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Owl Patronus

This is for :iconseriesartiststarter: who asked me for on owl :) Hope you like it!
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This is so super trouper fantastic ! 💗💗💗
My patronus was an eagle owl ♡
Hi tribal chick, your work is beautiful and unique. Would I be able to use this owl in a project of I gave credit to you? Pretty please
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I love your work - it's very beautiful! May I, if you have some free time on your hands, request a harpy eagle? They're very beautiful... 
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I saw this on Facebook. Some people are wanting it on a t-shirt if you can make that happen. (It's for a high school alumni group.)…
This is stunning! Would you mind if I use this as the art on a custom playing card for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game?
Sings-With-Spirits's avatar

Would it be OK if I use this as stock on a fiction "cover" for a PDF story to be posted here on DA?

I'll link back to here and give credit for stock.

Tribalchick101's avatar
Sure, no problem! :)
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Another awesome patronus!!
DANGERcomics's avatar
Beautiful work! :)
SeriesArtiststarter's avatar
Real moving stuff right here, Thank you ever so kindly; for this Patronus is as Majestic and Cunning as the Animal in which it represents, you did a terrific and solid job on this one right here and I just cannot thank you enough for undertaking it~
Tribalchick101's avatar
You're very welcome, it moves me to hear that someone appreciates my work like you, thankyou so so much! :)
SeriesArtiststarter's avatar
^*^ What's not to like? it is splendid and more vivid then the movie(s) in which they have been shown as yours is showing true clarity! for that I can only say Thank You and your most graciously welcome~
Tribalchick101's avatar
Thankyou so so much, i really appreciate your feedback! :) :)
SeriesArtiststarter's avatar
Not a problem! and I really do appreciate you well taking my request there, genuinely wanted to see a skilled deviant at work creating pure energy in a way~ and you did do that ^*^ best of luck in your other endeavours in life!
SeriesArtiststarter's avatar
Your so way welcome{^!
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I am really impressed with your work. Great job!
Tribalchick101's avatar
Thankyou so much! :)
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