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I'm still preparing the welcome text to explain why this group and it is not a simple fan club.

For now thank all those who have joined and now no longer a very funny video I found on Youtube for you to enjoy.…
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Gurren Lagann: Next Generation Ep 4Episode 4: Don’t Mess With, Us!“You incompetent parasites,” shouted an old brawny man behind a desk. His muscles were hidden by his clothes but the build he had showed he had much physical strength. “I told you to come straight back after you made that simple delivery! And what do you bastards do?” Taishi and Kinji did not respond at first.They knew it was a rhetorical question and stayed silent. Kinji stood straight like a soldier with his arms behind his back. However, Taishi crossed his arms and made an annoyed face looking away.“You make me wait three days longer, involve yourselves in a war and you bring an army to my doorstep! Now I have soldiers all over my scrap yard looking to take from me!”“They’re not taking much,” Taishi said annoyed with the yelling. “All they’re looking for is the old computer system that my ganmen used to use.”“And how long do you think that’s going to take you brat,” the boss asked still yelling? “They could be here for days looking for one lousy computer! Customers will be scared to death when this place is in their sights and turn the other way!”“We’re sorry for inconveniencing you and the business sir but…” Kinji began to say.“Shut your yaps,” the boss shouted. “Normally I wouldn’t mind your lousy excuses for heroics Taishi. But this is the worst consequence you’ve forced us to share with you!”“What does it matter,” Taishi asked? “We still got paid for the parts and delivery.”“Oh no Taishi,” the boss said smiling. “We got paid for parts and delivery.” The boss went back to an enraged tone. “While the two of you receive no bonus cuts and your paychecks are deducted! Now get the hell out of my office!”Almost instantly, the two were outside a large wood cabin and the door slammed shut while walking away from it.“What a perfect ass hole,” Taishi said still agitated.“Well sometimes that’s how business’ are run kiddo,” Kinji said more relaxed.“Sounds like it went well,” said the voice of Takahashi. They focused their sights on what was in front of them to see friends. Captain Takahashi, from the New Gurren military, Leiko and her butler Bruce standing their smiling at them.“Meh, it went about as well as it normally goes with the boss,” Taishi said. “For me anyway.”“I knew you blue collars had it rough,” Leiko said, “but that sounded like proof of exaggerations.”“I have no remark of you having being cruel mam,” Bruce said.“That’s because I can keep my own room clean,” Leiko said.“I bet if you had gotten your limo out, he would’ve let us off way easier,” Taishi said. “He always softens up to the rich ones that come around here.”“Well why don’t you guys show me around,” Leiko asked? “Maybe I’ll find something I like and buy a bunch of it. That’ll more than make it up to your boss.”“Well it won’t change our bosses mind about us but if you’d like to shop, Taishi will be happy to help,” Kinji said.“And what about you,” asked Taishi? “You can give a tour as well as I can!”“I’m going to catch up with my pal Captain Takahashi,” Kinji raised his voice. “Now be a man and show your girlfriend a good time in our junk yard!”“You did just hear yourself right,” Taishi asked? “AND SHE’S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!”“DO AS YOU’RE TOLD ALREADY,” Kinji shouted.“FINE,” Taishi shouted back. “Leiko please allow me to show you and Bruce around.”“Uh… why thank you,” Leiko said with an awkward smile.“Quite an interesting gentleman,” Bruce said regularly. And so Taishi showed Leiko and Bruce around the yard.“So, the scrapyard is divided into thirds,” Taishi explained as they walked. He was still feeling rather bitter after dealing with his boss. “There’s the ganmen section where we store the ganmen, but the army has that off limits for the moment. So, the sections between us are trashed automobiles and miscellaneous.“That holds almost everything else from electronics and appliances.”“Ooh, let’s check those out,” Leiko said interested in the third division.Meanwhile in the temporary restricted area of the scrapped ganmen, soldiers were digging through a hill of scrapped metal. On the ground was Captain Takahashi making certain they were doing their jobs.“Quite an operation you got here pal,” Kinji said walking up with two hot mugs of coffee.“It won’t take long now,” Takahashi said taking the mug offered to him. “I appreciate your boss allowing us to use your crane.”“I’m surprised you have a soldier that knows how to use it,” Kinji replied taking a sip from his own mug.“There shouldn’t be anything surprising about it,” Takahashi said. “The New Gurren Army has the best troops, and we make certain they’re prepared for anything. As I believe you know.”“You’re still sore about me leaving,” Kinji asked rather annoyed? “Look I’m sorry I dropped out of the military after basic training. But after what happened being a soldier meant something new and less to me.”“Then how do you explain your recent endeavors,” Takahashi asked? There was no vocal answer from Kinji at first; he only made a stern face looking at the ground. “You went up against and entire squadron of beastman and ganmen. That was a hell of a risk that you managed to make it through.” He took a drink from his coffee as he finished.“Yeah,” Kinji said, “it did seem rather out of character for me huh?” He managed a small smile looking back up at the pile with soldiers. “But seeing that kid pull off something incredible and wanting to do so much more after, I guess it got my blood boiling.”“Interesting,” Takahashi said, taking another sip of coffee. “Based on the way you talk to each other I’d thought he wasn’t the inspiring type.”“Yeah he’s known to slack off on the job once in a while,” Kinji said. “But he definitely puts his back into it for something that matters more. He’s more than happy to delay a delivery by five minutes if it means helping an old lady cross the street.”“Did he actually do that,” Takahashi asked? Kinji replied with a simple smile and a nod. “I see, you always were one to look up to the hero types Kinji.”“Yeah I can see that,” Kinji said laughing.“I never blamed you for leaving,” Takahashi said in seriousness. “Nor anyone else who left because of that bastard. I actually stayed for the same reason you left.”“I understand,” Kinji said. “Thanks man, you know you’re the hero type too. All you wanted was to defend the old city.”“Yeah, nice to know how that worked out at first,” Takahashi said solemnly. Kinji realized he had struck a nerve yet did not know how to apologize. “But there’s a new city to defend and fight for now. And there’s another duty; to keep the peace between species. Look up at the pile.”Kinji did as told to see all the soldiers working together to find the missing computer system.“After Fallen Day, beastman and humans were on the verge to being completely divided again. Hundreds of thousands of beastmen followed along with the Wild King yet so many wanted to stay. I want us all to keep getting along as much as our governor does.”“Wait hold on,” Kinji said. “When did cross species relationships become so important to you?”“Uh,” Takahashi said with a small blush. “That’s classified.”“Well,” Kinji said with a skeptical eyebrow, “I hope you got a big enough eye to look after that much responsibility. But don’t carry it all by your lonesome. Loosen your weight to smile man. Even I know you can’t always be keeping focus on the job.”“I’ll keep that in mind,” Takahashi grinned as he took another sip from his coffee and walked away. Kinji did not follow and allowed him to leave his side.“Come on man,” he said silently. “You can’t always be this serious.”Elsewhere in the scrap yard, Leiko was highly fascinated by all the old electronics as she examined the piles. After finding something that interested her, she would toss it over her shoulder into the kart. With each addition to her collection Taishi added the prices together on a handheld he had.“You sure you can afford this much Leiko,” Taishi asked? “I know you have a limo and butler but…”“No worries,” Leiko said as she pulled out three rolls of cash from her purse in her finger gaps. Taishi’s eyes popped open and his jaw dropped near the floor. Bruce took it upon himself to close his mouth back up leaving Leiko to giggle.“Maybe I should go ahead and ask,” Taishi said, “where do you get your money?”“Actually, it’s a trust fund from Mo-Shogun Industries,” Leiko began explaining. “My dad’s the CEO of the whole shebang.”“Seriously,” Taishi asked still being shocked? “That’s the company that opened back up ganmen production.”“Yep,” Leiko continued, “names Leiko Jokin, top notch volunteer mechanic of Mo-Shogun Industries. It was actually discovered by my grandmother, Leyte Jokin. She was the head mechanical engineer for the first Team Dai-Gurren.” Taishi was still being surprised by the information he was given but stayed silent. “After the battle against the Anti-Spiral she started the new family business, which started out as a simple auto shop.“But since the military stuck to the grapearls, the ganmen she made were purposed for civilian purposes like construction.”“And after they started being stolen and used for criminal activity,” Taishi chimed in, “you guys got a military contract.”“That’s about right,” Leiko said. “And even without drills the new ganmen were more in touch with spiral power than grapearls. But the grapearls stayed while Mo-Shogun Industries made military grade ganmen for specially selected soldiers.”“Sounds like a sweet deal,” Taishi said. “Is that how you know Captain Takahashi? Does he have a custom ganmen too?” Leiko stood up and zipped her smile to him. “Oh, come on I thought we were bonding!”Leiko giggled and continued browsing and shopping. But then an epiphany came to her attention.“Hey Taishi,” Leiko said looking back at him. “Didn’t you say back in town that you saved and stored the data on Godenn’s old computer?”“Oh, that’s right I forgot,” Taishi freaked. “The original data I could scavenge is on a flash drive!” He then started running off but then in place to continue talking to them. “There’s not much on it but I should grab it and hand it over to Takahashi! Can you handle yourself here till I get back?”“Of course,” Leiko said with a smile again. “I’m only shopping.”“Indeed sir,” Bruce chimed in. “You’ve provided us with excellent customer service. We’ll look for you when Ms. Leiko is ready to check out.” And Taishi smiled and ran off.The young Junker ran until he arrived at a tool shed. He opened it with ease to a small bedroom. There were no windows; the only light inside was a single light bulb Taishi activated. It had illuminated on only a bed, plus a desk and chair. Taishi sat in the chair and pulled out a drawer with miscellaneous items in it and pulled out a flash drive.He opened up a closed laptop on the desk and plugged the flash drive inside.“As I thought,” Taishi examined, “all I found was the weapon system. But it’s still worth giving to Takahashi for info.” He unplugged the stick and pocketed it, closed and picked up the laptop, closed the shed and ran again. Running distance was much longer as when he stopped to catch his breath on his knees reaching Takahashi.“Hey Captain,” Taishi said still breathing heavy.“What’s the rush kid,” Takahashi asked?“I forgot to mention,” Taishi said straightening up. “When I found Godenn I managed to find some data on its old computer. I saved it to this flash drive. There’s only the weapon system on it but I figured you could still use it.” And Taishi handed the data stick over to Takahashi.“That’s perfect thank you,” the captain said taking the stick. “Even if we don’t find the original computer system, our computer specialists might find more on the info downloaded.”“Excellent,” Taishi said with fully recovered air.“Sir,” said a beastmen soldier also running up to Takahashi. “We’ve detected on radar a crowd of land dai-guns heading directly to this facility.”‘Customers,’ Taishi thought? ‘Maybe the boss underestimated our clientele.’“What are the classifications,” Takahashi asked the soldier?“All three of them are carriers sir,” the soldier answered.“Are they within communication range,” Takahashi asked?“Yes sir,” the soldier said. “The lieutenant attempted contact to ward them off, but we received no response.”“And how soon will they set foot on the…” before Takahashi finished, enormous footsteps shook the earth. Shaking was momentary but some of the soldiers fell off the mountain pile. “Perimeter.”“What the heck was that,” Leiko said standing back up and running to the front.Bruce was about to follow but turned around to see the shopping kart was spilled.“I shall catch up with you in a moment miss Leiko.” And he began cleaning up the spilled mess.Outside the gate were the three mentioned dai-guns; none of the three had any coats of paint and were rather rustic. An intercom from the lead ship screeched and a scratchy voice was heard.“Attention New Gurren military forces, you are harboring two ganmen wanted by the Beasterra government. We ask that you please surrender them immediately.”“Bounty hunters,” Taishi began, “are looking for Godenn?”“And my Mullet,” Leiko said coming up.“Those soldiers you two defeated must’ve reported in,” Takahashi said standing back up. “And posted a bounty on your ganmen. But how did they find you so sudden after its post?”“Well,” Taishi began nervously. “We might provide our services and products to some rather shady people.” They looked at him cynically as he smiled with guilt and shook his head and made a focused face. “But to hell if they think they’re getting their hands on my ganmen!” But before he could press the button on his watch Takahashi grabbed his wrist. “Hey what are you…”“Sorry but this is no longer a matter that I can allow civilians to solve,” Takahashi said. “Since both your ganmen are in military custody, they can’t be released until proper authorization.“Sir,” said the soldier that reported the dai-guns, “how do you wish to solve this matter?”“Make certain everyone on that pile is unharmed and continues his or her assignment. Then prepare my Shinkoku,” Takahashi answered. “But do not deploy it until my signal.”“Yes sir,” the soldier said as he took out a communication device and they both walked away.“What are we supposed to do,” Taishi asked?“What I usually like to do,” said Kinji walking up to him and Leiko with a smile. “Enjoy the show.”Takahashi made it to the end of his ships landing strip to speak into a microphone for his intercom system.“This is Captain Takahashi of the New Gurren Military. I’m afraid we cannot grant your request. The ganmen in question are of greater importance than currency. Stand down and leave this place of business.”His command did nothing to have the three ships to turn away and leave.“Yeah, we’re not gonna do that,” said the lead bounty hunter. “Bounty hunters gotta eat. And aside from actual grub, my men are hungry for battle and thirsty for blood.”“Alright then,” Takahashi said and simply tossed away the mic. First, he snapped his fingers. And while turning and walking down the strip, his ship opened its bay doors. Coming out was a ganmen kneeling down on a trailer. As it came into the light, Taishi was amazed at its shinning polish and coloring.It stood up automatically to reveal the serious white face on the body. Above the face torso was a faceless head with a smooth red hood that led down the back with another face on it. Supporting the mecha to stand were two blue legs matching the arms. The ganmens primary weapon seemed to be a pistol carried in its thigh holster.“So cool,” Taishi said with stars in his widened eyes.The ganmens front face opened and a cable lowered from its bottom teeth to Takahashi. He placed his foot on a small pedal on the end of the wire and then held onto it as it rose and took him up and he climbed in the mech. The mouth hatch closed, and Takahashi sat down and took the controls.“This is your final warning,” Takahashi’s voice came from his ganmen.“What good is one ganmen, against these,” the lead voice laughed? All three old ships opened their bay doors and old ganmen swarmed the landing strips.“There’s certainly a way to find out,” Takahashi said.“Destroy him,” shouted the voice. “And turn this junkyard upside down and inside out until you find those ganmen!”The first line of ganmen leaped to reach the New Gurren ship. But the Shinkoku quickly drew its pistol and shot them all down. The dead machines flopped onto the airstrip they charged at. The other ganmen in the swarm stood dumbfounded at what happened.“Care to try again,” Takahashi asked?Taking the challenge all the ganmen charged and leaped into a giant wave across the gap between the rustic and newer dai-guns. Shinkoku re-holstered its firearm and jumped at them in retaliation. The red face on its back opened its mouth fire erupted from it and its eyes. Accelerating, the ganmen rocketed at the hoard of enemies. Once in range, Shinkoku did a spin kick, taking out a small group of the wave.Then with several more melee attacks, the red, white and blue mech cut through the enemies, one to five at a time. The army was now split down the middle in the air. Shinkoku landed on the bounty hunter ship in the middle as most of the ganmen he fought barely made it to his. The ones he took out as well as half of the mechs that he had yet to even touch plummeted to the ground. As a domino effect, an after shock was spread across the junkyard.All the piles in the ganmen section collapsed and most of the soldiers fell from the pile they were searching.“Damn,” Takahashi said, “I’m being too careless.” The then turned on the communications link. “Lieutenant, I’m changing my orders, get the men away from anything that they can fall from or can fall on them. Turns out, this battle’s going to be shakier than I anticipated.”“Yes sir,” the lieutenant said. He carried out his orders and secured the safety of his fellow soldiers. But while one beastman soldier was being pulled out of the rubble, they noticed something from the hole they were in. The light shinning outside revealed within the hole a cracked yellow lens.“Takahashi’s ganmen is awesome,” Taishi said.“Yeah his Shinkoku is one of my dads best work,” Leiko said.“Really your dad made that,” Taishi asked?“That’s right,” Leiko said with a wink. “And wait until you see what else the face on his back can do.”“Alright, change of plans men,” said the leader of the bounty hunters. “Take the enemy ship and hold the crew hostage!”“Yes sir,” the remains of the ganmen army shouted.“Screw that,” Takahashi shouted then turned back around to his ship. The edges of the Shinkokus red face latched off and the mech grabbed hold. Like a Frisbee, Takahashi spun and threw the face at the army. As a perfect circle, the face cleaved through the sides of a dozen ganmen in the back of the group. The spinning face returned and latched back on the back of its source.The defeated ganmen exploded and knocked the rest off of the ship.“Holy crap,” Taishi said.“Any damage to the ship,” Takahashi asked through the radio?“Only some char sir,” asked a soldier on the ship.“Good,” Takahashi relieved. “Now then…” As his Shinkoku turned around, it was punched in the side of the head. “Gah!” But with a quick recovery, Shinkoku managed to back flip and land kneeling. Looking up he saw its attacker and two other mecha.On the left was a skinny bipedal mech with long blades reaching down from its wrists and three horns sticking tall out its brow. Both its head and face body had a pair of sunglasses. To the right was another skinny mecha but with no legs and around its waist was an engine protrusion designed like a skirt. On its back was a giant pair of demonic wings and its fingertips had two feet long claws. And it had the same head and face body as the one on the left.In the middle the last mech too had sunglasses on its head and face body and all four limbs were a massive bulk. All three were colored black and silver.“Wait a sec…” Taishi began, “aren’t those…”“Grapearls,” Leiko called out. “They’ve been heavily upgraded, but how did they get those?”“The New Gurren military’s security system is top of the line,” Takahashi explained. “It’s impossible for anyone to break into our armories. So, there’s only one other way you could’ve gotten those Grapearls. You took their remains from a battle field. You’ve stolen from our fallen soldiers; I’ll make you pay!”“You’ll die trying,” cried the pilot of the middle grapearl. It was recognized as the voice leading from inside the middle dai-gun. He charged at Takahashi throwing a punch at him. But Shinkoku leaned away from the fist and wrapped its arms around the enemy’s bulking arm. The ganmen pulled it up and over to crash it on its back.The grapearl with the blades dashed in thrusting its wrist blades at Shinkoku. But its back face opened and transformed into a shield, blocking the attack. Shinkoku raised the shield overhead and hammered it onto the bulked out Grapearl. Then the ganmen swung it around and threw it at the bladed Grapearl. It blocked the shield holding its blades up, then spread them apart for the shield to fall.“Swords beat shield,” the pilot shouted leaping with another blade thrust.Shinkoku pulled out its pistol and shot the Grapearl in the face.“Gun to a knife fight,” Takahashi said holstering the pistol. He bent over to pick up his shield but paused halfway down once he heard a rocket engine. The flying Grapearl swooped in to pick Shinkoku off the dai-gun.“Let’s take this to the sky,” cried the flyer pilot. Pulling up they shot straight towards the sky leaving behind a trail of smoke. Shinkoku tried pushing away, pressing against the enemy’s shoulders. “Don’t even think about it!” The Grapearl began digging its claws into Shinkoku’s back.The wall behind Takahashi began to be punctured with easy notice. He ceased pushing against the Grapearl. Bending its wings, the Grapearl swooped backwards and began diving heads first back to the dai-guns.“Two can play that game,” Takahashi shouted. Shinkoku leveled his hands next to his thighs ejecting sockets, each holding a hunting knife. The ganmen grabbed the knives and raised them overhead. With the first knife he slashed off on of its wings causing them to spiral as they descended.“What do you think you’re doing,” asked the pilot? And with the second knife, Shinkoku pounded the blade into the Grapearls back and quickly pulled it back out. Now with no restraint against him, Shinkoku pushed itself out of the grapearls arms and flipped onto its back. They finally crash landed on the middle bounty hunter dai-gun, with Shinkoku standing on the first downed Grapearl.“Next,” asked Takahashi as his ganmen stepped off its foe and bared its knives.“Whoa,” Taishi expressed with stars in his eyes.“You bastard,” the pilot of the bladed Grapearl charged. Shinkoku parried the first swing with its knife, then tried stabbing the Grapearl with the other. However, the Grapearl parried the knife and tried another swing, only to be parried again. The attacks and defenses repeated over and over as both their arms began to move with rapid speed. During this ceaseless battling exchange, the massive limb grapearl stomped forward from behind its remaining partner.After one last step, it leaped over both mecha and landed behind Shinkoku.“Oh no,” Takahashi said.The heaviest enemy spun around with its arm stretched out and knocked Shinkoku away from its fight and flew over the gap between one of the dai-guns. The ganmen had dropped one of its knives on impact, but with the one it was able to keep impaled the airstrip it was spiraling over. It was able to slow down until its feet were back on the ground. Takahashi took on heavy breathing as he looked to the grapearls running across their airstrip towards him.Being the lightest, the bladed grapearl was ahead of its leader.“Now to finish this,” the pilot of the blade grapearl shouted.“Couldn’t agree more,” Takahashi growled. His Shinkoku pulled its knife out and ran to the end of the airstrip and jumped to his own dai-gun. Finally, Shinkoku was able to pick up it shield. The enemy jumped over to his ship as he turned around, with the blade grapearl ahead mid-air. Takahashi roared as he toss-spun his shield over to the middle enemy ship.Bouncing off, it flew at the blade grapearl and instantly sliced through its waist. The edge of the shield sprang out a rocket attachment, its ignition changed its rotation as it flew back to Shinkoku’s hand as the blade grapearl detonated. The explosion sent the last grapearl back on its air strip.“No way,” the pilot yelled. After the flame and smoke dispersed into nothing, Shinkoku was seen starring straight at the bounty hunter.“This is your final warning,” Takahashi said, “leave now and I’ll let you live. And deliver this message; Don’t mess with us, The New Gurren Military!”“Shut up,” shouted the bounty hunter with its grapearl standing. Barrels emerged from multiple parts of is body and hundreds of missiles were shot at Shinkoku. Raising its shield, the ganmen took in each explosion as its pilot growled. Once the barrage could no longer be felt, Shinkoku waved his shield to fan away the smoke. Once cleared, the grapearl was nowhere in sight.“Where’d he go,” Kinji asked? The answer came as a shadow over Shinkoku as the grapearl double hammer fisted him from behind. Takahashi responded almost perfectly when he raised his shield from the attack. The grapearl pressed down on the shield with its two fists, breaking the ground beneath Shinkoku’s feet as Takahashi stood his ground.“You bastard,” the bounty hunter shouted as he raised one fist to hammer the shield again. “I’m going to rip you out of that ganmen!” He smashed the shield again with the next hand. “And then I’m going to turn you in to the Wild King along with those two ganmen.” He struck again with another hammer fist.“And for your sake,” another hammer fist strike, “he’d better throw in compensation for all you’ve cost me!” He struck him with hammer fist after hammer fist repetitively. For one last blow, he brought his giant fists together and slammed down on the shield and sent Shinkoku through the ground.“Captain,” cried one of his troops.“Takahashi,” Kinji cried.The bounty hunter laughed as he stood up and relaxed his grapearls’ arms. But when he walked over to the hole, he leaned over to see his fallen adversary and saw nothing but the next floor.“Huh,” he asked? “Where’d he go?” A ding was heard from behind and the bay door opened for an unscathed Shinkoku. “How did you…?”“It’s my ship dumbass,” Takahashi mocked. “And speaking of which, I’d like you off of it.” With one hand he held his shield out to the enemy as he took his handgun and interlocked it with a hole above the handle. The eyes on the shield’s face glowed red as its mouth opened wide and glowed red inside also.“You can’t scare me,” the bounty hunter yelled and charged his grapearl at Shinkoku. With his ganman’s thumb, Takahashi pulled down the hammer to cock the gun.“Scaring you isn’t the idea,” Takahashi said. The red lights radiated brilliantly. “Ultimate Defense; Final Barrel!” And after pulling the trigger, a giant beam of red energy, was unleashed from the shield. It impacted the grapearls face and pushed it back, bringing a scream out of the pilot.After a moment, the last grapearl was enveloped by the red attack ray. The pilot’s scream grew louder and louder as his machine was slowly incinerated with him. No trace was left as the laser reached its end and Shinkoku stood up separating his gun and shield.“Whoa,” Taishi said with stars in his eyes. “So cool.”“One of my dad’s great masterpieces,” Leiko smirked.After Takahashi docked his ganmen back inside his ship, he rejoined his troops on solid ground.“That was awesome,” Taishi ran up to Takahashi with stars in his eyes. “Captain Takahashi, you were awesome out there!”“Thanks kid,” Takahashi appreciated with a calm smile.“I’m serious,” Taishi raised his exciting voice, “your ganmen kicks so much butt! And when the face on its back turned into a shield, it was like…”“What the hell’s going on out here,” Taishi’s boss interrupted?“Oh great,” Taishi immediately sulked.“Taishi,” the boss called out, “what have you been doing now?”“He just automatically assumes it was you,” Takahashi asks?“That’s right,” Taishi answers.“Well, no worries,” Takahashi smiled and began walking around. “Just let me…”“Thanks, but no thanks sir,” Taishi blocked his bath with his arm. “Even if it was your fight, I still brought it here. Anyway, he never really says anything that matters that much.”And so Taishi took his steps to an undeserving lecture. As the boy walked, Takahashi was surprised at first but smiled at his back.“That young,” Takahashi said, “and that responsible.”“Captain,” called a running soldier. After approaching, the soldier stopped to salute Takahashi, Taishi stopped walking towards his horrible boss taking notice.“At ease and report,” Takahashi ordered.“Sir,” the soldier began, “your battle caused some of the scrap piles to collapse.”“Casualties,” Takahashi asked?“Minimum sir,” the soldier continued. ”But the good news is from one of the collapsed piles, we believe we found what we’ve been looking for.”Takahashi followed, who was followed by Taishi, who was followed by his annoyed and ignored boss, who was followed by Kinji, Leiko and Bruce. They arrived and looked down at the supersized disembodied head. The majority of its outer shell was gone, all that remained was its one yellow lensed eye and a black crown frame surrounding the open cockpit.“So, is this it Taishi,” Takahashi asked him?“This is it,” Taishi answered.“Alright,” Takahashi yelled, “bag it up and get ready for transport!”“Yes sir,” all soldiers acknowledged.“Hey, you two,” Takahashi spoke to Taishi and Kinji, “I know you guys have been through a lot these last three days, but I need you to come with us to base. We’ll need you guys to fill out your statements for evidence in my report.”“No problem buddy,” Kinji smiled.“New Gurren City,” Taishi asked? “We’re going to New Gurren City? What are we waiting for?”“How about for hell to freeze over,” their boss shouted, making Taishi mope again. “Government official or not, you’re not taking my employees away, especially since they owe me money!”With a blank face, Takahashi kept his bored eyes at the business man and pointed over the scrapyards wall. The boss looked in the gestured direction and was stunned at the sight of the three new dai-guns.“Would those ships, and the three dozen ganmen piled up outside be enough to clear their debts,” Takahashi asked? “And to buy them off from you?”“Well…” the boss began, “Kinji I guess…” And his highest employee raised his arms in disbelief and irritation. “But for Kinji… the truth is I’m actually…”“Forget it,” Taishi interrupted. All looked to him to see his aggravated scowling. “I’m going with them. I’ve waited for eight years. At this point and with this opportunity, I’m done waiting any longer.”The boss and Kinji frowned at his words with feelings they knew of, while their surrounding company were confused in the mystery.“Fine,” the boss sighed, “they’re both all yours.” The boss walked away and with him gone, Taishi dropped his anger with a deep breath for a bright smile.“This is awesome,” Taishi squealed, “we’re going to New Gurren City!”“Yeah well,” Kinji smiled rubbing the back of his head, “you better start doing everything I say when we get there.”“We’ll see what happens,” Taishi teased. As they got along in their shared excitement, their friends were more confused than ever.“Huh,” they said?
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