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Commission Information by Triangle-cat

Let me refresh my commission info for everybody. I’ve updated something and it includes a new choice – The traditional sketches, which is more price friendly.

If you just want to wait for the next comic update, that’s absolutely fine. But if you don’t have much budget and you still want to order a commission, this is the one you may consider.
In any case, thank you so much for your support!

Notice: The traditional sketches would be a bit sketchy, just like Stand-in comic(?) Please make sure this is acceptable for you before you order it.

Hi folks! It's probably a bit late for some people to say this, but I hope you have a good time for Christmas.
I don't have any art for Christmas, so please just have this piece. 

Chara can be Papyrus' good companion sometimes if he has enough of what Papyrus' doing (the cooking thing for example)

Ask40 by Triangle-cat

Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy new year. :D

Ask28 by Triangle-cat

Just promised someone to drew the piece, which was also in my plan. Sans probably feels like this the whole time. If Papyrus was there, he would try to encourage his brother no matter what 

The last scene of post 43 actually reflects the scene from post 5. This is made intentionally.

It is kind of a representation of “turning the tables”.

Chapter one, post 5

Chapter three, post 43

The idea has been existing since the early conception of the story was generated. (at that moment, I didn’t even know the story would go this far xD)

But yeah ……I know, Sans’ one probably still looks much creepier.


**Here is a little announcement of my state**

After post 43, I will have to put Stand-in comic away for a while. There are some problems on my study project that make me pretty stress. So I need to focus on these things as my first priority. I don’t know how long it will take, but I will still continue this comic when I have time.

Just hope you know about my current situation although I have announced “no schedule of updating” before. Also, this might happen irregularly in the future. 

Anyway, I’m always thankful for your comments and supports. You are so wonderful, friends. 

 2017-07-27 9.58.37 by Triangle-cat

Actually, this idea reveals a secret rule in Stand-in story. 

Stripping Clothes Moments by Triangle-cat

Overall, they always perfectly miss some views of eye-candy. 

But readers like us can see them all. It's kind of my guilty pleasure.

So, enjoy it. Wink/Razz  

 2017-06-03 7.14.00 by Triangle-cat

Today, I suddenly became a core member... 
I honestly never expected to be a core member in my life, but somehow an anon gave me one. I don't even know that I deserve it. (and what to do with it...)
Thank you for your unexpected gift. It's priceless. 
By the way, now I'm drowning into my report and final exams' preparation, having very little time and concentration on the Internet. After this month, I'll be free and be able to continue the comic and reply some comments.

Actually, the backstory details of Chara and Frisk will not show in this story. There will be only a few hints about their past. 
It probably doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s somehow better for me not to make their cases too specific. In the game, Toby Fox would rather leave it vague than explain everything, and I’ll just do the same thing here.

6lzz5rpSlXG6vGi9dLSs by Triangle-cat


(Some doodles in my notebook)

* If you want to do anything with Stand-in comic, ask me first.

* Any dubs made with voices and visual effects are forbidden (Background music and sound effects are acceptable)

* Taking the story out of its context is forbidden

* Don’t use it for any commercial purpose

Stand-in rules by Triangle-cat

The reason:…

These are the rules for Stand-in from now on.
Any additional rules may be added in the future if it’s in need of.

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Hello folks, I’ll update Stand-in whenever I have time or I want to draw it in the future.  There is no schedule for updating the comic. I can’t guarantee how far the story would go, either.

Of course, I really enjoy making this comic and want to keep it going, but my resting time of this year is getting to an end, a college that I’m interested in has accepted me. There are so many things need to be prepared before I go, also I’m going to set up some projects of my original art.

2017 would be full of challenges for me as a foreign student.

But maybe the most important reason is, this comic is made for relieving myself always, and I don’t want to let it stress me.
Anyway, if you find this little comic enjoyable, it’s already a wonderful thing in my life. There are numerous comments with love and cheer from the people who read my comic. This is far more than what I expected.

Thank you very much.

Lg by Triangle-cat

Except for English version, we also have Hola, 你好, Cześć, Привет, 안녕하세요, Chào and Ciao for Stand-in's translations so far!

Please feel free to used it as you need. 

Español Dub

Español comic



中文(Traditional Chinese)

中文(Simplified Chinese)


中文 Dub





Tiếng Việt


(If anything about your language use is incorrect here, please let me know. Thanks.)

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Chara singing by Triangle-cat

Hello everyone! I'm going to take an important exam next week, as a result it's time to stop updating Stand-in comics for a while (at least one week). There are several reasons to make this decision.

Obviously, it's necessary for me to pay full of attention on the exam preparation as early as I can, and second, I've been in a poor health condition for a period of time.

These things need to be tackled first in this month, then I will come back to update new pages. However, I can't guarantee a concrete schedule for it (ex: updating once per week).  Besides updating new one, I may spend a little time to revise the dialogues on the old one.

Anyway, the new comic pages will not be updated next week (maybe the period will be longer). Thank people who are looking forward to this comic. I'd like to talk something more about Stand-in in the future if I have time.

Stay determined.

Before studying, I just left something for amusing people and myself. Chara will never give up teasing Sans.
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Untitled by Triangle-cat

My sketch book is broken. Just as usual.
So Papyrus doesn’t need to be so upset for his puzzle. Here is someone like him.

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Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 2.56.35 by Triangle-cat

Nothing happened. I just want to put it.

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