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September 28, 2009
cow race jockey by ~tribuana "is gorgeous and has an intensity to it that I cannot find enough words to explain. A powerful piece, just one of many in this fantastic series." - words by the suggester
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Featured by Helewidis
Suggested by shebid
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cow race jockey

a traditional event in West Sumatra, Indonesia, It's called Cow Race ("Pacu Jawi", in native language of Padang People).

thanks for watching and comment
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1/1250 second
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363 mm
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Aug 15, 2009, 3:19:54 PM
© 2009 - 2021 tribuana
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Featured in...animal abuse...just look, the string goes into its nose. And yes, I'm vegetarien.
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GARANG!... mantab boss..
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this is great :aww:
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Fantastic picture! Love it!
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One Word...WOW!
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wow! amazing shot! :D
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I love the action and emotion you caught in this shot
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Woaaa! Nice one.
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Your work was featured here [link] :sun:
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Good photography!
Thanks for sharing.
I'll keep it in my favorites.
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that's a crazy shot
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excellent photo friend
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Hi! :wave:

Your DD has been featured in my last newsletter as a Gallery Moderator. They'll keep existing, only in a different format. Here is the link: [link]

I'll be present in #NewsStand in my free time, so I'm always available for any doubt, request, etc. and will still be connected with Photojournalism (and street)!

Have a nice day! :blowkiss:
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Cow racing is cruel and I really wish you wouldn't glorify it. My uncle used to be involved with it and I saw first-hand how terrible it can be.
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Hmmm... guess you wrong, sist!! If you say so, now I ask you about Horse racing?? Is it cruel??? If there is no Horse ridding, how come there would be motorcicle, bus,and train??
FYI, We dont make the cows fight each other... We just make them race... Not harm them... We dont spill their blood... Cow race is not same like Matador in Spain, we dont make them bleeding. Just Racing!

I dont see any harmful moment in my photo...
Do you vegetarian?? If not, then I believe you wouldnt want to see how the animal die before you eat and yet you still eat them...

My last question: Are you hypocrite???
ChiseledDiamondGTB's avatar
1. vegetarian means you do NOT eat animals, do you really believe cows ENJOY being in captivity, being ridden on their poor tender backs? do you really think they WANT to be used for entertainment purposes. I suggest you watch some Peta videos and stop enjoying seeing cows being forced to do something they do not want. What if you were strapped up and FORCED to do piggy back rides? fun right?
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I've been a vegetarian all my life, so no I am not a hypocrite.

Half of my family raced cattle. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes (beatings, starvation) that you don't see.

I'm not criticizing your photography skills, just the subject matter. Horse racing is less cruel because the jockeys actually own the horses and thus take care of them. But yes, often times horse racing is cruel too.
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