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Navit falls

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Didn´t quite get the full shine from the midnight sun, but just enough light to illuminate the falls at the right time, would have been too late 15 mins later.

Image captured in Kvænangen, Troms, Northern Norway.
Nikon D810, 15mm. (6 shot pano)
Image details
Image size
1280x573px 793.26 KB
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
15 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 17, 2015, 12:41:47 AM
Sensor Size
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Ok, so here's my take on your panorama, which I like quite a lot - I would say there are some things I would do to improve it.
I love the panoramic format, and this shot shows great use of it. Composition-wise I think the image should have been panned to the left. There is a very cool ellipse shaped path from the sun, through the clouds, down the waterfall, and down the river again meeting the sun. This is great stuff, mesmerizing in fact. The big issue for me is that the Sun is too near to the right side of the image. A little bit of more image to the left would improve the overall composition. If you couldn't do that, then cropping to the right would most likely balance it.
The dynamics of the waterfall are a great foreground subject. You may have considered the tree to this avail, but actually it's the waterfall that grabs the viewer and leads the eye through the rest of the shot. The tree actually is confusing the composition, but that's not too bad.
As for what I really am not fond of: excessive apparent sharpening and the use of vignetting which is darkening the image.
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Thanks for the kind words.

I do agree with you on the image should have been a bit more to the left, but there are some power lines going there which just would have destroyed the feel of the image, so I was left with no choice there.

And for the tree, I didnt dare to move past it, it would have been rather dangerous with just a few inches to stand on and slippery rocks.

We may differ in oppinion when it comes to vignette and sharpening on this one, I have done my usual sharpening on this which is a rather careful approach and the vignette I feel adds to it.

Thank you very much though for the critique. :)
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Yeah, I figured there could have been something to far left blocking the scenery. ;)
I'm glad you appreciate the critique!
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Yeah your critique pretty much was spot on for what I really wanted to do, but I would have to had a rope so I could tie around my waist if I wanted to move forward, so I did what I could. :)
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The fact that places like this exist in the world just blows my mind.
You're lucky to have experienced it.
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Thank you very much, I do feel priveleged to have experienced it. :)
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I feel kinda bad to hear you didn't catch the full shine on time, I imagine the result might have looked more pleasing, but honestly, this is a gorgeous picture!
It somehow feels like looking into two different worlds from side to side, on one there's the iluminated side with the warm colors, and on the other is the darker side with the forest, it's very beautiful and interesting to look at!
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Thank you very much. :)

Yeah, sometimes you have to do what you kind with the light provided. :)
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Thanks so much. :)
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OMGZ Amazing! :star:
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Where you find all these places O_O
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:) It is kinda funny in a way, cause almost all my images are shot withing a 5-20 minute drive from where I live, this one was a little further with 40 minutes drive.
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I could cry :'( My country is so ugly Q_Q
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Oh there is beauty anywhere
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