as desktop wallpapper, or cellphone, but i will never go to a event and take shots for free (maybe never will do that, maybe becouse people underestimate the photographers work here in brazil, or think that photographers dont need to eat and feed their childs)...

Have in mind that i have sued some enterprises of using my images without autorization before... 

Dude, that´s a wall of text! :P Sorry! :)
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I get what you mean, and I would agree with you to the point of getting some free advertisement for your work.
It is tricky enough as it is to make any headway as a photographer in todays marked, so it certainly can be helpful to venture on as you are.

Still at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what return you are getting for the effort put in, if it is worth it then it is absolutely a good idea to share, if not then minimizing the amout of free stuff might be a better road to take. :)
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Many thanks for the feature. :)
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Yes I like it, actually love it ..... well done what a beauty!!!!
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Thanks so much. :wave:
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Wow, what an absolutely amazing capture!!
This is truly beautiful and spectacular.
Great work! :3
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Thank you kindly :wave:
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you are most certainly welcome :3
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