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Hey friends!

So I'm aware this happened forever ago, but since the Rune MAP is nearing completion, I finally got around to picking a winner! First place goes to daisyrazors with this piece!  Rune's Way :: Contest Entry (Alt.) by daisyrazors

In second place, and what we'll be using as the background during the credits, is LadyHeren with this piece!  Rune's Way [Contest Entry] by LadyHeren

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and to the prize winners, you did insanely gorgeous work and it's a privilege to get to use your artwork <3 Prizes weren't discussed, but if you'd like me to make you commissions in exchange for your work, let me know!

If you're in the mood to enter more contest-like things, I'm running one right now in relation to My Pride! We're trying to get the word out there about it,and to help with that we're having an OC creation contest in which we'll pick 1 OC of each category to add in as a cameo in the series! Here's a link to all the templates (feel free to ditch my lineart if you'd rather do your own) . Everything submitted before the end of March will be considered for the cameo and featured during our weekly livestreams!

Thanks friends!

Hey friends!

If you'd like the make the thumbnail for the Rune MAP, submit your designs to me here! I'll be judging it when I'm home from Costa Rica in September.

The MAP is about Rune's life, and his death. It focuses on his relationship with Mink, and the futility of his kingship (script is here if you're curious:… )

Only rule is that it has to be youtube thumbnail default size (1280x720)!

Hope to see your entry soon!


- Maddi
Hey Friends!

A couple of Cow of the Wild companion comics exist, and I thought I should post about their existance here!

The first one I have no affiliation with but is very cool, and it's about the formation of The Kingdom in the West back when Rune was a kid, by Patch21 called Pack Of The Flying Feather. It explores the Kingdom in a lot of detail and she's recently revamped it and does my style better than I do. Here's the first page: Pack of the Flying Feathers pg 1

The next one is something I am involved in, on a vague consulting basis, and it's just getting started this week. I've seen the first few pages and it looks cute as heck, it explores Marra's life growing up under King Rune, and her secret love affair with one of the invading Feather Ferals behind Rune's back :0 Right now all that's out is the cover and it's being done by the lovely @WesternValentyne. Here's the cover! COTW:IbAm | The Western Queen | Cover by WesternValentyne

I've also been talking to another artist about actually writing a COTW comic with her that is about Fang, Cliff, Blue, Flutter, Sharp and Saber growing up.

Anyway just wanted to let you cool cats know about all this cool rad cow of the wild content in the world!!
Hey friends,

In my unending musings on how and when I can dramatically quit my job as a waitress and torch my work uniform in a ritualistic fire, I am thinking about commissions and if they might be enough to supplement my income along with Patreon to allow me to get away with not having a Real People Job.

So my question -- 1) would people be interested in commissions from me? (After the release of COTW25 that's all I'm doing right now) and 2) What are fair/regular prices for those sorts of things? I'm prettyyyy behind on the whole culture of it. Both for animation and regular drawings 'n such.

Tell mee with your wisdom pleaseee.

Thank you!
Hey Friends!

With the new Cow of the Wild episode underway, I'm starting up a Patreon page. I've never done one before so if you have any suggestions on better rewards, better ways to phrase things, anything at all please let me know! If you can, I would love it if you could donate. Even just just one dollar is amazing, because if everyone who followed me gave one dollar I'd have more than enough to afford new stuff and work less hours at the restaurant. But if you can't or don't want to that is also okay and I still love you.

I'll be making a youtube video announcing it this week, and hopefully tweaking it based on suggestions. I'm making it so pledges only come in once a new episode is out, so that I don't take any donations I don't deserve. If I get to the end of COTW (which I hope I do!!), then it might switch over to monthly, or to episodes of whatever new project I'd get into then. Cool? Cool!

Here's that:

Thanks guys :D
Hey lovelies,

I'm in the process of developing a new series! :0 Whaaat?! Yes! Not to replace COTW, but after COTW, (possibly posted to it's own channel). It's still about wolves (well kind of, werewolves), and we're doing it live action instead of animated. (Parts will still probably be animated because I am involved. 


So it's a story about a girl who catches lycanthropy as an STD (wrap it up, kids). We'll be uploading a video every day of October 2016 as she slowly transforms, leading up to Halloween, our finale (Maybe an epilogue November 1st). She'll also be posting additional story details on her own tumblr, twitter and facebook, and be Almost A Real Person. It'll be an awesome upload schedule, you will love it, I promise. But in order to have it all ready for October, I need to get all y'all opinions now before I start on the script.


1) What sort of stuff would you like to see in a werewolf transformation? What physical stuff would be cool to you? What kind of behaviours or quirks?

2) Love story! Would you prefer a love triangle, or no love triangle? (I love writing those, but if you think it would be annoying, tell me not to :P)

3) How much gore are you okay with? (COTW may or may not have overdone it at some points :P On a scale of 1 (no gore) to 10 (DECAPITATIONS EVERYWHERE), what are you down for?

4) How old do you think she should be? We were thinking of just making her 21 (possibly played by me or another friend of ours, Mo'Mo O'Brien, dunno if you guys know her?). Would you prefer someone younger or is that ight? (Also would you want to see me acting or should I stay behind the camera? :P)

5) How much sexiness is okay? Don't want to make anybody uncomfortable. We were thinking of having some intense make out sessions, and some smutty tumblr posts, is that okay with all y'all? 


Please answer if you can, love you very much, gonna get those commissions done this week and be back to internet world in April <3
Wow okay, so before I left for Korea and my school went on strike and I broke up with my boyfriend and my life spiralled away from what is logical and okay, I had commissions open. I've given out a couple of refunds so far, but if anyone would still like theirs done, please hit me up with a note and tell me an update of what you want and I'll do it next week. Not taking any new ones (I'm an entire year late on old ones, trust me, you do not want to deal with my shenanigans). 

Also - I hate to be that jerk who disappears and comes back skulking around for money. I am still working on COTW, but my school year is absolutely mental, last semester of my last year, I barely sleep just with school, so I'll be more alive online after grad. Buuut, until then, I do have a film shooting end of February about race violence and time travel AT THE SAME TIME. It's a really good short with a good crew, we're a little short on budget so the production manager set up an indiegogo yesterday. We have a UK and a Canadian. No pressure to donate, I'd just feel crazy if I didn't mention it. Yeah. Hope everyone is doing well, I miss you internet people and I will return and make more wolf things when I am free of this plague called college.


Hey guys,

I'm actually in England right now visiting my oldest internet pal, fluffylovey! And we decided to do a livestream of us watching it and eating roulette doritos to the drinking game? Instead of drinking le booze? It should be fun because Izzy can't handle spicy things and also The Room is hilarious in general come come come 
you guys I got dumped and i'm really sad and can i please just have virtual hugs from everyone? ): I was with him for two years and he just broke up with me yesterday and I honestly just don't know what to do and i need hugs and cuddles and advice on how to stop being so sad.
Hey guys!

Just an update for those who ordered commissions: I'm leaving for Korea to visit my brother on Friday, and so won't be able to work on commissions further until I get home (I arrive back on the 24th).

So yeah just so you know what's going on and why they're not getting done. I've been busy trying to get the next two weeks of school projects finished before leaving :P
Hello folks!

I'd like to draw more, so I'd like to open up commissions for a bit :) Only paypal, no DA points unfortunately ): (I don't use the website enough for it to be worth it D: )

So I can do wolves or kitties of course, but also birds, humans, toasters, whatever. I'd like practice with everything, so anything works.

So here are prices:

Head shot - $5

Fully body (No background): $10

Fully body (with background): $15

(And an additional $2 per extra character)

If anybody would like one, please message me and stuff :) 

Does anybody remember Blankwood1? Whatever happened to her? I miss that girl, man. Having intense 2009 nostalgia right now.
Hey guys,

So I think I may have lost Marra's voice actor, she's not responding to messages ):

I think putting up a casting call on youtube might be making too big a deal out of it, anybody interested in auditioning to replace her here? Here are some lines to read if you want to try out;


MARRA: What if he’s lying!? That’s what Rune does – he lies!


LINE 2: 

KIA: These are the actions of the daughter of Kahleel the KIND? Your father would never approve of this.

MARRA: [Blunt] No. Of course he wouldn’t. But that’s just it, Kia. [Emotional] What did my father’s kindness get him? He was trusting and forgiving and noble and it got him senselessly killed. [angry] Rune's right about one thing – this world is brutal. I’m not going to be the prey anymore. I’ll never be the victim again.

Yeah, so if you want to try out for that just record those lines and send em over to


Upsettingly, I might have to replace Rune too ): My brother's in Korea right now, he's pretty hard to get a hold of, and he's really busy teaching English to childrenzz. But I shall try.

After ten million years and a livestream, here 'tis.

I am attempting to do a youtube livestream, so here it goes. C'mon down if you have nothing to do :0
Izzy got me a premium membership and I love her eversomuch :'D I'm sure everyone in the world has heard of her by now, but of course her username is fluffylovey and she's the woman behind the excellent wolf series Unknown Blood (which is really worth a watch if you haven't seen it, such pretty animation, I hate her skill.) So go check her out if you haven't! But I think you have. I'm sure you have. How could you not?


That's all!

Thank you Izzy!

So, you know every drawing you've ever seen me do ever? From the very first warriors episode to the last digital painting I did? All of that was done using the same tablet and gUESS WHAT JUST DIED TODAY.

It was eight years old. I downloaded ToonBoom and was learning to use it with tutorials anD MY TABLET STOPPED WORKING AND WORDS DO NOT EXPRESS HOW UPSET I AM I DO NOT HAVE 200 DOLLARS LYING AROUND TO REPLACE IT OH MY GOD.

I don't even know what to do right now I am so upset. Aw.

I'm gonna see if I can get like an "early christmas present" from a parental unit or something because I really don't have 200 dollars to throw around, and i know if I asked for one for Christmas I'll get it but I CAN'T WAIT TILL DECEMBER GODDAMNIT, I HAVE STUFF TO DO, FOR CEREAL, THIS IS NOT OKAY WHAT DO YOU EVEN DO IN THIS SITUATION NO.
Hey so... I got a new computer an Pencil doesn't work on it anymore so I'm looking for a new animation program. Does anybody know of any? I could get flash, but I don't want to work in vectors (that's mostly what flash is based in, yes?), and I have photoshop cs6, does that animate well? I've never been able to figure it out.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas ):
Amazon is doing a thing where you can pitch a show idea and they make it if they like it.

One of the things you need for a pitch is a full script of an episode, I don't know which one to focus on. What do you guys think?

Please lemme know :)