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Hello folks!

So it turns out that my old commission hotmail account is permanently lost... awesome :C

...which is why I made a new one if you want to "commission Trias", you can send me your idea and all that jazz to:

"" if you wanna get the ball rolling C:

Thanks for reading!

“Participant of the CGTrader Digital Art Competition”
A friend of mine, McParty McParty is in need of some help. He posted a more detailed journal about it here:…

Basically, the only thing he needs is to just get enough to give him time to pay his rent and find a new job.

He did the animation I just posted and takes commissions for 30 USD and less.
McParty has a funny parody-style and does furry-art as well as general cartoony-art of tv-characters.

Please consider supporting him on his new patreon, as he is going to provide more animations and furry art in the future:

Thank you so much!!!
On October 10th, we had to put our other dog to sleep. It caught us totally off guard when he had some kind of a seizure last Tuesday. When that seizure thing was over, he wasn’t the same again. He could walk, but he didn’t seem to notice much of his environment or the people around him.
After we went to vet she told us he may had swallowed a poisonous substance which can be found in medication for horses; it made sense at first. However, his status didn’t change at all, so we went to the vet again. Then, on further examination, there were like 5 different factors which COULD be responsible for the seizure, but we would have to test it one by one with no guarantee that even one would work at all.

We decided against the suffering…

I didn’t sleep to well the past week and I was greatly slowed down due to knowing our second family dog was suffering downstairs all the time.
Blaze was one heck of a collie dog ~ anyone would miss him…

At least I sleep a little better now and can finally get back to the work I owe some of you, my patrons and myself as well.

(I wrote this journal to put it on multiple websites, so if you guys may cannot follow on a specific point, this is why)

Yeah, that’s what I am…
The election is over and it was the most exhausting one so far. We processed over 22.000 applications (with 8 people, me included), did several additional important tasks and had to purposely leave out others in order to get everything right on time.
It was utter chaos and I now hate everyone who is over the age of 70 x.x …fucking complaining stupid idiots, not listening and asking ridiculous questions, plus wanting to put lawsuits on us for decisions we didn’t make J

What a shit-load of fuck.

I honestly kid you not that I assumed to have enough time and energy after work to keep going with the commissions and comics, but it wasn’t possible at all. In fact, though, this whole job was so draining that I basically just dropped into my chair and a little later into my bed falling asleep instantly. Seriously, I kid you not!

So what now? I didn’t forget ANY of the commissioners who already paid a long time ago and I thank you a million times for all the patience and understanding as well as the reassuring words!
The only thing I was able to do was some practice drawings to keep my hands in motion.
I will take about 2 weeks completely off (maybe a bit less), since I was pretty much in desperate need of a vacation before I even took the election-job.

Please do not wonder that I’m going to post at least one comic strip and one pin-up painting. As you may be able to imagine, I did not open Photoshop for about 7 weeks now and I think paying customers deserve to receive some quality for their money. Long story short: I will warm up first.

The entire rest is going to be visual, by the time you see something new from me is going to be the moment I when I’ll be back in the regular game ^^

Special message for my patrons:
Thank you so much for sticking with me through this time. I know it sucks to see a lack of updates and I value your patience a lot :D

So hubbhubb whaddyabbb!!! *cough cough*

Sorry, but I have been extremely busy on several different things this week.

First of all, I wanna announce that I start doing COMIC-streams on my picarto-channel where I finally resume the work on my new comic "Public Escapades".
On my :iconpatreon:, you can already take a look at the entire concept (1$-tier) PLUS the sketch-cluster of Page 01 for a newly generated tier.

Secondly, my first youtube video is up ~ when you're interested in seeing more videos like that, pls subscribe and leave a comment! ^^

In addition to that, a video about the making-of of this one

Mature Content

Introducing: Selene by TriasTheDinoArtist

is here:

If you wanna support the upcoming comic or the videos, pls leave a little one at my patreon ^^

Yup, what the title is saying.

I also am happy to announce that I just bought myself a new microphone to enhance the audio quality of my streams.
The old mic was just a table-top thing which always was too far away from me to speak freely...
Anyhow, I hope you'll joing my future streams to talk ^^
Hey all!

First of all I wanna thank you for the good start of my patreon account :D

I am now marching towards final exams in my much hated apprenticeship which I wanna quit as soon as possible.
My contract officially ends on Jan 31st 2017. The oral-exam is probably in the middle of that month. There are no days I can take off.
The written exams are in late November this year, my business-english-exam-level-B2 is in mid-october.
Before that, I still have some class-tests to pass...

So all I want to say is that I can not be as productive for the rest of the year and a little longer.
Commissions will probably suffer not from the lack of quality but from the lack of time!

2016 was my most productive year EVER, mostly thanks to YOUR SUPPORT from your favs, watches and last but not least all of those lovely comments I so enjoy to read :).
By now, I have made 64 images (b&w not included). I intend to produce even more next year.

Thank you all!
Stay healthy!

I finally made a patreon page, after thinking about it for more than a year.

I want to thank you here for the supporting and helpful comments here!
Please take a look and tell a friend!

So I want to create an account at to fund my works.
Therefore, I want to deliver special "patreon-only" content for you such as images and comics.

Now, I imagine to submit at least 1 picture per month there, considering the suggestions of the supporters (of course!).

In 2017, I will update all that to maybe 3 images per month (together with massive updates including commission prices and my additional investment in skills!!!).
This is because next year (early february) I can look for a half-term job and this damn apprenticeship is finally over...

Would you support my decision to join
What would you expect from me if I do so?
What would you like to see there?

I am interested in your honest opinion! ~ Thank you for your time in advance!

Yeah - because many noted me they want to save up their money to commission me.

Well, as honored as I am by these statements, it doesn't exactly help me, that's why I chose to go down with prices.
I hope this means more work for me, plus more possibilities for you to purchase the art you want :)

<da:thumb id="497579784"/>
Just in case you haven't noticed, the preview here…

is for sale too!

Like my VHS-Folio, another 10 images of the girls - fully colored and high quality!

All info here:…

And here:

I really hope you scratch your bucks together so you can enjoy your favourite dinosaur girls!!
(...and support me... ^^")………

I use this canal to promote my art and stories.
Still a little bit empty, but I will update it on time.

If you like my art and want to support me, go there and follow me on FB :D the way, should I consider joining patreon?

You're my base, stye tuned

Happy new year everyone!

I'm more affordable now ^^"

Just check:…
So *umm err*...

Recently I heard some voices from the fandom claiming things like "our art is evil" or "dirty" or even "...little...".

This made me thinking about some things!
These incidents made think about the question "what is MY fascination about anthropomorphic characters?".

Burn in your brain that I never think of the above stated terms!!!
In some comments I posted lately, most of you can not know, is that I always fall in love with characters who
are showing a certain kind of face.
Yes you heard right: faces, looks, eyes, smiles. Not breasts, hips, pussies, asses or anything.
I like the latter mentioned, but I HAVE to be honest, the are the easiest.
When there is a character, male or female, who looks right at you making you (me) wanna ask him/ her "where do you come from and what's your story?", that's the true magic!
...making you wanna know more...

When there are people spending hours and hours on a picture, year after year working on how the content of the pictures look like, putting their heart into it... How can you ever call that "dirty little hobby"???

I say if you can not feel the power, the life behind the creatures you draw or maybe just like to see, then you simply
didn't understand what this means to me.

I love what I do; and I wouldn't replace it with ANYTHING.

Can't you see the whole new and different world before your inner eye? Didn't you ever imagine these creatures to be real and what their world is like? Don't you know there are so many planets in our cosmos, they might be actually real and you just don't know?

So tell me... Do you just see tits and penises?
...Or do you feel magic, like me?

Go check out my headquarters,
with lost of never seen pictures from the beginning,
informative texts and stuff and whatsoever!!!…
I kinda was thrown out of the fandom during the past three days and there was a lot happening.

On jan. 24th I had a job interview and start a practicum in a few days - means I almost got a job (positive).

There's a complete new stage in my life which I wanted to achieve for years now and I am totally glad I finally made it!!!

Much much relief,
Very busy drawing the graphics for the new "The Characters" section. There are also still a few banners to design. Yesterday I finished painting all of the heads like….

For the case I won't have any news to tell then, I hope you all will have a merry christmas!

Hello there!
I had some serious discussions with my server ...xD
Anyways the problems I had showing the html-documents are solved. From now on, it is only a matter of time when Triassic-World will be back up on the line.
If ya interested, you can check the status:

...although I fear there won't be any changes that soon.

Anyhow, I will drop a journal sometime when there are any interesting news!

Stay Tuned!
So it has been damn long since I posted the last journal in here. I know there probably aren't many people who actually read my long journals, but since so many of you guys watched my account, I feel like I should let you know the status quo.

I'm very busy with college at the moment…

Many things were changing to good for me in this year until now and I have like a ton of new inspiration.
Well now that I already started talking about changes… My work will change in itself! I must admit that I really grew tired of just drawing, illustrating or even painting nothing more than stinky boring pin-up's.
What I will show you in future will differ from what I'm known for by now and it will be a surprise. I'm sorry for telling you exactly of what this is going to look like, but I sure can tell that Triassic-World is going to evolve. You will see a couple of new websites I created myself, with completely new contents and layout as I am currently learning HTML & CSS and the like…
It really is about time for me to tell you. I owe it to my both my dinosaur- AND my furry-characters.

There's a LOT goin' on, so…

…stay tuned ;-)