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Portal 2 - Nowhere

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More Portal shiz because...well because I like it right now. :)

I got a book several days ago called Color and Light by James Gurney, and I simply fell in love with it. So this picture is basically me drawing what I like and applying some studies at the same time.

It makes me sad that Chell was thrown out into, literally, the middle of nowhere. But is makes a great ending, I think, because there's a lot of ways that Valve can make a sequel to this (which I hope they do--crossing my fingers).
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DarthLangdonStudent Digital Artist

The end is never the end the end is never the end the end is never the end the end is never the end the end is never the end the end is never the end the end is never the end

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CaitenixHobbyist General Artist
I really love this...
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SpaceziiiStudent Digital Artist
Same!!!!!They should make one
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AracekuHobbyist Traditional Artist
THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME AU if Wheatley actually escaped with Chell and not went nuts.
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SpaceSheep-ArtProfessional Filmographer
I really needed this after finishing the game. Thank you. Heart 
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I prefer this than the actual ending.
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loverofdrawingHobbyist Traditional Artist
yay!!! finally, a different ending!!!
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"Um... You know... I have really no idea where we're going, luv!"

"Me neither, but I know where we're not going."


"Back to that place; anything is better than there."
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I know this may not matter since this is an old comment, but if deviantart allowed us to like comments, I would definitely give you a thumbs up. Great comment.Clap 
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It's fun to think of alternative endings, but, for me at least, you can't defeat the emotional impact of the original.
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I've been seeing these floating around tumblr lately, and the little Wheatleys just blew me away. You managed to fit so many details into such a tiny little space.
I like the one on the top because it emphasizes how they're essentially in the middle of an island, surrounded by nothing; but the last one is just gorgeous. Really desolate and yet incredibly soft and hopeful and happy. Like... like something you'd paint onto a baby's wall. wow that is a dumb comparison but that's just the feel it gives me okay

Also, why do you like all of the coolest things at the exact same time that I like them?
My entire brain lately has been "portal portal wheatley blue sky portal chell glados wheatley blue sky blue sky." So seeing Portal fan art in my inbox is like a second Christmas. No, it's better than Christmas! It's like its own holiday. EXPLOSIONPortal Day.
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klydekiss Digital Artist
You pro bastard D:!
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Oh gosh! XD I'll take that as a compliment (?) hahaha!
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Valve can't count past two......But there's always room for Portal 2.1 or 2.2!

Lovely work, very pretty, and don't worry, if Chell starves she has grass to eat! And if she dies of dehydration....well, she's out of luck there! Hahahahahahahahaha!
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You do realize those decimals still come after two, right?
<-(fussy math nerd)
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Hey, your right!
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But it's not the number 3 so technically I could still see portal 2 episode 1 and portal 2 episode 2
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phoenixdownHobbyist General Artist
Omg...Color and Light by James Gurney? I went to a workshop of his and bought the book from him with his autograph. I've totally been reading through it, but I still haven't painted anything yet. *sheepish smile*

Anywho, your paintings are always so good. Where did you learn?
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ovo aw that is so awesome!

Thank you for the compliment. :) I learn mostly by reading books, a lot of inspiration, and a lot of practise--and by practise I mean drawing copious amounts of fanart, lol.
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phoenixdownHobbyist General Artist
Ah, thanks! that's really good to know. I've been working a lot from books as at least I know I'm on the right track. I'm definitely going to paint a lot more to get up to snuff. XD
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auriceliProfessional Filmographer
You have a FANTASTIC sense of space and color. The mood is perfect!

Also, you really should make some tutorials!! There's so much we could learn from you Q_Q
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yay wheatley is with her that means he didnt get shot into space
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insanitystudzHobbyist General Artist
I hear the person who voiced Chell died... :icontrollfaceplz:

but seriously, it seems to me that Valve is incapable of counting to 3.
Team Fortress 2
Half Life 2
Left4Dead 2
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James Gurney??


I love that man.

Haha but you already seemed such a master at color and light anyway. :laughing:
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