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'Very Sad Day'.........

By TribblePom55
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The Collings Foundation B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" was destroyed this morning in a fiery crash at Windsor Locks Airport at a "Wings of Freedom" tour stop in Connecticut. There were 13 passengers and crew on board for a tour flight. Details are still coming in and sketchy, but 6 are in the hospital. Please pray for the passengers and crew.Waaaah!
Date of photo; 8/26/2019
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I went to an airshow once and saw it. I even went inside. Damn shame what happened to it.

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I can not add "favorites" with really sad news. Condolences to victims and their family and friends. I hope they gets well as soon as possible the people who are in hospital. My prayers for them.
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Condolences to everyone on board and to the plane. Four years ago, we lost a Hawker Hunter T7 jet in an airshow crash in Sussex.
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B-17G Nine-O-Nine Side View by Aya-Wavedancer

Here work can been seen being done on the port side main landing gear.

B-17G Nine-O-Nine Nose Art by Aya-Wavedancer

Memories of a great day with my Dad...
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Ohhhh… Jesus. I had the fortune to see Nine-Oh-Nine at the Capital City Airport in the Harrisburg, PA area a couple of years ago with my Dad. They were working on one of the huge brakes on the main gear when we were there. I'll have to dog up more pics from my hard drive... I have a bad record with this sort of thing. Unfortunately I didn't get pics of the CASA.2111 "He-111" of the Commemorative Air Force when I took a good look through it before it crashed as well.
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I saw her at G.O.Carlson Airport in Coatesville this past August when I took this photo and again last month at Waterbury Oxford airport in Connecticut when I happened to be on vacation there 3 weeks ago. I also have photos I shot of the CASA-2 He111 in my gallery I shot a few years before she was lost in that crash. It just hurts....
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It's a known risk. Still very difficult to deal with regardless- I'm happy that at least some people got out unlike the CASA.
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Just saw the info at this point. So sad, the loss of life especially and the amazing aircraft as well!  Thanks for posting this.
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oh no this is horrible
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I heard about this, too. My dad and I saw it just ten days ago. Words cannot express just what a tragedy this is.
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I toured her the last week of August in Coatesville Pennsylvania and again last month at Waterbury-Oxford airport when I was on vacation in Connecticut....It's an absolute gut punch for me.....Crying 
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