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My Bio
Just an Artist who connects with the clone troopers of the Clone Wars. I also have my darkside the INSIDERS.

My Art-style is Called HYBRID. It uses a variety of materials concepts and theories together to make unique ideas on characters or concepts. My major set of materials is mixed media usually color pencils and pens. Most of my techniques are self-taught. With refinement of the processes coming from college course currently being undertaken.

I am a person who has interests in science, history, technology, religion, philosophy, politics, engineering, biology, genetics, and writing. I have interesting concepts for stories, redesigns of universes, game-political-strategy-social-quantum light travel theory, and has a very quick learning curve for a person. Rapidly and frighteningly assimilating information and then cross pollinating it with information already in my brain. Is something of a walking encyclopedia of sorts.

I view the world like Leonardo da Vinci, minus the dsylexia and plus the literal walking around in circles when I have an idea. My concept of art, technology, and ideas is practical and sometimes a little eccentric, but everything is interconnected to me.

Feel free to ask for ideas or information.

[as of this date I will attempt to set up a network for being able to support commissions.]

Favourite Visual Artist
Leonardo Da Vinci
Favourite Movies
The whole Star Wars series...and SkyCaptain
Favourite TV Shows
Mostly Sci Fi
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Jonah33 Rebecca St. James
Favourite Books
Sci-Fi and Non-Fiction History
Favourite Writers
Karen Traviss Timothy Zahn Clive Cussler
Favourite Games
CnC Generals/ Company of Heroes/ Star Wars
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
pen, paper, music, an overactive imagination, some history or military books
Other Interests
MILITECH-military technology
Forgive my Disappearance for nearly a Year. I have been indisposed as of late. I am alive, but its been a wild year in 2020. I have survived. I am in one piece. I have been drawing alot, but my scanner went down. You will see more artwork in the s
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DA I understand, why you decided to change the system you and other Social Media platforms are trying to keep relevant in changing times. But, this Eclipse well, has become an Eclipse. 1) The whole system is clunky versus Classic. And that is saying something when the older system was rather archane and more friendly to CSS coders. Which never got fully tweaked. There were some epic Classic DA sites that got completely nuked by this update. So no music, videos, customized site background etc. Custom cursors etc. 2)Deleted Mandatory options. A)Birthdays. Good grief I was keeping up with some of my watch lists via the Birthday system. And now I am completely lost as to how to communicate one those special days. B)Literature options in the Classic DA were working fine for Journals. And would have been nice for the other site features like posting Deviantions! C)File Sorting Options. So many artists nuke their DA sites because it became such a rats nest of mix-mash artworks, giving
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Well, isn't this a fun wonderful way to have a Birthday. The Apocalypse. Or Apocalypse Light. As you probably have noticed across the board, if not across the world. Corona/Covid-19/Wuhan400/Kung-flu. Has most of the world going absolutely bananas. My sector actually has a curfew every day. But, since we are an international hub in the United States. See Airport Code MEM. And ironically alot of our business men, are well frequent flyer travelers. Besides every flipping box shipped in US comes here. Yeah, I am having to work a job where the owners refused to give us the proper PPE. Because its "expensive." And I am concerned because I am s
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Happy belated birthday, Josh.

You are awesome.

I am just a person with art ideas.

Rumay by Bleedman

I I niw this is an old one but did you view this?

I am kero come from Salzburg I've been making music for a long time it's my life and my passion without music i'm only half the human being, please check out the video when you like the video then please please send it on i need support I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!