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Akame Ga Kiru! - Esdese

By TricepTerry
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Hey everyone ^_^.

Been quuuuite awhile since I've drawn something for you guys. The character is Esdese, and she's from a manga called "Akame Ga Kiru!". If you haven't heard of it (which you probably haven't since it's not that well known), I've wrote up a short journal about it here where you can also find a link to the first chapter:…

I recommend the manga personally, it's quite enjoyable so far =].

Anyways, as for the drawing! I haven't drawn anything from manga for quite some time now, but I'm still very pleased with the result. I also finally drew light hair an actual light tone for once. Go me. The whole thing was done with HB and 2B mechanical pencil.

Hope you like it, thanks for viewing =].

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yayaya hi from 2020

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Pretty good sketch
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Omg awesome! Makes me love Esdeath even more 😍💘
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Hiya Names76

Esdeath kicks ass, Nightraid slices and dices, Akame Ga Kill is the bomb that detonates as a pop culture anime phenomenom

Shame though that it's in black in white, but the smooth line work complimented with the shading captures it all for me!

Nice job!

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Hmmm dk if its a shame really because thats just the style ya know. It looks really good like that. I prefer it this way.

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I just love Esdeath, and I think it's so cute how much she loves Tatsumi in the anime!
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this is awesome i wish i could get a coffee cup with this on it <3 
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beautiful shading very nice job!!
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omfg, I drew the same pic, but mine isn't nearly as good as yours!
Keep up the amazing drawings! You just earned a watcher :)
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Wait, TBBP? Wow! And yeah, this is awesome! :D
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AMAZING! I absolutely love it!:happybounce: 
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kawaii desu ne!
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This is absolutely fabulous *-* I love Esdeath! <3
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great line work and shading
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To be honest... 10/10. Excellent work : )
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome! : )
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How did I miss this drawing, she is one of my favourite characters
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