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Joshua S. Tribble
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Just an Artist who connects with the clone troopers of the Clone Wars. I also have my darkside the INSIDERS.

My Art-style is Called HYBRID. It uses a variety of materials concepts and theories together to make unique ideas on characters or concepts. My major set of materials is mixed media usually color pencils and pens. Most of my techniques are self-taught. With refinement of the processes coming from college course currently being undertaken.

I am a person who has interests in science, history, technology, religion, philosophy, politics, engineering, biology, genetics, and writing. I have interesting concepts for stories, redesigns of universes, game-political-strategy-social-quantum light travel theory, and has a very quick learning curve for a person. Rapidly and frighteningly assimilating information and then cross pollinating it with information already in my brain. Is something of a walking encyclopedia of sorts.

I view the world like Leonardo da Vinci, minus the dsylexia and plus the literal walking around in circles when I have an idea. My concept of art, technology, and ideas is practical and sometimes a little eccentric, but everything is interconnected to me.

Feel free to ask for ideas or information.

[as of this date I will attempt to set up a network for being able to support commissions.]
A good friend of my joke about there never being a dull moment, and then my retort was to him...then what is a sharp moment

Well, this most recent day was such an adventure.

Started out being part of a particular communities fall festival. 
The kids for some reason were not feeling very artsy at the art table, could have fooled me with all the chalk drawing all over the concrete when I arrived. So some of us "old folks" some college age people were playing with Play-doh of all things. So I had to be the adult and well break out my art mobile kit.

And well we went to town, everyone was designing drawing. Had some fun discussions and jokes back and forth with the artists at the table. Then someone in particular mentioned something unusual. 

I did not know there was a sketch book library. Its called the Brooklyn Art Library: Sketchbook Project. There is only one caveat the sketchbook must be completed. You send in your completed sketch books to this library and they will bar code and organize the materials there in, and give your sketchbooks a dewey decimal system code. Kind of an interesting way to contribute to artistic historical record. Maybe Deviant Art should do a unique promo for this. 

And some people were commenting on a sketchbook that you guys haven't seen posted here on deviant art. Some very interesting comments were said.

Later in the night I had to start a fire for smores, and then played a cutthroat game of Catan Settlers. Where I got the lovely moniker of Butthead for rolling a 7 and insta-nuking 3 players with in the first series of rolls. I went on an Iron Curtain style of assault and locked down a third of the map to myself and kind of dragged the game into overtime because of it. 

So around 1:15 A.M. in the morning I start to go home. And things got interesting.
I was at a campground location and I stalled out completely at the gate, I think well...huh...I ran out of gas, but something was off my truck lost complete power. So hmm. Battery was depleted or my gas was out. My truck has a finicky gas gauge so when the first time the empty tank comes on its reading I have about 1 gallon of gas to go...give or take.

Okay, the nearest house is oh, nearly a 1 mile plus, walk through pitch black winding gravel roads through a forest. Oh yeah, and coyotes have been spotted out here. Yipee. Luckily I picked up some firefly larvae [glow worms to you all] off the ground..some glow...even if they try to crawl out of your hands, and carrying a knife for art doesn't hurt. 
Get over the main lodge, knock on windows someone of some sort of sewing retreat is up at o'dark hundred. She says oh the caretakers house is across the parking lot into the darkness again I go, trying to find a house that literally blends into the darkness. Well, I wake up the caretaker, he gives me some gas, and hooks up to my battery giving me enough juice to get to get the vehicle started and to a gas station with him tailing along just to make sure I got there.
Everything seems okay. Until I gassed up and head down the road. Then I start having all kinds of unique and bizarro world things start happening.

My lights start to dim, the radio suddenly completely shuts off without warning, all my warning lights are sequentially lighting up, and I panic, I am not in the best part of town at the witching hour of morning. NOT GOOD, especially since I am in what some would consider now the HOOD. So its peddle to metal, trying to get in range of a friends house I am near. And then a Red Light, I have lost power my engine is only running on inertial and I have to stop, this is going to be great!!!! I literally die out in the turn lane, in front of a high school in the hood. 

Called my friend, had to call twice because he was asleep. [Always call at least twice, the first call isn't usually heard but startles a sleeper out of deep sleep and allows them to hear the follow up call, or if they are very sleep walkerish might give them a very interesting episode of a walking dream.] All the while I had some people turn their lights off, and sneak up to my car thinking oh look can we loot it? Until they saw me in the drivers seat looking right at them. Drive on boys Drive on. Friend gets out we charge my truck. We drive about 200 yards, and I die again. Charge again, I literally drive completely dead to his house and my truck sputters out in his driveway.  I spend the night and we hook up my truck to charge battery until morning. 

Get up in the morning, and find that my truck can crank, but I am having the battery light on. Hmmm. Go up to an auto-parts shop we test the battery. Oh its good. Fine, find the alternator has died. And thinking back on it. it probably died a week a go, and I was driving on battery the whole time. YIKES. Well it got bonkers, I wasn't going to go to the dealership and saw an arm and a leg off myself to get an alternator. Its about 11:30 A.M. The guy offers hey either you can go get the part, after the nights experience I am in no rush to drive my truck on battery to this other location; or have it delivered to the store via their trucks. One problem the cut off time is 11:30. Although everyone promised it was on a truck, it never arrived on location so I had to go get it. The same person who helped me at the shop, just so happened to be a former mechanic. He offered to put the alternator on for $65 after his shift. I paid him $70. Because if I went into the dealership the total bill just for labor would have been $200 to $300. Although it cost me more to buy the alternator outright and install; the guy got to see a house in the neighborhood that was for sale. 

So its been an interesting weekend to say the least. 

Oh and someone last minute called in, hey I need to rent a room. So I am cleaning up at 2:00A.M. wow. 


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I know it may seem a little overboard in pointage...but eh. A clone trooper has got to do what a clone has to do.

Feeling generous? Okay.
At least I won't my "More Please" "Alms for the Poor." Impressions...and annoy people.

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Why did they do this, even to their own country? They had it all, and they destroyed it all in an effort not to lose. 
May God be the judge in our struggle, against the senseless self-destruction of nations by its own crazed people.

May this ever stay fictional, and never become reality. 

Joshua S. Tribble 2018


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If I goofed up the spelling of your name in any way, please do me the kindness of informing me of what and where my error was. If so, I firmly apologize to you personally.
Oh, and on the matter of the Disney Star Wars AU (which I firmly believe it was, they created their own universe, and it'd only fit in as an AU); aside from just sitting back to enjoy some good action/adventure battle scenes in space for the most part- and profoundly stupid tactics on both sides (honestly, it seems as though everybody in the Star Wars higher echelons of command became stupid- their tactics are *DUMB*, and I know, and my military experience is limited to playing wargames; any seasoned tactician would easily overpower and outwit (completely) the entire think tanks in that universe after Disney messed it up- they should've stuck to the fairy-tales stories they specialized in- after the Battle of Endor and the capture of Coruscant... WOW, Dumb City Ahead!), It's as if the First Order is the SS in the invasion of Poland; high casualties and no gains whatsoever as far as relating to their numbers- and that's based in the German Army Officers' opinion of the SS in the invasion of Poland... that's my take on the events.
Now, the Expanded Universe is by far far more canonical than anything Disney made, and I'd go with that being the real Star Wars universe as far as content. About the only thing they had was Luke using some force power that at that phase of his life he'd never engage in again- a dark side power that makes a force doppelganger; their work is ridiculous!
As you can see I have a dim view of Disney's Star Wars works, aside from the assault on a planet using TIE fighters for air support... I'm amazed that Vader didn't at Hoth for some air support, or simply devastate the base by TIE bomber bombardment for one... but that's just me.
I do agree with you on Star Wars being a spectacular story, though., and your assessment of the low worth of Disney's Star Wars works, aside from some thrilling combat scenes- which I completely enjoyed.
Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans;
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Frigid, Icy, Frosty, any other adjectives for the moment.

But when I go hot. :ICBM: Atomic Cock 

Muy Caliente. 

Have fun poking around. 
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