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Stand-in Chapter Four 85

By Triangle-cat
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Stand-in Chapter Four 85

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○ Relationship: Sans x Frisk

○ Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
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Not strange Chara hates humanity. Everyone does hate someone sometimes, and everyone actually does hate a bit about humanity when he or she does this. But to be precise, when you hate, is not the thing you really hate someone or something stops from achieving what you want? But yet, what makes your achievement is yourself. For someone dragged by hatred, there is always some kind of weakness really hard to face in self, but just everyone wants to be strong, nobody likes admitting it. Chara is just this side in everyone, and what Chara tells is, we have to move on, think about how to make changes about all those problems we hate instead of just hating them, especially about humanity, adestruction will just make hate drag you more. The faith on your own ability to make changes, is what called as hope. 
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Thank you for sharing :)
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You are welcome! 
^v< b 
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Indeed, Chara is a victim of circumstance. That’s not to say they are completely just in their actions, but the factors leading to the current situation are understandable.
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This is pretty much the difference between an "antagonist" and a "villain". While a "villain" is doing something for motives that are "wrong" or "self-beneficial" while an antagonist does things that, while still a problem for the main characters, are still "right" in a way and can benefit those around them. It's why I don't see Chara as a "villain" of the Stand-in series rather than an "antagonist"

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I agree. I have a very similar viewpoint about this as well.
I would say Chara is never a "typical villain" in my story. In my opinion, there is a key difference between villains and antagonists - while an antagonist can be just the rival of the protagonist, a villain is eventually only meant to be destroyed or defeated by the protagonist no matter how reasonable their motivations are. (Thanos as an example)
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Basically, the "villain" is only furthering their own agenda and doesn't care who they hurt. Chara is an "antagonist" because he's causing problems for the "protagonist" (Sans in this case), but he is genuinely trying to help Frisk. He's just not going about it in the greatest way. He really isn't the greatest person, but I don't think he's the "worst" person either. I see him more as someone who is "misguided" and, maybe with the proper guidance, he could have "assisted" Frisk in a way that was less "threatening" to everyone else

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So did Toriel hear the entire conversation or just Chara? If she did, did she stop listening after the mirror was broken? Did she hear Chara fall into sorrow afterwards?
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Technically speaking, everyone other than Frisk can just hear Chara's voice.
Same question here! Guess we'll find out in the next page? :D
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Sans... you understand me. At this point I have no idea what's going on, but the FEELS™ are still there XD

"why are you so into that skeleton"
The Frans/self insert x Sans fandom in a nutshell xD
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Nuuu Frisk just hasn't explained it all xD (although it was partly disclosed in the ch2)
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Way too long ago, fam! You are replying to a human version of a goldfish! XD Come to think of it, I should go ahead and the whole thing again! :)
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Well, seems like Sans is important to Frisk for more reasoning then just her feelings for him. Maybe it's tied to her backstory?

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I really like Sans and Toriel's relationship in this comic. I am curious to see how Sans treats Chara now tho, and what their dynamic will be now after all of that :hmm: 
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Haha that's how I understand their relationship, glad to know you support La la la la 
The issue between Sans and Chara appears a bit more difficult indeed...
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Not the FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ahh no!! My binge read is ruined do to lack of next chapter D: I go cry now..

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The next one is on. Don't wory :)
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Man, Sans has to put up with so much shit... they kinda all do tbh >.>
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Yeah, he is kinda unlucky.....
Actually, pretty unlucky xD
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Dangit Chara.

Dangit Sans.

Why must you make this so difficult and conflicting?

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Contradiction and conflicting. These are all a story about;) (Wink) 
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Chara: “Why are you so into that skeleton?”
Frisk: “Because I love him a ton.... a skeleTON.”
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